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Am binging on TV shows atm cos shortly I'm going to have to drop fandom for three weeks to write uni assignments. Annnnnnny day now.

Felt rotten yesterday so lay on the couch and watched the entire season of The New Normal, which is an absolutely adorable sitcom about a gay couple who want to have a baby and their found family.

Also, I was super excited to discover that a show I really like has a new season and dl'd the first ep and waited for Jody to get home and proudly put it on for her and... the main character was MURDERED in the first five minutes. I do like the replacement they brought in but...will miss the quirky dynamic they had.
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I am watching White Collar and Peter's brakes failed and he didn't pull the handbrake. I am GRUMPY. I hate it when writers make character OOC to fit their plot. At least Mozzie continues to be awesome.

This season started out sooo good, but I kind of feel like I'm just plodding through the second half on the promise that the next one will be better.


oH, wait.

(Dragonfly's already yelled at them thar youngsters to get off our porch cos we're trying to watch telly. Give us a few more years and she'll be going outside and waving her cane at them, rather than just yelling from the couch).

Three invites to NYE parties this year, which is very nice of people, especially since I haven't seen any of them for years, and I'd really like to see them again, but I think I'll make a point of catching up on them all on another occasion, and stay home with family tonight. Dragonfly has made a batch of her awesome mince pies today and made me a cup of tea and I am very comfortable here on my couch. Oh, hell, I think I'm officially middle-aged.
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NEW SEASON OF MISFITS HAS STARTED . *runs about flailing*

*runs about flailing some more*

Honestly, for reals, up there in my top shows ever, for originality, great writing, great characters, fantastic everything!!!!

Because somebody asked me yesterday, shows I'm into: an update )
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So it turns out I can't do fandom and study at the same time. No surprises there.

Took the night off tonight and actually watched an ep each of a couple of my favourite shows.

White Collar finale - lazy plot device or what? )

The Mentalist 2.14 - shitty writing or they meant to portray the team as bad cops. discuss. )


Sep. 12th, 2007 08:32 pm
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I was going to ask if anyone was going to tape The Chasers tonight, as Dragonfly is currently studying in the lounge room and also, I am snuggled up comfily in bed, but then I figured if they can make the effort to bust APEC security wide open then I can make the effort to turn the telly on. I will even resist the advance footage.

I love articles about 'mixed responses'. Somehow they always overwhelmingly favour whatever side I'm NOT on. Clearly I should actually be making my vote count.
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I watched the pilot of 30 Rock today and it was funny but Alec Baldwin annoyed me. This is why I never want to know about celebrities personal lives.
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Is it just me or does the weather guy on the AbC look like he's overdosed on NO-Doze after staying up all night playing *Insert latest computer game*?

WE have crazy wiggly lines on channel 2 since we boycotted foxtel. *is sad*

Also, tony abbott is a loony person.
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1. DEXTER. I have seen four eps and am in love with this show. It's like, this anti-hero that you can't really connect to because he can't connect himself, yet you're rooting for him because everything is so much harder for him, but he's trying. Yay Dexter! Also, it's disturbing how much more attractive the actor is in this role compared to John from Six Feet Under *g* Also, I once saw James Remar (Dexter's dad) in a tv movie where it was really hot and he ran around in khaki shorts and boots and a whole lot of sweat and I may have had a bit of a crush.

2. Torchwood. Mostly for the snogging and the pretty. I am that shallow.

3. Heroes. I really want to find out what happens to Claire the cheerleeder and Nathan Petrelli. I have not very much interest at all in Isaac or Peter, who seem to be most people's favourites, and no urge to slash them or anybody else. Also, Hiro is cute as a button.

Poor SGA. You've been supplanted. *mourns* At least you still win at the slash.
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Haven't been watching much since I got home, been busy with work, family, and of course, catching up on all the SGA fics I'd missed.**

However, last night all that changed! I was pimped to.

1. Sinchronicity. Episode 2... The scene where handsome doctor Mani drags Jase into an empty corridor and snogs him senseless won my heart!

2. Heroes. Episodes 1-2. OMG. WHY HAS NOBODY MADE ME WATCH THIS ALREADY??? Excellent beginning, can't wait to see more! And because I'm shallow, Mohinder is hothothot, and also I know Adrian Pasdar (Nathan Petrelli) from something and it's driving me nuts no I didn't watch Mysterious Ways unless I did but NO memory also he is hot in a Scott Bakula way and also, when the Petrelli brothers hug? I am holidaying in the Special Hell.

3. Blade. Random episode. Watchable. Nuff said.

4. Respectable. Episode 1. Amusing. But apparently 'Eaves, a London-based feminist charity, has set up an online petition against the show, which it labels as "a gross misrepresentation of the lives of women involved in prostitution".'

5. Psych. Episode 1. Laughed and LAUGHED. Want more. Also, if anyone knows where I can find the songvid to 'Accidently in Love' I would be grateful. And really impressed!

Am now totally in the mood to obsessively watch tv shows. Here I come, Supernatural! Friday Night Lights! Heroes! Studio 60! All the SGA eps I've missed!

But not right now, cos the internet is SHINY. And then I will go to work.

**Except for two days where a link had sent me to a page of Smallville fics I had to read obsessively.
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Dragonfly's mocking NCIS. That's usually my job. *g* I'm just here for the Gibbs/Abby, and scenes like this.

Abby *mumbling about the case* and they had sex!
Ziva *walking up* Tony and McGee?
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5. I had more listy things but am so tired one eye was glued shut so I was giving up and going to bed but then my cat decided to bait me by banging my door til I let her in then refusing to come in so I went and got the Water Spray Bottle and the WAR IS ON. So far. Me 2. Cat 0.

