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Betrayed by yet another gay film *cries* It was all cute and adorable and romantic with the cop, they caught the bad guy and then the artist is all painty again and asking some friend who fancies him out on a date. THE END.

*sulks* May as well be studying...
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"...we recognise the two fundamental realities we have to deal with: what's happened internationally, and most importantly, Mr Abbott's change in position, his backflip. We'll assess what has occurred over the period up to 2012 where we know that the world will have to deal with what it will do after the first Kyoto protocol period is finished."


Transcript of The 7.30 Report with the Minister for Climate Change - How many times can you say 'Tony Abbott backflip' in one interview?

Because I am both a 'broken idealist' and a conspiracy theorist, I have to believe that KRudd honestly believed he could do all that stuff he said he would, and then he got the job and found out who really has the power.

**Quote from Kevin Rudd on the previous government's failure to act on climate change


Apr. 12th, 2010 12:56 am
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I have had a very, very TRYING week, that I may or may not get around to whining posting about when I get a spare second or two.

Right now I have approximately two more hours work in front of me to finish this damn assignment. I may get a few hours sleep before I go to work. Here's hoping!

Took a break to watch the new Dr Who ep, also written by the awesome Stephen Moffat. My conclusion:

Matt Smith is the best (new) Doctor yet!!! I HEART HIM. And Amy Pond is awesome!!!

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Watching the Copenhagen Conference, I picture a scene like from one of those post-apocalypic films where several generations later, some remnants of society picking through ruins find references in old newspapers to the disaster that destroyed civilisation.

At a time when Australia should be leading, we've been recognised as the worst country in the world for actively seeking a bad outcome. )

(from Get Up)
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Last night when my cat woke me at 2am YET AGAIN, I had my straw/camel moment. I went and got the water spray bottle and got back into bed and shortly thereafter, when my cat meowed piercingly behind my shoulder I didn't even move, just sprayed her. She was a bit surprised and fell off the bed, which was hilarious at the time.

I told Dragonfly about it today and she was like "she's so been playing you".

A few minutes ago my cat woke me by meowing in my ear. SECONDS LATER there was the sound of prolonged vomiting in the hall outside my room. It was Dragonfly's cat, who lives at Dragonfly's end of the house and has never been down here at night, EVER.

My cat brought reinforcements.
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Sexual Assault, Triggering, and Warnings: An Essay A fan explains why warnings on fic are important, drawing on her own experience of abuse - "Warning: Very explicit discussion of sexual assault and the nature, anatomy, cause & effect of triggers. Is itself triggery."

You know, I do get both sides of the 'debate' that's going on about the importance of putting warnings on fic. When I watch a show or a movie, knowing some big event is going to happen negates the impact, and waiting for it to happen lessens my enjoyment of the build up, so I get that some people don't want to read warnings on fics because it is spoilery, and it affects their enjoyment of the fic. OTOH, occasionally when I am watching my show, if something is building in a way that is starting to have a negative affect on my enjoyment, I NEED to be told what's going to happen beforehand so I'm not caught off guard, or else I won't be able to enjoy it. And mostly if it involves rape, I'm probably going to stop watching.

What I don't get is what *assholes* some fans are being towards abuse survivors who have spoken up to explain why warnings on fic are important in order for them to participate in this aspect of fandom. In a supposedly supportive space, mostly inhabited by women, I find this level of insensitivity towards our vulnerable members really upsetting.

Of course, when I rule the world the problem will be solved.

Posting a story to a community will be thus:

All fic content will be posted in personal journals, only the actual link posted to the community. Warnings in headers will be done away with, instead there will a compulsory lj-cut, that people can choose to click on, or not, called 'Warnings' or 'Sky blue elephants' for all I care. Under that cut will be either warnings, a statement that says no warnings needed, or a statement that the author does not warn. Which is a perfectly valid position, you click on their fic, you takes your chances. Personally, I usually won't, because life is too short, but depending on how much time I have for fic reading, how brave I am feeling, I may click and venture forth warily, ready to hit the back button. But I can do that, because I don't have triggers.

So there. And now I'm going back to not having opinions on stuff.
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Me - We’re all going to die
Angriest – No, we’re not. We live in a developed nation.
Me – No we’re ALL going to die.
Angriest – No, just all the poor people.
Me – No it’ll end up being just the richest people holed up in enclaves except the infrastructure will break down because there’ll be no poor people to do all the work for them.
Angriest *looks*
Me - …possibly I’ve watched too many apocalypse movies.

And on visiting my 95 year old Grandma last week, talking about environmental issues (and by talk I mean me scribbling notes on my laptop and swinging it around to show her, because she’s deaf).

