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Mar. 31st, 2010 10:37 pm
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Not last minute or anything, but I can't make it to Swancon. If anyone knows someone who hasn't bought their ticket yet, and would rather have it half price, please send 'em my way.

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I didn't realise until I filled in the questionnaire that this was my 9th Swancon. Wow!!! I've come a long way from that first year when I timidly turned up to that dingy little hotel and got a day membership and everything was so new and strange and I didn't know anything. I mostly remember accidentally sitting next to Robin Hobb at dinner and having to make small talk about Perth because I hadn't read any of her books.

It was a whole new world. The next year I went for the full membership, and have only missed one Swancon since. I've come a long way since then. And so has Swancon - it's bigger and more shiny and most of all - more accessible.

Stuffs about Swancon 2009:

Wow )
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I do realise that the posts about what I did at each day at Swancon aren't going to be of much interest to most other people, which is why I'm putting them under the cut, so people can move on by. The reason I have spent so much time (that I should have been writing this essay, no I'm not procrastinating, why would you think that?) writing down everything is because my memory is for shit and I really did have the best time at this con.

The main reasons why this was the best con ever for me I think were -

- This is my sixth con (including my first one where I came for one day) and I feel comfortable in the environment now - I no longer find large quantities of fanboys/men in a confined area a bit uncomfortable-making, and had in fact forgotten I ever did until [livejournal.com profile] psycho_tabby mentioned having that reaction.

- I know so many more fans now, just from feeling comfortable enough to talk to people, gradually at first, and it really does feel like family.

- Getting involved. Probably a combination of feeling comfortable and being friends with several of the people running the con made it easier to wander past people and say 'you look stressed, can I help you with anything?'.

- Running Quidditch (with help from [livejournal.com profile] black_samvara who sewed the teddys Quaffles back together and kept score, and [livejournal.com profile] mr_booboo and [livejournal.com profile] psycho_tabby to turned up to play blood sports be my team captains.

- Being on a panel with [livejournal.com profile] ddpm and making a new friend. Yays!

- Meeting Rob Shearman who was friendly and generally awesome and interesting.

- Bunny was there, and while it would have been better for everybody if she were less full on, or at least quieter nobody made us feel like pariahs (at least to our face). Also made new fan-parent friends.

And last but not least (only slightly embarrassingly) there were a lot of panels about old BBC shows, especially Dr Who, which I love so much. I would have liked to gone to other panels as well, because there were some awesome ones. I'm kicking myself for not even noticing Karl Schroeder until Sunday afternoon's panel 'Painting the Future Green' which I went to because the synopsis was

Concerns about energy efficiency, carbon emissions, and sustainability are changing the direction of technological development. When we think about the aesthetics of future technology, how will the green trend affect SF and our visions of the future?

The panel was fascinating, the other panellists were well informed and interesting, including, uncredited, [livejournal.com profile] tikiwanderer.

Looking back at the other panels with Karl on I really wish I'd got to a couple of them. Isn't that always the way though?

Awesome con! Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] fred_mouse and [livejournal.com profile] angriest and [livejournal.com profile] mynxii and [livejournal.com profile] strangedave and to everyone else who put in so much work to make it great.
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I'm not really a thinky person, and thus never feel I have anything to contribute to panels. I was persuaded to be on a panel at this year's Swancon because I was under the impression that I just had to get up and talk about The Persuaders. In fact that was not the case, as the panel was about dead fandoms generally. But as it was still just talking about TV shows I had a really fun time anyway. I would have liked to have had more control over keeping the panel on topic, and I really like Cricketk's idea about a specific chair for panels. I know some experienced people take on that role automatically and usually those are the most well organised panels. Where this falls down, is panels made up of newbies, or less extroverted people who are there to talk about their area of experience/interest, or people who don't feel comfortable 'crowd wrangling', as Cricket put it. Or worst case scenario when you get experts who just want to hear themselves talk, or talk about themselves and no one else gets a word in edgewise, which pisses off both the audience and the co-panellists.

So, what I'm thinking is, this is something I'd be good at. I have no problem telling people to shut up, and I'm a pretty good organiser. So I guess what I need to do is watch and learn and also go on some panels, as long as they talk about tv shows, slash or the internet.

Actually, could we please have Naomi Novik over? That would be helpful, I can talk about Temeraire!
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Sadly, Swancon has ended and I have eleven days to write a major essay for uni, while also going to Pancakes at Carillion tomorrow and the last FNL viewing on Friday, the slash gathering on Sunday, beta reading a fic and writing eleventy billion posts about how totally awesome Swancon was this year.

*stares back at list in abject terror*

In no particular order...

So, one of our guests was Rob Shearman who wrote the first season Dr Who ep, Dalek - the one that BROKE THE DOCTOR.

Meeting Rob Shearman )
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Okay, I've been kinda busy with the studying and doing two jobs and fic writing and betaing and it has just sunk in that I am:

1. Running Quidditch all by myself and apparently none of my friends will be there.

2. Am on a panel with only one other person that I do not know and therefore have no idea how to prepare and am now ANXIOUS.

So, ARE any of my friends going to come to either of these exciting events?

