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So I’ve something… ill advised. I am not a writer. I occasionally get enthused by a new challenge if I notice it, or if my BFF and I share a new shiny fandom I’ll write something for her, otherwise, apart from Yuletide, I am never inspired to sit down and write. Partly because I’m lazy but mostly because it means isolating myself from distractions (ie my family and the tv), and I don’t really want to do that - especially Bunny, gods - she’s nearly 15, I’ll blink and she’ll be all grown up and leaving home :(

So one of my new flisties mentioned a writing pledge comm thingie and I thought, wow 75k words, that would be very challenging, given I normally only write about 20k in a whole year (and half that in 2015). I probably couldn’t do it, but I am good with deadlines, so maybe this would motivate me to organise my time better, hell, I could do that daily word count in my lunch breaks at work ahahahahahaa *cough*. So after a couple of days mulling it over I made the mental commitment and went back to the webpage to sign up… only it turns out when you actually read the instructions the 75k is only for people with chronic illnesses and it’s an honour system so I really should have backed away slowly but instead I accidentally signed up to the next level which is 150k.

That was a few days ago, I haven’t run screaming so apparently I’m still doing this. Even though I haven't even thought about opening a Word doc to start yet.

If anyone else is interested, it’s the last day to sign up!
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For the first time in too many years I had plenty of time to write and read Yuletide. I wrote 22k of gen and het fic, which I'm pretty sure more than doubles my entire output in both those things.

My fics )

I also have had much more time to read Yuletide this year as I am still on holiday instead of back at work, so when I ran out of fandoms I wanted to read I sorted by kudos and read a heap of fics that had hardrly any kudos. Admittedly I skimmed some, but I also found a few super interesting ones.
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Zebra sent me this link on writing better fanfic.

It makes some very good points. I solemnly promise never to use 'blown' to describe dilated pupils least until I forget about this (my memory sucks).

But what makes me completely gleeful is that DIANE DUANE is a slasher. I wonder if she wrote fic for zines back in the day before she turned professional.


Jan. 19th, 2010 06:47 pm
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So, with ONE DAY to go of the auction, I finally decided I could face offering a fic for [ profile] help_haiti. I have no idea why I spent the last two days vaccillating when I really enjoy writing to deadlines AND have *nothing* to do for the next 10 days except write. If I want to, I mean! I mean, I could have a social life. Theoretically. *looks around* Actually, would anyone like to go see the new Sherlock Holmes movie with me? *crickets chirp*

Anyway, my offering is here if anyone has a sudden urge for a rare British or *cough* German *cough* fandom...
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I wrote a 7000 word, plot focussed, Leverage/Keen Eddie crossover fic in three days, and submitted it, betaed, well within the deadline.

Moment of introspection on why I write fic )
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There's this Sweet Charity thing that's been going for a few years where fandom people offer something up for auction, songvids, fics, graphics etc. The person who wins the bidding gets to choose what they want written/made for them, depending on what was offered...I'm not explaining this very well - go see.

I only became aware of this in the last year or two and kept vaguely thinking I'd go in it *one day*, when I'm a *better writer* only I found out yesterday this is the last one, so I started mildy vacillating about going in it, and then suddenly there was 59 minutes left to sign up!!! which is at least two days less vacillating time than I like to have, but anyway, I signed up.


I'm good with deadlines! I like challenges! I've even volunteered Leverage, which I love above all else right now, and which the thought of writing terrifies me.

So um, yay?


Jan. 31st, 2009 09:37 am
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I have just realised I have been at my new shiny, awesome job for a month!!!

I haven't really posted since then because I've been working flat out weekdays and then coming home and pretty much lapsing into a stupor, and on the weekends also managing two fannish obsessions concurrently - Merlin, the new shiny where people keep writing fabulous fics for me to read, and Green Wing, where there isn't any fic so I'm having to write it myself. I have three and counting finished, two slash and one scary crack het fic involving a strap-on. I'm thinking threesome next. I think this fandom broke my brain.

