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I love pics of actors looking like they are having fun. This cutie is Eliot Knight from American Gothic (and also Merlin in OUaT which I have been watching recently as well) with Anthony Starrr behind him.

I've just finished the season of American Gothic and I liked the resolution of the plot. Also the lesbian couple )

It seems like most of the shows I've watched in the last few months have had lesbian couples, most of whom have had happy endings, yay! Representation in genre shows, FTW! I found myself feeling resentful that we still don't have the same representation for gay dudes, which is true of course, but on the other hand Shadow Hunters has a very pretty gay couple in it and yet I am not watching that show - mostly because Bunny was unimpressed with the first couple of eps because they were the same plot as the movie, and didn't want to watch any more. And I'm watching Versailles but I don't really like most of the characters and actively wish the Chevalier would DIE, which is not really what I want to be feeling about one half of the sexy gay couple who obligingly have a lot of raunchy sex. IDK, i'm only four eps in and he is super manipulative and I'm yet to be convinced he genuinely cares about Phillipe at all.

Basically we've come a long way from the days when we had to cling to ANYTHING with the slightest hint of gay subtext, like Ben Hur and Lawrence of Arabia and Mountains of the Moon, because that was all we had. And i am so very grateful.
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The news has been full of the ‘four Russian warships’ sailing down our coast. My housemate was making fun.

Me – You won’t be laughing this time next week when we’re all speaking Russian.

Been watching Grantchester )
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I'm currently wallowing in the joy of being passionate about several fandoms - it's that time of year when it's between semesters so I can WATCH ALL THE SHOWS.

Additionally, I am enjoying fandom currently in these ways:

- Sherlock fics that people rec, links to piccies/gifs my Sherlock fandom buddy send me.

- Anything Person of Interest but that's going to fade soon ‘cause I haven't got anyone else to show the show to, and nothing more to read. New eps in September, yay!! I have LithiumDoll’s 'Every Breath You Take' vid on a lot in the background because I love this version of the song (only watch it every now and then though, and by ‘every now and then’ I mean only a few times a day.

- Avengers – reading fic, stick to recs though now, watching the cartoons with Bunny.

- I've been relistening to Cabin Pressure at work, but am a bit afraid to read fic nowadays, it all seems so angtsy and dark. Not what I want from my fluffy fluff fluff fandom.

Lewis – Occasional new fic that turns up, rewatching my favourite three songvids a lot, thinking of fic ideas.

Stargate Universe - been watching the eps, only three to go. Second season is freakin’ awesome. Not much fic I want to read on AO3, am thinking of writing something myself depending on how the series ends.

- True Blood - VIDS! FIC! Current plan is to watch it all again from scratch (and by ‘all’ I mean all the scenes with Sookie, Eric and/or Bill so I can screencap ALL their interaction - finding the time is the challenge! Am resisting urge to take a couple of days leave to wallow. *facepalm*

Randomly, have a DUE SOUTH fic rec - I haven't read DS fic in YEARS, it makes me so happy that I can still get so much pleasure from this fandom - Real Boys , by Salieri, an AU described by the author as 'a riff on Philip K. Dick's dystopia'. Fraser/Kowalski.

Random cute piccie of my Haven threesome actors )
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Despite having spent a large part of the weekend at Zebra's, still managed to watch first season of Falling Skies with Dragonfly and Jody. What? It's only ten eps! I like it. Picks up eight months after an alien invasion, about a group of resistance fighters and civilians. Just finishing up the finale now and then an early bedtime - got to be up at 5.30am for child-related reasons *sighs in martyred way*

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Hmmm, one of Misfits many strengths is the originality of the storylines. This episode was basically the reworking of a popular cliche, and so probably my least fave ep. But a cliche done by Misfits is still heaps of fun. And next week is the finale. Can't WAIT to see what they do with that!

Piccies, not spoilery for plot, a bit spoilery for the end bit, but exactly what you'd expect from them, so... )
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We got through four episodes of The Fades last night, and only stopped at 1.15am because we ran out of episodes on the mediagate. It being an awesome British show, there are only two eps left of the season, sadly.

I highly recommend everything about this show. The plot, the writing, the characters, the look and feel. The horror.

