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Aug. 6th, 2017 01:26 pm
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I cannot recommend this show highly enough - great characters, great writing, diversity win and the lead characters and most of the ensemble cast are women. Fucking WIN.

My one warning would be plot content. TBH, had I known in advance, I might have hesitated to give it a go, although the majority female cast and diversity would probably have won me over.

Brief description of plots of first and second season )

Oh, and also, when we get this on dvd, we'll be watching it with subtitles on. My family background is English, and I still didn't catch everything they said, especially the Welsh psychologist, who talked so fast I couldn't understand a word she said.


Pretty much introducing the three main characters.

DI Deering late to her own awards ceremony (introed by her boss)
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The kid's away and it's school holidays so no sport or club or association meetings or other responsibilities. I am of course using the time wisely to do housework and sort out paperwork.

Hahahahaha just kidding, am watching telly. We're currently watching the Hornblower movies, Ioan Gruffodd and Jamie Bamber are such adorable pink cheeked youths.
(or possibly I got old, its been many years since I watched it, and 16 years since they made it, wow).

Am currently watching the Mutiny/Retribution plot, which also has Phil Glennister, Paul McGann, David Warner and the dude who plays Jacques in Versailles. Excellent quality show, stands up well 16 years later, no reason a period piece wouldn't, I guess. I wonder if they would still have the leisurely scenery shots if they remade it today, everything seems speeded up nowadays, or that could be just be me getting middle-aged again *G*

I adored the Hornblower books in my teens, I reread them a lot, along with Georgette Heyer's entire oeuvre and Dennis Wheatley's Roge Brook series

Oh, ha, I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed Hornblower/Pellew. So many long meaningful looks, Pellow being all awkwardly supportive when Hornblower was in tears after the doomed French village. And all the intense silences.

And just now Pellew has just said to another captain, "I will not see a man hanged out of hand that is as dear to me as... *pained and self conscious look* As dear to me as one of my own."

Random 10 mins from the episode. At the 4 minute mark Hornblower is naked and being sprayed with water in front of the entire crew for some reason. I guess they made their own entertainment on those ships :)
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Posted about my surprise love for a medical show when I was mostly through S1. Found out that some people had been put off by plot development, so was a bit apprehensive. A couple of characters I liked disappeared with no explanation (but characters in this show do tend to appear and disappear, so). And some new characters were introduced, including....

I WAS disappointed by the introduction of two generic heroic white guy characters, Rob Lowe's character, Ethan, and Angus's perfect brother, Mike, but in fact they both turned out to be great and fitted in well and didn't overshadow the other characters.

Angus and Mario's relationship became even more bromancey, yay, sadly they kept falling in love with women *G*

But in a surprise turn of events I found me an intriguing pairing in Ethan/Will. From butting heads to growing respect for each other and bonding, yay. They gave Will's character some character development, finally, turns out he's more than just an arrogant surgeon, so that's nice :)

S2 continues to bring the emotional highs and lows. I cried a lot, and they don't shy away from killing off their regular characters.

Season finale double episode they dealt with an actual plague and it was edge of the seat viewing, omg.
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So, has LJ been buggy for other people for the last few weeks (maybe months) or is it just me. I randomly can't leave comments, like, I'll type it up but it refuses to post. That's been ongoing and random for ages. And tonight it won't let me access the profile page, gah.

Meanwhile I'm watching the s2 finale of Dark Matter and the crew are plotting with potential allies and half are poc and two thirds are women. God I love this show.

Also the dude who was the wolf in Lost Girl has shown up again and I went to point out to my housemate that both he and the Android were characters in LG together and then I remembered that they both played Bo's lovers. I think we accidentally stopped watching around s4, always meant to go back. I remember it being patchy, some great episodes, and some not really good ones, but the one that stood out was when they all randomly body swapped, and the actors did a really, really good job, especially the gender swapped ones.

