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now I want all my tumblr feeds back and I can't remember who they were. Though, not really looking forward to reading about all the things people didn't like. I always kind of feel sorry for people when they don't enjoy something that I think was just knocked out the ballpark - in this case, great plot arc, great acting, and relationship stuff that I would have thought both Destiel shippers and Wincest fans would be ecstatic about.

a few pics of the last few seconds )


Oct. 15th, 2011 12:26 pm
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Heavily Accented Caller: I am calling to inform you that we have detected your computer has been compromised etc (paraphrased, I let her talk for a couple of minutes)
Dragonfly *enters the house*
Dragonfly *bemused* Are they still on the phone?
Me *hangs up* Not anymore. I did let her talk for a while.
Dragonfly - Poor woman.
Me - ...poor...scam artist?
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Nothing like studying climate change and overconsumption and how fossil fuels are DOOMING US to get me back on public transport.

It was easy when I worked in the city, one bus straight in and it's not like you can park in the city anyway. Now I have a 30-40 minute drive and free parking versus 1+ hours, bus -> train -> busing it, so it's not like I can even just get comfy with a book.

Today my bus was on time. ON TIME. A brisk walk down to the train platform, stepping straight onto a train, then only a minute's wait until my next bus and I was home in 41 minutes. Couldn't have done it faster in the car at that time of day!!!

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ahhahahhaha oops, apparently my dashing onto LJ to record important stuff in my life actually means posting yet again about Supernatural.

I know I'm totally late to the party, but I'm having fun anyway. In tonight's episode an ANGEL said,

"Sam and Dean are psychotically, irrationally, erotically co-dependent."

Me O_O

Dragonfly ...maybe he said NEURotically?

Me *rewinds three times*

Me O_O

Dragonfly O_O

and then he said )
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New house rule this week: no Dr Who until last thing before bed. Dragonfly is not happy with me.

My impressions of The Rebel Flesh )
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Way to start the series off with a bang.

*solemnly* Stephen Moffat is a Great Man.

So that makes THREE of the stories Moffat's written that's in my Top Ten Favourite episodes:

1.9-1.10 The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances
3.10 Blink
6.1-6.2 The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon

Most spoilery spoil spoil screencap in the history of the world. Seriously )
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Got my Yuletide assignment!!!!!!!!!

This last week I've been excitedly browsing all the recipients' requests that have been publicly posted, thinking I'd write a few little extra fics because semester is finished and I have the time, forgetting as I always do that I have a backlog of tv shows to watch with Dragonfly.*

Also, as it happens, the assignment I received is going to be a challenge. It is going require a lot of planning, and reviewing of canon.



*We have a house rule that the shows we both like we watch together.
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Yuletide is my favourite time of year!!!

Not much time left to sign up for Yuletide! If you were considering it but don't yet have an AO3 membership, you'll need to email the mods for an invite ASAP.

Because this is so immensely exciting, here is a list of fandoms requested and offered, in order of rarity.

There's been a heap of changes this year, with having moved over to AO3. One of the awesome benefits is being able to edit your sign up (while sign ups are still open obviously). Last year, for the first time, we could edit our fics after posting which was VERY useful, especially for getting Pinch Hits in under the plate!

Sign ups opened on Saturday while I was eyeball deep in exam prep. Given how long the process was taking people (as everyone tried to sign up immediately) I exercised INHUMAN self-control and didn't sign up until after my exam, work, Bunny's dance concert, another day at work...

I did however take a break from studying on the Saturday for the approximately *cough* two to three hours *cough* it took me to write my Dear Yuletide Santa letter and put the link up on the appropriate LJ post.* This function used to be so your writer could find you easily, for more hints on what you like, but in the last few years it's become an open invitation for people with time on their hands to write random *extra* fics as treats for people. Like most people I am resistant to change and at first was all bah humbug, but now I am totally on board the More the Merrier train. I may possibly have been compulsively casually perusing the requests for inspiration...

*I HAD TO, my head was so full of what I wanted to ask for, I wasn't able to concentrate on anything else until I'd written it down.

In conclusion, SO MUCH GLEE.
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About the upcoming Sherlock Holmes BBC series.


There's also a epic movie-like trailer that's been pulled from youtube, but I have it if anyone is dedicated enough to email me *g*.
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The other day when I was thinking how last week's Dr Who is definitely in my Top 10 list, I realised it's been so long that my list needs updating (as you do). As I don't actually have enough time to rewatch the entire last four seasons I spent last night rewatching all my favourite scenes from all the eps. *wallows*

So, by cheating and including double eps as one when they were both awesome I turned out to have nine. And now I have just watched this week's episode and got number 10 locked in. Just for sheer Doctor awesomeness *FLAILS* God I love this season.