Hee, but if you're like me and love, love, love the relationships, The Fades has an BFF relationship between the 17/18 year old main character and his BFF. Even when Paul seems to be getting himself a completely adorable girlfriend, he says to Mac "No matter what happens with Jay, you'll always be more important."

I have always, always, before I even knew what slash was, hell, before I knew what sex was, been all about two characters bonding together for life, against all odds. It doesn't have to be sexual, they just have to be the most important person in the world each other. It's why I love Temeraire so much. Laurence and Temeraire are bonded for life. It's why my all time favourite scene of anything ever is in the fourth book of Jennifer Roberson's Cheysuli series, when the teenage boy, who'd been devastated that he hadn't got his lir (bonded animal) at puberty like other kids of his clan, finally, FINALLY finds him and the wolf come running into his arms (short version), and it is the BEST SCENE EVER.

It's why I love BFFs that have been devoted to each other their whole lives, without necessarily having to slash them, like Shawn&Gus from Psych. Or Paul&Mac from The Fades.

Paul&Mac. or Paul/Mac. BEING ADORABLE )
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Am watching a new British supernatural show called The Fades. It is INTRIGUING!, and original, and I am typing this one handed on the iPad, so mistakes, schmistakes ---handwaves----

Hee! their accents are so thick even I have to rewind bits. I love british shows!

The main teenage character is a boy who's always been different, he can see ghosts, his best friend has found out and they are walking in the woods at night and he sees a ghost and takes off after it and the BFF is like wuuh? And then this other guy leaps out of nowhre andisappears after them and the BFF is like "is this what its going to belike now and a dead bird falls next to him and he's like "good point, well made"

Ooh, this show is good. Good pilot, I rec this!

Main guy... Bullied by prepubescents. A new low.
BFF.... Or high. Depends on your perspective. There is no one more despised than us.

And why not wear pink jeans, main guy? The bullies will find some excuse to pick on you anyways.

Just finished the last four eps of True Blood. WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME HOW AWESOME IT WAS.......there will be screen caps later when I get the laptop back from Dragonfly.

omg I am becoming middle aged...yesterday I watched a guy deliberately scam a free train ride and I had an impulse to dob him in, in my defense, only because he was Old Enough To Know Better.
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Watched the pilot of Charlie's Angels. Lyla Garretty from FNL turned up, and that wasa about the only remotely engaging thing about it.

New season Community continues to bring the LOLs.

and now, randomly we are watching the the new season H50 episode, despite having not seen the last few eps of the first season. Wow, a lot happened, didn't it.

Two important things everyone should know about this episode.

James Marsters is EVEN SEXIER with an Irish accent.

And look what minor character has made it into the credits! YAYAYAYAYAYYY )
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Ooh, gif of THAT scene from H20 here!

Oh, and apparently Steve called Danny 'babe' during the fish scene. Clearly I should be giving this show my undivided attention...

*falls over laughing*
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I am having the night off studying! I feel very decadent! So of course, apparently what I do with my precious free night off, apparently I catch up on Hawaii 5-0. *headdesk*

This show is not a great show, I think we can all agree. I have been quite critical of it. Although apparently not annoyed enough to stop watching.

However, one tiny unimportant scene in episode 1.20 has just made it all worth while.

Spoiler for cute little scene )

Hawaii 5-0

Feb. 12th, 2011 10:34 am
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Caught up on the latest three eps of Hawaii 5-0 last night, mostly because I was in the mood to waste time on the internet and H50 is one of the few shows I watch just for the eye candy, and have little interest in following the plot.

I have to say, I do love the scenes where Kono and Chin Ho go about having whole scenes together being competant and efficient even though there's not a white guy there telling them what to do. \o/ but episode 16 was the first episode I've been really impressed with, and not just because Steve ran around in camo gear and Chin Ho got to leap on a motorbike again. [personal profile] smittywing summarised it more clearly than I ever could - There were four women in that room at the end. I think the last time I saw four women in a room with no men was on Designing Women.

And I have to say, episode 15 would have been much, much more exciting if... )


Feb. 8th, 2011 12:36 pm
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Still haven’t got around to posting about our holiday. Sorting nearly 500 photos has so far proved too daunting.

