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Given the squee on my flist, and that fact that a couple of my fave writers are in the fandom now, I figured I wasn’t going to be able to avoid spoilers much longer so I hied myself off to the cinema, and dragged [profile] zebra363 along.

The Winter Soldier is an excellent action film )
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So, [profile] zebra363 is a fan of the Vibram Five Fingers and gave me a pair for my birthday

(I'd actually been eyeing them off since I first heard about them but figured as a few of my toes are slightly webbed that I wouldn't be able to wear them).

I LOVE THEM. I spent my childhood barefoot, and never wear shoes at home and now I can go for a walk pretty much feel like I'm barefoot except not having to worry about prickles or stones. I might even work up to a bit of jogging at some point...

Random dude on youtube with the pros and cons, if you're interested.
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Huh, a while back I was doing all these fandom related posts and not finishing them and now I'm watching Rizzoli and Isles instead of studying. I love this show. As usual, could care less about the crime, just in it for the relationships, in this case the wonderful friendship (I try to slash them but they keep inconviently falling in love with dudes).

The other week I randomly decided to make a list of my top ten fave fics. I could only do it with qualifications - three out of 10 were by Astolat and were followed by '...and then I have to go and read several other of her fics in that fandom'

So Astolat. Zebra describes her writing as 'wish-fulfilment' rather than realistic, which is true, but she can convince me of nearly anything, I say nearly because there was a dark, dark time when she was writing nothing but American Idol RPF which, just no, on both counts.

But now she's writing Thor/Loki. I love her writing, so I read some, even though I''m not really into either incest or gods slash, but it took a couple of epic, plotty ones to really hook me.

Stayed up way too late last night reading this one - Chaos War (34k) It was never easy to find Loki when he wanted to hide, but he wasn't doing a particularly good job of it at the moment. Probably he didn't think anyone from Asgard would be wasting their time hunting for him while the shining ones churned their way steadily through all the realm.

All her Avengers/Thor fics on AO3 - I do avoid the ones with rape warnings though, so I haven't read them all.

Random Tom Hiddleston appreciation links )
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More fun burning off today. It is very satisfying. So we'd built a bonfire and I was tossing the last few sticks from the general vicinity on it.

Me *watching the bonfire burn, feeling pretty good*
Zebra *calling* I'm just lighting this fire way over here now.
Me *doubletakes*
Zebra - It'll be fine. That one's under control, we can keep on eye on it while we do this one.
Me *walks over and stares at the new fire piled on top of one end of giant log*
Zebra I did that deliberately. The other end of that log will just smoulder away.
Me *stares at grass surrounding log*


Zebra - We can leave it and go back to the house for lunch and PoI now.
Me *stares at all the grass around the log we haven't yet had to stomp small fires out of* Or we could stay here and monitor this for a while longer.
Zebra - I could just go back to the house and bring back some lunch.
Me - Actually, I'm thinking we could multitask.

Multitasking )

Zebra's post with more photos
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I am sitting in [profile] zebra363's lounge room wrapped in eleventybillion rugs and watching the alpacas grazing peacefully outside. Yes, I am aware it's not *quite* Arctic conditions up here, but it's a psychological thingumummy. Last night I slept with every blanket ever, two jumpers, scarf, socks and gloves. I was comfortable.

Yesterday arvo we spent three hours (until it was too dark to see anything except the giant bonfire) dragging dead branches over to the fence, throwing them over, under or through the fence and then dragging them over to the fire. Then we sat around and stared the fire for a long time.

Then we walked up to the house in pitch dark (I felt very hardcore), had dinner and watched an episode of Lewis (ie slept through).

Things to know about working with Zebra...

- When she says 'that's just about it' - it's not true.

- An hour later when she says 'that's about it, now' - it's not true.

- Some indeterminate time later, when she's an indistinct shadow among the trees emerging periodically to throw piles of sticks and the occasional log over the fence at you, and she says, 'just two more' - it's not true.

Still, nice workout and feeling of accomplishment. Have a feeling will be recreating it next week as it'll be the last weekend for burning off before the ban.
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I volunteered to watch episodes 7-11 of The Persuaders to check to see if there was another scene with one of the guys kneeling in front of the other, as [ profile] joandarck is making a songvid and thought there might be one in that block of eps.

Selflessly doing my bit for fandom!!!

I thought I may as well list all of the slashy bits as I went along, um, so I did. BUT.

BUT. I never dreamed of this!!!

