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Tonight is the last time I will ever have to do end of week paperwork. My boss promised me that if I agreed to work Saturday (my last day is officially Friday) I'd only have to work Tuesday, Friday and Saturday dayshifts. So this could also be my last night shift ever too! However, I fully expect him to have forgotten this promise and I will get into work and he will have rostered me as normal and then I will have to Be Firm With Him.

I braved the wind and the rain last night to go play cards with [ profile] kremmen and [ profile] kbpenguin. They taught me 'David and Goliath' and 'Up and Down the River'. The first one was quite short and I have forgotten it already, but the River one was long enough that I may even remember how to play it again - if people will come and play it with me REALLY SOON.

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Texted one of my assistants last night to make sure he had a key to open the store today. He texted back at THREE AM to tell me he didn't. Okay, sure I was up, stupidly I was not expecting to have to throw myself out of bed at 7.30 to go meet him at the store. And then he was SIX MINUTES late. *glares* It matters. So I've had four hours sleep. I suspect this guy is running a double shift on less than that.

It was probably the sleep deprivation that made me follow links to and read Jeeves and Wooster CROSSOVER fics. The Blackadder one is surprisingly good, the Dr Who one was amusing - I had issues with Captain Jack being a bit of a drama queen - til I remembered the Cyberwoman episode of Torchwood.

I freely admit my lack of education - I did not know that Equus was about a man who has sex with a horse. Ordinarily, this would not faze me overmuch - but these photos of naked Harry Potter are just...I'm not coping. He's like this man-boy and it's freaky and yes I KNOW have read entirely too many fics where HP has sex of, pretty much every conceivable kind, but I don't want to actually SEE his not quite grown up body like for real. *dies*

And to make it all better - John Barrowman and boobies. Wet.

Also, everyone should read this UK QAF/Dr Who crossover - it's completely cracked.
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Apparently I wrote two Yuletide fics.

*looks proud*

Uploaded the pinch hit 2am last night after sitting down around 11pm last night (after my 14 hour Christmas shift) to make the changes suggested by my fabulous betas Zebra and Trille.

Also, Trille totally gave me the fabulous ending. Cos I couldn't find it myself. Trille rocks.

And I'm leaving for work right now to work CHRISTMAS EVE which -

1. Sucks anyway.
2. Will be insanely busy and sucky.

**I am totally not eyeing off this in any way.
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So, Monday was one of the worst days yet I've had at this job - for the first time ever I opened my store late. But [ profile] special_trille and [ profile] mr_booboo dropped by the store in the evening with cake and made it better :)

And then I went home and Torchwood made life good again. *g*

I continue to obsess about Gwen/Owen, despite my conflicted feelings towards Owen, and the part where I don't generally DO het. And it's not just Owen, I'm shipping Jack and Gwen too, I think it's just that they are all so damn sexy and putting it out there. Except Toshiko, for some reason. I'd like a Toshiko episode next, and if she could snog someone, that would be great, thanx.

Episode 5 - and general rambling and speculation about Jack )
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1. I am SHAPED til the 13th. I am fixated on not being able to watch Dextor.**

2. Work. Oh, let me count the ways.

3. Missing the party tonight because I have to work.

4. My cold.

5. I am surviving on Coffee Chills and chocolate. I bought a King Size honeycomb Kit Kat yesterday, and I don't really like it. But it's the only chocolate I have, so I am eating it anyway. This does not make me feel good about myself.

6. Feeling bad about feeling bad.

**Obviously, I have priorities. Also, I may be a little unhinged.


Oct. 26th, 2006 12:39 pm
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I just lost a long detailed post about how much work has screwed up my life this week.

Screw it. I'm going out to get a Muzz Buzz.
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So I've had this femslash assignment for what, over a month now? And now I have like, eight days left. I should probably get on that, then.

This is totally like being back at school. Except if it was school, it would be the night before it was due.

Obviously now I'm all grown up and mature-like I have taken into consideration things like,

1 Research (ie watching episodes)
2 Beta-readers needing time to actually beta it
3 Other time commitments like real life

I'm screwed.