So, of course, random links naow:

Alan Cumming promoting his new fragrance. Rowr!

From Robot Chicken, Le Wrath di Khan, a Star Trek opera: via [ profile] klia)

Supernatural (In My Pants)

Also! Is anybody interested in going to the Pride Quiz Night on Friday 27th Feb? Yes, we always bomb miserably. There's always hangman.


Dec. 7th, 2008 04:40 pm
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First draft of [ profile] yuletide fic 1# is done.

See, I wrote the outline for my fic while I was studying for exams, but was angsting that the subject matter was too dark for [ profile] yuletide, so I came up with another idea instead. Except, now that I've finished that, I figure I may as well go write the first one too. What the hell.

In other news, this lolcat makes me very happy )
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In less than a week I've written 8000 words of a new Batman fic, in between working, looking after Bunny and TWO parties. It's like floodgates have opened in my mind, or something. I really don't want to stop, in case this is it and I never get this again.

::koff:: Of course, it means I've had to take a personal day off work to write my assignment for uni due this week. Er, I'll start doing that, then.

Anyhow, my first fic is finally posted.

Five Ways Jim Gordon Found Out Bruce Wayne is Batman, and One Way Everyone Did

It's perfectly innocent gen fic and the plot is pretty much what the title says.
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- After the PMS from hell last week, followed by a weekend of euphoric energy and mad productivity, my body has now completed the cycle with annoying inconvenient physical symptoms of which I have only this to say. Ow. A lot. And also, see how I'm stupidly not asleep? This mindset where I go to work no matter how shit I feel (I blame 7 years of shift work) is really something I'm going to have to lose. Stupid headache today = 3 hours to type up the notes from a teleconference. Not a shining example of efficiency. Also my boss came out his office twice to stare at me worriedly and tell me to go home.

- Needless to say, got nothing productive done tonight, except beta reading a short fic. Then watched a couple more episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures with Dragonfly. This is a really good show, if you get past the pilot. Which I didn't, first time I tried it. I'm glad [ profile] angriest told me to get over myself and just watch it already. And kid friendly of course.

- My beta says my 7000 word Batman fic needs more "Gothamic atmosphere" and my Gordon needs to be more "coppy". I totally agree, and I am not even grumpy - I'm having so much fun writing this.

- One of my lecturers last semester said that Australia has the most restricted press of any democracy. I said, disbelievingly, surely not worse than America? The Australian, on Seven's refusal to show the booked and paid for Get Up ad at the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.

- Spent $14 a 'connector' to enable my modem to be plugged directly into the wall so I could test if it was the phone line causing the internet speed from hell. Only to realise as I pulled out the double adapter from my old school phone jack that the modem had the right jack already to be able to plug in in the first place *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk* I think the iinet IT person and I completely confused each other. I blame her a little bit for assuming that the jack had to be the small one you get now, and for it not occurring to her to just ask the idiot customer, what is your modem plugged into now? And I blame me a lot for teh stoopid. Long story short, bolded because, hell I'd be skimming this waffle, the land line is faulty and killing our internet, therefore our land line is currently disconnected. I am contactable pretty much all the time by email anyway, and of course, we have our mobiles.
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If there is anybody who doesn't know this yet, The Dark Knight is an awesome, awesome film. Go see it.

Also awesome, Gary Oldman as Lt Jim Gordon. I am now enjoying an unusual fixation on Commissioner Gordon**Thanks to wiki I now have an extensive overview of Batman canon/s, which goes only a tiny way towards explaining why on the bus home tonight I found myself writing a random scene where his wife leaves him... yeah, I don't even KNOW, WTF?

This week I have

- written 2000+ words of a Jim Gordon fic.

- dragged [ profile] cricketk and [ profile] juffles off to see TDK.

- had an algebra lesson from Cricket (probably the first of many omg).

I plan to finish the fic before uni starts next week. I have found the motivation for when I'm procrastinating - if I'm not actually writing I HAVE TO DO ALGEBRA PROBLEMS INSTEAD.

