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Over the last few days we've been catching up on the last dozen eps of Supernatural. Am now on the second last ep and my third glass of wine. As much as I love Dean and Sam Winchester, and Castiel, and Charlie and Crowwley, and I do, this show does seem vastly improved by alcohol.

bit tipsy )
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I don't particularly mind spoilers for Downton Abbey (confession: I'd seen bits and pieces and already knew something that happens to Bates and when I got invested in the character i checked out his character wiki to find out what that was all about) so even though I'm only 1.5 seasons in I went looking for fic about Robert and Bates - I would love to read fic about their experiences together that formed such a strong bond between and Earl and his valet.

I kind of want all the BFF bonding fic in the world - during the war, back at Downton, wherever, I'm not averse to slash, but nothing that goes against canon, so I was vaguely thinking I wouldn't mind a 'comforting each other during the war' type fic, and out of only four Robert/Bates fics on AO3 (the other three of which are tiny) I found this wonderful, evocative story.

Ha, and then I had a quick look at what else the author has written and found this cute little Bobby/Crowley fic about The Kiss.
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Person of Interest finale was brilliant and I got to watch it with a fan friend who drove 7 hours to bring it to me.

Supernatural finale was bloody epic, and rounded off a great plot arc.

Doctor Who, OMFG, one of fandom's great moments in that scene in the season finale, as I insisted on telling Neery who'd just made me lunch and brought it to me in time to witness it. I probably would have been in tears if I hadn't of being scoffing down delicious homemade lasagne at the time. As a bonus, when I went to youtube later to find that one scene (and cry) I realised that a heap of other season 7 DW episodes are all up. So I can watch the ones I missed, hooray! (whole ep here season finale)

Obscure & British Comment Fest - if I was at home I would totally be rewatching all my obscure British shows and diving headfirst into this. Huh, I've never done a commentfest, I just realised. Maybe they'll run it again next year, she says hopefully...And that led me to the discovery that there are a heap of random episodes up of old tv shows I never got around to watching (ie eyed off the dvds but didn't want to pay exorbitant amounts for old shows I might not like) so now I can actually check out Man In a Suitcase and Danger Man. Win!!! random link to ep

Harry Potter fic rec - I got into HP fandom in the early days by way of a WIP called Mirror of Maybe, where Harry got sucked into a mirror and then emerged a few minutes later having lived 15 years, so Harry was really 30 years old in a 15 year old body so Harry/Snape was fine, right? And I loved it and made everyone read it...and then it was abandoned. I didn't give up on it for ages, and always remained a little bitter about the whole thing. The other day I found a fic that had rewritten the beginning, reimagined the plot, and best of all, finished it, and it's even better than the original - No Way Back by Meri I am so grateful for this fic. I actually feel like I have closure. *g*

A SLASH PAIRING BECOMES CANON - And lastly, OMG OMG OMG - a great event in slash fandom - a slash pairing actually became canon. Sure, it's a tiny fandom, but it was REAL and ongoing for years and its Happy Ever After was celebrated by the SNL audience.

So, the pairing - Seth Meyers plays 'himself' as a news correspondent who regularly has 'Stefon', played by Bill Hader, come on the show to advise them on what are the coolest clubs to go to. I find very little SNL humour to my taste, and its def. not politically correct, but I do love the way Bill Hader cracks himself up, and the relevant to our interests part is how Stefon constantly flirts with Seth Meyers.

So, both actors are leaving SNL, Bill Hader to do movies, Seth Meyers is taking over The Late Show, so they actually, for real, wrapped up the relationship, MADE IT CANON. And for that, all the hats in the world off to them.