Also I am totally supposed to be at work right now, except my boss is just fucking my roster around atm. Also, it's End of Month for me today which means extra extra work and I only start at 4pm - which means trying to fit about eight hours work into five hours. So really, I have a choice of bringing work home or trying to play catch up tomorrow. *headdesk*

There was a segue there (in my head) about how instead of being at work I was staring at a blank Word document. But then someone sent me a link to those SG15 fics, which were mildly amusing but led me to all the fabulous wonderful amazing Atlantis fics and vids by that author, most of which I hadn't read even though I have her friended, simply because I haven't been obsessed by Atlantis for a while now, except today I've totally packed my bags and moved back into that headspace and have been staring at vids of John and Rodney and FEELING THE LOVE.

It is possible that my brain hates any kind of assignment commitments so much that it has deliberately sabotaged me today.

I'm not ruling that out.
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Dear customers.

You are informed that the price is $17.83. Which of the following responses is correct?

A. Hand over a $20/$50 note and wait for your damn change.

B. Hesitate with $20 held out. Look indecisive. Say 'oh I can give you the 83c if that will help.' Proceed to root around in your pocket/wallet/ear and slowly, painfully come up with 85c. Preferably in 5c pieces. For bonus points, be 5 or 10c short and then just look hopefully at your cashier.


Yours, with NO LOVE.

So yesterday was yet another painfully fucked Saturday shift. Luckily for everyone I was too knackered after I got home, showered and checked my flist, to do anything except go to bed. What IS IT about Saturdays that fuck me over?

Except whenever I do rant about how much my shift sucks, invariably there will be a post from [profile] doctor_k_ that will involve shoes covered in blood and vomit, or car bombs or something, and then I feel a bit silly...

Also, the next person who comes in at 8pm at night and demands ' THIRTY CHICKENS RIGHT NOW CUT IN TINY PIECES OMG' - I will stab with a fork.

That is all.
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...well, not hate. Hate is a strong word.

See this is that Libran 'fairness' thing. I'm not into star signs at all, but I've noticed that that's the one thing that seems to be mentioned consistantly.

I want to rant on about how much my life sucks (cos that's how I FEEL right now) but every time I think thoughts like that, it's like this other part of my brain immediately goes 'Well, that's not true, is it? You have a great quality of life, a decent job, a family, and wonderful friends and the internet. Lots of people have sucky, sucky lives. Get over yourself.'

And then I feel guilty.

This is all because I already fucking worked today and now I have to go back and work another shift because 3 out of 4 of the staff called in sick this afternoon. (This doesn't happen).

So, already really cranky about this I had to replace an order for a customer.

'I DID SO ask for a wing!'
'Did not.'
'You don't have to THROW IT DOWN. The customer is ALWAYS RIGHT.'
'Not when they fraudulantly use other people's cards to get discounts they're not!'

(There's a much longer rant to go with this customer, starting a week ago, probably just as well I didn't get around to setting up the voice post *sigh*)

But I've got home and had time to read Icarus' John/Rodney iceskating AU WIP which made most of the rage go away, and then a Jack/Daniel fic by her that didn't quite work for me, oddly, this writer used to have the same effect on me when I read her HP fics.

Also, sometimes 'effect' and 'affect' hurt my brain.

Also, I don't understand how some people can go through life being angry all the time. I mean, I get angry, but leave me alone for about 10 minutes and I usually get over it - this staying angry, this ball of - something - in my chest - makes me feel sick and unhappy. How do people be angry and not be miserable about it?

Eh, enough existential angst.

(Yes I often use 'existential' inappropriately. I'm wacky like that.)
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So while most people I know spent this weekend partying and having a fabulous time at conventions, or in [ profile] special_trille's case, being shagged out..

Saturday - Stupid 15 hour shift that I shouldn't have had to do. Put my back out in the first hour and spent the the entire rest of a really, really crappy shift in quite a lot of pain.

Sunday - Woke up late, collapsed on the couch in state of pain and exhaustion til 4pm. There were drugs. Felt better.

Bitch. Moan. Complain.

*is bitter about all the fun-missing*
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I went to bed at 9.30pm last night and today I still have a headache and I'm still tired.


Obviously this healthy food and exercise thing doesn't agree with me.

