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If you haven't already watched Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, I highly, highly recommend this lovely show. I suggest reading this a lovely, detailed pimp post someone else prepared earlier because I am lazy no point reinventing the wheel, right *cough*

The characters are adorable and the chemistry between Jack and Phryne lights up the screen.

a bit of MFMM yuletide ramble )

My absolute highlight for Yuletide (after my own gifts of course) was this fic set after the series finale -

A Series of Optical Illusions
Phryne/Jack, Case Fic, M. 20k.

This is bait, but the best bait is the truth; there is no lie in Jack's arm around her waist, in his fingers tangled through hers.
Miss Phryne Fisher sets a trap, throws a party, and reconciles her differences.
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Slash Christmas Gathering was lovely. Excellent company, excellent conversation, delicious food and media consumption.

[profile] psycho_tabby made delicious strawberry daquiris. I've never had one before and was worried it would be too sweet, but it was delicious.

Also, the free range ham was the best ham I've ever tasted. I am a Ham Convert.

Secret Santa was the type you have random picking order, and then the next person can steal your gift. Stolen and restolen amongst much hilarity was a glass cherry bowl and an adorable yellow metal watering can and plastic animal shaped water diffuser thingy. I was very happy with my Doctor Who tin.

Of course, we HAD To watch the SPN episode 'Fan Fiction' because two people in the group had somehow not yet seen it. This ep literally sums up how far fandom representation and shipping has come. It could not be more perfect.

I babbled about my current fandom obsession, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, which I am extra excited about because First Australian Fandom. I showed them a Phryne/Jack vid, but did not put an ep on since this is still, technically, a slash gathering.

Instead I pimped The Originals, aided and abetted by [personal profile] mr_booboo. We watched the pilot (which is hilariously exposition heavy and involves many characters and flashbacks). Poor [profile] zebra363 was like 'my comprehension is about 20%' but mr_booboo and I provided lots of important explanations about relationships and pairings, and I think some people plan to watch it.

(I did do a tiny pimp post here a while back but I see now that it was totally inadequate).

To the person who asked if there are lots of flashbacks, Yes, there are!

This is one of my fave scenes. Marcel has just come back from war and Elijah literally says to Marcel about Klaus - "Ï'm glad you're back, he's been beside himself while you were gone".

Also, Klaus and Elijah are VERY devoted brothers (cut because image is huge in DW) )
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Productive weekend, feeling goooood. Lots of exercise, weeding, cleaning up my bedroom, interspersed with important telly watching.

I am very happy with my Yuletide assignment, recipient seems easy to please - there was no letter complete with essay detailing their likes/dislikes (I am not criticising those types of letters, the last two years I had those and I enjoy the challenge of including as many things as I can cram in *g*)

I offered Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries again this year but again didn’t match on it – which is fair enough, I do prefer matching on rarer fandoms, to me that’s the real point of Yuletide, however there are lots of lovely prompts for MFMM in people’s open letters and I am thinking seriously of writing a treat in the fandom. With that thought in mind I figured I’d rewatch some eps (when Dfly is doing school prep we put stuff on that she’s either seen or isn’t bothered about giving all her attention to)

I had forgotten how charming this show is!!!

The characters are adorable and the chemistry between Jack and Phryne lights up the screen.

Here is a pimp post someone else prepared earlier which pretty much sums up most of the things I love about the show.
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So I've requested Weekend Update (SNL) for Yuletide - I did an excited little pimp post once before, when an amazing thing happened - a slash pairing became canon! Yes, it's a comedy show, but baby steps! Anyway, even though the actors have moved on to bigger projects they haven't stopped making little skits and referencing this fictional relationship as though it's still relevant.

Seth Meyers is a real dude who now hosts a late night talk show. However his FICTIONAL persona, 'Seth Meyers', hosted a news show on SNL, Weekend Update, and he would regularly have city correspondent 'Stefon' (played by Bill Hader) on to update viewers on the best places to visit in NY.

Disclaimer: I rarely find SNL humour to my taste, but Seth Meyers and Stefon are ADORABLE together.

