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It's taking us awhile to get through Downton Abbey because I was house sitting for 2.5 weeks, so wasn't home for much telly watching. But we're half way through season 4 now, and i have to say, I understand why people keep referring nostalgically to season one as the best. I am still completely invested the lives of all my favourite characters but am constantly worried and stressed about all the crap that keeps happening to them.

And for the record, Downton Abbey should absolutely NOT be allowed to have Christmas Specials. I really don't think they've grasped the concept - Christmas Specials are supposed to be joyful, feel-good episodes, not a freaking excuse to do horrible things to the most beloved characters.

Holy crap, I was googling images of Tom Branson and Mrs Hughes after she totally saved his arse and found this piccie of the actors at an awards show. Wow!


May. 13th, 2010 01:31 pm
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Dragonfly handed in an assignment worth 30% two weeks ago and has just received an email from her lecturer saying it's now only worth 20%, that instead the previous one was worth 5% more and the final one is now worth 5% more. Can they do that?

...and my yesterdays )
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However, Dragonfly requests that I throw it out there...

With a view to teaching children about rainbows -

What is the progression in teaching children the concept of light? (what age group should be taught which concepts)

Would a concept (learning) spiral be the best approach?
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Dragonfly is doing a drama assignment where she uses songs to symbolise various stages of life.
ie Retirement -> On the Road Again.

The only one she is stumped on is finding a song where the lyrics either symbolise or say something about a happy/satisfactory reflection of a full life lived - it's going to be for an elderly woman at the end of her time.

Any ideas?
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When I got home and settled in last night...

Me *holding up two movies* Which do you want to watch?
Dragonfly *pauses* Which one do you think I'd prefer?
Me - No, I meant, which one do you want to watch FIRST?

...this is why we're still living together after all these years.

While on holiday I watched Hot Fuzz with the commentaries on, and all the dvd extras. In one, Inspector Nicholas Angel explains how everyone miraculously survived the explosion, concluding with:

Angel - As for Danny, well it's a miracle that Weaver's blunderbuss missed all of his vital organs, and I thank my lucky stars every morning that he's still here, by my side....isn't that right, Danny?

Danny - I'm in the bath!
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Ohthankgod the serious drugs are finally kicking in. I have three layers of clothing, my sleeping bag as an extra doona and freshly nuked heatbags.

I might finally get warm. And sleep.

Me - I wish I'd asked if I could work from home tomorrow. I'm designing a database, I don't need to be there. I thought it'd be a bit cheeky, considering I haven't been there quite three months.

Dragonfly - Ask if you can go home early.

Me - I don't mind being AT work, it's the 50 minute commute each way on the noisy smelly rocking bus that sucks.

Dragonfly - WHINGE, WHINGE. How long have you been in this job again?

I forgive her callousness. I just have the flu. Dragonfly has a chest infection and constant asthma. And a sick child.
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[ profile] dragonfly8 *appears in my bedroom doorway brandishing a large knife* OMG I THOUGHT SOMEONE WAS BEING HORRIBLY MURDERED IN HERE!

I was singing along to a My Chemical Romance song.

And then she made fun of me on livejournal. This, she posts about.
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Just so you know, that previous post was brought to you by DRAGONFLY. I, clearly unwisely, left the room to escape the dutch guy.

See if bring her any more alcohol. her and her boobs are ON THEIR OWN.
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There's a slightly drunk Dutch guy wearing a sarong, a sleeveless shirt unbuttoned to the navel, a gold necklace with a rectangular pendant, a stud in one ear and a sleeper in the other sitting our couch telling us he only has a problem with gay guys if they're effeminate and two girls together are good and he's all for an 'altogether' and he'd like to watch and oh, are we gay?


Jan. 9th, 2007 10:41 pm
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Big W have all five seasons of Babylon 5 for $31 each. In those neat little single case sets like they did with Buffy. I swear, I'm never buying those big first release sets again.

Dragonfly and I were at the counter buying a birthday prezzie for a friend and they had Aeon Flux (the movie) for $13, so I impulse bought it.

Me - This is embarrassing, it's not even a good film.
Dfly - It's not that bad.
Me - No, it is. I only like it for the rough sex.
Dfly - You're shocking! I am never taking you out in public again.
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Me - Dragonfly! Meaning of Life question! Torchwood's up! Do I download it now, so we can watch it tonight, or wait til after midnight, and watch it tomorrow?

Dragonfly - I don't care. You're the one who gets PATHETIC when we get shaped.

Me *is paralysed with indecision*
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Remember how I was like 'oh woe, Robbie Williams tickets sold out in under half an hour?'

Well, a week or two ago I happened hear on the radio that there was going to be a second show, tickets on sale 9am the next morning.

Me - Oh crap, I'll be at work. Dragonfly, feel like wasting half your morning trying to get through on the phone?
Dfly - *shrugs and nods*

I forgot all about it.

