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Am binging on TV shows atm cos shortly I'm going to have to drop fandom for three weeks to write uni assignments. Annnnnnny day now.

Felt rotten yesterday so lay on the couch and watched the entire season of The New Normal, which is an absolutely adorable sitcom about a gay couple who want to have a baby and their found family.

Also, I was super excited to discover that a show I really like has a new season and dl'd the first ep and waited for Jody to get home and proudly put it on for her and... the main character was MURDERED in the first five minutes. I do like the replacement they brought in but...will miss the quirky dynamic they had.
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I've done one case study, last year. I googled how to and came up what seems to be some common headings (Abbreviations, Concept, Background, Focus, Scope, Introduction, Analysis, Recommendations, Conclusions, References)

My question, do I have to use most of them, or can I use completely other headings that more specifically relate to my topic? Do uni ones have to be a certain style?
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As usual, behind in uni due to submersion in fandom, this time obsession with Sherlock leading to insane amount of fic writing, plus heaps and heaps of good telly on atm!

Over a couple of months I wrote 30k of fic, more than twice what I usually write in a year! One Lewis fic for charity, and four Sherlock fics, 1 x Sherlock/John, 1 x Sherlock/Lestrade, 1 x John/Lestrade and 1 x Sherlock/John/Lestrade.

Am now taking a break from fandom to do assignments. *SIGH*

...except that Whitechapel has just started, I will have to priorise that. What? It's only three eps!

my recent TV viewing, probably only of interest to me )


Apr. 12th, 2010 12:56 am
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I have had a very, very TRYING week, that I may or may not get around to whining posting about when I get a spare second or two.

Right now I have approximately two more hours work in front of me to finish this damn assignment. I may get a few hours sleep before I go to work. Here's hoping!

Took a break to watch the new Dr Who ep, also written by the awesome Stephen Moffat. My conclusion:

Matt Smith is the best (new) Doctor yet!!! I HEART HIM. And Amy Pond is awesome!!!

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We are watching the Thunderbirds movie while we have (had) dinner. There is a running gag making fun of an "ugly" woman. I am not impressed.

However, Sophia Myles plays Lady Penelope, and she is awesome, so I am still watching.

Just stuff about my exam )
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I don't talk about this much, because, frankly, I don't know enough and also the thought of being preachy makes me cringe, especially since I am not exactly living sustainably myself.

When it finally sank in just how screwed the world is, I decided to go back to uni to learn Stuff. This semester both my units have been about sustainability, and the more I learn the more I can't believe that most of us are going about our lives ignorant of such frightening facts like the world currently using 20% more resources than it actually has.

I went to a lecture by Carmen Lawrence a few weeks ago, who said that politicians only make short term, unscary decisions, because they reckon they have to cling to power in order to be able to enact any policies at all.

I am trying to keep faith with Rudd, but he's not making it easy. If Obama's for real, my god, what can't the world do?

President-elect Obama - "a new chapter of American leadership on climate change."
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I was falling asleep studying so I wandered out the front to collect the advertising material that had collected in the mailbox and spent a few minutes in the fresh air pulling out weeds and then I came inside and thought, hmm fresh air good, why don't I leave the front door open for a while.

Just as well I did. Five minutes later the dog showed up.

So next time you're surprised I forgot your birthday, or to email you, or that we'd made plans, bear in mind I forgot I had a dog.
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If there is anybody who doesn't know this yet, The Dark Knight is an awesome, awesome film. Go see it.

Also awesome, Gary Oldman as Lt Jim Gordon. I am now enjoying an unusual fixation on Commissioner Gordon**Thanks to wiki I now have an extensive overview of Batman canon/s, which goes only a tiny way towards explaining why on the bus home tonight I found myself writing a random scene where his wife leaves him... yeah, I don't even KNOW, WTF?

This week I have

- written 2000+ words of a Jim Gordon fic.

- dragged [ profile] cricketk and [ profile] juffles off to see TDK.

- had an algebra lesson from Cricket (probably the first of many omg).

I plan to finish the fic before uni starts next week. I have found the motivation for when I'm procrastinating - if I'm not actually writing I HAVE TO DO ALGEBRA PROBLEMS INSTEAD.

**Do NOT read all the way down to the TDK synopis if you haven't seen the film.


Jul. 23rd, 2008 11:32 pm
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We had not one, but two power cuts tonight. This is unheard of!!! I don't know what my neighbourhood's done to deserve it, but we're on like, some supergrid or something. I couldn't even tell you when we last had a power cut. Luckily, neither of them lasted longer than the battery on my laptop.

Watched the pilot of Fringe. In the dark. That was pretty intense. Pleasantly surprised by Joshua Jackson. He looks oddly tall in this. Must be the camera angles.

Dragonfly came home from work and commented 'You're watching telly. Must be uni break.'

Nine whole days, baby. \o/

I'm thinking Dark Knight. Oh yes.
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Just quickly, my computer at home will not even be turned on til after my exam* next week. This is because I have MET me, and know I can't be trusted. I already had a lapse earlier this week when I read a recced LoM fic and then HAD to read everything else LoM that author wrote. So that was a whole night written off when I should have been practicing for my oral presentation.