And now I'm going to work because my roster is rooted.
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Was surprised and pleased to get to work Friday morning and find the store in one piece, after the gang fight that went on outside at closing time the night before. Stores across the road weren't so lucky, nor were some folks who lived up the road a little way. Forensics were there from early am til after lunchtime, a news crew came and went and finally the cops got around to interviewing us.

Me *blah blah* this is what we saw, this is the numberplate and description of vehicle, here's a couple of the guys names for you *blah blah*

Cop A uh, okay *asks more questions*

Cop B *scribbles stuff down while being left-handed and Asian Go him! *

Me Would you like the videotape?

Cop A *looks interested* Does it show like the outside surrounds?

Me No, it shows the guys at the counter buying stuff.

Cop A *loses interest*

Me The same guys that were involved in the fight.

Cop A Not sure if we'll need it.

Me *loses interest* Well, you have a week to decide til we tape over it.
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If you come into my store and are clean, neatly dressed and polite I will be friendly and helpful and not watch you like a hawk, no matter what race you are.

If you come in and are loud, obnoxious, loiter around the fridge, are in a group of people behaving in a distracting way, and/or are completely out of it whether or not you have paint around your mouth, or alcohol secreted about you even though you're 14 at the most, you can expect me to stand at the till and watch you at the fridge, no matter whether you're black, white or skyblue polka dotted.

A while ago a group of kids of kids ranging from about 4 to 14 came in, several of whom made a beeline to the fridge and started climbing the shelves, while the others were attempting loudly to distract the cashier. Luckily one of them knocked a coke to the floor where it smashed so I had an excuse to walk out and stand in front of the fridge and not let them near it on the grounds they'd track the mess around.

As they left a girl who couldn't have been more than four years old at the most, says to me 'Are you being mean to us because we're Noongar?"

This makes me feel sad, and angry, and impotent.

And the other night a Noongar couple with two small girls come in. As they are polite and neatly dressed, my cashier serves them and I smile and say hello and go on with what I am doing. Then the toddler wanders behind the counter. I crouch down beside her and say gently, ' hey, sweetie, you can't be behind here, it's dangerous'. The parents notice and call her back.' Then the woman says to her partner quietly, 'At least she was polite about it'.

The sad thing is she sounded surprised.

And just yesterday this guy in drive thru got arrested by the cops. We watch as three burly police dudes wrestle him to the ground and handcuff him. Me - 'Do you think he still wants his food?" Sure enough a cop comes rushing in for it. What? Do you think as they were reading him his rights (do they even do that here or do I just watch too much American tv) that he was yelling 'Don't forget my chicken and chips!"
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Hey, I'm awake, not at work or shooting up my drug of choice, Enterprise.


Swapping the Sat/Sun shifts meant three fun double shifts in a row for me, starting with the four and a half hours sleep I got Saturday night. Now somebody might think that I'd be wisely getting every second of sleep I possibly could on the other nights, but that somebody would fail to take into account that I'm a Fan; a Fan with episodes of her current obsession not yet watched

So, every night coming home late, knackered, staggering through the door, through the shower and into the loungeroom where dragonfly8 patiently waits, a tea brewing in the kitchen to keep me awake..

Two episodes later and off to bed to repeat the whole thing the next day.

Except that now it's all come to an end


Until I can find a source for 3rd season episodes…

So now all I have left is the fic…

One beacon in the darkness that is the quality of Enterprise fic - I found a good writer.

sarren doing happy dances, happy dances, happy dances

Which is how I spent MY day off yesterday.

After I got through the obligatory real life stuff - lunch with my Dad [note to self, never order the main size calamari, even if it is cajun, a little calamari goes a long way]

Followed by stop at shops where I bought a pink hat to go with the pink sunnies and the pink and red earrings I was wearing (that the Amazing Talented Dragonfly8 made for me) Oh and a pink and red halter top because it was on sale for $7.

Me and pink, I'm wondering if I have a Problem….
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Bloody emails are invisible again, will ask [ profile] scrat to see if she can fix it when she comes over to dinner on Wednesday.

