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Klaus threatening someone as usual - I WILL KILL YOU AND EVERYONE YOU LOVE.
Me - I love his growly voice.
Bunny - YES!!!

a cuople of other minor observances )
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Thank you for volunteering to write my little fandom, I already love you. I have been doing Yuletide from nearly the beginning and absolutely none of the excitement has worn off for me. I LOVE YULETIDE.

Also, if detailed letters stress you out and/or you already know what you want to write, feel free to not even read below. Truly :)

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So I won Yuletide and got TWO awesome WWDitS fics, yay!

Nice Jerseys and Other Adventures in Knitting
Basically, Deacon loves knitting, Anton and Stu and the other werewolves could do with more jerseys that don't tear apart when transforming a little, and the Ravelry forums get another passionate member.

The Hairy-Handed Gentlemen Who Run Amuck in Wellington Screenplay/Script Format
Some additional footage was filmed as a follow-up to the original documentary. This segment focuses on how Stu is settling into life as a werewolf.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you for volunteering to write my little fandom, I already love you :)

I have been doing Yuletide from nearly the beginning and absolutely none of the excitement has worn off for me. I LOVE YULETIDE, WHEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a note - yes, I recycle most of my Yuletide letter, except for the new fandoms, the ones I don't hopefully request year after year, but that's because I've spent years getting my letter how I like it.

Also, if detailed letters stress you out and/or you already know what you want to write, feel free to not even read below. Truly :)

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Slash Christmas Gathering was lovely. Excellent company, excellent conversation, delicious food and media consumption.

[profile] psycho_tabby made delicious strawberry daquiris. I've never had one before and was worried it would be too sweet, but it was delicious.

Also, the free range ham was the best ham I've ever tasted. I am a Ham Convert.

Secret Santa was the type you have random picking order, and then the next person can steal your gift. Stolen and restolen amongst much hilarity was a glass cherry bowl and an adorable yellow metal watering can and plastic animal shaped water diffuser thingy. I was very happy with my Doctor Who tin.

Of course, we HAD To watch the SPN episode 'Fan Fiction' because two people in the group had somehow not yet seen it. This ep literally sums up how far fandom representation and shipping has come. It could not be more perfect.

I babbled about my current fandom obsession, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, which I am extra excited about because First Australian Fandom. I showed them a Phryne/Jack vid, but did not put an ep on since this is still, technically, a slash gathering.

Instead I pimped The Originals, aided and abetted by [personal profile] mr_booboo. We watched the pilot (which is hilariously exposition heavy and involves many characters and flashbacks). Poor [profile] zebra363 was like 'my comprehension is about 20%' but mr_booboo and I provided lots of important explanations about relationships and pairings, and I think some people plan to watch it.

(I did do a tiny pimp post here a while back but I see now that it was totally inadequate).

To the person who asked if there are lots of flashbacks, Yes, there are!

This is one of my fave scenes. Marcel has just come back from war and Elijah literally says to Marcel about Klaus - "Ï'm glad you're back, he's been beside himself while you were gone".

Also, Klaus and Elijah are VERY devoted brothers (cut because image is huge in DW) )
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Thank you for volunteering to write my little fandom, I already love you :)

I hope I gave you plenty of ideas to play with and inspire you. I've tried to give you lots of scope, but if you find you can't work with them, or if you have another brilliant idea that excites you to write, then don't feel locked in to my prompts. I really believe the most important thing about Yuletide is writing a story that you're enthusiastic about and have fun writing.

Just briefly with the likes/dislikes - I love character driven stories that focus on relationships (either ships or devoted friendships), add as much or as little plot as you like. Please, please, NO character death, rape, partner betrayal etc. I don't mind angst, as long as there's a happy ending. I am all about TEH HAPPY.

EDIT: PS- In case you have not yet been by, or have wandered back for another looksee, I just wanted to add (having now persued some other letters and realised I didn't think to mention it) that you are in no way limited to writing only my nominated characters, feel free to include anyone else in canon or even OCs if you like.

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sarren: (Default) far as ignoring all other priorities like, oh, preparing for my super intensive uni workload that starts Monday.

So I have done something other than watch 15 episodes of The Originals today. Like, I went to Bunny's netball game this morning (she's at her Dad's this weekend), and then to buy hotdogs from her at her Cadet's fundraising sausage sizzle at Bunnings and then stopped for lattes on the way home and then I said, let's just watch one thing before I go study, hmm what's this random show we've never got around to watching cos it's a spin off from The Vampire Diaries which we never watched past the shitty pilot.

youtube promo

Things I love about this cracky show. )

and now it's 2am and episode 16 has ended at a point I can go to bed.

PS At the very least I achieved getting most of my tumblr reblogs tagged at last today.
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LES MISERABLES was just stunning. The cast were fabulous, and Anne Hathaway’s performance especially just blew me away. Absolutely stunning. Disclaimer: except Russell Crowe, who has a lovely voice, but it’s just not powerful enough for the role. I may be biased, because still adore Roger Allam’s Javert, and of course Philip Quast was famous for it. OOH look, here they are performing together, how have I not seen this before. Okay, oh wow, now I've just found this "international" version Must go investigate further...I can see I'm not going to be very productive this morning...