So, I'll be naughtily checking my personal email from work, and lj when I get in in the morning and at lunchtime. And that's it. Til Wednesday.

That's not as far away as it seems right now.

worth 50% OMG.
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Seven hours before it's due. Wow, we're like Super Students.

Oh, good, I even get to go to sleep for 4 hours before I have to get up for work.
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So I'm prudish, but IMO icons displaying full frontal nudity belong in one's own lj or the appropriate communities.

This randomness brought to you by the fact that I have had to turn down going to [ profile] emma_in_oz's baby shower followed by Edward Scissorhands in order to co-ordinate a huge group assignment, only none of the fuckers rest of the group have sent me anything yet. They had three questions each to answer, and were supposed to forward each one to me as they finished them. THEY'VE HAD ALL WEEKEND.

[Poll #1218555]
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My most successful study nights this week were the two nights I did not work 12 hour days beforehand. Monday and Wednesday nights my brain shut down pretty early while I stupidly attempted to study anyway. Last night I learned from my failure and watched a couple of episodes of Mind the Buzzcocks which cheered me up and kept me awake, and then I got some quality study in. Yay me.

Then I went to bed at a sensible hour. Now, my body clock is pretty much set at about 6am - except for weekends because I stay up stupidly late. So, going to bed at 11pm coded my body to wake up for work, apparently.

Me - Get Up get up get up.
Me - It's dark for fuck's sake. SLEEP.
Me - Clearly you've had enough sleep. Get up and study.
Me - I am NOT getting up to study in the dark. Sleep!
me - NO. Get up you bastard.

When I finally got to sleep I dreamt a Captain Jack and Rose adventure! \o/ Me, [ profile] special_trille, [ profile] mr_booboo and [ profile] haunted_attics were there. Also, some random skydivers. No Doctor though, interestingly.

Only now I have that headache you get from sleeping too much, which has bollixed my morning study plans. Even my cheekbones hurt. Oh, well. I will go to Grandma's early.

I finally changed my desktop piccie from the sedate scenery piccie I had during my exam revision to a cute Mind the Buzzcocks scene )
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I have to discuss something in a case study "by applying relevant unit frameworks"

What does that even mean?

Be, Mg, Ca

Jun. 16th, 2008 07:50 am
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Be - Beryllium Extremely light. Used in rockets and missiles. Expensive and toxic. Singing for a science fair project???

Mg – Magnesium.
Used in firestarters. Lights easily, burns brightly. Magnesium flares.

Ca – Calcium Silvery metal. Reacts with water to give off a hydrogen gas. Very hard, not useful for much. Put in water

Rb, Cs, Fr

Jun. 15th, 2008 10:46 am
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Rb - Rubidium Highly reactive. Used in cheap atomic clocks.

Cs - Cesium Melts in the hand and turns into pretty liquid gold.

Top Gear show how Lithium, Sodium and Potassium are pussies! Bring on Rubidium and Cesium!

Fr - FranciumFound in tiny amounts in the radioisotope decay chains of uranium and thorium. Highly unstable, can't be photographed. A bomb, of course.
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Next semester one of my units is Introduction to Chemistry. I have NO science background, so I’m pretty daunted. Someone told me that if I could learn the periodic table by rote, that’d be a big help. I wonder if I’m supposed to know what number on the table they each are. I really, really hope that doesn’t include their atomic weights or I’m doomed.

SO, from now on I’m going to learn three each morning, along with something interesting about them, hopefully. And then the next morning I’m going to put it on my LJ. Or, you know, my SHAME if I’ve forgotten.

This is going to be thrilling for everyone else, I know. However, feel free to randomly challenge me on anything I claim to have learnt, and watch me flounder. That’ll be amusing.

I started yesterday by randomly picking three, but have now decided it would be much less stupid to learn them in their approximate categories.

Te – Tellurium. A crystal. If you absorb even a little you will smell like garlic for month.

Cf – Californium. A neutron source, used to find precious metals.

Sr – Strontium. People think it’s radioactive because it’s in fallout. Used in glow in the dark paint.
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I have the sound recorder but no sound. As far as I can see, every audio device is turned on, but whatever. I just took the laptop down to the local computer shop and asked the guy if he could just check that everything was enabled. No, I have to "check it in" he can't do it on the spot. This annoys me a lot. So much for handing in my assignment.

Also, my oil light came on and I had to go buy oil.

I've wasted half the day on this.


May. 2nd, 2008 07:59 am
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Ants apparently make up 20% of the planet's biomass.

Edit: Or not. The education system is FAILING me, people.
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By 2040 the developed nations will be at zero population growth, the developing at .5. But by 2050 there will still be 9 billion people on the planet.

"Democracy cannot survive overpopulation. Human dignity cannot survive it. Convenience and decency cannot survive it. As you put more and more people onto the world, the value of life not only declines, it disappears. It doesn't matter if someone dies. The more people there are, the less one individual matters."

- Isaac Asimov.


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