Grandma – You might live to see the end of the world.
Me *out loud* Well not me, maybe Bunny.
Grandma *sounding smug* I won’t.
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Me - The Americans on my flist are all HELL NO about the bailout.
[ profile] angriest - Well, it’s all about bailing out the companies not all the people who are going to lose their homes.
Me - WHY? *raises imploring fists towards heaven* WHY IS THE WORLD SO EVIL?
Angriest - It’s been that way since the dawn of humanity.
Me *clears throat* Sorry, mostly I’m cynical but every now and then I get overwhelmed by WHY???
Angriest - It’s your broken idealist shining through.

Demonstrations are being held tomorrow
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I was falling asleep studying so I wandered out the front to collect the advertising material that had collected in the mailbox and spent a few minutes in the fresh air pulling out weeds and then I came inside and thought, hmm fresh air good, why don't I leave the front door open for a while.

Just as well I did. Five minutes later the dog showed up.

So next time you're surprised I forgot your birthday, or to email you, or that we'd made plans, bear in mind I forgot I had a dog.
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Um, I'm not very good at being in The Dark Knight fandom. All I want to do is read nice little gen Commissioner Gordon fics but THOSE DAMN SLASHERS GET EVERYWHERE.

Things I have learned about TDK fandom.

1. Batman/Joker is THE pairing of choice, apparently, though I have had to scroll very fast past something that is apparently a 'kinkfic' involving Gordon/Harvey and I can't say anything more if you haven't seen the movie but. ew.

2. WIPs drown everything else out.

3. Not really surprisingly, lots of non-con, sexual violence, other violence.

4. Apparently it's acceptable to header your fic with: I finished this in four hours. Four hours! I'm more used to writing stories in four months. What just happened? How did I do that? I should probably re-read this before posting it. Y'kno what- I don't care. Just read. Suffer through my typos.

Um, no. Bye.

And now I just read a short fic because it had Gordon in it and was well written and I kept hoping he'd get rescued, but no, the Joker carved him up into little pieces and now I have to go curl up in a ball somewhere and whimper for a while.
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I have to discuss something in a case study "by applying relevant unit frameworks"

What does that even mean?
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I have the sound recorder but no sound. As far as I can see, every audio device is turned on, but whatever. I just took the laptop down to the local computer shop and asked the guy if he could just check that everything was enabled. No, I have to "check it in" he can't do it on the spot. This annoys me a lot. So much for handing in my assignment.

Also, my oil light came on and I had to go buy oil.

I've wasted half the day on this.
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Okay, I've been kinda busy with the studying and doing two jobs and fic writing and betaing and it has just sunk in that I am:

1. Running Quidditch all by myself and apparently none of my friends will be there.

2. Am on a panel with only one other person that I do not know and therefore have no idea how to prepare and am now ANXIOUS.

So, ARE any of my friends going to come to either of these exciting events?

*deafening silence*

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Today was the first time in a week I've actually felt clearheaded enough that it was actually worth being at work today. As opposed to the last few days of non-existent attention span and drugged-upness.

I even tackled the immense stack of filing Boss 1# had left me for 'only if I had nothing to do while he's away' *snort* Of course, given my extremely limited knowledge of public service procedures, even more limited knowledge of most of the projects I was filing stuff about, and the fact that I'm still doped up on the cold and flu tablets ...yeah, he may never find anything again.

Felt quite pleased with life in general. Should have known better.

Managed to trip and knock over a full glass of wine. On the couch. On my keyboard a bit. But mostly, MOSTLY ALL OVER DRAGONFLY'S KEYBOARD.

(We took the battery out, and it's currently upside down, though I don't know what good that's going to do).

Perth people? Where's the best place to get a laptop serviced? Preferably by the weekend, as Dragonfly is going away on Monday.


Jul. 3rd, 2007 03:30 pm
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I hate this. I'm not even slacking off, I'm just failing to accomplish anything.

If someone could please tell me how to kill Word forever put a list in a drop-down box with a scroll bar I'm sure that the sun would brightly shine and bluebirds would suddenly appear and my world would be full of rainbows.

Help me?
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Ohthankgod the serious drugs are finally kicking in. I have three layers of clothing, my sleeping bag as an extra doona and freshly nuked heatbags.

I might finally get warm. And sleep.

Me - I wish I'd asked if I could work from home tomorrow. I'm designing a database, I don't need to be there. I thought it'd be a bit cheeky, considering I haven't been there quite three months.

Dragonfly - Ask if you can go home early.

Me - I don't mind being AT work, it's the 50 minute commute each way on the noisy smelly rocking bus that sucks.

Dragonfly - WHINGE, WHINGE. How long have you been in this job again?

I forgive her callousness. I just have the flu. Dragonfly has a chest infection and constant asthma. And a sick child.


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