This lj-cut has EVERYTHING )
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So, what with sudden onset Teen Wolf obsession, plus getting paperwork for theoretical study exchange, got a bit behind with uni, but last night I was back on track, studying productively! Hand on heart, plan was to watch one, maybe two eps before going to bed at a reasonable time...but then Dragonfly was staying up doing scrapbooking stuff, and then it was 3.30am and we'd finished off the whole damn show. The finale was AWESOME.

Little disappointed that the first ep we watched last night had no shirtless dudes, but then they gave us this to make up for it )

Yes, my focus is Jackson, but like everyone else, loving the Derek/Stiles, here's a few cute vids -

All the guys being hot in each other's general direction. I esp like Derek dominating Jackson.

Amusing Derek/Stiles scenes

My fave Stiles moment

I like this Derek/Stiles vid (only 2mins) it's not even the most slashy, but it has lots of Derek wolfing out and being protective, which I like.

And here's the actors slashing it up and promising more Sterek if people vote for them

And then to make up for the lack of shirtlessness in that ep they gave me this. (Potentially spoilery) )

It's not that I'm obsessed with naked men, I swear, it's just that the show is doing it deliberately. The whole point of this show is SEXY WEREWOLVES. Hell, Derek is even sexier wolfed out than not. *cough*
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Inexplicably, the new season ep of Haven has not yet fallen off the internetz bus near me yet. *goes to check again*

I stole this piccie off tumblr, not sure about the etiquette yet, killabeez had reblogged it from someone...

A bit of pimping under the cut )
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Common Law's that new show that's actually being promoted by the network as the new slash show, isn't it? About cop partners who are sent to couple's counselling. I was TREPIDATIOUS. I was warned they bicker all the time and that's really not something i enjoy either in real life, or in my fandoms.

The actors have chemistry, yay!

A few more pics )
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Cabin Pressure is a hilarious British radio show about a tiny airline company. It stars Benedict Cumberbatch and "that guy who played Javier in Les Mis". Lovely smooth voice. Oh, and Anthony Head turns up for a few eps and they sing a bit of opera together.

Overview and links at UK Comedy Guide

youtube links, total 19 eps

tumblr with artwork and asstd fun

John Finnemores blogWriter, plays Arthur

Fics on AO3

Fic rec page
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I wrote a couple of tiny Ted & Ralph fics as treats because the prompt was basically 'omg give me a happy ending, put me out of my misery' which is pretty much how I felt about it.

Truth Be Told (Ted/Ralph, 2300 words)
Ted and Ralph spend Christmas Eve together.

There's Always the Drainage in the Lower Field (Ted/Ralph, 1100 words)
I started this one first, it was a bit experimental and mostly Ted being thinky, and I abandoned it and wrote the other. I finished this as a Yuletide Madness treat so that the recipient got a more definite happy ending. Hence them both being similarly themed.

I never watched the Fast Show, but a friend introduced me to the Ted & Ralph sketches, about a shy, kind -hearted gentleman who is in love with his gardener. There are hints throughout that his feelings are returned, although it is never spoken of, and the final sketch of the series had a slow mo of them running through a field of flowers holding hands. (it's only a few seconds and is on the last bit of the part 4 compilation below)

Links to all the sketches )
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Community is a clever and funny 21 minute show about a study group at community college who become an unlikely group of friends.

The show isn't afraid to go to wacky places, for example, watch ep 2.14 - Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Part 1 Part 2

And then there's Troy and Abed!!!!

Troy and Abed are BFFs. Often they get their own little unrelated skit at the end of the ep, here they are as Bert and Ernie.

Troy/Abed 4EVA )

Troy and Abed vs zombies!!!! )
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I first got into their storyline on Verboten Liebe a couple of years ago and was very briefly obsessed until I ran out of dubbed youtube clips. Rediscovered it recently due to these extremely spoilery piccies ) and now I'm all about the Christian/Ollie love again.

Playlist 1

Playlist 2
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Misfits is a British show about a group of delinquents who develop superpowers, which doesn't actually work out very well for them.

