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As everyone who has anyone from Perth on their flist no doubt already knows, our three week run of 35+°C temperatures ended today when the rains came.

What this means, importantly, is that today I could wear my 1970’s retro polyester long-sleeved boldly striped shirt, with a knee length skirt and my suede boots with tassels. I’m even having a good hair day.

I look good. And possibly like I should be dating Brett or Danny, or maybe both.
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Me - Okay, bye, have a great long weekend.
[ profile] angriest - Yeah, bye.
Me - Hey, do you believe [ profile] zebra363 was afraid I was going off The Persuaders? Crazy!
Angriest - Oh, hey. *casually leans back in chair*
Me - Mmm?
Angriest - We were discussing potential panels for Swancon and there were a couple that made me think of you.
Me *takes tiny step back* Uh huh.
Angriest - One was how fanfic online is becoming different to *something something*
Me - Oh, [ profile] bardigrub, [ profile] emma_in_oz and [ profile] cupidsbow always run those.
Angriest - We're looking for new people.
Me *la la I can't hear you*
Angriest - The other was on how people have built whole fandoms on shows that have been off the air for many years.
Me *faint stirring of unease*
Angriest - Three shows in particular were named. One was *something*, one was *something* and the other was The Persuaders!
Me - Okay I'll do it!

I was clearly lured into a trap!! My god, those convention running people are SNEAKY.

Everyone knows my entire experience of being on panels to date is sitting there and occasionally saying 'Slash is hot!' in response to well thought out deeply intellectual questions on transgressiveness/identity/feminism in literature etc. Right? Right?
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Tonight felt wasted - by the time I'd taken Mersyndol for a headache and then watched The Persuaders! songvids a lot and napped some, it was past my bedtime and yet here I am.

So it's not a total waste - some youtube links and fic recs. )
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I Only Want to Be With You
This vid is cute and bouncy and you should definitely watch it just to see what we've been going on about with all the touching each other and grabbing each other and generally being joined at the hip. The clips go by way too fast to really appreciate them unfortunately, and yet, there were still too many to fit in only one vid. Oh, my fandom, how are you so awesome?

New!!!! The Persuaders vid just posted by [ profile] joandarck!! AND IT’S AWESOME!!!

Should I Stay or Should I Go
I regard this as a brilliantly constructed-reality vid as clearly Danny would never really consider leaving Brett. *sighs happily*
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First thing this morning...

[ profile] angriest - Quick! Tell me something exciting! Right now! Something exciting!

Me – In the episode I watched last night Brett was sketching something while talking on the phone and when the camera panned in it was a detailed drawing of Danny’s face.

Angriest *looks impressed* That IS pretty exciting. Tell me more about that hand stroking incident.

Me – It was like this *demonstrates on own hand* and then Brett leaned down over Danny and I can’t demonstrate on you because it would be a gross invasion of your personal space.

Angriest - Talking about Dr Who...
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Danny and Brett would still be breaking the law in hotel rooms, or at Brett's country homes. *sigh* as the 1967 laws decriminalising homosexual acts only applied if they were the only two people on the premises. Even threesomes with girls weren't allowed. *is shocked*

Current article.

1997 essay.
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Mainlined the last six episodes of first season Friday Night Lights last night. I do not have enough words for how brilliant this show is. To paraphrase [ profile] psycho_tabby, it has nothing I normally like in a show - an angsty teenage drama about American football. And yet, it is gripping. There is no way I could watch this show by myself - during one traumatic scene I ended up whimpering in [ profile] special_trille's lap.

[ profile] mr_booboo - There's only twelve more episodes. We'll have to cut down to two a week.
Me - No, four is fine. By the time we get through those there'll be several more.
Everyone else - There's a writer's strike, dummy.
Me *cries* Two isn't enough.
[ profile] psycho_tabby How about three?
Me *sulks* I suppose so.

I wander off to another room for a few minutes. Then...

[ profile] mr_booboo - Too bad. We've decided we're only going to watch two episodes of Friday Night Live a week!
Me *looks sad*
[ profile] mr_booboo - AND an episode of The Persuaders!
Me *is speechless*

Speaking of...I showed [ profile] special_trille an episode of The Persuaders! after the others went home at a sensible time. I had one left that I hadn't seen for years, and didn't remember it and I almost decided on that one, but I was worried it would be really crap and then she'd never want to watch the show again. One can't take risks like that! So I showed her a trusty favourite instead.

Today, I watched that final episode. OMG SUCH LOVE FOR MY GAY SHOW!

Brett is on the phone. He is sketching something as he talks. Camera pans in - it's a lovingly detailed sketch of DANNY'S FACE.

And the end of the episode has them sitting on a couch chatting. They are sitting so close that Brett's shoulder actually overlaps Danny's.

*looks vaguely embarrassed* This post really was supposed to be all about my love for Friday Night Lights.

I want to read fic now - about any of the main characters - even the Coach and his wife! Er, not any of the other parents, cos they all suck.