6. So then I was just going to secretly keep going with the last post but someone had commented and I think there's like, an unwritten rule or something.

7. I don't have any idea how this relates to my intense focus on slash, but I LOVE male/female friendships that aren't 'omg the ust it's true wuv!!!' Which is one of the reasons I hold Special Unit 2 in high regard. That and the well written dialogue! *glares* What? ANYWAY, which is why JD and Elliot getting together made me CRANKY. Luckily, they split up! All within a 30 minute episode! So then i didn't mind, cos friends fuck up. I am really, really hoping that they can get their old friendship back, and do not spend the next 103 episodes getting jealous of each other and interfering in potential relationships...

8. Dr Cox is THE MAN. I hope they forget the whole 'unrequited love' thing, it's pathetic and cliched.

9. Cute Scrubs fic -
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1 x Supernatural off the tv- have forgotton the plot already but the boys are always pretty.

1 x Big Love - the pilot. The one about polygamy. People were talking it up and I was curious just cos of the perv value, and because Bill Paxton, Jeanne Tripplehorn and Chloe Sevigny star in it. Wasn't overly interesting, family drama yada yada except with three wives. The look at 'the Compound' was interesting though.

Season 2 of Dead Like Me. All of it. Though had I realised that it was the last season I would have savoured it more, instead of mainlining it.

I love Dead Like Me )

I went to the movies!!! Aeon Flux )
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My pimp came over the other night. *g*

Veritas - Was shown random episode of this show about ancient artifact hunters *cough* or maybe it was religious relics hunters, but it has the guy who played Imotep and he's surprisingly hot in this and the ep had these adorable Buddhist Monks..anyhow, we have eps now if anyone's interested.

Bronski and Bernstein. German show, cop gets a new partner, boss' son who is predictably brash and annoying, but the guys are cute and the pilot episode had such promising scenes as the two of them waking up in bed together only wearing boxers, and the flashy one fessing up that his supermodel girlfriend is just 'a buddy' that he's NOT sleeping with. Promisingly slashy. We have some eps.

*deep breath* Now let me talk about EYES. A lot. So there's this guy, Harlan. And he runs this detective agency.

*lots of deleting later* Apparently I can't describe this show for shit. Obviously, I have to show it to people. Oh the sacrifices I make...
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So everyone will be tuned into BLACKPOOL on channel 2 tonight, right?
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Am I supposed to be getting lj comments emailed at the moment or not? I got an email programme running last night and it downloaded all my emails but nothing from lj, and I know I was just talking to [ profile] vegetariansushi and yet, still nada. *sigh*

Also, got pimped introduced to two new shows last night, Dante's Cove and Wonderfalls, so if anyone wants to come over and watch them you're most welcome.
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I love that word. It's so evocative.

Like Daniel Radcliffe on Rove tonight. Wasn't he droll?

So. Damn. Cute.

Especially the part where he took the piss out of Rove.


Anyone watch the Karl Rove doco on the ABC? I was like, going to, but then there was CSI. Which annoyed me cos normally I like the characters - especially the flawed/capable women ones, except tonight Sara was like 'I want this case waah you're all meanies' and Catherine was like 'back off bitch' and I was like 'GET OVER IT Y'ALL and also your case is not even interesting.'

And then Dragonfly started watching 'The Closer' and I went to walk out but it was about a gay bashing so I watched and Kyra wasn't too annoying tonight and there's this old cop who won my heart when people were talking about how omg gay people want the right to get married and Old Cop was like 'Serve 'em right, why shouldn't they suffer like the rest of us' and he was the one who got down and helped out with the case and every time I look at the actor I think Private Benjamin. Wasn't there like, a tv series where he played the gruff sergeant that always got hoodwinked and humiliated?

And on the subject of CSI's. Eric Roberts is starring in the next CSI Miami. Curse you CSI Miami!! I will have to watch the damn episode and all my careful avoidance tactics will all be for naught.

I own a movie called 'The Immortals'. Heard of it? Of course you haven't. But it stars Eric Roberts. Therefore I own it. Such is my love for Eric Roberts.

Wow, I can seriously just dribble on and on and on, can't I?
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Aannd another promise to myself to sit down and make a work-related post turns into...not...

It's like, when there's this show that you watch when you're home, which isn't often cos you're usually say, WORKING, on the night it's on, and it's a good show, and it has a WOMAN in the lead role, and she's a really cool character and actually when you do watch it you think you should really make more of an effort cos it's worth it, and then ...OMG COLD CASE TONIGHT!!

It was all about a teenage love story set in the 1930's and Prohibition, and there's bootlegging and a speakeasy and a black girl who dresses in men's clothes, and an innocent white girl and they risk everything to be together and there's beautiful love poetry and slow dancing in public and of course it all ends in TRAGEDY.

And it was so beautiful and I was in TEARS.

And of course nobody taped this, did they?

*wonders if she can justify buying an entire series of a show for one episode*
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How is it possible that I've worked 52 hours in the last week and still have another double shift tomorrow?

Also, [ profile] cricketk made me only have four hours sleep AND made me walk in the rain.

On the plus side, I did get to see the latest two eps of BSG and this week's ep of Atlantis, plus some Numb3rs and sundry songvids. Also she cooked me lunch.

::smooshes Cricket::

So I saw the Atlantis ep 'Instinct' )
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Dr Who made me cry. WTF?

I don't think I can wait for the Capt Jack eps to air to start reading the fic. I'm so in a Doctor/Rose place right now.

Het? Het? What is happening to me?

Maybe I can distract myself with House, which interests me in a way no other medical show ever has. Do I even need to mention that it's all about Hugh Laurie?

But I've only seen three eps of that and if I start reading I'll be spoiled in yet another fandom.


SGA was obviously the start of a slippery slope.


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