**Do NOT read all the way down to the TDK synopis if you haven't seen the film.
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[ profile] yuletide is kicking my ass this year. I hate to think about how long it's taken me to write 1400 words, and I totally don't have any middle to my story at all.

Apparently, however I can write 700 word comment fic in an hour if someone tells me to, and if it's in one the most obscure fandoms ever, and oh yeah, writing's fun! I forgot that.

Anyone want to come over to my house and watch Let's Go to Prison?


Conversation in a cell

End credits, just cos I like them
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When I moved out of home I lived in a flat by myself for about 18 months. Then a friend I met at uni asked me to be her housemate, and I said yes. Not because I wasn't happy by myself, but because I was TOO comfortable. I had my books and my tv in my bedroom and I lived on smoked salmon dip and cheesebiscuits and I stopped going out to parties because it was cozier to stay at home and read my books and watch Star Trek.

It's probably a really, really good thing I didn't have the internet back then.

Now, my obsessiveness is kept in check (shut up) by all my real life responsibilies.

exceeds acceptable length for non-lj cut entry )
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In country towns is the jail just the jail, or is it ever the jailhouse?

Also, if you weren't satisfied with your treatment in hospital, and you were rich, could you have yourself transferred, and where would you go?
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Sorry, I don't have time to go through 'proper channels' Would a teenage girl refer to 'the time of the month'? Does it depend on what part of the country she's from, and whether she's talking to a guy, or girl?
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This thing with the lights and the doors? Are they thought activated or not? Or only for those with the ATA gene? I cannot distinguish between canon and fanon anymore....
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So I've had this femslash assignment for what, over a month now? And now I have like, eight days left. I should probably get on that, then.

This is totally like being back at school. Except if it was school, it would be the night before it was due.

Obviously now I'm all grown up and mature-like I have taken into consideration things like,

1 Research (ie watching episodes)
2 Beta-readers needing time to actually beta it
3 Other time commitments like real life

I'm screwed.

Also I am totally supposed to be at work right now, except my boss is just fucking my roster around atm. Also, it's End of Month for me today which means extra extra work and I only start at 4pm - which means trying to fit about eight hours work into five hours. So really, I have a choice of bringing work home or trying to play catch up tomorrow. *headdesk*

There was a segue there (in my head) about how instead of being at work I was staring at a blank Word document. But then someone sent me a link to those SG15 fics, which were mildly amusing but led me to all the fabulous wonderful amazing Atlantis fics and vids by that author, most of which I hadn't read even though I have her friended, simply because I haven't been obsessed by Atlantis for a while now, except today I've totally packed my bags and moved back into that headspace and have been staring at vids of John and Rodney and FEELING THE LOVE.

It is possible that my brain hates any kind of assignment commitments so much that it has deliberately sabotaged me today.

I'm not ruling that out.
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My brain has like, completely stalled on Keen Eddie. This is a totally bizarre sensation. And it's not that I want to obsessively find every fic every written, I don't.

I want to write it. I wrote like this scene/ficlet/whatever on impulse the other night (there were painkillers involved) and now I have SEVEN more scenes I want to do. It was four when I left the house this morning. I wrote some dialogue for five and six while playing scrabble with my Grandma today, and thought of where I want to go for seven driving home from afternoon tea with my Dad.

This has never happened to me before. Explains why I never wrote much, I suppose.

My brain feels weird.
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Today I helped put together metal shelving involving many bolts and screws in inaccessible places - finally small hands and ambitdextrousness comes in useful. Maybe I could make a career out of...wait..stop...this is going to turn into something sordid involving my small hands and screws, and nuts and stuff, isn't it?

Jody - You're writing an Elizabeth Taylor story????
Me - Yes, in my rps world she's tired of living a lie, ready to 'come out' to the a man.

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Anyone willing to beta an Elizabeth/Teyla flashfic that I may or may not be writing and that may or may not be finished by Sunday? If I were, in fact, writing it?


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