Gifset, - one gif from each of the sketches

The sketch where Stefon kissed Seth Meyers - St Patrick's Day on youtube

Finale gifset

HAPPY EVER AFTER - The finale on youtube
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now I want all my tumblr feeds back and I can't remember who they were. Though, not really looking forward to reading about all the things people didn't like. I always kind of feel sorry for people when they don't enjoy something that I think was just knocked out the ballpark - in this case, great plot arc, great acting, and relationship stuff that I would have thought both Destiel shippers and Wincest fans would be ecstatic about.

a few pics of the last few seconds )
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I know I should learn how tags work on tumblr so I can just avoid spoilers, but given how many times i hear complaints of things not being tagged.

So I've been flicking past the IM, ST and PoI posts super fast, but this morning I had an email from my BFF warning me SPN spoilers are all over tumblr. I tentatively opened tumblr, thinking I could maybe just... MY EYES.

So, rather than abandon tumblr I've temporarily unfollowed all the likely culprits except now it's pretty much tumbleweeds.

Must rethink strategy.
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I am up to date with Supernatural. Go me! So, I am enjoying season 8 for the following reasons.

1 It has Cas.
2 Sam and Dean angsting at each other about yet another 'betrayal', looking forward to the tearful reconciliation
3 Benny! OMG Dean has a BFF. Finally, "someone who has NEVER let him down". Ouch, Sam. OUCH.
4 Also, I really like Benny, even (esp?) cos he channels Bill Compton.
4 Garth. Go Garth. Love Dean and the cap bizzo.
5 Castiel!
6 Also, Kevin and his mom are awesome.

PLEASE BE THUNDERSTORMING NOW. It's already over 30 degrees with humidity over 50%, and it's going up to 40 degrees. The novelty of feeling like I was in a steam room yesterday has worn off. If I wanted this climate I'd go to Queensland. /bitch, moan.
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I just watched Dean Winchester eat a burger like it was the best thing he'd ever tasted and now I'm really craving a burger.

To be fair, Dean eats most food like that.
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I'm going to post a story rec list shortly but in the meantime, here's a few author recs. The great thing about reading an awesome fic in this fandom is you can usually click on the author and find several more great fics.

1 Dean/Castiel and 1 Dean/Sam writer and 2 multi-pairing writers )
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It seems to be general opinion in fandom that Supernatural is heavily biased towards killing women. I judged, having just watched all six seasons in a frighteningly short space of time, that the ratio was about even. I mentioned to Zebra that if I'm still in love with the show at the end of this semester I'm going to watch all six seasons again and keep a tally. Zebra kindly pointed out that somebody's already done this.

Of course they have. With pie charts. *loves on fandom*

Gender Bias in Supernatural: The Cold Hard Stats

And for Zebra, who Wants To Know - my fave Supernatural episodes )
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I've never had a fandom obsession with so much pre-existing canon before! (Not to mention vids and fic) It's awesome. Since semester break started I've watched nearly seven seasons of Supernatural. Yes I know there are only six seasons (until September 23, yay, or more realistically, until next semester finishes). I've been watching the Dean/Castiel years with [profile] zebra363 while forcing [profile] dragonfly8 to watch the whole thing again from the beginning. I do this with bribery. My laptop is better for obsessively playing Facebook games on, so she gets custody of it while SPN is on.

So tonight we watch a couple of episodes of Supernatural, then...

Me - I'm just going to borrow my laptop to transfer a new show to the mediagate for us to watch.
Dragonfly *staring at game* Uh huh.
Me *takes laptop away*
Dragonfly - Bwuh?
Me *transfers file and returns laptop*
Dragonfly *stares at game*
Me *starts show*
Show *action scenes* *people talking* blah blah Torchwood blah blah Torchwood *overhead screen displays TORCHWOOD* yadda yadda TORCHWOOD blah blah blah Torchwood, Torchwood yadda *overhead screen displays TORCHWOOD again* yadda TORCHWOOD blah blah Torchwood...
Dragonfly *looks up* Wait, what? Torchwood?

