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I received a lovely gift for Yuletide! I am so very grateful my writer took on the challenge of writing Deacon/Stu, yay! and it was awesome.

animating every night by tillunwish
What We Do in the Shadows (Deacon/Stu) 1.7k
Stu takes Deacon on a date to the movies. It goes about as disastrously as you might expect.

Looking for Stars for glitteratiglue
Call the Midwife (Trixie Franklin/Patsy Mount) 5.6k
Events prompt Trixie to reassess her feelings and her future.

I really enjoyed writing this. I love Patsy/Delia so I was initially disconcerted by my recipient's request for Trixie/Patsy, but her likes/dislikes letter really helped me shape my fic, and I became a fan of the pairing myself as I realised how well matched they are!

Out of Body for rivkat
Lucifer (Chloe/Lucifer) 7.7k
Chloe and Lucifer wake up in each other's bodies. Unfortunately, not in the fun way.

This was my self indulgent treat - getting to wallow in my current fave fandom. I saw the prompt 'bodyswap' and couldn't resist. SO MUCH FUN writing a bunch of scenes, then a LOT of work to put together a half decent plot. I had to research the comics to find a suitable being who could actually do that to Lucifer. Am now much more knowledgeable about the Sandman universe and am even the proud owner of a couple of comics with the Endless in them.

A Night Out for Liadt
Judex (1916) Gen 1.9k
Judex is always vigilant.

This was actually the first fic I wrote this year. One of my flisters requested this super rare fandom of one and provided convenient links to the canon and I had a couple of weeks to kill until I could rewatch the canon for my recipient's fic so I thought I'd give it a go. Its a super old silent serial that was easy to watch on my phone during my commute. It took a while to get into but i was quite invested by the end :)

It was challenging to write for me because I normally hear the character's voices in my head when I write and of course, this was a completely different style of visual media. Since it's a silent melodrama I tried to write in a melodramatic, descriptive way. Dunno how well it worked but it was fun.

Born Again for psikeval
Sense8 Gen 1k
Riley will always have her family.

And a couple of gen Sense8 snippets that I didn't end up turning into fics so posted them to the Madness collection Supporting Riley and Righting a Wrong Because I rarely even read fics under 1k, I've actually been pretty stunned about how many kudos I've received for these, yay people who kudo!

Rebuilding a Life for beyond_belief
Independence Day (Tom/Constance/David) 5.2k
Two years after the invasion Tom's still finding a way forward.

A couple of people requested this OT3 of my heart so I thought I'd give it a go. Everything about this was a challenge for me - I find it harder to 'hear' American voices when I write, also the canon has relatively little actual screen time with the characters for me to get the hang of their voices and lastly, the prompt asked for relationship negotiation, which involved way more dialogue than i normally write. TBH I'm not sure I really got their voices right, but I had fun trying


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