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Sadly, my tv watching has been severely curtailed due to study commitments. Even more sadly, it's only week five.

I will say, it was not my choice to move s5 SGA to the top of our wait list.

First ep was okay. I was checking lj while it was on, but there was something about the guys being injured *handwave" but I did notice all the female characters being awesomely capable, especially (as usual) Sam Carter.

I love Sam.

Sadly episode 2 seems determined to crush my will to live. Blah, blah creature with lots of slimy tentacles attempts to take over Atlantis, wasn't listening to the technobabble, possibly because it was Carson. Ugh, Carson. Whhhhhy are you?

Also, wtf replacing Sam with Woolsly? No, really, I can feel the last remnants of enthusiasm for this show dribbling out of my ears with every word he says. Was having an awesome, competant, beloved base commander making the show less edgy or something???
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I broke up with SGA quite emphatically two years ago, didn't even get to the end of season 4. Then a few days [personal profile] pionie recced a cute Ronon & Chuck friendship fic, and then I found myself rereading a few old faves and remembering how much I loved John and Rodney...


Hee! The episode I just watched had Carter, Keller and McKay trapped in a bunker together. They were playing 'Who would you do?'

Carter - Stephen Colbert or Steve Carell?
Keller - Colbert.
Carter - Colbert.
McKay - Carell, definitely, but I'd pick Jon Stewart over both of know, if I had to.
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It’s that time of year when Vividcon is over and the fabulous vids premiered there become available online. Most of the vidders I know already and can be pretty confident I'm going to like their vid/s but it's also a chance to see new (to me) vidders. I also tend to backtrack and find the vids they've been making the rest of the year while I wasn't paying attention. Or the whole catalog if it's someone I've somehow missed before.

I haven't had a chance to check them all out, some are on imeem, which for some reason won't play sound for me atm, and some are in fandoms I don't know. Also I have to stop downloading, uh, anything, right now, otherwise I'm gonna get us shaped and Dragonfly will be Cranky.

If you want to check them all out, or keep up with vids generally I recommend checking out [ profile] vidding.

Vid recs!!!!! )
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Me - My flist is full of the news about SGA being cancelled.
[ profile] cricketk *excitedly* Do they all DIE at the end?
Me - There's a telemovie after that.
Cricket - Do they all die at the end of THAT? Because that would be AWESOME.

A dilemma!!

Jun. 5th, 2008 01:39 am
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So tonight I was obsessively hunting down vids I lost when my laptop was stolen, and stumbled across THIS OMG AWESOME ARTWORK AND FIC WHERE RODNEY MCKAY IS IRON MAN OMG

And now it is stupidly, stupidly late and I am curled on my side in bed and could just turn off the laptop and go to sleep, only my cat is curled up asleep on my legs and my mobile is in the lounge room, and if I don't go get it the alarm will go off at 6am and wake everybody EXCEPT me.

So I'm TORN.

Meanwhile my new resolution is to rec every damn vid I like, so that I will always know where to find it again. So.

Cartoon Heroes
A fun multifandom action vid including The Matrix, Indiana Jones, Kill Bill, LotR and more. Has some awesome, awesome editing. It's fun!

Black Parade
This is a Gibbs character study to MCR's Black Parade, which is why it caught my eye, seeing as how I've only ever watched eps of NCIS when I've been around when Dragonfly had it on.


Apr. 29th, 2008 08:16 am
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Come the long weekend I had all the time in the world to work on my uni assignment. I had an impulse to read a fic or two, which, I haven't really read much fic in months, so I wandered over to [ profile] crack_van, read a couple of pleasant fics. All was good, I was on track.

Then I found [ profile] libraryofsol. Aannd..that was my long weekend gone.

This writer is amazing. She writes both gen and slash, her gen fics are really funny and I love them too *gasp*

Some GEN fic recs - SGA, Primeval, Life on Mars, Supernatural/Die Hard, Numb3rs )

I feel I should warn that her use of punctuation is erratic and occasionally spell check fails her. However, she is so good this does not detract from my enjoyment of her fics, which is the biggest compliment I can pay her!! Yes, I know that says more about me, whatever. She is, however, going to let me start beta reading for her, yays!
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Watched SGA 4.04 Doppelganger, on youtube last night, though I noticed this morning it's on torrents.