LEWIS - I thought about trying to rec Lewis fics, but instead I’m just going to rec the entire fandom ([community profile] inspector_lewis) For such a tiny fandom, we are very active. And friendly and wank-free! I’ve never been involved in a single fandom for this long before because I run away from anything that might spoil my glee. There are 14 Yuletide fics this year, plus a Secret Santa exchange running ([community profile] lewis_challenge), plus other new fics regularly appearing on AO3. Yay us!

I haven’t been able to throw myself into Yuletide as completely as I usually do, due mainly to time constraints, but also I think due to the fact that I keep getting distracted by Lewis fic I’ve even been poking at a few gen fics *gasp* Only because even most of the gen fics focus on the Lewis&Hathaway friendship, tbh.

Just a few other Yuletide recs )
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You know how people on telly wake up kind of horrified, yes, horrified is the word I'm looking for *cough* from sexy dreams of someone wildly inappropriate, or at least, not who they're in a relationship with...

I just woke up wide-eyed from a dream of Jason Stackhouse and Andy Bellafleur getting it on.

I wonder if I could convince anyone to write it for Yuletide
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[Stephen Moyer, the actor who plays Bill] - admitted he asked the writers for a gay sex scene with Alexander Skarsgard, who plays his arch-enemy Eric. He said both actors would ‘totally embrace that’.

I'm torn between being full of love for Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skasgard and being totally GUTTED that we didn't get the scene. I'm just happy I wasn't tinhatting the superbromancy vibe last season :-)

Interview here
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I very much enjoyed Elementary! Jonny Lee Miller is always entertaining to watch and I'm liking Lucy Liu as well. I've only previously seen her in Charlie's Angels (yay!) and Kill Bill (a movie I didn't like at all).

And okay, the finale of True Blood has made me gleeful. Best season yet, epic finale, YAY, of which most of the last crucial scene is up on youtube (warning: gore!)

And here's a 1:33 bonus scene in the elevator

Very brief thoughts on finale )
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Eric and Sookie are about to charge into danger.

Jason - Okay, but I'm coming with you!
Eric - Oh, sweetie, don't be a fool.
Jason - If I want to be a fool, I'll be a fool. It's my god given right as an American!
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I was looking for True Blood artwork and found a nice one here on this site complaining about the changes to the canon in the show - spoilers for books (This is the artist Kittrose on devianart)

I didn’t read much because I didn’t want to spoiler myself obviously, but this person seems seriously grumpy.

I’ve never seen the point of hating on other adaptions/changes – worst case scenario, you don’t like it. Oh well, just ignore it and enjoy the original text. But I like to think of changes as a new way of exploring/expanding the characters…like fanworks. I will admit it’s much easier to watch a movie, then read the book, because the movie can only show you so much, you can then read about all the bits you loved in more detail, or find out why characters did what they did, or what they were actually thinking during key bits. (Perfect example – D'Arcy’s thought processes in P&P when he had his epiphany about what a dick he was and how badly he’d treated the woman he loved are breath-stealing).

Going from the book to the movie is a bit more scary, because when you’ve loved the books your imagination has already locked in characters in certain ways, so when the movie/show takes it in other directions it can be disappointing. Still, it’s not always a bad thing. For example, when Temeraire eventually gets made into movies, if they were to have Harcourt decide to give up being a captain and stay home to have Riley’s babies I would be ROPABLE - on the other hand if they decided to have Anne give up her conventional comfortable life and run away to become part of Laurence’s crew, I would be totally RAPT (ooh, and possibly after a while she’d live in sin with him, Laurence would be SHOCKED and insist on Getting Married Immediately after their first adrenaline-filled post-battle encounter, and Anne would Refuse because she wasn’t sure Laurence really wanted to and also she’s not sure she wants to give up her newfound freedom because she is afraid Laurence would expect her to go live with his parents and have babies, OH GODS NOW I NEED SOMEONE TO WRITE THIS)

ANYHOW, my point is, True Blood the show is apparently very different from the books and as far as I’m concerned, more power to them – now I can enjoy the books almost like a whole new story. I’m reading the first book and loving it – I don’t know why but I was expecting it to be not very well written, but it is, yay! And so far, even MORE gay than the show.

That scene in about the third ep with Bill and the fangbanger )

MUCH GAYER in the book. I’m hoping that’s a theme that’s going to hold true, because considering how much plot-related and even incidental gay there is in the show, these books are promising to be extremely Relevant to My Interests.
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Last night I...

- Rewatched Captain America movie.
- Watched an Avengers cartoon
- Watched one episode of Stargate Universe
- Read Person of Interest fic
- Watched True Blood songvids
- Screencapped True Blood eps.

