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Jul. 24th, 2016 11:05 pm
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So it's been three months since i posted anything at all and much longer than that since I posted RL update as opposed to fandom stuff. GAH. At first I was super obsessed with Hannibal but then it turned into a stupid avoidance thing, to the point I've been planning to post something - anything - every day for weeks. AND YET.

I rarely see movies at the cinema anymore - a regular adult ticket costs $23, although I've paid to join my local cinema's club which gives discounts. And this week I've been to TWO films, neither of which I had any expectations about and both of which been so awesome I've cried literal tears of happiness.

Firstly, of course, GHOSTBUSTERS. I'd only seen the first terrible trailer, but I was still determined to throw money at it so the smug white dudes who get to decide these things can't keep arguing that movies with women in lead roles don't make money.

And then it was everything I could have dreamed of, a fun plot, some great action scenes, consistently funny and absolutely the best, the GREATEST, thing of all was I sat there watching a story about women I could relate to, women I could be friends with, being competent and loyal and funny and brave. This was a movie about women's friendship. My fifteen year old daughter spent half the film turning to grin gleefully at me at all the awesomeness.

This review pretty much sums up my reaction

AND THEN THERE WAS STAR TREK, YAY. After the last, so terrible film I was afraid to look forward to this one even with Simon Pegg writing it, and then it was so great. I was crying by the end, not just for the bittersweet references to Ambassador Spock, but because it was really Star Trek.

Mildly spoilery fave things (not plot related) )
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It's midnight and 34°. Though according to BOM, the App temp is only 28°. Not sure I believe that. Still, better than the 43° it was when I visited my Grandma this arvo and she wanted to sit outside on the patio. Visiting Grandma and a bit of shopping on the way home for smoothie ingredients was as I achieved today, sadly.

We watched the two ST Reboot movies tonight - I'm not sure I'll ever get bored of watching the first one. I've only seen the second one the once before, streaming a crappy copy on my laptop in Germany. It doesn't really stand up well to a rewatch, was fun watching Benedict being all cold and menacing though, which makes the third time this week, having watched both Sherlock and The Hobbitses earlier this week.

Speaking of the Hobbitses movie, I am now totally shipping Tauriel and Kili. They're ADORABLE. And Tauriel is awesome. The other highlight of the film for me was definitely Lee Pace chewing the scenery as the elf king.
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...not totally, I am still full of love, but you see, I love Star Trek into Darkness like I love a really emotionally satisfying fanfic...

Spoilers for everything, basically )

Why yes, I do have an exam tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that *handwaves*
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Life long K/S shipper here. I even still refer to it that way instead of 'Spirk'.

After the first movie I was happy to read threesome fic, even the occasional Spock/Uhura, but my fave was still K/S.

The latest movie has sold me even more on the K/S/U threesome, because Uhura is just so. goddamn. awesome. I am so grateful they gave her more to do this time around. Of course, it also made me crave more K/S, because of reasons. (Link to reasons - spoilery)

However I am totally in love with this gif. I don't know who made it, sorry for not crediting, found it at the end of a fic on AO3, not that I am reading fic atm, because I am studying all the time *stares*

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Come hell or high water I'm going to find an English language screening of Star Trek Into Darkness, if I have to go all the way to Berlin to see it, but I don't have to worry about that until May 9. I wasn't intending to bother with Iron Man 3, after the last disaster, but but these reactions from the screening in London last night have changed my mind. So, sometime soon after May 1, I need to be thinking of this. In fact, if the stars align, maybe I could see both the same weekend, sometime soon after May 9.


Mar. 17th, 2010 12:52 am
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Am I the last person to see this FABULOUS Star Trek vid????


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Er, if you're here for the recs you should know my intolerance for certain tropes and pairings has increased possibly at a comparable rate to the amount of fics being produced. I'd like to clarify for the record that I do not think that these fics should not be written. Incredibly, the Star Trek fandom is NOT ALL ABOUT ME. What I am saying is, there's not a wide sampling of what's actually out there, er, here.

Things I am NOT reading, off the top of my head

- any of the ubiquitous WIPs
- any of the ubiquitous rape fics
- any of the fics where Kirk was sexually abused as a kid
- fics where Winona Kirk is an evil bitch
- hating on McCoy's ex-wife
- sappy lovesick McCoy
- anything that refers to Kirk as a slut, manwhore etc.
- shallow, arrogant Kirk
- not very smart Kirk
- Spock making out with Kirk in public (or anyone else!)
- Spock dancing in nightclubs
- Spock smiling/laughing.
- Spock being considered UNATTRACTIVE by VULCANS because his features are 'too rounded'
- bitchy, mean Uhura
- Chekov/Kirk
- Chekov/McCoy
- Chekov/Uhura
- Chekov/Scotty
- Chekov/everyone *shudders*
- any of the fics where one of the characters has been recast as a girl (ie not genderswap)

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No more fic reading for me for several days - I HAVE FIC TO WRITE. *mourns* If only it were Whitechapel. *sighs wistfully*

Anyone else want to watch Whitechapel with me?

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I have to say, fandom is getting very good at getting on top of wanks and providing handy summary posts complete with links.

On how the Warnings debate blew up

And also, wasn't expecting to feel so personally disappointed in writers whose fic I've previously enjoyed. To quote one commenter Stop being dicks people I like and respect!

In other news, I am reading less Star Trek fic, because... )
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I just read someone's meta about how using the prefix K/Mc for Kirk/McCoy is offensive:

The problem for me, though, is that "Mc" has been used historically in Great Britain, the United States, and elsewhere as an ethnic slur against Irish people, which McCoy is.*

Obviously as my name does not begin with Mc or Mac, I can't have an opinion on this but the part I'm fixated on is, I'm pretty certain that McCoy's not Irish. He has a Southern US drawl and I remember he talks about mint juleps in at least one TOS episode, but that's all I remember. And now I really want to know.

Does anyone remember any specific episode where McCoy refers to where he's from, or am I going to have to watch the whole damn show again?

Edit: I'm going with Georgia, like DeForest Kelley, the actor who played him (first).

*For the record, I copied and pasted that line, I wasn't paraphrasing to make a point - the author of the post has since edited it to read differently.


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