Danny is sitting down Brett walks up behind him and holds out a paper for Danny to take. Danny reaches up and RUNS HIS FINGERS DOWN THE LENGTH OF BRETT'S HAND before taking the paper. Brett then leans closely over Danny to read the paper.


I am beside myself with joy. I may be a bit invested

Edit As you can probably tell by [ profile] zebra363's enthusiastic commenting spree, my absolute first response was to call her up and babble. In fact I was so excited I accidently dialed her number on my mobile while I was looking it up and then couldn't work out for a minute why I was getting an engaged signal calling her on the landline.
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Got home from work and had a glass of wine or two while I rewatched Torchwood... after a couple of glasses of wine on an empty stomach I watched most of the new Primeval episode.

Is it just me or )

I have not yet seen the end of the episode. [ profile] zebra363 turned up with food and we have defaulted to The Persuaders! (After I made her watch all the 'good' bits of Torchwood).

Also I am now drinking black cherry flavoured vodka cruisers instead of wine.

HEE!!! Brett is paying more attention to the twins he's brought along on their double date than he is to Danny. [ profile] zebra363 is actually GROWLING. This is hilarious.
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[ profile] zebra363 stopped by with cookies tonight because she wanted learn about BANDOM. I did point out that it's not a fandom that would interest her, but she wanted to understand what we were all so excited about. Aw, bless.


Zebra can now identify members of My Chemical Romance by name, as long as Gerard and Frank's hairstyles aren't too similar in a given photograph. This despite my having confused the issue at the very start of the evening by calling Ray Toro 'Andy' (sorry Ray, sorry Andy) What? I was EXCITED. We have, however, stared at a picture of him while repeating 'Ray Toro' over and over enough times that neither of us will make that mistake again.

I showed Zebra My Chem's early stuff from The Black Parade, cos it's the boppiest, and my favourite. ZEBRA LIKED IT.

Not as much enthusiasm for Fall Out Boy, possibly because Zebra likes them tall, rugged and with long hair for preference and FOB are pretty much totally the opposite of that. Though Andy did catch her eye. It's the hair. (see Ray Toro)

Also, I did not spend as much time trying to sell their music, cos really, who'd believe me? So it was mostly me going 'Um, it's the FIC, you see. Everyone in every band ever sleeps with loves Patrick, I'm not really sure why but look how tiny and adorable he is and oh this is Pete Wentz who, it has been said, is the 'little black dress' of fandom'. He is pretty.

I did not confuse the issue by introducing any of the six degrees bands.

So now we have to rec fics. For Zebra. We have to be SELECTIVE. Maybe that one where Patrick moves in with Bob Bryer? Help me?

Then Zebra made me discuss what I think will happen in Harry Potter when I'VE BEEN TRYING NOT TO THINK ABOUT IT, and then I traumatised her and she went home.

Then Dragonfly and I watched Eureka 2.01 which made me all sorts of happy and then we watched Jekyll 1.01 and that made me whimper and wish I'd gone to bed while I was in my happy place.

There was no watching of s6 Smallville at all.
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I rarely watch tv when I'm by myself - I have the internet - but I could compete for Australia in watching stuff with other people.

Where I watch more gay films in one sitting than I have in the last six months. )

Then it was time for the actual Gathering and conversation and then I had to leave before [ profile] zebra363's birthday celebration to collect Bunny, who ended up with fish and chips and brussel sprouts for dinner alfresco while I drank beer and watched Bunny's dad attempt to get his 'classic' car started.

And now I'm feeling all inspired to watch these half a dozen gay films someone lent me like, a year ago, but Dragonfly has homework to do. As though that's more important. *sniffs*
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When I moved out of home I lived in a flat by myself for about 18 months. Then a friend I met at uni asked me to be her housemate, and I said yes. Not because I wasn't happy by myself, but because I was TOO comfortable. I had my books and my tv in my bedroom and I lived on smoked salmon dip and cheesebiscuits and I stopped going out to parties because it was cozier to stay at home and read my books and watch Star Trek.

It's probably a really, really good thing I didn't have the internet back then.

Now, my obsessiveness is kept in check (shut up) by all my real life responsibilies.

exceeds acceptable length for non-lj cut entry )
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Summary: Tag for season finale. SPOILERS

A/N: Beta thanks to [ profile] victorian_tweed and [ profile] zebra363, who says that she should probably watch the show if I'm 'going to keep writing it'. And [ profile] special_trille who said she liked the fic and all it needed was another twelve chapters of Ianto having adventures.