Also, have had too many shows to get through before uni starts. Because this semester Dragonfly and I are absolutely going to stay on track and not get distracted due to our respective obsessive tendencies!!! I can’t make RL posts when watching telly. I know people who multitask while watching telly – Dragonfly’s sister once told me that she’s only interested in the overall plot, not the detail. I’m the opposite. I’m in it for the characterisations and the relationships, I don’t care about the destination (as long as it vaguely makes sense).

So lots of TV. At some point there will be a pimp post for Being Human US, and possibly another flailing post about the awesomeness of Southland.

Speaking of Southland, watched episodes 3.01-3.04 last night and am DESPERATE to talk to someone about it. Anyone????

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I'm really enjoying this new series The Cape. It has just the right comic book feel - not silly, but doesn't take itself too seriously.

Trailer on youtube

Hee! The Cape (Vince)just crashed a costume party and has run into a nice politician that he helped in a previous episode - dressed up like The Cape.

Vince - Oh hey, I like your utility belt! *starts fiddling with it*
Politician - Can we keep this between ourselves, it's a bit embarrassing.
Vince - I'm sorry, I've just never had a fan before.
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I pimped it HARD at the Slash Gathering, may possibly have been inadvertently spoilery about the relationships. Oops.

I have just seen the latest ep and am GOBSMACKED.

Spoilery for relationships and unexpected SHOCKING event in episode 12 )
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Misfits is a British show about a group of delinquents who develop superpowers, which doesn't actually work out very well for them.

I don't understand why people I try to show this to don't appreciate it like I do. Okay, the people aren't particularly pretty, or nice, and the ships are definitely het, but it's so well written, and original, and character driven...did I mention original???

One minute promo for first season

Hee! Character Update promo Certainly get a feel for the characters *G*.

You can watch it all on youtube!!

Kelly's my favourite )
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Ian is a rebellious teenager who had recently been suspended from his school. Shortly thereafter, he wakes in a mysterious preparatory high school, with no idea how he got there nor where it is located. The school itself is focused on finding the "unique potential" of each of its students. Along the way, he makes friends with C.J., Gabe, and Suki. Together, they investigate the mysteries of the school while trying to escape.

Sadly, yet another tall good-looking white guy in the lead role. You know, for a change. Still, he's got a bit of a Prince Arthur thing working for him, so there's that.

First ep on youtube

More piccies, not particularly spoilery )
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I am really enjoying this show for the friendship between Rizzoli and Isles. Yes, yes, of course I'm slashing them too, they hang out, they banter, they fall asleep on Rizzoli's bed while discussing cases, they go undercover in a gay bar, you know, just like every other cop buddy show...

If you're wondering where you recognise Isles from, she was Kate in NCIS.
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It continues to mystify me why more people aren't watching Warehouse 13. It has kickass, adorable Secret Service agents and magical artefacts. What more do you need? Last week Pete and Myka BODYSWAPPED. Pete got kissed by a dude!


Slash? Well, can't do m/m, for obvious reasons, but how about some hot femslash? )
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I watched the first half a dozen episodes of Chuck when it first started. I thought it was offensively sexist. I hated everyone in the BuyMore, hated, hated Chuck's BFF Morgan, and was completely indifferent to Chuck himself. I hung in for a while because I loved Casey, Sarah, Ellie and Awesome.

I have since, due to heavy pimping, watched a few key (ie 'slashy') episodes of season 2. Nada. Still didn't like the character much.

I heard around the traps that Chuck fans weren't that happy with season 3. And then almost by accident, I happened to acquire season 3, and Dragonfly and I wanted something to watch that we didn't have to give all our attention to. So we put it on.

A week later, we've finished the whole season. Because it is awesome. Stuff happens in season 3. A lot of stuff. Character development! Plots! More plots! Chuck kicking ass! And also, whoever does the music choices for the show WINS.

I have completely revised my opinion of Chuck himself. The actor can seriously ACT. And it really looks like he does his fight scenes himself. And they look kickass. I've rewatched them, a lot.

And about his flexibility, may I just say, mmmmmmmmm *drifts into daydream*

Chuck's big scene. I have watched this elevenbillionty times. Do NOT click on it if you don't want to be spoiled for, well, quite a lot of things actually - Climax of season 3 Chuck - SPOILERY

Also, and I can barely believe it myself, but I like Morgan now. In fact *cough* I have me a new slash pairing.

Piccie hidden to spare delicate is still Morgan, after all )


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