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Aug. 6th, 2017 01:26 pm
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I cannot recommend this show highly enough - great characters, great writing, diversity win and the lead characters and most of the ensemble cast are women. Fucking WIN.

My one warning would be plot content. TBH, had I known in advance, I might have hesitated to give it a go, although the majority female cast and diversity would probably have won me over.

Brief description of plots of first and second season )

Oh, and also, when we get this on dvd, we'll be watching it with subtitles on. My family background is English, and I still didn't catch everything they said, especially the Welsh psychologist, who talked so fast I couldn't understand a word she said.


Pretty much introducing the three main characters.

DI Deering late to her own awards ceremony (introed by her boss)

Movie recs

Jul. 24th, 2016 11:05 pm
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So it's been three months since i posted anything at all and much longer than that since I posted RL update as opposed to fandom stuff. GAH. At first I was super obsessed with Hannibal but then it turned into a stupid avoidance thing, to the point I've been planning to post something - anything - every day for weeks. AND YET.

I rarely see movies at the cinema anymore - a regular adult ticket costs $23, although I've paid to join my local cinema's club which gives discounts. And this week I've been to TWO films, neither of which I had any expectations about and both of which been so awesome I've cried literal tears of happiness.

Firstly, of course, GHOSTBUSTERS. I'd only seen the first terrible trailer, but I was still determined to throw money at it so the smug white dudes who get to decide these things can't keep arguing that movies with women in lead roles don't make money.

And then it was everything I could have dreamed of, a fun plot, some great action scenes, consistently funny and absolutely the best, the GREATEST, thing of all was I sat there watching a story about women I could relate to, women I could be friends with, being competent and loyal and funny and brave. This was a movie about women's friendship. My fifteen year old daughter spent half the film turning to grin gleefully at me at all the awesomeness.

This review pretty much sums up my reaction

AND THEN THERE WAS STAR TREK, YAY. After the last, so terrible film I was afraid to look forward to this one even with Simon Pegg writing it, and then it was so great. I was crying by the end, not just for the bittersweet references to Ambassador Spock, but because it was really Star Trek.

Mildly spoilery fave things (not plot related) )
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I was mentioning to my friend how much I hate the word 'slut' and the new trend of 'I'm a slut for ___' because of the ubiquitous, casual way it denigrates and demeans women and girls.

And she pointed me at this website - The UnSlut Project

I haven't read it yet because my brain is in fandom obsession mode. But I lose and forget about links, so am putting it here for later.
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"Supergirl is just a glorified fireman, she's never going to solve the underlying problems that are destroying the world" - says billionaire inventor/entrepreneur Matthew Lord, in the episode we are currently watching.

I'm noticing how many shows, especially genre ones, are addressing/referencing the reality of the state of the world today. Speaking of, we just watched Tomorrowland. Dfly put it on to watch with dinner, then afterwards I picked up my laptop because i tend to half watch movies, but then I realised I was watching an action SF adventure with two main female teenage protagonists (with George Clooney and Hugh Laurie supporting) and it had Important Themes and I put my laptop away and appreciated an excellent female driven film.

I've always made a point of showing Bunny shows with diverse ensemble casts and well written female characters, like Eureka (her fave character is Zoe), Warehouse 13 (her fave character is Claudia) and Leverage (her fave character is Parker). What a difference from my formative years, at her age I was watching Knight Rider, Aeroman, Alien Nation, V, Remington Steele, Scarecrow and Mrs King etc.

Tonight when I realised that Tomorrowland had great female characters my immediate thought was 'oh yay, what a great film for girls to watch', and then I remembered an article I read yesterday about gendered reading, and realised that of course that applies to tv and movies as well.

I recommend this article - Stories for All by Shannon Hale. Its about how boys don't find stories about girls intrinsically less interesting until they are taught to by society from an early age, and along with that comes the belief that girls are less important, and a lack of opportunity for boys to develop empathy for girls.
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Just in case anyone’s somehow missed the uproar over Mad Max: Fury Road, oh hey, go see this awesome feminist film.

I’d seen the trailer and dismissed it as a two hour car chase/fight scene and to be fair, it really, really is. Neither car chases nor shit blowing up are things that particularly appeal to me nowadays.

But the rave reviews about what an awesome feminist film this is and the bitter wailing and gnashing of teeth by MRAs piqued my interest, so off I went. I dragged Dfly along, she likes action films a whole lot more than I do. Afterwards she said plainitively, 'I know you said it was a two hour car chase, but I didn't believe you'. Full disclosure, Dfly thought the film could have done with more world building, and I know afterwards I was full of questions about how that society worked.

BUT. The characters are fantastic, the minimal dialogue just works beautifully and the story is epic. The main character in Mad Max isn’t Max, it’s Imperitor Furiosa, played by Charlize Theron. Max is just a dude with PSTD who accidentally gets caught up with Furiosa's mission.

Here are some links to interesting reviews, they're pretty spoilery, normally I don't like to know anything but I needed a bit of incentive to go see a car chase movie (I fast forwarded through all the car chases in Fast and Furious and never saw the rest of the franchise)

7 Ways Mad Max Fury Road Sublimely Subverts Movie Sexism

Feminist review (super spoilery) Beyond Furiosa: The Unsung Heroines of ‘Mad Max: Fury Road

Featurette on The Wives

Review from an amputee about seeing representation in an awesome main character

Random squee about stuff I loved and questions about worldbuilding )

AMUSING - Amazon reviews for this edible silver spray (for cake decorating etc)


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