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Next episode of Lucifer in 2 days and 16 hours, not that I have a tab open with a countdown or anything. Fic not back from beta yet, so given the gifs I've seen from the promo, looks like I'll be tagging it canon divergent from the get go. Never been so happy to be jossed :)

If the episode does go that way, I won't have any inspiration to write Lucifer any more, but that's cool.

So, my resolution is to sign up for every challenge/exchange that I notice (luckily my flisters talk about challenges a lot). As long as I can reasonably expect to be able to fulfil the challenge, of course.

So, starting with that, I have signed up for hetswap. Sign ups close 26th Jan, if anyone else is interested.
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I received a lovely gift for Yuletide! I am so very grateful my writer took on the challenge of writing Deacon/Stu, yay! and it was awesome.

animating every night by tillunwish
What We Do in the Shadows (Deacon/Stu) 1.7k
Stu takes Deacon on a date to the movies. It goes about as disastrously as you might expect.

Fics I wrote for Yuletide in Call the Midwife, Sense8, Lucifer, Judex and Independence Day )
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Strange Empire - Dangerous Road Gen. 2k.
Morgan remembers a talk with his uncle.

Stuff only of interest to me about writing Strange Empire fic )

Sense8 - Truth Set Free G. 4.5k.
Lito/Hernando & Dani.
Hernando and Dani confront Lito about his odd behaviour.

Sense8 - Family Visit Gen. 1k.
Sun shares Capheus's home.

Sense8 Yuletide treats )
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For the first time in too many years I had plenty of time to write and read Yuletide. I wrote 22k of gen and het fic, which I'm pretty sure more than doubles my entire output in both those things.

My fics )

I also have had much more time to read Yuletide this year as I am still on holiday instead of back at work, so when I ran out of fandoms I wanted to read I sorted by kudos and read a heap of fics that had hardrly any kudos. Admittedly I skimmed some, but I also found a few super interesting ones.
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Screencap of my fave scene from latest Dr Who ep under cut )

Yay for dinosaurs on a spaceship \o/ Now I NEED someone to write Riddell and Nefertiti travelling with the Doctor some more until they get the hang of space/time, and then for some reason (like Sherlock is crucial to the survival of the universe) Riddell becomes Lestrade to protect Sherlock. Lestrade's wife and kid are part of his cover story, he really goes home to Neffy, or rather, she's travelling around doing important world-saving stuff and drops in periodically to have hot sex where she is totally tops him.

Because otherwise I’m going to have to do it and I won’t have the time until after Yuletide and then what happens after Yuletide every year is my fic writing falls over because I have all that telly to catch up on again.

My life, so hard.

Lewis fic I don’t have time to write )
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So, I wrote a fluffy, fluffy Lewis fic for Valentine's Day. Which, for the record makes four whole Lewis/Hathaway fics, which is the most amount of fics I've written to date for any one's just they are SO PERFECT FOR ONE ANOTHER.

I periodically attempt to pimp Lewis, so this time I'll say, go HERE and check out lamardeuse's adorable picspam/reasons why everyone ships them (including the actors).

When I first started pimping Lewis in 09, there were only a tiny handful of fics - now there are 226 on AO3, and a reasonably enthusiastic comm (for such a tiny fandom) and even more importantly, a [community profile] lewis_challenge with a couple of super keen mods who keep giving us challenges! and deadlines! which I appreciate because I am rarely motivated to write anything unless I have a deadline.

And more screencaps, because why not )
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I wrote a couple of tiny Ted & Ralph fics as treats because the prompt was basically 'omg give me a happy ending, put me out of my misery' which is pretty much how I felt about it.

Truth Be Told (Ted/Ralph, 2300 words)
Ted and Ralph spend Christmas Eve together.

There's Always the Drainage in the Lower Field (Ted/Ralph, 1100 words)
I started this one first, it was a bit experimental and mostly Ted being thinky, and I abandoned it and wrote the other. I finished this as a Yuletide Madness treat so that the recipient got a more definite happy ending. Hence them both being similarly themed.

I never watched the Fast Show, but a friend introduced me to the Ted & Ralph sketches, about a shy, kind -hearted gentleman who is in love with his gardener. There are hints throughout that his feelings are returned, although it is never spoken of, and the final sketch of the series had a slow mo of them running through a field of flowers holding hands. (it's only a few seconds and is on the last bit of the part 4 compilation below)

Links to all the sketches )
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not as easy as one would think, having to be very careful not to let excess fingers touch keyboard while typing.

Episode 7.06 of Supernatural is called Slash Fiction!!!!!!

Watched latest ep, 7.02 and have just realized I can't do the greater/lesser sYmbols to do an lj cut. Dammit. Will just say then, wow, there were some good lines and good acting.

Okay this post officially is devoid of any real content.

Oh, okay, so the other morning I woke up to a heap more kudos on one of my fics and I figured I'd been recced on a comm somewhere, and then Zebra told me it was a bnf on her flist, and so I went to have a look, as you do and she was just discovering Lewis so there was a sorts of links and enthusiasm and fannish joy flying around and now I'm all full of love for Lewis/Hathaway again, yayayayayayayayay.