*deafening silence*

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Me - Okay, bye, have a great long weekend.
[livejournal.com profile] angriest - Yeah, bye.
Me - Hey, do you believe [livejournal.com profile] zebra363 was afraid I was going off The Persuaders? Crazy!
Angriest - Oh, hey. *casually leans back in chair*
Me - Mmm?
Angriest - We were discussing potential panels for Swancon and there were a couple that made me think of you.
Me *takes tiny step back* Uh huh.
Angriest - One was how fanfic online is becoming different to *something something*
Me - Oh, [livejournal.com profile] bardigrub, [livejournal.com profile] emma_in_oz and [livejournal.com profile] cupidsbow always run those.
Angriest - We're looking for new people.
Me *la la I can't hear you*
Angriest - The other was on how people have built whole fandoms on shows that have been off the air for many years.
Me *faint stirring of unease*
Angriest - Three shows in particular were named. One was *something*, one was *something* and the other was The Persuaders!
Me - Okay I'll do it!

I was clearly lured into a trap!! My god, those convention running people are SNEAKY.

Everyone knows my entire experience of being on panels to date is sitting there and occasionally saying 'Slash is hot!' in response to well thought out deeply intellectual questions on transgressiveness/identity/feminism in literature etc. Right? Right?
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I'm in that headspace where I really want to blog and I really don't want to blog, because I'm tired and distracted and I've been procrastinating by reading a totally unconvincing PotC OT4 fic which goes to show really.

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I appear to have acquired a rather large collection of tiny, tiny t-shirts - most of which have been bought FOR me by other people. Either, people have this mental picture of me of being way smaller than I am in real life (must be my retiring personality) or else people really, really like my boobies.

And I figure if I just pack all these tiny, tiny t-shirts I will not only save room in my suitcase, but do away with the need to take bras with me!!!

***This post inspired by [livejournal.com profile] mynxii finding me a small size Swancon girly t-shirt. [livejournal.com profile] mynxii, you ROCK.
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Some of my favourite things from the Con, in no particular order....

Live Action Quiddich - Sanctioned Violence, sudden new appreciation for contact sports, may start watching the wrestling. Or not so sanctioned, Trille's Housemate of the Reluctant Sudden Career move into Umpiring did make sad bleating cries of "Stop that!" Guys, please tone it down." etc. Am personally thankful for Umpire's dodgy eyesight (always good trait in an Umpire) which allowed me to throw myself on top of already injured player and phyically wrest the Quaffle from his one good hand without penalty.

Panellists failing to turn up to their Panels on time, and sometimes not at all, thus allowing Trille and I to feel important by sitting in their seats and pretending to run a panel.

Tim Powers - have not read a single one of his books, obviously an unforgiveable oversight, will remedy this as soon as I find someone to lend me some. Funny, funny man!
Full of anecodetes and amusing words of wisdom.

baby_elvis' partner's Stonehenge arty thing, now in residence above my bed.

Yummy sandwich picnic created by cricketk, zebra363 and myself at k's home and transported in unstable pile to pretty hotel terrace. Stonework theme.

Tweaking Shay. "Did you actually want Tim to recreate his Saturday panel, cos he thought he'd finished and would like to go to lunch now?" I swear Shay leapt a metre into the air and landed running.

Not finished, have just realised must get ready NOW in order to go pick up Trille. Pick Trille up. Up pick Trille...
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$25 a night to park my car at the hotel? I don't *think* so. So I'll be driving my suitcase in, and Jody's suitcase and wine and bread products, and mr_booboo's bread products and anything else that comes to mind and then I'll be driving dragonfly8's car back home and bussing it in.

How come I have dragonfly8's car? I'm not entirely sure. There was swappage involved when I went away...and somehow there's been no swappage-backing. (I'm just inventing new words as I go)


(I love that word. Does anyone actually use it anymore? It's so descriptive.)

So I've got the car with the dodgy aircon and the doors that don't open from the inside... Indicative of my status in our house, really.
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So, I was thinking about why I've embraced live journalling so wholeheartedly.

It has *nothing* to do with icons, OKAY?

It feels like a community. (a really *big* community) Even when non-fannish topics are discussed, if I decide to follow the links, to be involved, I know that whatever views are expressed, I have some sort of connection with these people. Cos, really, fans (*especially* slashers) tend to be more openminded/liberal than Normals.

I can nearly hear all the BUTS. I'm talking about both my net friends and my real life experience of fans at cons -oddly, I hung around with the literary and media fans, not the Gamers, so the rest goes without saying.

Huh. So much for that high ideal openmindedness I was just espousing. But, in my defence, we've all met Gamers, right? Nuff said. Though there is this one boy, a Furry no less, who wears a dog collar that looks dead sexy on him, I can even live with the tail...

*clears throat* But enough about that.

So, talking about non fannish stuff (I do!) Okay talking about non fannish stuff that doesn't involve handbags, girly clothes or my health club. Or Bunny.


So anyway, read this article on the weirdness that is US politics and the amusing rebuttal at this ljer's site


and here's a scary article on Bush junior's idea of freedom of speech


Back to fans and their openmindedness, or lack thereof. Swancon last year. US fanguest, on a Smallville panel ostensibly run by poor little Jade who'd only seen 2 episodes and was soon cowed into quivering silence. So this guy, big Superman expert. Someone in the audience (a *guy*) mentions the subtext with Clark and Lex. Panellist response. "Not that slash rubbish!" and proceeds to ignore question. Bit later Trille comes out with a well thought out and detailed point (nothing slash related) to which he responded (paraphrasing heavily here) "I don't agree". And promptly changed the subject.

And on a lighter note, my second lj story rec. (I'm counting my hysterical ravings about Blood Magic)

This is the link to the sequel, also good, but from this page there's a link to 'Aliens Make Ford and Arthur Have Sex'


I swear this author is channelling Douglas Adams.


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