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I received a lovely gift for Yuletide! I am so very grateful my writer took on the challenge of writing Deacon/Stu, yay! and it was awesome.

animating every night by tillunwish
What We Do in the Shadows (Deacon/Stu) 1.7k
Stu takes Deacon on a date to the movies. It goes about as disastrously as you might expect.

Fics I wrote for Yuletide in Call the Midwife, Sense8, Lucifer, Judex and Independence Day )
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I (mostly) unironically love the movie Independence Day. It used to be one of Dragonfly and my comfort flicks, though nowadays we generally only rewatch it on July 4. I'd been warned that the sequel is terrible, but since the person who said that is the same person who mocks me for liking the first one, I ignored his advice and bought Resurgence on dvd sight unseen and do not regret that decision. Yes it is cheesy, just like the original. My fave bit in ID4 is when they make contact with other countries' militaries with their way to defeat the aliens, and the posh British officer says 'It's about time! What do they plan to do?'

So not one but TWO people this year have requested Tom/Constance/David fics, which I am all for, so I am VERY VAGUELY considering writing a treat.

It will likely never happen, I am mostly too intimidated to write in American fandoms. But I am enjoying thinking about it. Which led me to thinking about how in the aftermath, they just wouldn't have the resources (for many years at least) to rebuild the destroyed cities, so they'd have to move the seat of the America government to another city, so I googled and of course fans done some research.

Official site with timeline of events leading up to the second movie. It kind of looks like, from the map siting the presidential inaugurations, that Washington DC must have been rebuilt.

Just out of interest - If the American government were to temporarily move cities until DC could be rebuilt, where would it move to, do you think?

For bonus non existent points, also ruling out other cities destroyed in the attack, here is a complete list of cities destroyed

Just because it is my fave inspirational speech, President Whitmore's ID speech )
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Last day for Yuletide sign ups. I signed up nice and early, to get my super rare fandoms up on the Sign up Summary sheet - and Yay! someone has volunteered to write The Champions, so I'm hopeful.

I've spent an enjoyable week watching the numbers and fandoms grow and tweaking my sign up - in my initial enthusiasm I both offered and requested Lucifer, my current fave show, but after a few days removed them both, since of course that fandom has ended up plenty of both of them already.

I have just done my final sign up revision offering only rare fandoms with more requests than offers, including a few that had no other offers and if I get matched on will have to do some intense revision of the text *G* I like it when I am able to give someone a fic in that tiny fandom of their heart. I have also perused the letters up so far and have bookmarked a few requests in fandoms I'm more comfortable writing in, for treats later on.

Also, everyone should know that The Champions episodes are now up on youtube! The first episode is not the best *cough* but it's their origin story so all I can say is, don't judge the rest of the series by it? They get their powers and become adorably attuned to each other and codependent. Also, maybe skip episode 3.

It's a fun 60s show about three international crimefighting agents who get given random enhanced abilities and the odd bit of mind reading between the three of them.

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Thank you for volunteering to write my little fandom, I already love you. I have been doing Yuletide from nearly the beginning and absolutely none of the excitement has worn off for me. I LOVE YULETIDE.

Also, if detailed letters stress you out and/or you already know what you want to write, feel free to not even read below. Truly :)

General notes and likes/dislikes )

Regulars Guys )

The Champions )

What We Do in the Shadows )

Forever Knight )
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If you haven't already watched Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, I highly, highly recommend this lovely show. I suggest reading this a lovely, detailed pimp post someone else prepared earlier because I am lazy no point reinventing the wheel, right *cough*

The characters are adorable and the chemistry between Jack and Phryne lights up the screen.

a bit of MFMM yuletide ramble )

My absolute highlight for Yuletide (after my own gifts of course) was this fic set after the series finale -

A Series of Optical Illusions
Phryne/Jack, Case Fic, M. 20k.

This is bait, but the best bait is the truth; there is no lie in Jack's arm around her waist, in his fingers tangled through hers.
Miss Phryne Fisher sets a trap, throws a party, and reconciles her differences.
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Strange Empire - Dangerous Road Gen. 2k.
Morgan remembers a talk with his uncle.

Stuff only of interest to me about writing Strange Empire fic )

Sense8 - Truth Set Free G. 4.5k.
Lito/Hernando & Dani.
Hernando and Dani confront Lito about his odd behaviour.

Sense8 - Family Visit Gen. 1k.
Sun shares Capheus's home.

Sense8 Yuletide treats )
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Okay, first go through the archive, taking a breather. Have not yet even got to the two major fandoms I'm excited for however (Man from Uncle and Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries). I have a feeling I will lose days once I start. oh, plus I have just started reading The Martian (got it for xmas, not seen movie yet, will afterwards) and there are heaps of fic for both movie and book, so that to look forward to too.

