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On the off chance I'm not the last person in the world to see this - awesome HP vid about Neville.
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Okay, I've had my second pass at Yuletide and am officially done. Is it just me or are the fics of a really high standard this year? I've only included a few recs here, for ones I'll definitely want to reread, but there were also many, many others I loved, in a variety of fandoms.

A few more of my faves )
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I know I didn’t spend it dozing over my books, that was the night before, and the night before that. I didn’t go on tumblr, because I’m boycotting that until end of semester.

Ooh, I did the friending meme from the [community profile] inspector_lewis comm. It was a bit daunting, but then I had an epiphany that I can hardly moan about the decline of LJ/dreamwidth if I never friend any new people. Also resolve to interact more. When did I get so cautious about putting myself out there?

And someone sent me links to bits and pieces for Matt Smith’s role playing Christopher Isherwood )
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Combine a fandom I love and a song I love and it's pretty much a perfect storm - I have no objectivity, so I dunno, I think this is a lovely vid, but you must judge for yourselves - a Hathaway vid: Hallelujah

Huh, the whole pilot of the young Morse series is up, wonder who long that'll last - Endeavour pilot

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Excellent Bill/Jim vid, seriously. No really, watch it! - Chanson d'atoumne

True Blood

Circus -Eric and Russell like to be dramatic

Human I LOVE THIS. Ensemble piece, early seasons.

Eric/Sookie/Bill - El Tango De Roxanne Constructed reality vid where they're basically the main characters from Moulin Rouge. Normally not a fan of vids with lots of effects happening, and while the vidder may not quite have the skill to pull over everything they were attempting, it's a bloody good effort. I love it. NB - the first 55 seconds is a complete rubbish intro which seems to have no purpose but to show off the vidder's name. 55 seconds! The only reason I got to watch the actual vid is I was doing something else at the time and didn't have a free hand to impatiently click away like I normally would have. IDK, WTF


I don't know if this a "good" vid, but I found the footage and the story interesting, so there. Natasha/Clint Sweet Dreams

Someone's just posted a Black Widow vid (just her scenes from the movie put together in a pleasing manner), and a Loki vid to Red Right Hand, which might not have quite achieved what it aimed for, but still manages to do a good vid overall. Links here

Randomly, ethically sourced piccies of Benedict Cumberbatch skydiving
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Fun Gathering today, lots of Vividcon vids watched, yay!

I'd mentioned a few vids I'd seen and enjoyed in the last couple of days (just found them from the lj vidding comm:

Batman and Mumford and Sons combo - I Gave You All (Under The Red Hood/Jason Todd) (I'd never heard of this movie but now I really want to see it)

Captain America comics (Steve/Bucky) set to OMG Celine Dion - It's All Coming Back to Me Now

Oh, this is a fantastic Dr who vid -
Summer of 69

Stayed up stupidly late last night reading this, totally hooked, though the theme isn't normally to my taste at all (angst/memory loss). It's Tony/Steve, but it's really about Tony coping with slowly losing himself. Great plot and roadtrip, with bonus Loki - The Last Love Song of Anthony E. Stark by jibrailis

And for anyone who's into Person of Interest who doesn't know Speranza's just posted a wonderful little Reece/Finch fic -
The Silenus Club by Speranza
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Speranza and astolat have just posted a cute multifandom/meta thingie vid. It's adorable.

Anything For Love

Question for people who follow them more closely - was that a couple of seconds of their own kids in the middle there? ...that's different.
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AAHAHAHA so at a vid panel at Swancon it was claimed there are no good Sherlock vids.

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True Blood Human

Dr Who - Bow Ties and Red Hair This is described as Eleven/Amy, but I thought it was excellent even though I don't ship them and in fact failed to notice that it was supposed to BE shipping them.


Mar. 17th, 2010 12:52 am
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Am I the last person to see this FABULOUS Star Trek vid????


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I'm sorry, I know I'm breaking the fandom 'cool' rule here but OMG my Green Wing Yuletide fic got recced on epic_recs!!!!!

EVEN MORE COOLNESS. PR Zed has posted the Batman vid she made me for Sweet Charity and it is MADE OF AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

It's about the FRIENDSHIP between Batman and Jim Gordon and the timing! and the clips! and the music! are all PERFECT.

Everybody watch it and see how BRILLIANT it is!!!!!!!!

Find more videos like this on BAM Vid Vault
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An actual Lewis/Hathaway vid that captures *something* of their relationship. Why can't someone make a vid that just shows all the ways Hathaway watches Lewis all the time and the way they look at each other out of the corner of their eyes when someone says something they think is funny and their non-existent personal space and how neither of them date but go to parties together and hang out at Lewis's place and only take up half the couch and Hathaway says half jokingly 'thank god we've got each other' Ahem, what was I saying?

Lewis fic recs! )
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It’s that time of year when Vividcon is over and the fabulous vids premiered there become available online. Most of the vidders I know already and can be pretty confident I'm going to like their vid/s but it's also a chance to see new (to me) vidders. I also tend to backtrack and find the vids they've been making the rest of the year while I wasn't paying attention. Or the whole catalog if it's someone I've somehow missed before.

I haven't had a chance to check them all out, some are on imeem, which for some reason won't play sound for me atm, and some are in fandoms I don't know. Also I have to stop downloading, uh, anything, right now, otherwise I'm gonna get us shaped and Dragonfly will be Cranky.

If you want to check them all out, or keep up with vids generally I recommend checking out [ profile] vidding.

Vid recs!!!!! )
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This is totally awesome happy-making Tribute to Femslash vid. I love it!
I'm Your Man

A fun and happy making NCIS ensemble vid.
The Clapping Song

OMG FUN and slashy NCISTony/McGee vid.
Office Politics

Shawn and Gus hijinks - fun Psych vid.

Really, truly slashy MUNCLE vid.
Something's Gotta Give

*creaky voice* If you're too young to remember MUNCLE, you just need to know it starred Ducky from NCIS when he was a pretty young thing.


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