Still with the racking cough thing, got it last Sunday, woke up Monday morning with no voice. Unless you count squeaking. Jodes, who'd stayed over and woken me running into my room with [ profile] dragonfly8's phone going off said 'so you'll be calling in sick then.' I laughed/croaked at her a lot. Firstly it's Monday and I can't ever take Mondays off as it's stocktake night (unless of course David Bowie is involved) and secondly, hello? Australia Day. Not a chance in hell of finding someone to cover. Worked Tues morning but my assistant covered the rest of the shift and I was too sick to go to my Body Jam class

Boring myself now talking about work.

Hey, I know, why don't I ramble on about 'Enterprise' )
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I'm going to a wedding in Canberra on March 20, so being a complete moron I booked 3 weeks leave for March months ago, planning on flying back just after the wedding. With the intention of spending time with slasher friends first in Melbourne and then cruising on across. The moron part comes in where I'd forgotton about Swancon. Which I bought my ticket for last year, and had in fact told my area manager months and months ago that I always have Easter off to go to a scifi convention. As I seem to change area managers every year, every year I have a new one to break into that idea (Easter being a difficult time to take hols) and reveal my inner nerd.

Anyhow, boss wanders in today

'When did you want holidays again, April?'

Me - 'March. I'm going to a wedding in the Eastern States on March 20'.

Boss staring at piece of paper in hand - 'No, I can't give you March'.

Me - 'I am going to a wedding in the Eastern States on March 20'.

Staring contest.

At which point Sarren recovers memory.

'And I need Easter off, I told you that months ago'.

And the negotiations started.

So in the end, I'm working the 19th in the morning, and flying out that night.

On the plus side, I'll make it back for Swancon.

Also good, once the wedding's over and the happy couple off on their merry way, I will be free to hang with my Canberra slasher friend, who has asked me to stay with her. I love her :)

And one of my ex housemates is also now married and is living in Canberra, when not off exploring exotic locales with the hubby. I once visited them when they were living in the Ukraine, which wasn't even open to tourism then. I had a business visa, where I apparently worked for Coke.

I have several amusing (to me) Ukraine anecdotes...

The funny suspicious behaviour exhibited by Kim's partner in front of the machinegun-armed guard at the edge of the Chernobyl exclusion zone, as partner assessed his chances of absconding with a sign.

The puzzlement of the airport security people over the large plastic bag full of beer caps in my backpack.

Being woken up at 3am in the morning by huge scary pounding on the front door. Turns out to be work collegues of partner, who had arrived back from a holiday in another town to find themselves evicted from their apartment.

The blithe way Kim and I chatted about everything and everyone sure in knowledge that no-one speaks English (in our defence - black stocking and white court shoes not an uncommon sight) Then finding ourselves in a mosque and when wishing aloud that we knew what something meant. And finding out from the Ukrainian behind us.

Stopping in a small town because I was busting for the loo, finding a café attempting to be westernised - it had a proper toilet, to my friends' joyful amazement. Then having the world's worst attempt at a pizza, exorbitantly priced of course.

And my newest and current favourite Ukraine anecdote, Trille fondling my babushka doll in awe and asking where I got it. To which I respond 'Kiev'. Trille- 'Really? It doesn't look mass produced. Me, puzzled. 'No, probably not, being from a tiny market on the roadside in a country not properly open to tourism'…

Turns out she thought I said Ikea. Well, I thought it was funny.

A few years ago when Kim visited Perth, I went out to dinner with them wearing my rainbow belt. At the end of the evening Kim nods at the belt and says 'So does that mean anything you want to tell me about?' And when I said 'no, just a fashion thing', said "Pity, I thought you were going to be one of my few interesting friends." Maybe this time around I'll get around to telling her about slash. Thing is, not a big TV/movie person, is Kim. Funny how with some people it's not the gay sex that they're not going to understand, it's the obsession with fictional characters.

Like my family.
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Since I can't seem to control this compulsion what I've decided to do is randomly create and use icons as the mood takes me. Anyone who decides they like my current icon more than me can totally feel free to bags it, as i have oodles and oodles of them. On the odd occasion I may decide that I love it mostest and may emit cries of 'my precious, my love', curl into a fetal position and deny all knowledge.

Also feel free to send piccies/captions my way as it takes me minutes only now. I only wish I knew how to do the fancy action icons *sigh* Must investigate. Got holidays coming up in *thinks* crap, another 2 months. God I need time off before that. I'm going stir crazy.


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