I was going do my recs so far yesterday but family inexplicably wanted me to spend NYE with them, and then when I tried to stay up after midnight Bunny complained bitterly about the light from the computer screen (we're staying in the same room and she's lost her eye mask).

So, how I do Yuletide is I avoid looking at rec posts before the reveal, I like to find fics myself and the deluge of rec posts skews people's reading towards the most popular ones with a snowball effect that's unfair on everyone else. IMO. Having said that, I don't read all fics in a fandom, I look at the synopses and the tags and choose whatever appeals. I'm not consistent, either.

This year, with all the time in the world and a no-longer-nearly-dead lj, instead of just posting list I have amused myself adding stuff about why I like the fandoms. I am having FUN.

Killjoys )

Sense8 )

Lord Peter Wimsey - Dorothy L. Sayers )

Temeraire - Naomi Novik )

iZombie )

Whitechapel )

Rope )

Various Georgette Heyer omg )

Weekend Update (SNL) )

Stargate Universe )
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So I won Yuletide and got TWO awesome WWDitS fics, yay!

Nice Jerseys and Other Adventures in Knitting
Basically, Deacon loves knitting, Anton and Stu and the other werewolves could do with more jerseys that don't tear apart when transforming a little, and the Ravelry forums get another passionate member.

The Hairy-Handed Gentlemen Who Run Amuck in Wellington Screenplay/Script Format
Some additional footage was filmed as a follow-up to the original documentary. This segment focuses on how Stu is settling into life as a werewolf.

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LIFE is conspiring against me for writing Treats this year, last night Bunny was up to early season 5 Leverage which has some of the best eps of the show. so of course I had to stay and watch with her - the one about the 1970s hijacker where they all get to play 70s characters, the one which his pretty much all Parker with a gammy leg foiling a crime while stuck in the office on top of the bar and my FAVOURITE episode ever, where Hardison, Parker and Eliot foil a terrorist plot cos that ep is all about loyalty and trust and love. I posted a few screencaps a couple of years ago when LJ still used to let me upload pics (the first half dozen here

Ha, during the best scene where Eliot has hold of the back of Hardison's neck and is intently telling him that he is the smartest man he has ever met etc, there was a mozzie or something and Dragonfly and Bunny got distracted and were talking and I was completely reasonable and only shouted at them a little bit to shut up and now we have to rewatch the whole scene, SHHHH.


And then my bestie who reads all my fics for characterisation even when she doesn't know the fandom told me that my ending on my Sense8 fic needed a lot of work so I ended up staying up stupidly late and have had four hours sleep and i really don't want to cycle to the station today (it's only 5kms) but i piked the last couple of days because after our mild and windy weekend Monday and Tuesday were 39 degrees each, and now it's fallen back to the 20s, so no excuse. Haven't even walked the dog cos she's been limping - Dfly is taking her to the vet today.

I am tired enough that I nearly didn't bother trying to find a last minute characterisation/plot beta but I really like to try to make my fics as good as they can be so I have emailed the few people on the yuletide beta list who offered Sense8, see if any of them have nothing better to do on Christmas - if not, I tried :)

off to work now. on my bike. *cries*
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Yuletide fic beta'd and final version uploaded, yay! One treat finished, draft with beta. Second treat in progress, wheee. Still will end up with a word count less than half my usual Yuletide output, oh well. FUN WITH NEW FANDOM, WIN.

Also, I checked my Gift page and someone has written ME a Treat. I am very excited!!

Watched the pilot of Magicians - spoilers and negativity under the cut )

*pathetically* Is it wrong that I like my magic shows to be Warehouse 13 rated content. Bring on more scenes of Myka and Pete sprawled on his bed as he shows her his comic book collection, i say.

no title

a little pimp post from 2010
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Thank you, thank you, thank you for volunteering to write my little fandom, I already love you :)

I have been doing Yuletide from nearly the beginning and absolutely none of the excitement has worn off for me. I LOVE YULETIDE, WHEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a note - yes, I recycle most of my Yuletide letter, except for the new fandoms, the ones I don't hopefully request year after year, but that's because I've spent years getting my letter how I like it.

Also, if detailed letters stress you out and/or you already know what you want to write, feel free to not even read below. Truly :)

General notes and likes/dislikes )

On recurring vs new fandom requests )

Actual Yuletide letter with individual fandom prompts and ideas )
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For the first time in too many years I had plenty of time to write and read Yuletide. I wrote 22k of gen and het fic, which I'm pretty sure more than doubles my entire output in both those things.

My fics )

I also have had much more time to read Yuletide this year as I am still on holiday instead of back at work, so when I ran out of fandoms I wanted to read I sorted by kudos and read a heap of fics that had hardrly any kudos. Admittedly I skimmed some, but I also found a few super interesting ones.
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Nearly every fic I've read this year has been well written, interesting, often lyrical, great plots where applicable, and many are quite lengthy. I do think Yuletide has become a thing where most people really stretch themselves and I read these and think of all those ignorant comments and articles that claim that fanfic is pathetic and I feel sorry for those people.