It’s probably a worry that I’ve only done five eps and I already have more than forty screencaps *facepalm* In my defence, I’d started with the latest three eps from which my Bill/Eric obsession kicked in, and then did 1.01 and 1.02 before bed last night, which are important for setting up Bill and Sookie. I’m sure I’ll get through this project more quickly once I’m able to condense their encounters to a single screencap - Then they had sex. Then they had sex again. Then they had angsty sex. Again.
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I'm currently wallowing in the joy of being passionate about several fandoms - it's that time of year when it's between semesters so I can WATCH ALL THE SHOWS.

Additionally, I am enjoying fandom currently in these ways:

- Sherlock fics that people rec, links to piccies/gifs my Sherlock fandom buddy send me.

- Anything Person of Interest but that's going to fade soon ‘cause I haven't got anyone else to show the show to, and nothing more to read. New eps in September, yay!! I have LithiumDoll’s 'Every Breath You Take' vid on a lot in the background because I love this version of the song (only watch it every now and then though, and by ‘every now and then’ I mean only a few times a day.

- Avengers – reading fic, stick to recs though now, watching the cartoons with Bunny.

- I've been relistening to Cabin Pressure at work, but am a bit afraid to read fic nowadays, it all seems so angtsy and dark. Not what I want from my fluffy fluff fluff fandom.

Lewis – Occasional new fic that turns up, rewatching my favourite three songvids a lot, thinking of fic ideas.

Stargate Universe - been watching the eps, only three to go. Second season is freakin’ awesome. Not much fic I want to read on AO3, am thinking of writing something myself depending on how the series ends.

- True Blood - VIDS! FIC! Current plan is to watch it all again from scratch (and by ‘all’ I mean all the scenes with Sookie, Eric and/or Bill so I can screencap ALL their interaction - finding the time is the challenge! Am resisting urge to take a couple of days leave to wallow. *facepalm*

Randomly, have a DUE SOUTH fic rec - I haven't read DS fic in YEARS, it makes me so happy that I can still get so much pleasure from this fandom - Real Boys , by Salieri, an AU described by the author as 'a riff on Philip K. Dick's dystopia'. Fraser/Kowalski.

Random cute piccie of my Haven threesome actors )
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I’m following my usual practice of watching ALL THE SHOWS during semester break, which leaves me no time (or ability) to write, which is completely the opposite of during semester when I’m trying to shove information into my brain which periodically fills up with fic ideas instead. Though I have just signed up for a Lewis challenge, so now I have a deadline to focus me, yay.

The other night I had time for one more ep of something before going to bed at the virtuous time of 11pm, randomly decided to watch Daybreakers, as I’ve felt like a bit of a failure as a vampire fan not having got around to it yet. Actually expected to get bored and wander off to bed very shortly. But I liked it! Liked the premise of humans being nearly extinct and the vampires desperately trying to synthesise an alternate synthetic blood supply while rejecting the option of a cure. I wonder if it was deliberately supposed to be an allegory for the earth’s finite resources and humanity’s desperate attempt to fix the problem with technology instead of making sustainable changes…ha, I wonder if the dude who wrote the script did it deliberately and the TPTB failed to notice.

Regretted it the next day though, I think I am officially beyond believing the trade off of staying up stupidly late on a week night is worth dragging myself through my work day the next day.
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So, I've always loved Being Human for the characters and plot, although I never really warmed to Mitchell. I don't know if I was biased because of the pre-air Mitchell's insane amounts of chemistry with George but I mostly find him whiny and annoying except when he's evil.

Last night we sat down to watch the first ep of the new season before going to bed at a reasonable time. Four episodes later it was 2am. Had Bunny been away this weekend we probably would have kept on going.

Anyway! Now they've introduced a new shiny character!

This is Hal.

Picspam of my new shiny slash pairing, spoilers for cute little scenes only, NOT plot. )

I'm lucky there isn't a fandom, really, or fic! Because now I can go study....this is me, going to study now....
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True Blood is pretty hardcore this season isn't it? I had to cover my eyes twice this week, and the storylines are dark, dark and yet more dark. I'm pretty much just hanging in there for Eric now.

spoilery for just some of the gay in this week's ep )

Then we put on White Collar to cheer ourselves up. There may have been some clapping and cheering towards the end there. This show is BEYOND CUTE.
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True Blood Human

Dr Who - Bow Ties and Red Hair This is described as Eleven/Amy, but I thought it was excellent even though I don't ship them and in fact failed to notice that it was supposed to BE shipping them.
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or rather, the sound of my phone hitting the wooden floor after my cat swiped it off of the bedside table, woke me.

Then there was the usual early morning drama of letting the pets out to go to the toilet, cos once one's up, they're all up, then I no sooner stagger back to bed then they want to come in again.

Tonight I've not only closed the blinds, I've drawn the curtains, hoping to fool my cat into sleeping longer. It didn't occur to me before because I love waking to a sunny room.

Between my being woken too early in the mornings, and my going to bed way, stupidly way, late nearly every night in an attempt to mainline two seasons of True Blood in one week, I am racking up a mega sleep deficit. Why yes, it is impacting my work.

Important question: where can I find me some good True Blood fic? It doesn't even have to be slash, though I wouldn't say no to a hot Eric/Sookie/Bill fic.


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