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I've never had a fandom obsession with so much pre-existing canon before! (Not to mention vids and fic) It's awesome. Since semester break started I've watched nearly seven seasons of Supernatural. Yes I know there are only six seasons (until September 23, yay, or more realistically, until next semester finishes). I've been watching the Dean/Castiel years with [profile] zebra363 while forcing [profile] dragonfly8 to watch the whole thing again from the beginning. I do this with bribery. My laptop is better for obsessively playing Facebook games on, so she gets custody of it while SPN is on.

So tonight we watch a couple of episodes of Supernatural, then...

Me - I'm just going to borrow my laptop to transfer a new show to the mediagate for us to watch.
Dragonfly *staring at game* Uh huh.
Me *takes laptop away*
Dragonfly - Bwuh?
Me *transfers file and returns laptop*
Dragonfly *stares at game*
Me *starts show*
Show *action scenes* *people talking* blah blah Torchwood blah blah Torchwood *overhead screen displays TORCHWOOD* yadda yadda TORCHWOOD blah blah blah Torchwood, Torchwood yadda *overhead screen displays TORCHWOOD again* yadda TORCHWOOD blah blah Torchwood...
Dragonfly *looks up* Wait, what? Torchwood?

Gwen Cooper - made of awesome )
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I woke up this morning wondering what the rest of the regular characters from Dr Who/Torchwood were doing during CoE. That's the thing with having CONTINUITY and recurring characters and spin offs.

And somebody has *already* written it. And it is GOOD.

Summary: They also serve who only stand and wait - John Milton
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Somebody just posted a fic with this disclaimer - "RTD should never have been allowed to own these characters." I AM GOBSMACKED.

Also (note subtle segue) this seems like a good time to point out the completely fluffy Ianto and Rhys friendship fic (withtiny amounts of Jack/Ianto and Gwen/Rhys) I posted the other day. (pre-CoE)
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I did not even know about Caret browsing until the cat just walked across the keyboard.

reading others, and mine, reactions to this season Torchwood. )
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This is because I drank a lot of alcohol while watching Torchwood episode 5.

HOWEVER I still know not to spoil! in case you were wondering.

You know, I love Torchwood. But I know it's not perfect. I regularly mock John Barrowman's acting skillz and I recognise the inconsistent quality of the episodes.

But I say *dun dun* anyone who's ever rejected Torchwood should watch this series. I don't think they put a foot wrong. The plot was epic, the writing was awesome and didn't pull any punches, and it was just fucking brilliant television.

Yes I am biased. Yes I am invested. Yes I am drunk. Yes I have to keep correcting typos.

Hee! Dragonfly and Bunny came home and Dragonfly sent Bunny off to the bath so we could watch episode 5. Luckily our child is understanding about these things (sometimes)...

Episode 5 random spoilers )

Dragonfly is having to get the lasagne out of the oven because I am not compus..menti? um what's that Latin word for DRUNK OFF MY FACE.


May. 4th, 2009 09:57 pm
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I am VERY DISAPPOINTED by the lack of knowledge about Welsh beer displayed by my flist. *tuts*

Anyone recognise this label, at least?

And now, because I'm suddenly curious, a poll about drinking preferences )


Apr. 10th, 2008 09:41 pm
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So, which episodes of Torchwood did you think were the best - would recommend for people who, for whatever misguided reason, aren't already enjoying the awesomeness of Ianto Jones our trashy bisexual show?

You can still play if you've only seen a few episodes, but you thought one or more of them were really good. Hello, Captain Jack Harkness?

Synopses here

Torchwood poll FTW )

And if you want to tell me why you chose a particular episode, I may not even mock you. Unless it's Cyberwoman.
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Reactions to Torchwood finale )

Edit Angriest has just given me chocolate.
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I feel the need to announce that I have just watched the Torchwood finale.
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Torchwood 2.06 Reset - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )

But what's with picking a well-known Australian actor to play your villain, and then making him talk with an American accent?

Randomly *hearts* Ianto.
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I had a rant all ready about how come the only female Dr Who writer, Helen Raynor is so crap? She wrote Daleks in Manhattan, the only episode of Dr Who I never bothered to go back and watch the end of after I'd had a corrupted file. And then, I thought, she wrote Torchwood 2.04 Meat. Which is not a bad plot, but is terrible for the way it regresses Tosh into a pathetic, colourless wuss, after she'd had finally had such an interesting, fulfilling role in the awesome, fabulous 2.03 To the Last Man.

I eat my words. Turns out Helen Raynor wrote To the Last Man - one of the handful of Torchwood episodes that demonstrate what this show is really capable of. *hearts Tosh*

2.04 Meat was written by Catherine Treganna. Who also wrote 2.05 Adam.

Torchwood 2.05 Adam - I would really like to know what other people thought. )
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I could have been in bed by midnight (it's now 1am - that's how long it's taken to write this omg). This could have been a much shorter post. But then I discovered that I could REWATCH the episode while I was typing!!! in the little pop up box you get now when you hover the cursor over the VLC icon. It kind of slowed things down. A bit.

My love for Ianto Jones and my trashy show knows no bounds. )
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All That I Am
This is fabulous! And I love the song too, which I'd never heard before, hell I'd never even heard of Rob Thomas before...

It's In His Kiss
This is SO CUTE.

Ianto's Ten Best Moments
Hee! Classic.

Long, Long Way to Go
I'm kinda embarrassed by the boybandish song, but it's a lovely vid about Jack missing Rose and the Doctor.

In the End
I'm sure I've recced this before. I've certainly played it at a Slash Gathering on my laptop *sob*.
I still love it. It's Jack, moving on from the Doctor.


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