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LES MISERABLES was just stunning. The cast were fabulous, and Anne Hathaway’s performance especially just blew me away. Absolutely stunning. Disclaimer: except Russell Crowe, who has a lovely voice, but it’s just not powerful enough for the role. I may be biased, because still adore Roger Allam’s Javert, and of course Philip Quast was famous for it. OOH look, here they are performing together, how have I not seen this before. Okay, oh wow, now I've just found this "international" version Must go investigate further...I can see I'm not going to be very productive this morning...

LEWIS - I thought about trying to rec Lewis fics, but instead I’m just going to rec the entire fandom ([community profile] inspector_lewis) For such a tiny fandom, we are very active. And friendly and wank-free! I’ve never been involved in a single fandom for this long before because I run away from anything that might spoil my glee. There are 14 Yuletide fics this year, plus a Secret Santa exchange running ([community profile] lewis_challenge), plus other new fics regularly appearing on AO3. Yay us!

I haven’t been able to throw myself into Yuletide as completely as I usually do, due mainly to time constraints, but also I think due to the fact that I keep getting distracted by Lewis fic I’ve even been poking at a few gen fics *gasp* Only because even most of the gen fics focus on the Lewis&Hathaway friendship, tbh.

Just a few other Yuletide recs )
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I very much enjoyed Elementary! Jonny Lee Miller is always entertaining to watch and I'm liking Lucy Liu as well. I've only previously seen her in Charlie's Angels (yay!) and Kill Bill (a movie I didn't like at all).

And okay, the finale of True Blood has made me gleeful. Best season yet, epic finale, YAY, of which most of the last crucial scene is up on youtube (warning: gore!)

And here's a 1:33 bonus scene in the elevator

Very brief thoughts on finale )
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I'm currently wallowing in the joy of being passionate about several fandoms - it's that time of year when it's between semesters so I can WATCH ALL THE SHOWS.

Additionally, I am enjoying fandom currently in these ways:

- Sherlock fics that people rec, links to piccies/gifs my Sherlock fandom buddy send me.

- Anything Person of Interest but that's going to fade soon ‘cause I haven't got anyone else to show the show to, and nothing more to read. New eps in September, yay!! I have LithiumDoll’s 'Every Breath You Take' vid on a lot in the background because I love this version of the song (only watch it every now and then though, and by ‘every now and then’ I mean only a few times a day.

- Avengers – reading fic, stick to recs though now, watching the cartoons with Bunny.

- I've been relistening to Cabin Pressure at work, but am a bit afraid to read fic nowadays, it all seems so angtsy and dark. Not what I want from my fluffy fluff fluff fandom.

Lewis – Occasional new fic that turns up, rewatching my favourite three songvids a lot, thinking of fic ideas.

Stargate Universe - been watching the eps, only three to go. Second season is freakin’ awesome. Not much fic I want to read on AO3, am thinking of writing something myself depending on how the series ends.

- True Blood - VIDS! FIC! Current plan is to watch it all again from scratch (and by ‘all’ I mean all the scenes with Sookie, Eric and/or Bill so I can screencap ALL their interaction - finding the time is the challenge! Am resisting urge to take a couple of days leave to wallow. *facepalm*

Randomly, have a DUE SOUTH fic rec - I haven't read DS fic in YEARS, it makes me so happy that I can still get so much pleasure from this fandom - Real Boys , by Salieri, an AU described by the author as 'a riff on Philip K. Dick's dystopia'. Fraser/Kowalski.

Random cute piccie of my Haven threesome actors )
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Keeping in mind that Sherlock has been reinvented heaps of times already, I am trying to keep an open mind. I really want this to work for JLM's sake, and especially Lucy Liu's, since she has all the haters to deal with.

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AAHAHAHA so at a vid panel at Swancon it was claimed there are no good Sherlock vids.

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Today on the packed train, so I couldn't escape, standing next to me were two Young People. The girl had on her inside upper arm, tattooed very large, In gods hands *cries* The boy was talking in that very loud, precise, cadenced, showing-off way about Lost Girl and how it was about a woman who is a spirit who sucks out people's souls. SO MUCH WRONG IN SUCH A CONFINED SPACE. Heroically, I restrained my inner Sheldon, and I was extra glad I'd done so when the dude started talking about it being his day to see his Custodial Officer.

Aaannd back to Sherlock -

Everybody's seen this vid where House is Sherlock's dad, right? Cat's in the Cradle

I posted a faulty link to this the other day in my assorted Sherlock recs, in case any one did link on it, and was sad, here it is again, because I it is so freakin awesome - Stunning artwork - Sherlock/John kiss animation
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Normally NOT a fan of vampire AU 'verses, but this is fantastic. John is a human slave, the vampires are the ruling class. There's a plot involving the HLF (the Human Liberation Front).

A Priori 'Verse by rubberbutton (26000 words)

“So, what can you tell me?” Lestrade asks. He's got his hands tucked into the pockets of his trench coat and he toes a charred bit of furniture.

John likes Lestrade. He's is the most laid-back vampire John has ever met, and he treats John like he hasn't even noticed he's human – which, despite what Sherlock may say about his detective skills, John is reasonably sure he has.

NB: there's quite a lot of typos in the final part, which boggles my mind. Has no-one mentioned it to the author, is the culture of 'only compliments' on comments become so widespread, or does the author not care. I've PM'd her anyway *shrug*

Also, in case there's anyone yet who hasn't heard, the new Sherlock episode is AWESOME. They have outdone themselves!!!!

One cute visual joke from the episode, not plot-spoilery )
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As usual, behind in uni due to submersion in fandom, this time obsession with Sherlock leading to insane amount of fic writing, plus heaps and heaps of good telly on atm!

Over a couple of months I wrote 30k of fic, more than twice what I usually write in a year! One Lewis fic for charity, and four Sherlock fics, 1 x Sherlock/John, 1 x Sherlock/Lestrade, 1 x John/Lestrade and 1 x Sherlock/John/Lestrade.

Am now taking a break from fandom to do assignments. *SIGH*

...except that Whitechapel has just started, I will have to priorise that. What? It's only three eps!

my recent TV viewing, probably only of interest to me )
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Apparently I'm switching to dreamwidth.

I'm still crossposting to and reading LJ, so I'd ask that no one link my posts to Facebook or Twitter. Mostly because I find Facebook very scary.

Um, content?

I wrote a fic - first time I've been inspired this year. Mind you, who wouldn't be inspired by Sherlock. *hearts* Took a prompt from a friend to get me started though, of all things, a m/m/m threesome. Not normally my thing at all and Sherlock/John are totally an OTP, but seriously, Rupert Graves makes *everything* better.

Making Room Sherlock/John/Lestrade.


Jul. 29th, 2010 01:59 pm
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If you have been living in a cave and have somehow not yet discovered the sheer awesome that is the new Sherlock Holmes series, check it out on youtube here!

And look, a new BBC scifi series. The Deep I have high hopes!
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About the upcoming Sherlock Holmes BBC series.


There's also a epic movie-like trailer that's been pulled from youtube, but I have it if anyone is dedicated enough to email me *g*.


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