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I love my Samsung Galaxy, I've had it over 2.5 years and people keep suggesting i upgrade and sure, it'd be nice to have the suggested-words-thingy, and a camera that actually takes decent photos, but what I really need in a phone is indestructability. I drop the thing at least once a week, sometimes from height, and sometimes in a way that makes it skid across the room and come apart, but it keeps on ticking, so to speak.

Last night I upped the ante. I dropped it from from about shoulder height and it bounced off my wood laminate floor up about 30cm high and threw itself into the dog's water bowl. I took it apart overnight, charged the battery and it's all good!!
sarren: (Default) far as ignoring all other priorities like, oh, preparing for my super intensive uni workload that starts Monday.

So I have done something other than watch 15 episodes of The Originals today. Like, I went to Bunny's netball game this morning (she's at her Dad's this weekend), and then to buy hotdogs from her at her Cadet's fundraising sausage sizzle at Bunnings and then stopped for lattes on the way home and then I said, let's just watch one thing before I go study, hmm what's this random show we've never got around to watching cos it's a spin off from The Vampire Diaries which we never watched past the shitty pilot.

youtube promo

Things I love about this cracky show. )

and now it's 2am and episode 16 has ended at a point I can go to bed.

PS At the very least I achieved getting most of my tumblr reblogs tagged at last today.
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Steve and Danny show up at a sorority.

Girl 1 - Becky, your dads are here to pick you up.
Girl 2 - They're not my dads.
Steve - You think I'm old enough to be her dad?
Danny - That's the part you bumped on?

So, I got up this morning to check lj and tumblr before dutifully going off to study and Jody had s3 H50 on and now it's three hours later and I've been sucked in AGAIN.

I've given up on this show twice because of Steve (and occasionally Danny's) excessive violence towards and terrorising of suspects, and Danny's shouting fits, even though there are many things I love about the show,: Chin Ho, Kono, the general diversity of the cast, Steve and Danny's slashiness, Alex O'Loughlin.

So far Danny hasn't shouted and there's been little excessive violence if you don't count the complaint by a carjacker that Steve ripped his nosering out and the fact that they inevitably catch up to the bad guy just as they're about to shoot someone so they gun them down.

Ooh, Steve's GF just kicked a bad guy's ass. She can stay.

Also, Danny firing an automatic weapon while standing confidently on the rails of a helicopter that Steve is flying shouldn't be so mesmerising.
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Me to other admin – do you want the bad news or the worse news?
Admin – Um, the worse?
Me – Deep ice climate change scientists believe we are going to lose the Antarctic and Greenland ice and that the world will eventually be ice-free and with sea rise of hundreds of feet.
Admin *wide-eyed* Um..
Me – By mid-century there could be sea rise levels of up to a foot, every decade. We’ll get to see it!
Admin *horrified* And the bad news?
Me – Our printer is broken.
Admin *cries*

Climate Change and Sea Level Rise, 7 min vid.

(from the Skeptical Science website)

I'm currently reading Ross Garnaut's Climate Change Review Update 2011, he says:

Another example is the extent of sea-level rise that is likely to be associated with specified degrees of warming. The decisive research relates to the mass of land-based ice in Greenland and Antarctica. This is a large issue, as the complete melting of Greenland ice would raise sea levels by about 7 metres, of west Antarctica by about 6 metres, and of east Antarctica by much larger amounts...During the early research for this book, it was disconcerting to find that the few deep specialists in land-based ice expressed the view privately that there would be a major contribution from dynamical processes in Greenland and west Antarctica to sea-level rise this century. The dimensions of the contribution are uncertain, but they are certainly substantial and possibly greatly disruptive. All declined to put their private views on the public record.