So, any recs for FNL up til end of season one??? Absolutely no spoilers for season two. That's not too hard is it? Any songvids I should know about?
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I volunteered to watch episodes 7-11 of The Persuaders to check to see if there was another scene with one of the guys kneeling in front of the other, as [ profile] joandarck is making a songvid and thought there might be one in that block of eps.

Selflessly doing my bit for fandom!!!

I thought I may as well list all of the slashy bits as I went along, um, so I did. BUT.

BUT. I never dreamed of this!!!

Danny is sitting down Brett walks up behind him and holds out a paper for Danny to take. Danny reaches up and RUNS HIS FINGERS DOWN THE LENGTH OF BRETT'S HAND before taking the paper. Brett then leans closely over Danny to read the paper.


I am beside myself with joy. I may be a bit invested

Edit As you can probably tell by [ profile] zebra363's enthusiastic commenting spree, my absolute first response was to call her up and babble. In fact I was so excited I accidently dialed her number on my mobile while I was looking it up and then couldn't work out for a minute why I was getting an engaged signal calling her on the landline.
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Got home from work and had a glass of wine or two while I rewatched Torchwood... after a couple of glasses of wine on an empty stomach I watched most of the new Primeval episode.

Is it just me or )

I have not yet seen the end of the episode. [ profile] zebra363 turned up with food and we have defaulted to The Persuaders! (After I made her watch all the 'good' bits of Torchwood).

Also I am now drinking black cherry flavoured vodka cruisers instead of wine.

HEE!!! Brett is paying more attention to the twins he's brought along on their double date than he is to Danny. [ profile] zebra363 is actually GROWLING. This is hilarious.
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Ha ha ha I lured [ profile] black_samvara over to my house with the promise of Nero Wolfe episodes. We are watching The Persuaders! instead. Ha ha ha.

Scene: Morning at Brett's flat. A hidden phone rings. Danny searches for it. Brett emerges from the shower, wet, in a bathrobe to answer it. Shortly after, the judge arrives, Brett is explaining what's up with the secret phone.

'He rang again last night' *turns to Danny* 'when you nearly answered the phone, remember?'
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Now I'm making [ profile] mynxii watch The Persuaders!

*laughs and laughs*

[ profile] mynxii - Isn't it nice how in the olden days men could walk around arm in arm?

Me *headdesk*
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I wrote three fics for Yuletide this year! Go me!

Coming Home a Naomi Novik - Temeraire series for [ profile] ekaterinn (Spoilers for Empire of Ivory)

This is the fic that I struggled and struggled to write and then it got STOLEN BY BURGLARS, so I had to start again. Which actually turned out to be the best thing to happen to the fic. I had three days to rewrite the whole thing and this time I gave it a different setting and it worked much better and I had a lot more fun writing it!! Yay!

Persuasion. The Persuaders - for [ profile] joandarck

I SNATCHED this pinch hit for The Persuaders because who wouldn't want to write about International Playboy Crime Fighters who can't keep their hands off each other and call each other by pet names and are played by Roger Moore and Tony Curtis. and also I had just spent the previous week bonding with Joandarck over The Persuaders and Hot Fuzz, after I fangirled her awesome fics.

Settled In Hot Fuzz - for [ profile] giddygeek

And when they opened up the prompts for last minute Treats I got to write Hot Fuzz FTW!!! I love these guys so much!!! Is there anybody left I haven't watched this with yet? *looks hopeful*

Also, clearly I suck at fic titles. *sigh*


Jan. 18th, 2005 11:23 pm
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You can smell the fires from here. Anyone heard from [ profile] zebra363 recently?

I realised yesterday that I couldn't remember the last time I read a Harry Potter fic, or even vaguely what it was about. So then I indulged in that brief mourning period you go through when you realise that that all consuming love for a particular fandom you had has finally gone, and while you will still continue to read and enjoy in that fandom, it will never be quite the same. And then I realised I couldn't rememeber the last time I read a fic at all. Even the ones recced by my flist with links provided!

I'm not worried though, it's not like this is the first time this has happened. It's just like riding a horse, or whatever, you know, not thinking about it too much in case performance anxiety sets in…

I have, however, managed to watch 30 episodes of 'The Champions' in the space of three weeks and am full of massive love for Craig/Richard/Sharron. I am willing to indoctrinate show anyone who's interested. *looks eager*

Have now moved on to 'The Persuaders' which was a bit of wrench, but I was soon reconciled after I was reminded just how CUTE and SLASHY Roger Moore and Tony Curtis are together. As in, walking around arm in arm all the time and calling each other 'my dear'. As in, one time they actually lie on opposite ends of the same couch with arms propped over each other's legs and drinking champagne....

Have also managed to fit in quite a lot of Work, some Entertaining, and am reading a BOOK. Also, scheduling dentist's appointments and REFRAINING FROM DRINKING MUDSLIDES cos of stupid antibiotics.


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