Gwen Cooper - made of awesome )
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IT was overcast when I left work today, and by the time I turned into the local shops it was sheeting down and dark but the sky was bright with lightening. I had a waterproof jacket on but my jeans got soaked just running the few metres from my car to the doorway. There was a dude with a shopping bag and a labrador sheltering there. On my way out a few other people with shopping had joined him. I was like 'you guys seriously waiting for THIS to stop' as I ran past, and they mostly laughed and took off too, including the dude with the dog. I felt bad for him (and the dog) so I drove across the car park to where he and his dog were now sheltering against another building and offered them a lift. He declined cheerfully and took off down the street with his poor dog reluctantly tailing him. I wouldn't normally offer a guy a lift, but I figured someone who owns a labrador has to be okay, right?

And now, importantly, my fandom obsession )
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I love Dean. And Jenson - he can't even keep a straight face when he has to say the following lines, his mouth twitches, his eyes are laughing. "I'll stay here and hook up with the posse. You know me, I'm a posse magnet. I love posse...should put that on a t-shirt."

AHAHHAHHAHAHA, Dean just quoted Blazing Saddles!!! *falsetto* Candygram for Mongo!

In other news, we saw Xmen First Class this morning. I LOVE EVERY. SINGLE. THING. ABOUT IT.

My favourite characters were Mystique and Magneto. I totally get them now. And the baby!Xmen were adorable.

*cough* I also get why everyone is all like "Michael Fassbinder! Michael Fassbinder!"
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I am enjoying season 6 Supernatural (as may be apparent).

I nearly didn't watch 6.15 - the one where Sam and Dean have to pretend to be Jared and Jensen for a while, due the fact that my corner of fandom seemed to universally condemn it, but Dragonfly wanted to so we did and I liked it a lot. It was funny. Maybe because I have no interest in actors or what behind the scenes stuff, so I didn't care that they made fun of themselves.

We're having a little run of comedy episodes right now. They're my faves. Balthazar is the best fun yet. He unsank the Titanic just because he didn't like the movie :) and now Fate is going around knocking off those people's descendents...

Dean - You have to go save all those people!
Balthazar - You're confusing me with the other angel. You know, the one that's in love with you.

Hee, now we're watching one where Sam and Dean have gone back to the Old West. Dean's pouting because locals made fun of his 'serape'.

Dean - I know where we can find one. 1861. We'll Star Trek 4 this bitch.
Bobby *shrugs* I only watch Deep Space 9.
Sam *looks confused*
Dean - It's like I don't even know you guys anymore. [explains]
Bobby = Time travel? That's a reasonable plan?
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AHAHAHAHA. The Impala's possessed!!!

Dean - No way. She possesses sex dolls, this is not a sex doll. (to the car) You leave my baby alone! She's got no part in this!
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Oh hey, two boys just snogged on Supernatural!


Sam: So, what? You like him better than me?
Castiel: Well, Dean and I do have a special bond.
Dean: O.O
Castiel: *confidentially* I wasn't going to mention that.
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ahhahahhaha oops, apparently my dashing onto LJ to record important stuff in my life actually means posting yet again about Supernatural.

I know I'm totally late to the party, but I'm having fun anyway. In tonight's episode an ANGEL said,

"Sam and Dean are psychotically, irrationally, erotically co-dependent."

Me O_O

Dragonfly ...maybe he said NEURotically?

Me *rewinds three times*

Me O_O

Dragonfly O_O

and then he said )


May. 5th, 2011 12:24 pm
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My inspiration for starting watching Supernatural again - Crowley!

I had a look through the ep guide last night and couldn't remember where we were up to, so chose one based on the amusing synopsis, Dean and Sam are working regular jobs, and don't know each other. It was great fun. I swear the writers get their plot ideas from fanfic.

Anakin's story set to Bohemian Rhapsody, complete with awesome vid - Midichlorian Rhapsody

You know, just in case like me you couldn't be arsed to ever watch the last film, now you never, ever need to.

Random cool fact of the day - in 2006-2007 Poland's offices of President and Prime Minister were held by identical twin brothers!


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