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I'm tired just following it from afar, I can't imagine how tired you guys are whose lives and those of your loved ones are on the line. *hugs*

For confused non-Americans like myself, best explanation of their shitshow system that I've found - A Zero B.S. Guide To American Healthcare

Watch The Shocking Moment John McCain Killed The Republican Health Care Bill

So that was pretty amazing theatre. It seems like an age since I could count the number of US politicians I knew the names of on one hand, never mind be able to distinguish which was which in a crowded room.

So before this, people (and by people I mean people on my twitter feed) were all like, McCain is evil and talks big but always votes GOP way, and after they were like, oh he only did it for attention and Collins and Murkowski are the total heroes for holding the line all along (which, HELL YES)

And then I read this reddit comment: US Senate healthcare repeal bill fails - Reddit comment explaining how McCain 'killed' the bill

So this person explains that by allowing the bill to come to the floor, McCain killed it because now they can't bring it back for the rest of the fiscal year.

And then people were really happy and relieved, but now, because I am still learning how US Politics works through Twitter, I'm seeing that this 'skinny bill' (of which 2 of 8 of its pages were apparently dedicated to denying women birth control and cancer screening) was just the Amendment, that McConnell pulled the bill, so reconciliation is still on the table?


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