Lots of recs in Slash, Other, Het and Gen )
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So I've requested Weekend Update (SNL) for Yuletide - I did an excited little pimp post once before, when an amazing thing happened - a slash pairing became canon! Yes, it's a comedy show, but baby steps! Anyway, even though the actors have moved on to bigger projects they haven't stopped making little skits and referencing this fictional relationship as though it's still relevant.

Seth Meyers is a real dude who now hosts a late night talk show. However his FICTIONAL persona, 'Seth Meyers', hosted a news show on SNL, Weekend Update, and he would regularly have city correspondent 'Stefon' (played by Bill Hader) on to update viewers on the best places to visit in NY.

Disclaimer: I rarely find SNL humour to my taste, but Seth Meyers and Stefon are ADORABLE together.

This lj-cut has EVERYTHING )
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Thank you for volunteering to write my little fandom, I already love you :)

I hope I gave you plenty of ideas to play with and inspire you. I've tried to give you lots of scope, but if you find you can't work with them, or if you have another brilliant idea that excites you to write, then don't feel locked in to my prompts. I really believe the most important thing about Yuletide is writing a story that you're enthusiastic about and have fun writing.

Just briefly with the likes/dislikes - I love character driven stories that focus on relationships (either ships or devoted friendships), add as much or as little plot as you like. Please, please, NO character death, rape, partner betrayal etc. I don't mind angst, as long as there's a happy ending. I am all about TEH HAPPY.

EDIT: PS- In case you have not yet been by, or have wandered back for another looksee, I just wanted to add (having now persued some other letters and realised I didn't think to mention it) that you are in no way limited to writing only my nominated characters, feel free to include anyone else in canon or even OCs if you like.

Regular Guys )

The Champions )

Weekend Update (SNL) )

Green Wing )

Blood Ties )
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I hate spoilers, but every now and then the tension in show is too unbearable and I have to know what's going to happen.

Right now we're watching The Walking Dead and the Governor is stalking Andrea through the warehouse softly calling 'Andreeaaa... Andreaaaaa'

There were a few moments of light relief where Dragonfly and I paused the ep to do our 'Vilaa... Vilaaa...I need you, Vila... It's all right, Vila... we worked it out... Vilaaa...' impressions, but yeah, TENSE.

I've cracked and checked Wiki to find out if Andrea gets away.

In other news, I'm caught up on my high priority shows and can now start mainlining the ones I'm really behind on, TWD, White Collar, Lost Girl. Maybe one day I'll even get past season 5 Dexter. I have goals. You're supposed to have goals in life, right?


Another couple of Yuletide fics that I really liked:

We'll Always Have (Rick/Ilsa/Victor)
Rick stays in Paris. I didn't even know I wanted this fic until I read it.

Cotillion - Georgette Heyer
The Birds and the Bees (Kitty/Freddie)
Summary:In which Lord Legerwood has a conversation with his son, with predictable results, and Kitty provides Freddy with enlightenment.

I used to be a huge Heyer fan, have read most of her books multiple times, but it has been many years now since I've read any (though admittedly I read my faves so many times they're seared into my brain). Cotillion wasn't a fave, and I don't even particularly remember the characters in this story, but it is pure Heyer joy, and a surprise fave for this Yuletide.
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First of all, the fic I received is a thing of joy. I could not be happier - someone wrote me a lovely Hawkeye/Winchester fic, YAYAYAYAY

Summary - Charles finds comfort in music.

I also was lucky, lucky, lucky and got a Treat - an awesome little gen future!fic. I am so happy!

Power of Three - Diana Wynne Jones
Wisdom, Sight and Courage
Summary - Set thirty years after the events of the book. Gair, Gerald and Hafny must combine their talents when they learn of a new threat to the Moor from the outside world.

Is is just me, or are the quality of the fics really high this year )
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So Yuletide, every year I get super excited at sign ups, stalk the prompts for ideas for extra treats, then drop everything until the end of semester. Then madly write until the archive closes.

Except this year I got a late opportunity to pick up an extra Summer intensive unit so I've had no time for Yuletide. I actually still have two assignments left but they're not due till end of January so I've abandoned them till after New Year.

So I've had a week to write my Yuletide fic. Finally got an idea last weekend and now have only got the last couple of scenes to write. Which I'm stalling on, of course.

By any chance is there someone willing to read my fic in this random fandom you probably don't know in the next couple of days to catch all the inevitable non-American phrasings and words?
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Only about 16 hours left to sign up for Yuletide".

For years I've seen people ranting on the internet about how fans are sexist and racist and are only interested in white male characters. I've always maintained that when women and POCs finally started getting cast in actual main roles in the shows fandom gets excited about, then we would fangirl the hell out of them.


My sign ups )

I know, I know, I'm babbling. BECAUSE I LOVE YULETIDE.


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