I don't understand why people I try to show this to don't appreciate it like I do. Okay, the people aren't particularly pretty, or nice, and the ships are definitely het, but it's so well written, and original, and character driven...did I mention original???

One minute promo for first season

Hee! Character Update promo Certainly get a feel for the characters *G*.

You can watch it all on youtube!!

Kelly's my favourite )
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This last week I’ve been desperately trying to get my major assignment done before I leave this Saturday for my fortnight’s road trip up north . I have, however managed to fit in 13 episodes of Southland. It is just as well that that’s all the Southland episodes that currently exist otherwise I wouldn’t be getting any sleep at all. Why yes, current obsession, hello.

The cheat's guide to pimping Southland )
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Having now seen the first seven episodes of Stargate Universe, I am LOVING it. Apart from episode 6, which was just your standard Stargate plot tweaked, the story so far is freaking EPIC.

Picspam!!! )
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An actual Lewis/Hathaway vid that captures *something* of their relationship. Why can't someone make a vid that just shows all the ways Hathaway watches Lewis all the time and the way they look at each other out of the corner of their eyes when someone says something they think is funny and their non-existent personal space and how neither of them date but go to parties together and hang out at Lewis's place and only take up half the couch and Hathaway says half jokingly 'thank god we've got each other' Ahem, what was I saying?

Lewis fic recs! )
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Recently I successfully pimped Wiseguy to [ profile] zebra363.

Even more recently I successfully pimped Lewis to [ profile] blue_pax solely by email. She was hooked before she'd seen an episode.

Either I'm really good at this, or my friends are easy! *g*

Email pimping - includes description of unbefuckinglievably slashy episode )

I do not own Lewis on DVD, and since they're British shows, they're obscenely expensive. Therefore I am only getting to watch them at an excruitatingly drawn out pace, as I have to invite myself over to [ profile] ravenclaw_harpy's for viewings. On the plus side, I still have more to see, yays!!!

I have however, had to buy season 2 because of the SLASH JACKPOT episode, despite the fact that I am now saving all my money for house-buying. Really. I'm pretty much living on hommus and fruit for lunch weekdays. I think I may actually be getting sick of hommus, which I didn't know was possible. Or it might me that I'm just not that fond of the Black Swan brand that came in an economy size tub and as such have been plowing through all week.

It was like FATE - season 2 was on sale at Amazon UK for under ten pounds!! Bargain!!! Once you add postage and do the currency conversion it's only....$28. For 4 movie length eps. OOOPS.

Pretty Hathaway piccies:
Melancholy Hathaway
Pouting Hathaway
Thoughtful Hathaway
Pride party!


Aug. 9th, 2009 09:53 pm
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I am enjoying Leverage and Warehouse 13. Both shows' charm comes from engaging characters learning to trust and depend on and care about each other, which is pretty much all I need to make me happy.

Only other thing I'm watching is Lewis, whenever I go over to [ profile] ravenclaw_harpy's place. She has LURED ME into the fandom. She is SNEAKY like that.

A few Lewis piccie links and random burbling )
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Watched a great three part series last night called Whitechapel about a group of cops trying to catch a Jack the Ripper copycat. I've never been much interested in Jack the Ripper but as one news article said, this series "makes ripperologists of us all".

But as interesting as the Jack elements were, of course I am all about the TEAM!

Spoilers for personalities and team interaction )

What's not to love???

Community with a few short fics, all good here

Very cool vid, not spoilery for the end here I watched it before I saw the show and it didn't ruin anything for me.

Apr. 7th, 2009 11:56 pm
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Well, having had time to reflect, I have decided my initial assessment of Demons was overly harsh.

It's like when you somehow end up at You don't know why you're still reading that fic because it's clearly written by a 12 year who's self-inserted themselves as the irresistable emerald-eyed love interest, and yet just when you decide you really have to stop there'll be something which encapsulates why you read fanfic in the first place.

There should a tv channel equivalent to, so that people pretty much know what they're getting themselves into before they accidentally lose several hours of their life they'll never get back watching six episodes in one go.

So, DEMONS, huh. )


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