My unscintillating trip to work on public transport )


Jan. 19th, 2010 06:47 pm
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So, with ONE DAY to go of the auction, I finally decided I could face offering a fic for [ profile] help_haiti. I have no idea why I spent the last two days vaccillating when I really enjoy writing to deadlines AND have *nothing* to do for the next 10 days except write. If I want to, I mean! I mean, I could have a social life. Theoretically. *looks around* Actually, would anyone like to go see the new Sherlock Holmes movie with me? *crickets chirp*

Anyway, my offering is here if anyone has a sudden urge for a rare British or *cough* German *cough* fandom...
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Climate Change - Images of a Changing World

In other news I had scrummy Kway Teow for lunch. And splattered it all over my favourite work shirt. That's okay, I only have to look professional for another four hours.

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We've just been horseriding. It's Hill Country around these here parts - it just needed snow and I'd have felt like I was in The Man from Snowy River.

I was absolutely determined I was going to remain with the beginner's group with my friend when they split us up half way through, even though riding single file meant we couldn't even chat,

Beginners' group guide - Okay beginners, we're going to be teaching you to trot-
Me - Oh, hell,no!

Medium group guide - So we'll just be trotting mostly-
Me - Bye!

Experienced group guide - Let's just canter all the time, yays!!!
Me *very quickly regrets choice of bra*

I think the guide was a bit disconcerted - every time he turned around to check on us I had my hand down the neck of my shirt pulling up my freakin bra straps. Note to self: Take sports bra with you at all times.

*sigh* I will no doubt be turning up to my new job on Monday still half crippled from the unaccustomed violent exercise.

Oh and my friend tooks no doubt amusing photos of her hubby having to help me off with the long riding boots she leant me.. *headdesk*

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So, middle of the night I wake up to the sound of retching. I am an old hand at this, even as I leap out of the bed and race to get the back door open I can identify that it's Dragonfly's cat, which means she won't have run directly to the door, like my cat would of - this one waits for me to try to catch her and then bolts out.

Except this time the floor is booby trapped. As I chase her through the lounge room in near total darkness - at speed - I trip over my large black dog innocently sleeping, fly through the air and somehow land on all fours, miraculously not on top of the now freaking out dog, and then spend the next five minutes curled on the floor whimpering. Because, you know, my knees weren't damaged enough already.

And the cat vomited right next to the back door, on her way out.
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Sadly, Swancon has ended and I have eleven days to write a major essay for uni, while also going to Pancakes at Carillion tomorrow and the last FNL viewing on Friday, the slash gathering on Sunday, beta reading a fic and writing eleventy billion posts about how totally awesome Swancon was this year.

*stares back at list in abject terror*

In no particular order...

So, one of our guests was Rob Shearman who wrote the first season Dr Who ep, Dalek - the one that BROKE THE DOCTOR.

Meeting Rob Shearman )
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It was my own fault. I should never, never have placed a glass of wine and my laptop between Bunny and [ profile] special_trille.

Also, in my defence, when I leapt up in a panic and flipped the laptop over, I had no idea that [ profile] mr_booboo's hard drive was on the floor underneath.


So, anyone got a recommendation for a computer repair person who won't just take one look and admire my new paperweight? Otherwise I will be forced to randomly choose one, and I may end up having my laptop serviced by Bruce Willis
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Today was the first time in a week I've actually felt clearheaded enough that it was actually worth being at work today. As opposed to the last few days of non-existent attention span and drugged-upness.

I even tackled the immense stack of filing Boss 1# had left me for 'only if I had nothing to do while he's away' *snort* Of course, given my extremely limited knowledge of public service procedures, even more limited knowledge of most of the projects I was filing stuff about, and the fact that I'm still doped up on the cold and flu tablets ...yeah, he may never find anything again.

Felt quite pleased with life in general. Should have known better.

Managed to trip and knock over a full glass of wine. On the couch. On my keyboard a bit. But mostly, MOSTLY ALL OVER DRAGONFLY'S KEYBOARD.

(We took the battery out, and it's currently upside down, though I don't know what good that's going to do).

Perth people? Where's the best place to get a laptop serviced? Preferably by the weekend, as Dragonfly is going away on Monday.
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[ profile] cricketk and I are on a ROLL, baby.

Me - Fails to do sit up.

CK - Gets newsprint on her face.