I am hoping that either Bo and Lauren and Dyson either end up in a happy menage a trois or a threesome. Cute gif set here If I never watch the end, I'll never be disappointed, right?
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I haven't been watching Black Mirror (anthology of stories about the dark side of technology), but my friend recced this ep to me SO HARD and she was right, it is a WONDERFUL f/f love story :-)

Yorkie/Kelly songvid (spoilery natch)

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I was a big fan of the movies back in the day, but definitely wouldn't rewatch them, both because I've lost my taste for macho dudebro action plots/characters, and because Mel Gibson.

Car chases and gunfights are things that just don't do it for me anymore I wasn't going to bother with this - put it on for my housemate and then found myself sucked in by the chemistry between the characters and because I am a sucker for found family.

Damon Wayans is always good value but I wasn't expecting to enjoy Riggs, another same old same old white dude, but in fact I'm enjoying him, despite the moustache and ridiculous hair. No, seriously, he's constantly having to run his fingers through his hair to pull the curls back into place which strikes me as slightly incongruous - he's suicidal with grief but with carefully trimmed and styled hair (maybe it's supposed to look disordered).

a few random piccies )

Here's the promo for completion - full disclosure I haven't bothered to watch it as I'm already three eps in.
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I've never been into medical shows, mainly because of my complete lack of interest in anything, well, medical, but I randomly acquired this show, so I figured I'd give it a go, and wow this show is intense - it's an emotional roller coaster!

Code Black is set in an underresourced ER, based on this documentary, and it is FULL ON - they save people but they also lose people and of course it's also about the characters bonding and supporting each other. Between the patients dying and the personal tragedies I tear up almost every episode.

Some random pics of my fave relationships )

Disclaimer - am only 2/3 through the season, but am fairly confident I will still be reccing it when I've finished, unless Leanne turns out to be a serial killer or something :)

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Gotham has finally *clicked* with me. I dutifully plodded through season 1 because my housemate likes it and because Batman is my favourite superhero and because I loved Gary Oldman's version of Jim Gordon (and shipped him with Bruce Wayne SO hard) And I like Ben McKenzie from Southland, so a show about Jim Gordon pre-Batman days, I was SO ready to love this.

And then it just didn't do much for me, probably because it is as much about the origin stories of the villains as it is about Jim Gordon and boring earnest teenager Bruce Wayne. Last week we'd got about up to 2.3, maybe and I actually said to my housemate, I'm just not interested in villains...

(and then we went to see Suicide Squad and about a third of the way in after they'd introduced the characters and send them on the mission it occurred to me I was watching a film about villains and was worried I'd be bored, but then they started bonding and supporting each other so I enjoyed the film, yay).

So my take away from s1 was, I liked Jim. I liked Harvey (once he started supporting Jim and on the path to redemption) and I liked Alfred, for his care for Bruce and because Sean Pertwee is a sexy mofo. And everyone else bored me. Because I don't care about the villains shenanigans.

I did go looking for Jim/Harvey fic and discovered that the main pairing in this fandom is Jim/Oswald Cobblepot aka the Penguin. Which made me boggle a bit, but I figured we'd be seeing more of them interacting, and that has indeed been the case, but i still had NO interest in the Penguin as a character.

Then s2 started. Jim got darker and more interesting and he and Harvey are close and that makes me happy *sigh*

BUT then Alfred fucking slapped a teenage girl hard across the face WTF (and was then verbally cruel to her) so has earned my contempt and I no longer find him attractive *sorry*

BUT THEN THE PENGUIN. Got more interesting. As did Ed Nygma (aka the Riddler at some point probably), previously utterly repulsive and creepy AF, at some point has turned into a HOT AF creepy villain...



Read more... )

Robin Lord Taylor, who plays the Penguin, has a cool twitter


Specific plot development thing I really didn't like )

(So i think I'm about up to 2.11 now, but am not bothered about spoilers, fyi)
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I noped out of GoT before Sansa’s wedding. I’d been pretty much done with all the sexual violence against women (and the people at work who were like ‘oh but there’s violence against men too, and they DIE’) but I had been repeatedly and earnestly assured that season 6 is the season of women kicking arse so on the weekend I finally sat down and watched all ten episodes in one go, which was a hell of a ride.