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So all the military types at SG1 were off dealing with some crisis, and Rodney was accidentally the only person around a hatching egg, and the dragon bonded to him despite his protests so now he has to be an aviator but is really cranky about it, and still works on his research, while Sheppard lazes around in the sun and contributes the maths, and then Atlantis is discovered and they're assigned as part of the air corp and the city glows for the dragons, so the scientists are always getting them to turn stuff on, except Rodney is really jealous of Sheppard. Sheppard spends a lot of time surfing the air currents around the spires and hanging out with the whales. Then one day they find an Ancient device that allows the dragons to take human form at will.
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I am fascinated by the way John's pants are just sort of shoved into the top of his boots in this picture. Does he always wear them like that and I've never noticed or is this his casual look?

Also, the caption is very amusing. *smirks*


Apr. 4th, 2007 11:29 pm
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I start my new job on the 23rd April. You know what else starts on 23rd April? HEROES.

Also, I may be the last person in SGA fandom to see this - commentfics where Atlantis folk get turned into baby animals. Don't worry, nobody has sex. Unless you count puppy!John licking his balls.

It's for the win!
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What with new SGA eps starting, thought I'd better catch up on the eps I missed when I was in America.

3.05 Progeny )

3.06 The Real World )
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Your housemate makes a steak dinner, with veges and some kind of mushroom gravy. It is DELICIOUS.

The next day you find out it was kangaroo.

Your friend brings over the Stargate/Atlantis crossover episode and insists you watch it because it is that funny, even though you're not up to date on your SG1. You laugh and LAUGH at how hilarious it is.

The next day you watch it and it's only funny for the first half and then you get cranky at how unprofessional and offensive their behaviour towards McKay is.
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SGA Flashfic recently had a 'dark side' challenge. I avoided all those fics assiduously, except for the two fabulous ones that took the lighter side. Cos who doesn't love JEDIS!!!

Latest challenge has been 'superheroes' which has lured me right back into happy SGA fic wallowing. I was so lulled into a false sense of security and warm fuzziness that I forgot to check warnings, and stumbled into a domestic violence fic. As in, Sheppard abusing McKay. I stopped as soon as I realised but I feel yucky now. Each to their own, I know, but it makes me sad that people look at the SHINY and just don't see that at all.

Now I'm off to reread a happy-making Sheppard/McKay fic. This one works...
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ncis is on. I'm affected by alcohol. These are both good things.

We just watched that SGA/SG1 crossover ep. IT was GREAT. Of course, I'm half a season behind on SG1 but apparently that didn't matter. Also, being somewhat drunk helped, I'm not sure what the thing with the supergates was all about but I don't think it matters. soooooo pished. *points* That last bit? Dragonfly wrote that. She is amused by the amount of time I am spending backspacing and retyping.

Also, I may have a bit of crush on Vala. And McKay? Where did his hips go? He's like, skinnier than Vala, and that's just WRONG. Did I mention there was alcohol involved?
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Things that made me happy today (yesterday, whatever)

Snuggling on the couch with the laptop. *pause* We're just good friends. Really.

LJ's new Beta Navigation.

This fic.

Jody staying over the weekend. Because she is fabulous. Also, she is in my room downloading songvids. Yes, it is 1.30am.
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Last night I had nightmares. Plural. This is a first for me. On the rare occasion I get nightmares I just roll back over and go back to sleep. This time I went straight back into the nightmare and when I managed to wake myself back up lay rigidly staring going 'Don't go back to sleep! Don't go back to sleep!'

I was in my old house in Subi and there were these housemates who got steadily meaner and meaner towards me, eventually there was torture (not specific) and it turned out it was a REALITY SHOW.

Jody is of the opinion that it's payback from my 'having Paul McGillion on the couch' the night before. The woman has a dirty mind, is all I'm saying.

Speaking of things to do with Paul McGillion, Jody and I watched some SGA episodes tonight. Inferno still makes me all tingly. Carson didn't annoy me as much as usual. I wonder why? Of course, I didn't have to watch him doing anything unethical or mad-scientist-like, so that was nice.
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This thing with the lights and the doors? Are they thought activated or not? Or only for those with the ATA gene? I cannot distinguish between canon and fanon anymore....
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He was aware of the controversy surrounding the application of DADT policy to an international expedition—and an international expedition to another galaxy at that—but in the end, it didn’t matter. Everyone got the chip, or they didn’t go.

DADT, Damyata, Dayadhvam

I am IN AWE of this fic.

A love story, within the the framework of a dystopian AU, which is chilling purely because I can't just shrug and say 'this could never happen'. Because, in this political climate, I totally believe it could.


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