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IT was overcast when I left work today, and by the time I turned into the local shops it was sheeting down and dark but the sky was bright with lightening. I had a waterproof jacket on but my jeans got soaked just running the few metres from my car to the doorway. There was a dude with a shopping bag and a labrador sheltering there. On my way out a few other people with shopping had joined him. I was like 'you guys seriously waiting for THIS to stop' as I ran past, and they mostly laughed and took off too, including the dude with the dog. I felt bad for him (and the dog) so I drove across the car park to where he and his dog were now sheltering against another building and offered them a lift. He declined cheerfully and took off down the street with his poor dog reluctantly tailing him. I wouldn't normally offer a guy a lift, but I figured someone who owns a labrador has to be okay, right?

And now, importantly, my fandom obsession )


May. 4th, 2009 09:57 pm
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I am VERY DISAPPOINTED by the lack of knowledge about Welsh beer displayed by my flist. *tuts*

Anyone recognise this label, at least?

And now, because I'm suddenly curious, a poll about drinking preferences )
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Okay, I am being all judgy-judge and saying that non-Australians just can't do a convincing Australian accent (well, except for Kiwis, for obvious reasons).

I am willing to be convinced so please cite your evidence so I can go marvel - the text boxes are for you to tell me who they are, and what they did it in.

If you don't know who Chase is, but like mocking people's accents filling in polls, here's some clips on youtube.

[Poll #1279473]

Edit Don't even mention Mel Gibson. Raised in Australia doesn't count.
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[Poll #1269397]

Perth people: They have bins at the library! I did not know this!
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So I'm prudish, but IMO icons displaying full frontal nudity belong in one's own lj or the appropriate communities.

This randomness brought to you by the fact that I have had to turn down going to [ profile] emma_in_oz's baby shower followed by Edward Scissorhands in order to co-ordinate a huge group assignment, only none of the fuckers rest of the group have sent me anything yet. They had three questions each to answer, and were supposed to forward each one to me as they finished them. THEY'VE HAD ALL WEEKEND.

[Poll #1218555]
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I watched the second episode of the latest Dr Who episode again tonight and I got even more out of it this time. I LOVE DONNA SO MUCH RIGHT NOW. And, OMG, foreshadowing much?

Episode guide

The BEST Dr Who episodes poll )


Apr. 10th, 2008 09:41 pm
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So, which episodes of Torchwood did you think were the best - would recommend for people who, for whatever misguided reason, aren't already enjoying the awesomeness of Ianto Jones our trashy bisexual show?

You can still play if you've only seen a few episodes, but you thought one or more of them were really good. Hello, Captain Jack Harkness?

Synopses here

Torchwood poll FTW )

And if you want to tell me why you chose a particular episode, I may not even mock you. Unless it's Cyberwoman.
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[Poll #1123189]

Edit: I can't do BOTH, people!!! It's only a check-box for [ profile] special_trille.
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Dragonfly reckons I should go to the shops now and buy Blades of Glory for $30 so I can write a fic show it to her for Christmas since we'll be on our own*

[Poll #1110513]

*no Bunny :(
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[Poll #1075916]

It's not too late! You too can be involved! Even if you haven't read the books you can still answer questions 1 and 4! There are no spoilers for Empire of Ivory!


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