Just briefly my fave things with random pics from the internet )
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I generally love science fiction, fantasy and cop shows (that are about the team/partner relationships - I don't care about plot) but occasionally i get lured into a non-genre show. I started watching Downton Abbey because there was a gay character...and then stayed in spite of him because other characters and ships hooked me in (Bates/Anna ftw). I started watching Call the Midwife because I heard that in season 4 there would be a lesbian couple who get a happy ending and immediately fell in love with all the awesome women doing this amazing uplifting and heartbreaking and difficult job with grace and affection and OMG so wonderful :)

Then there is American Gothic which I assumed was going to be a supernatural show but turned out to be a drama about a wealthy dysfunctional family who realise that one of them must be a serial killer who'd stopped killing fifteen years ago.

Initially stayed because Anthony Starrr from Banshee is in it, but am five eps in and curious to see where it's going.

What a difference a haircut and some attitude makes!!! As Lucas Hood in Banshee -

And as the estranged, sinister older son in American Gothic -

Promo and first ep embedded under cut )

Bonus lesbians! )
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Now that my Hannibal obsession has waned (to manageable levels) I have been catching up on other shows.

Person of Interest was once my primary fandom, when it was all about Harold and John and Bear and Carter and Fusco. Harold/John was my OTP but Carter was my fave character, so when they did that thing ) it took away my two fave things about the show.

I still liked it a lot - I love Fusco and Shaw and very much appreciated the Root/Shaw flirting but it fell off my priority list but I've finally got around to watching the last season, and it was suitably epic.

I loved the apocalyptic finale )

I was super happy to see these three show up again :)

A bit about what I hope happens next )
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A time agent, played by Arthur Darvill (Rory from Doctor Who) collects a bunch of supporting characters from Arrow and The Flash to help him save the future and shenanigans ensue because they have no idea what they are doing and argue a lot but also try to save people and each other and keep screwing up the future and then having to try and fix it again.

I'm only about seven episodes in but it's entertaining and full of pop culture references and in jokes. My faves are Rory and Snart - criminal partners who've been inseparable since they met in juvie when they were 14 years old. They're played by Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller who played brothers in Prison Break. One time Rory is in a Soviet prison and the others are plotting to break him out and Snart is like 'this isn't my first prison break'.

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My teenager has made me watch all three High School Musical movies in the last week. All. Three. She wore me down showing me clips of the musical numbers when I was trapped with her on public transport in the mornings. I am a sucker for a musical, even Disney ones. Descendants was great! And I didn't mind Teen Beach.

Up to date with iZombie - I love Liv, Ravi and Major and would happily OT3 them except I like Liv/Drake too, so I guess I'm back to Ravi/Majorand their adorable bromance.

Ravi's my fave,he's just too adorable amirite. I do love Major too, though, and I never saw that coming, in the beginning I assumed he'd be the bland white guy love interest, instead they gave him a totally dark storyline and he's totally the show woobie, look at his little face...

Also up to date on Lucifer, I know he's cheesy but I find him charming anyway, must be the accent *g* I love his increasing vulnerability, both physically and emotionally. I also love his pyschologist Dr Linda, she's adorable.

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Binge watching season 3 Agents of Shield, love love love watching all the Shield stuff - invested in all the characters, especially May, Bobby (and Hunter) and Daisy. I am mostly bored by the Hydra plotting scenes but I do enjoy watching Ward in full psycho killer mode...remember how underwhelmed we all were with season 1 right up until the bland generic white guy lead character turned out to be Hydra??? Well played, Marvel.

I adored the episode that was just Simmons trapped on the alien planet. I am now invested in Simmons/Will as well as Simmons/Fitz and have had to check to confirm that Will turns up in another ep, and have looked up Simmons/Fitz/Will fics for future reference in case they actually bring him home.