Losing Jack )

New Shiny.

Jul. 9th, 2006 05:06 pm
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Borrowed s1 Dead Zone the other day, my entire DZ experience so far consisting of the original book, the Christopher Walken movie, and a vague recollection of having watched the pilot years ago on telly. Oh, and Speranza's and Shalott's fics.

So, we watched tv. )

Why my New Shiny is the Best Thing Ever.

1. FOUR complete seasons already and is still going strong.
2. Slashy from the first episode - this can only get better.
3. Actually appears to be a GOOD show.
4. Best of all, having a friend to watch it with who is just as fannish crazy in love enthusiastic as I am.
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I am in a comfortably obsessive place with Life on Mars. On Sunday I spent a lovely couple of hours with Jody batting around story ideas, and then went online to do a little research. Now I have this really cool community friended, which is convenient for all fannish browsing to do with the show, including the occasional fic. I have Gene and Sam handcuffed together on my desktop and tonight I managed to entice [ profile] zebra363 over to watch episodes with me.

Unfortunately, since there currently only eight episodes, and very little fic out there, I am unable to spend night after night watching new episodes and then staying up til 3am reading fics.

Actually, right now that's probably a good thing, since I have a FIFTEEN HOUR WORK DAY tomorrow. *checks time* I mean, today.


I did find this one really cool fic but it will make no sense if you haven't seen the show, but come to think of it, why would you read it if you haven't seen the show anyhow? Watch Life on Mars! All the cool kids are doing it!
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Exercising with [ profile] zebra363 and/or [ profile] cricketk is going to be really good for me, I can already tell. They are both very fitness-orientated and determined people. These are good people to help one get fit. No wandering past random cafes and stopping for a granita with these two!

Today [ profile] cricketk introduced me to Jacob's Ladder during our walk. I tried to google for a photo of all 242 stairs but the only decent photo I found was of some random stranger standing at the lookout at the top of the 242 stairs. Pretty view, isn't? You don't really get a good feel for how high it is though, at the top of 242 stairs.

By 3/4 the way up I had to let [ profile] cricketk bound ahead while I sort of staggered the rest of the way. Some cute guy sprinted past, explaining kindly that 'it gets easier each time'! Good to know, I have a feeling I'm going to be seeing a lot more of those stairs.

Really enjoyed the walk though, and also feeling pretty good now. Ignore the whinging.
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[ profile] zebra363 provides a description of the day over at her lj. [ profile] chaosmanor put some photos up, here.

Here it's all about me. *clears throat*

My dog. Oh, the embarassment. Used to be a show dog, and somehow we've never got around to getting him fixed - it's not like he usually has a lot of interaction with other dogs, and has never been shown what to do, so to speak. So today he meets a girl, thinks this is a bit of all right - then gets a whiff of the other boy dog and apparently it was Love At First Sight. For him, anyway. The other dog seemed a bit shocked.

I blame [ profile] emma_in_oz completely for leading me astray into the bull ant infested zone. My leg now has a bloody great red swollen bite. However, I count my blessings, at least it wasn't in a more intimate area, like [ profile] special_trille's. And I got my revenge on the little monster. Stamping it into the ground violently while screaming incoherently *may* have been a bit of overkill. Heh, I punned.

But Zeb's mum made this apricot teacake that made it all worthwhile, and I feel no shame when I admit that I ate *way* more than my share of it. I'm embracing my inner Rodney McKay.

And watching the horses chase the dogs around was lots of fun.

...and some trees got planted.
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Usually on Thursday mornings I use lj to procrastinate about cleaning the floors, today I used cleaning the floors to procrastinate about writing the story. *sigh*

Last night [ profile] special_trille and I were agreeing that it was probably a good thing that neither of us have easy internet access during work hours as we would both be the types who post hourly updates eg "My knee hurts". And that would be sad.

btw, I'm currently eating Nacho Cheese biscuits cos there's nothing else to eat in the house *ignores vegetables*

So, last night. Pride Quiz Night. I learned a lot. I learned that nobody at our table (not mentioning any names) knows anything about art, literature, science or politics. Pop culture, however, we ROCK at. Especially Star Trek - we won a prize for our knowledge of Star Trek.



Also, we sort of lost focus towards the end. I blame [ profile] zebra363 for distracting me with hangman during the speechifying, but really, *looks at Jody and [ profile] silver_b_a pointedly* playing during the rounds?

[ profile] maharetr and [ profile] farleigh_30 were also guilty there.


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