Me - Drops self-inking stamp in lap, automatically clamps legs shut to catch it, now has "COPY" on inside thigh of light-coloured pants for the rest of the day.

CK - Runs mobile phone through the washing machine.

Me - Flashes sparkly bra at yoga class.

*waits for it to be my turn again*
sarren: (Default) for example how I somehow signed up to pinch hit a Yuletide fic. I mean, seriously, HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?

I got assigned the pinch hit today. In a fandom I didn't originally volunteer to write, but what the hell, they're my favourite characters, how hard can it be? Okay, they've never actually met in the show, and one's a teenage girl and one's...not...oh crap.

Oh, and I'm pretty much working most of Christmas. Naturally.

So much for avoiding the stress and terror I associate with deadlines.

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Well, hey. So much for the dramatic OMG NO INTERNET ACCESS FOREVA ELEVENTY1!11

Singapore airport has free internet.

Packing went smoothly yesterday, much cuddles and family time with Bunny. *sigh* I miss her already. Some emails back and forth with my sister and with [ profile] thisisbone where I'm like OMG what do I do if x happens?" and they supply the virtual valium.

Got some hotel arrangements finalised and all my little notes and addresses and bits and pieces sorted.

Got off to the airport to the airport in good time.

It was, of course, too good to be true.

It was on the way there I managed to spill hot tea.

In my lap.

On the bright side, while the lady at the check in counter took forever to learn out to process internet check ins, I cheerfully shared my tale of woe with the bright eyed boy helping her out - and later when we were queueing with the plebs to get on the plane, the same boy waved us over into the posh lane.

Also Singapore Airlines personal monitors rock like a rocking thing.
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1 I just scalded the underside of my chin with my Milo.

2. Dinner took me five minutes to prepare. I don't think that counts as real cooking.*

3. Got stuck at work an extra half an hour because of something I'd forgotton to do earlier.

4. Forgot to take my cat to the vet.

5. Am spazzing***about my lj layout. Am considering not using lj cuts for the moment til it settles, as several people have mentioned that they find it disconcerting when I do this.

* (Sara Lee's Quiche Lorraine** + some fish cakes chucked in the oven, broccoli in the microwave, hot bread, and some salad I brought home from work.)

**Really yummy btw.

***Am occasionally prone to minor OC behaviour. Minor. Really. Only about my lj. And locking doors. And checking that they're locked, a lot.
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So I've had this femslash assignment for what, over a month now? And now I have like, eight days left. I should probably get on that, then.

This is totally like being back at school. Except if it was school, it would be the night before it was due.

Obviously now I'm all grown up and mature-like I have taken into consideration things like,

1 Research (ie watching episodes)
2 Beta-readers needing time to actually beta it
3 Other time commitments like real life

I'm screwed.

Also I am totally supposed to be at work right now, except my boss is just fucking my roster around atm. Also, it's End of Month for me today which means extra extra work and I only start at 4pm - which means trying to fit about eight hours work into five hours. So really, I have a choice of bringing work home or trying to play catch up tomorrow. *headdesk*

There was a segue there (in my head) about how instead of being at work I was staring at a blank Word document. But then someone sent me a link to those SG15 fics, which were mildly amusing but led me to all the fabulous wonderful amazing Atlantis fics and vids by that author, most of which I hadn't read even though I have her friended, simply because I haven't been obsessed by Atlantis for a while now, except today I've totally packed my bags and moved back into that headspace and have been staring at vids of John and Rodney and FEELING THE LOVE.

It is possible that my brain hates any kind of assignment commitments so much that it has deliberately sabotaged me today.

I'm not ruling that out.
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My crappy Monday, but then there was Sarah )

On Tuesday I had a stupid headache and couldn't go to Bodyjam and felt sorry for myself and made [ profile] dragonfly8 fuss over me.

On Wednesday I bought myself fluffy rainbow boots to keep my ankles warm, though they bear a passing resemblance to Ugg boots, they're really not.

I do realise this has put my friendship with [ profile] scotsnow in jeopardy. It wasn't a decision I made lightly....


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