Oh, HA, Simmons is being all defiant at Ward and Ward is like 'love this whole Furiosa vibe you've got going'

OOOH, back on the planet now, SO AWESOME.
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I... did not like the pilot at all. I admit I do have an immediate bias against shows with yet another macho white guy in the lead role, and this guy was everything I dislike - aggressive, hard drinking, partying. Ugh. I was watching it with a friend and we kept going back of forth about whether we even wanted to see the episode out. The only thing that kept us going was Tim McKay pretty much playing an AU version of his character in White Collar - seriously, he's pretty much Peter Burke.

The end of the ep was intriguing and it looks like this is going to be about the character's redemption, so last night I showed the pilot to the household (with the 'he's a dick!' disclaimer, and I didn't mind it this time.

And then I liked the second episode a lot more - it's clearly going to be him and AU Peter Burke as Unlikely Crime Fighting Partners and how can I resist that??

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Yuletide fic beta'd and final version uploaded, yay! One treat finished, draft with beta. Second treat in progress, wheee. Still will end up with a word count less than half my usual Yuletide output, oh well. FUN WITH NEW FANDOM, WIN.

Also, I checked my Gift page and someone has written ME a Treat. I am very excited!!

Watched the pilot of Magicians - spoilers and negativity under the cut )

*pathetically* Is it wrong that I like my magic shows to be Warehouse 13 rated content. Bring on more scenes of Myka and Pete sprawled on his bed as he shows her his comic book collection, i say.

no title

a little pimp post from 2010
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*yawns* It's late but I have a Leave day tomorrow so am up watching the S2 Z Nation finale. The first season was awesome, and s2 started out EPICALLY because apparently one apocalypse wasn't enough.

There's been some brilliant concepts and stories, like the Blasters (irradiated zombies that are terrifyingly fast). There were also a couple of times when it completely jumped the shark (even for a show about zombies), like the zombie camels (and the whacked out story line that they belonged to), which made us laugh and laugh.

Honorary mention to the zombie Abe Lincolns (Dragonfly assures me that it's totally believable that they could have been trapped in that bus for five years)

Okay, that cliffhanger ending was great, they better not cancel it!
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YAY FANDOM LOVE - I haven’t been this excited about a fandom in ages. I’m only four episodes in and SO MUCH LOVE. The show is about eight diverse people in different parts of the world who become linked psychically and emotionally… so basically SOULBONDING!!!

I know that some people don't love the show because they thought the season finale was vague and confusing, but hey, it's been renewed, so hopefully it will work itself out. But even if it doesn't, I don't care! As always I am not here for the plot. This show tells eight different stories so you've pretty much got to just enjoy the ride.

And I am pretty confident I'm not going to be disappointed - it's one of the most requested fandoms for Yuletide this year and I've been perusing the letters, and nearly all of them are happy for all the sensates to be included, they love them all, so. YAY.


Cute vid from 1.04 – Wolfgang is karaokeing and the others are starting to tune in to each other even though they have no idea what’s going on -

Brief character descriptions of the Sensates lazily copied from Wiki, and 1 minute character vids from youtube - if you only watch one, watch Lito's (I may be biased) )

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I haven't rewatched Army of Darkness in many years, but at one time it was fave that I regularly quoted from. I still wear the t-shirt. And Bruce Campbell has continued to be good value. So when I saw they'd finally made a series I was pretty happy. Am now watching Ash vs Evil Dead and it is...actually pretty much what you'd expect. The same cheesy horror and Ash apparently has had no personal growth, is the same crass idiot he was before, "now an aging lothario who has successfully avoided responsibility, maturity and heinous villains for the past 30 years".

Not sure yet )

Teen Wolf

Aug. 2nd, 2015 01:15 pm
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Decided it was time to introduce Bunny to Teen Wolf, because that's the kind of awesome parent I am. Shut up.

Showed her the promo for season 1, her reaction - Eh. Showed her the promo for season 5, her reaction - PUT THIS SHOW ON IMMEDIATELY.

Which is pretty much how I feel about season 5 Teen Wolf. I've seen the first four eps and they've really pulled out the stops to bring the horror. Genuinely scary, I hope they can keep it up, because it would be awesome to watch this show for the plot instead of despite it.

Wow, it's super hard to find a group shot of Scott's pack that doesn't include Derek. )


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