In the meantime, in chronological order:

1.9-1.10 The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances
2 8-2.9 The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit
3.8-3.9 Human Nature/Family of Blood
3.10 Blink
4.02 The Fires of Pompeii
4.10 Midnight
4.11 Turn Left
4.12-4.13 The Stolen Earth/Journey's End
5.10 Vincent and the Doctor
5.11 The Lodger

Random thoughts about Doctors and Companions. Tiny reference to 'Amy's Choice', not plot-related )

Now that I'm over my hangups about the Doctor as a sexual being I can confirm there are a few cute Eleven/Amy/Rory and Eleven/Amy/Vincent fics on Archive of Our Own, and also this is good - Seventeen Things That Happen to Rory Williams It's a non-spoilery AU where Rory and Amy have been off having adventures with the Doctor and Amy died, and Rory carries on. It's G-rated Eleven/Rory.
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I have many things to post about. My trip! Uni! Family! The time my dogs went racing over the edge of a wall and disappeared into shrubbery below. The wolf made it out, the puppy...needed to be rescued.

Instead, HOW AWESOME WAS THIS WEEK'S DR WHO. I wasn't looking forward to yet another guest-historical-celebrity episode at all, but turns out, one of the best episodes EVER.

IMO, obviously.


Apr. 17th, 2010 04:46 pm
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I think my favourite thing about this "controversial" photoshoot, is that no-one appears to have noticed that a Puss in Boots is NAKED with a sexy guy.


Apr. 12th, 2010 12:56 am
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I have had a very, very TRYING week, that I may or may not get around to whining posting about when I get a spare second or two.

Right now I have approximately two more hours work in front of me to finish this damn assignment. I may get a few hours sleep before I go to work. Here's hoping!

Took a break to watch the new Dr Who ep, also written by the awesome Stephen Moffat. My conclusion:

Matt Smith is the best (new) Doctor yet!!! I HEART HIM. And Amy Pond is awesome!!!



Mar. 22nd, 2010 10:53 pm
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Because of my being super spoiler-phobic, except for the occasional random show where I'm not, I tend to be maybe a bit manic about it.

Like, the post I just did where I put the synopsis of the Supernatural episode I watched under a cut, because some people don't want to know what an episode is about before they watch it. Like me.

Now I want to EXPLODE WITH GLEE over a scene from the ep, and I didn't want to put it in the other post in case people click on the cut who like to read synopses, but don't want to know about specific scenes, and now I'm doing this post for people who like reading about small glee-inducing non-plot-spoilery scenes who don't want to know what the plot is about.

I am a tad compulsive.

Under the cut is a very small scene. It's spoilery for something that happens to Dean, without giving away specific plot spoilers.

Why Dean Winchester is the greatest TV hero character EVER )
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1 My workload is CRUSHING. Srlsy!!! This makes me happy!!!!

2 I have the best hommus EVER, from a little Turkish shop at South Lakes shopping centre. Costs nearly double supermarket prices but made by the owner’s MUM. Nom nom nom.

3 [ profile] astolat has just posted a White Collar fic!!! Which I can’t read right now, but is something to look forward to tonight. This makes me happy in a subcategory of
a. White Collar threesome fic rocks like a rocking thing
b. Astolat posting new fic that isn’t American Idol RPS. YAYAYAYAYAY

4 OOOH New shiny White Collar ep is up! Can't wait!
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I haven't actually posted Post 1# yet. It stares at me from its privacy lock. I think its eyes follow me.

Enough about my issues. I persuaded [ profile] ravenclaw_harpy, another long, long time Star Trek fan to drive all the way across town to come see Star Trek with me, because I cannot wait til the weekend, when I am, of course, going again.

Star Trek was JUST AS GOOD the second time because )

[ profile] ravenclaw_harpy came back for coffee afterwards and asked Dragonfly if she'd loved the film...

Dragonfly - Yes and as soon as school holidays start I'm watching the whole series again!
Ravenclaw *gasp* Not Spock’s Brain?
Jen – YES
Me – Not Charlie X?
Jen – YES
Ravenclaw – Not Plato’s Stepchildren?
Jen - YES
Ravenclaw *looks impressed*
Me *looks despairing*
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Adding some new characters has really changed the feel of the show for the awesome.

Last night we watched 3.04 and 3.05 and they were fun! And not too badly written. Well, except for 5 minutes near the end of 3.05 but then they made up for it with a Lester/Connor scene that was so awesome I had to pause the action just to bounce up and down with GLEE!

A few screencaps for 3.04 that are NOT actually plot-spoilery. )

In the spirit of full disclosure, Dragonfly still complains about the plot holes and occasionally OOC behaviour of the characters, but I am in a zen place about that now.

Edit Spoilers in comments!!!


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