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So, what with sudden onset Teen Wolf obsession, plus getting paperwork for theoretical study exchange, got a bit behind with uni, but last night I was back on track, studying productively! Hand on heart, plan was to watch one, maybe two eps before going to bed at a reasonable time...but then Dragonfly was staying up doing scrapbooking stuff, and then it was 3.30am and we'd finished off the whole damn show. The finale was AWESOME.

Little disappointed that the first ep we watched last night had no shirtless dudes, but then they gave us this to make up for it )

Yes, my focus is Jackson, but like everyone else, loving the Derek/Stiles, here's a few cute vids -

All the guys being hot in each other's general direction. I esp like Derek dominating Jackson.

Amusing Derek/Stiles scenes

My fave Stiles moment

I like this Derek/Stiles vid (only 2mins) it's not even the most slashy, but it has lots of Derek wolfing out and being protective, which I like.

And here's the actors slashing it up and promising more Sterek if people vote for them

And then to make up for the lack of shirtlessness in that ep they gave me this. (Potentially spoilery) )

It's not that I'm obsessed with naked men, I swear, it's just that the show is doing it deliberately. The whole point of this show is SEXY WEREWOLVES. Hell, Derek is even sexier wolfed out than not. *cough*
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Ha, checking today to make sure Person of Interest has been renewed, this from a list of renewed shows at -

tl:dr the male writer wrote----

Person of Interest: One of the biggest surprises of the season. Can't wait for more sexual tension between Reese and Finch. Also, this is the only CBS show that I actually watch.

Piccies of men holding babies, jsyk )
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Common Law's that new show that's actually being promoted by the network as the new slash show, isn't it? About cop partners who are sent to couple's counselling. I was TREPIDATIOUS. I was warned they bicker all the time and that's really not something i enjoy either in real life, or in my fandoms.

The actors have chemistry, yay!

A few more pics )
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Jason Priestley has shown up on Haven. You know, he's actually quite attractive now he's got some miles on him. I like the beat up unshaven look he's got going.

SO, some people in Haven are 'troubled', which means they have something supernatural going on. It can be anything from superdeadly to...Chris, who suffers from POPULARITY. Basically, as long as people are looking at him, they love him and think he's fantastic. Audrey, for reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture, is immune.

Picspam of cute scene/s from Haven )
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Anyone recognise this dark-haired actress? She's shown up in Haven and it's driving me nuts where I've seen her before, but the imdb entry for the character has a different actress listed.

A few piccies about why I love Haven )
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So, I've always loved Being Human for the characters and plot, although I never really warmed to Mitchell. I don't know if I was biased because of the pre-air Mitchell's insane amounts of chemistry with George but I mostly find him whiny and annoying except when he's evil.

Last night we sat down to watch the first ep of the new season before going to bed at a reasonable time. Four episodes later it was 2am. Had Bunny been away this weekend we probably would have kept on going.

Anyway! Now they've introduced a new shiny character!

This is Hal.

Picspam of my new shiny slash pairing, spoilers for cute little scenes only, NOT plot. )

I'm lucky there isn't a fandom, really, or fic! Because now I can go study....this is me, going to study now....
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So, I wrote a fluffy, fluffy Lewis fic for Valentine's Day. Which, for the record makes four whole Lewis/Hathaway fics, which is the most amount of fics I've written to date for any one's just they are SO PERFECT FOR ONE ANOTHER.

I periodically attempt to pimp Lewis, so this time I'll say, go HERE and check out lamardeuse's adorable picspam/reasons why everyone ships them (including the actors).

When I first started pimping Lewis in 09, there were only a tiny handful of fics - now there are 226 on AO3, and a reasonably enthusiastic comm (for such a tiny fandom) and even more importantly, a [community profile] lewis_challenge with a couple of super keen mods who keep giving us challenges! and deadlines! which I appreciate because I am rarely motivated to write anything unless I have a deadline.

And more screencaps, because why not )
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I like canon. I like canon relationships. I don't even generally want to slash people who are already in love with someone else.**

I have no idea why Grimm has been the fandom to test this resolve. Yes, Nick and Monroe are adorable together, and sneaking around pretending they don't know each other, but Nick loves his girlfriend. In my defence, she's had such litle screentime until recently that I assumed they'd either kill her off or she'd turn out to be a plant.

Testing my resolve )

**Edit: Unless a threesome would work, like in White Collar.
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This film is AMAZING. A wonderfully acted cold war thriller.

One-sixth of the legal limit of British actors. The rest are on Downton Abbey.

Photo and caption from amusing, non-spoilery review of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, HERE The article goes on to comment on Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy's chemistry in the film "...of course they’ve worked together before. It’s a law that there can only be 30 working actors in Britain at any time, lest they take over the whole world."
(cute interview with TH and BC on a film they worked on together HERE)

Gallery and bio of the main characters: not spoilery for plot, except maybe Ricki Tarr's, HERE

A few piccies of Benedict Cumberbatch looking lovely, and my OTP in this movie, because of course I have one )
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The last time I got crazy enthusiastic about The Champions, in 2006, OMG, there was virtually nothing on youtube to help me pimp it. I went back today and there's eleventy billion. Okay, not, but HEAPS. And some of them are really good!!! I can almost pretend like there's an actual fandom.

There’s even an ep online, yay! See here for a cheesy 60's show.
The Invisible Man (1 of 5)

Lots of links to surprisingly good songvids! )

Here, have a scene where Sharron's trapped - who needs a mobile phone when you have superpowers! )
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Community is a clever and funny 21 minute show about a study group at community college who become an unlikely group of friends.

The show isn't afraid to go to wacky places, for example, watch ep 2.14 - Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Part 1 Part 2

And then there's Troy and Abed!!!!

Troy and Abed are BFFs. Often they get their own little unrelated skit at the end of the ep, here they are as Bert and Ernie.

Troy/Abed 4EVA )

Troy and Abed vs zombies!!!! )


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