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I haven't been watching Black Mirror (anthology of stories about the dark side of technology), but my friend recced this ep to me SO HARD and she was right, it is a WONDERFUL f/f love story :-)

Yorkie/Kelly songvid (spoilery natch)

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I did a super long post yesterday about various stuff but for some reason which eludes me it's not letting me do cuts, therefore I am going to separate them into several posts that people can skip past, sorry.  I swear, I looked up the instructions in case I've forgotten how after all these years suddenly, I even went back to an old post with a successful cut and copied and pasted the coding, still no.  I have since realised that it's not letting do any coding at all, which is why my vid rec in this post is just the URL.  *kicks something*

Fandom obsession, wheee -  Anyway!  Four weeks, FIVE weekends since I came back from holiday with a new fandom obsession. God I love that feeling, like surfers catching the perfect wave, I love riding that feeling out and willingly let other non essential things slide, like personal blog updates, reading anything at all that isn't Hannibal fic, socialising that isn't convincing friends to watch Hannibal and then watching it with them...and so on.

In my defense,my euphoric fandom obsession phase doesn't usually last long, it tends to depend on the amount of canon and fandom works, and most importantly, an awesome ship. For example I loved Sense8 more than life itself for a while and am looking forward to the next season, but after I'd watched the eps a bunch of times, I read some fic but all the pairings are established canon (yay for canon lgbt pairings), and in fic I am really there for my OTPs getting together against all odds, which Hannibal delivers in spades - 11k fics at AO3 and climbing, yay!!!  Not to mention the eleventy billion gifs and fanworks, and the lovely relationship fandom has with the cast and crew, and the adorable Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelson.

Here, have an awesome REINCARNATION vid, because who doesn't love to imagine their OTPs finding each other throughout the ages.  You don't even have to have watched Hannibal!  Though of course you should watch Hannibal, because it is amazing :)

Reincarnation Vid - dreams that feel like memories, by paquim -

(see, no coding at all, not even the freakin link)
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Ha, I've spent two months procrastinating on my Yuletide fic and finally managed a 2k fic (now with beta), and am FREE to write in my shiny new fandom instead and I've written 2k of Sense8 fic since yesterday already and have no idea where I want to even go with the story yet. Wheee.

I saw a rec for a Sense8 vid which basically said 'I finally found a good Sense8 vid and it's good, and not especially plot spoilery, i guess? in that it doesn't try to tell the overarching plot?

When it autoplayed the next one I wasn't hopeful, esp when it became apparent it utilised the technique of having the characters words audible at key points, but as it happens I loved it because it's all the Sensates helping each other through their problems/traumas and I am ALL about their soul bond. If you're still reading this and haven't seen the show but plan to watch this anyway, what you need to know is none of these people have ever met in real life.

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So I'd failed to have heard of these cute little Cornetto short films until this absolutely adorable one came across my tumblr

40 Love A ball girl falls for a tennis pro (f/f)

I've since watched some more instead of studying and some are cute, some are boring boy meets girl on bus and finds her on social media type stuff. A few have the characters eating Cornettos, but more don't have them in at all. One or two are stalkerish to me now, but I would no doubt have LOVED when I was a teenager reading Harlequin romances. One of them had plenty of youtube comments about how it was their fave and one comment which I heartily agreed which was 'NO CUPID, THAT'S HOW GIRLS GET RAPED AND MURDERED'

So the other ones I liked were )
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I don't think I've posted this before, and I love it Commercial diver and turtle vid on youtube.
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Last night I went to bed and... googled pictures of Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages *FACEPALM*

In my defence, he has a fucking amazing voice, I had to google during the film just to confirm he did his own singing.

Official trailer for Rock of Ages

Tom Cruise, Dead or Alive

I Wanna Know What Love Is

Deleted scene - Rock You like a Hurricane, or, Tom Cruise on a stripper pole *dies*
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go to youtube and type in 'do the harlem shake' (give it a few seconds)
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So, what with sudden onset Teen Wolf obsession, plus getting paperwork for theoretical study exchange, got a bit behind with uni, but last night I was back on track, studying productively! Hand on heart, plan was to watch one, maybe two eps before going to bed at a reasonable time...but then Dragonfly was staying up doing scrapbooking stuff, and then it was 3.30am and we'd finished off the whole damn show. The finale was AWESOME.

Little disappointed that the first ep we watched last night had no shirtless dudes, but then they gave us this to make up for it )

Yes, my focus is Jackson, but like everyone else, loving the Derek/Stiles, here's a few cute vids -

All the guys being hot in each other's general direction. I esp like Derek dominating Jackson.

Amusing Derek/Stiles scenes

My fave Stiles moment

I like this Derek/Stiles vid (only 2mins) it's not even the most slashy, but it has lots of Derek wolfing out and being protective, which I like.

And here's the actors slashing it up and promising more Sterek if people vote for them

And then to make up for the lack of shirtlessness in that ep they gave me this. (Potentially spoilery) )

It's not that I'm obsessed with naked men, I swear, it's just that the show is doing it deliberately. The whole point of this show is SEXY WEREWOLVES. Hell, Derek is even sexier wolfed out than not. *cough*
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Keeping in mind that Sherlock has been reinvented heaps of times already, I am trying to keep an open mind. I really want this to work for JLM's sake, and especially Lucy Liu's, since she has all the haters to deal with.

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hahaha, this is gold. I'm going to make my boss watch this, Douglas Baden's his hero (the dude was pretty much a superhero, to be fair!)

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Ha, I probably post MORE during semester, when I can't be obsessively reading fic and unable to tear my attention away for anything else.

This is funny!!!

And, nearly as good, The making of Movie: the Movie
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Fun. Misguided, but fun.

What a surprise, they're nearly all by men. *judges*

And CLEARLY this is wrong because there isn't a single quote from Hot Fuzz - oh wait, that's because ONLY AMERICA EXISTS.


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