Dammit, I've just reread that and seen all the typos but I don't know how to just page up though the text so too bad.

Brent Spiner is on Alphas right now.
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As usual, behind in uni due to submersion in fandom, this time obsession with Sherlock leading to insane amount of fic writing, plus heaps and heaps of good telly on atm!

Over a couple of months I wrote 30k of fic, more than twice what I usually write in a year! One Lewis fic for charity, and four Sherlock fics, 1 x Sherlock/John, 1 x Sherlock/Lestrade, 1 x John/Lestrade and 1 x Sherlock/John/Lestrade.

Am now taking a break from fandom to do assignments. *SIGH*

...except that Whitechapel has just started, I will have to priorise that. What? It's only three eps!

my recent TV viewing, probably only of interest to me )
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Apparently I'm switching to dreamwidth.

I'm still crossposting to and reading LJ, so I'd ask that no one link my posts to Facebook or Twitter. Mostly because I find Facebook very scary.

Um, content?

I wrote a fic - first time I've been inspired this year. Mind you, who wouldn't be inspired by Sherlock. *hearts* Took a prompt from a friend to get me started though, of all things, a m/m/m threesome. Not normally my thing at all and Sherlock/John are totally an OTP, but seriously, Rupert Graves makes *everything* better.

Making Room Sherlock/John/Lestrade.
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Somebody just posted a fic with this disclaimer - "RTD should never have been allowed to own these characters." I AM GOBSMACKED.

Also (note subtle segue) this seems like a good time to point out the completely fluffy Ianto and Rhys friendship fic (withtiny amounts of Jack/Ianto and Gwen/Rhys) I posted the other day. (pre-CoE)
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I started a Keen Eddie fic three years ago, and was so keen I even posted a few parts, which was valuable learning lession on why I should never, never post WIPs. Luckily, my love for Keen Eddie is eternal and last weekend seemed like a great time to avoid assignments finish it. As usual, the awesome [ profile] zebra363 beta read for me.

Cultural Exchange
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In less than a week I've written 8000 words of a new Batman fic, in between working, looking after Bunny and TWO parties. It's like floodgates have opened in my mind, or something. I really don't want to stop, in case this is it and I never get this again.

::koff:: Of course, it means I've had to take a personal day off work to write my assignment for uni due this week. Er, I'll start doing that, then.

Anyhow, my first fic is finally posted.

Five Ways Jim Gordon Found Out Bruce Wayne is Batman, and One Way Everyone Did

It's perfectly innocent gen fic and the plot is pretty much what the title says.
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I wrote three fics for Yuletide this year! Go me!

Coming Home a Naomi Novik - Temeraire series for [ profile] ekaterinn (Spoilers for Empire of Ivory)

This is the fic that I struggled and struggled to write and then it got STOLEN BY BURGLARS, so I had to start again. Which actually turned out to be the best thing to happen to the fic. I had three days to rewrite the whole thing and this time I gave it a different setting and it worked much better and I had a lot more fun writing it!! Yay!

Persuasion. The Persuaders - for [ profile] joandarck

I SNATCHED this pinch hit for The Persuaders because who wouldn't want to write about International Playboy Crime Fighters who can't keep their hands off each other and call each other by pet names and are played by Roger Moore and Tony Curtis. and also I had just spent the previous week bonding with Joandarck over The Persuaders and Hot Fuzz, after I fangirled her awesome fics.

Settled In Hot Fuzz - for [ profile] giddygeek

And when they opened up the prompts for last minute Treats I got to write Hot Fuzz FTW!!! I love these guys so much!!! Is there anybody left I haven't watched this with yet? *looks hopeful*

Also, clearly I suck at fic titles. *sigh*
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Summary: Tag for season finale. SPOILERS

A/N: Beta thanks to [ profile] victorian_tweed and [ profile] zebra363, who says that she should probably watch the show if I'm 'going to keep writing it'. And [ profile] special_trille who said she liked the fic and all it needed was another twelve chapters of Ianto having adventures.

Losing Jack )
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Dragonfly is MOCKING me mercilessly over my hero worship of Shalott.

'If Shalott walked off a cliff would you do it too? And if so, can you make a will and leave me everthing?'

This is because I have trying very, very hard - and completely failing - to be cool about the fact that Shalott commented on my Yuletide fic and then recced it.

I may have screamed a little bit.


Jan. 1st, 2007 10:18 pm
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I wrote Jack/Ianto porn for Yuletide. I'm pleased with it.

Also, if anyone has wandered across my Heroes fic - I'd like to point out that it was a pinch hit I wrote in six hours between some long work shifts and that the prompt was 'Claire and Nathan are my favourite characters'.

I'd no idea writing gen fic was so exhausting. Trille helped massively with telling me where I needed more characterisation, and the really cool ending is totally down to her.


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