I've just walked into the kitchen and there are two Robbie Williams tickets stuck to the wall just above eye level.

I have NO idea how long they've been there.
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Dragonfly gave me a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea made from longlife milk she'd apparently had stashed away.

my life

Jun. 30th, 2006 12:10 pm
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Work is sucking SO MUCH right now. SO MUCH. Also, I am out of milk.

OTOH, things that are making me happy today...

I woke up from a great dream where the guy who plays Carson Beckett was hanging out in our lounge room. (I don't like Carson, and can never remember the actor's name) But in the dream, he didn't have the dodgy accent and was a GREAT GUY and really quite snuggly. And I remembered his name. And then DAVID HEWLETT CAME TO VISIT.

I wore my new jeans (bought second hand for $8) and they are the best jeans ever. Jeans and I don't usually go well together, but these are like they were made just for me. This pleases me probably more than is reasonable.

[ profile] kageygirl is writing (and reccing) NCIS. Waking up to fic like this is just the BEST way to start the day :)

SGA songvids from this site Especially Dumb Things and One Week (keepers) and International Man of Mystery is good for a laugh.

Also, Dragonfly is cooking bacon. I'm hoping she will share :)
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Dragonfly asked me to ask if anyone has access to frangipani cuttings, and can we have some please?
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Hey, does anyone know where to download that song that Rachel Luttrell sings in Critical Mass? Preferably with her singing it? I want it, badly.

So that thing where there's something you can't get behind, and it ruins the whole ep for you? )

However, Caldwell and Weir? So. Damn. Cute.
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Saw this ad for Today Tonight - The Miracle Dress That Looks Great On Every Woman. This is *news*. I'm just saying, there is nothing more important to talk about at the moment?

Me It's a MAGIC dress. When bigger people put it on, all the extra weight gets sucked into it and then when skinny people put it on the weight slides back into the dress and fills it out. Voila!
Dragonfly So does that mean when you take off the dress the extra weight is gone too?
Me No, the magic is IN the dress.
Dragonfly It's rubbish magic, then. And also, TERROR LAWS.

Now I'm thinking this post should be DELINGUISHED.

*watches as flist all click on their online dictionaries*

Delinguish is my NEW FAVOURITE WORD.

# It is Harry's last year at Hogwarts, and he discovers a new weapon that will delinguish Voldemort forever.

Ah, Summary Executions, I always forget about you until I stumble over excitedness in some friend of friend of friendslist.

Also, 'annihilate' is just too complicated, I think. Sure, it looks pretty, and it's an exciting challenge for those weirdos who go on Spelling Bee tournaments, but really wouldn't it be just better like this...

An rich american family was the victim of a Lord Voldemort attack. They were almost completly enialated, except for one girl, the only witch, at least, that's what she thinks.

No really, I'm going to change my spellcheck. Also, I think 'freind' should be spelt like this. I've always thought so. In fact I spent my entire primary school career getting marked down on it. Sure, I knew how they thought it should be spelt, but clearly my way is better. Everyone can see this, right?

In conclusion, I really, really want to read this fic...

God has found a way to unite the kindgoms of Heaven and Hell. It involves his son Draco and Lucifer's son Harry

Well, okay, not *that* actual fic. But the fic that, say, [ profile] helenish could write given that premise.


Also, I just went through this post and deleted about twelve exclamation mark. I've become an exclamation mark ho.
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*from the other end of the house*

Me -Uh oh.
Dfly What?
Me Have you been downloading a lot?
Dfly *innocently* Yes, why?
Me HOW MUCH have you downloaded?
Dfly Four-something gig. Why?

*wavy thing to denote memory*

Me Yes hello I want to switch to broadband.
CS- Which package would you like?
Me Well I surf the net A LOT but I don’t download shows, or music or anything.
CS The starter pack will be fine then, you get 2GB peak + 2 GB offpeak.
ME Yep, I won’t use half that.
CS *mutters something*
Me What?

*frantic call to ISP*

CS Breathe. You’re not being charged, you’re connection is just really slow.
Me I need to upgrade RIGHT THIS SECOND.
CS That’s fine.
Me When people sign up with starter packs you guys must just LAUGH and LAUGH.
CS *giggles*
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So last night Dragonfly rocks up to Emma & Trille's full of joie de vivre and looking forward to hours and hours of Atlantis.

Dragonfly *strolls in* What ho!
Emma So everything work out with Bunny then?
Dragonfly What?
Emma Did you get Bunny out of the toilet all right?
Dragonfly WHAT?
Emma Sarren posted that Bunny was stuck in the toilet...
Dragonfly *stares speechlessly*
Emma Would you like to use the phone?
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It's five minutes ago, I'm standing in the kitchen in jeans and bra bitching to Dragonfly about Foxtel's digital conspiracy.

Me *sips tea*
Dragonfly *talks*
Me I just spilled my tea on my tummy
Dragonfly *maintains eye contact* I wasn't going to mention that.


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