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I don't watch comedy skit shows, but my bff occasionally sends me awesome Key and Peele sketches, so I'm expecting good things from this movie.
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"Supergirl is just a glorified fireman, she's never going to solve the underlying problems that are destroying the world" - says billionaire inventor/entrepreneur Matthew Lord, in the episode we are currently watching.

I'm noticing how many shows, especially genre ones, are addressing/referencing the reality of the state of the world today. Speaking of, we just watched Tomorrowland. Dfly put it on to watch with dinner, then afterwards I picked up my laptop because i tend to half watch movies, but then I realised I was watching an action SF adventure with two main female teenage protagonists (with George Clooney and Hugh Laurie supporting) and it had Important Themes and I put my laptop away and appreciated an excellent female driven film.

I've always made a point of showing Bunny shows with diverse ensemble casts and well written female characters, like Eureka (her fave character is Zoe), Warehouse 13 (her fave character is Claudia) and Leverage (her fave character is Parker). What a difference from my formative years, at her age I was watching Knight Rider, Aeroman, Alien Nation, V, Remington Steele, Scarecrow and Mrs King etc.

Tonight when I realised that Tomorrowland had great female characters my immediate thought was 'oh yay, what a great film for girls to watch', and then I remembered an article I read yesterday about gendered reading, and realised that of course that applies to tv and movies as well.

I recommend this article - Stories for All by Shannon Hale. Its about how boys don't find stories about girls intrinsically less interesting until they are taught to by society from an early age, and along with that comes the belief that girls are less important, and a lack of opportunity for boys to develop empathy for girls.
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The only thing I knew about Star Wars going in was that there was a female lead character and an adorable slash pairing. I was very much looking forward to both.

Random stuff about The Force Awakens )
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So I won Yuletide and got TWO awesome WWDitS fics, yay!

Nice Jerseys and Other Adventures in Knitting
Basically, Deacon loves knitting, Anton and Stu and the other werewolves could do with more jerseys that don't tear apart when transforming a little, and the Ravelry forums get another passionate member.

The Hairy-Handed Gentlemen Who Run Amuck in Wellington Screenplay/Script Format
Some additional footage was filmed as a follow-up to the original documentary. This segment focuses on how Stu is settling into life as a werewolf.

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Just in case anyone’s somehow missed the uproar over Mad Max: Fury Road, oh hey, go see this awesome feminist film.

I’d seen the trailer and dismissed it as a two hour car chase/fight scene and to be fair, it really, really is. Neither car chases nor shit blowing up are things that particularly appeal to me nowadays.

But the rave reviews about what an awesome feminist film this is and the bitter wailing and gnashing of teeth by MRAs piqued my interest, so off I went. I dragged Dfly along, she likes action films a whole lot more than I do. Afterwards she said plainitively, 'I know you said it was a two hour car chase, but I didn't believe you'. Full disclosure, Dfly thought the film could have done with more world building, and I know afterwards I was full of questions about how that society worked.

BUT. The characters are fantastic, the minimal dialogue just works beautifully and the story is epic. The main character in Mad Max isn’t Max, it’s Imperitor Furiosa, played by Charlize Theron. Max is just a dude with PSTD who accidentally gets caught up with Furiosa's mission.

Here are some links to interesting reviews, they're pretty spoilery, normally I don't like to know anything but I needed a bit of incentive to go see a car chase movie (I fast forwarded through all the car chases in Fast and Furious and never saw the rest of the franchise)

7 Ways Mad Max Fury Road Sublimely Subverts Movie Sexism

Feminist review (super spoilery) Beyond Furiosa: The Unsung Heroines of ‘Mad Max: Fury Road

Featurette on The Wives

Review from an amputee about seeing representation in an awesome main character

Random squee about stuff I loved and questions about worldbuilding )

AMUSING - Amazon reviews for this edible silver spray (for cake decorating etc)
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Given the squee on my flist, and that fact that a couple of my fave writers are in the fandom now, I figured I wasn’t going to be able to avoid spoilers much longer so I hied myself off to the cinema, and dragged [profile] zebra363 along.

The Winter Soldier is an excellent action film )
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On the weekend mornings I don’t have to be anywhere else Jody and I watch H50 or NCIS, shows I’m not invested in, but am happy enough to half watch while playing on the computer.

Read more... )

I am happy that Chi McBride has joined the cast. I enjoyed him in Pushing Daisies and Human Target, but he won my heart as Barry in Let’s Go to Prison (I could only find this clip, which doesn’t look good, but in fact he’s really gentle and the characters fall in love, escape from prison and live happily ever after. Oh, yay, awesome end credits as they drive off to their new life together.
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Last night I went to bed and... googled pictures of Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages *FACEPALM*

In my defence, he has a fucking amazing voice, I had to google during the film just to confirm he did his own singing.

Official trailer for Rock of Ages

Tom Cruise, Dead or Alive

I Wanna Know What Love Is

Deleted scene - Rock You like a Hurricane, or, Tom Cruise on a stripper pole *dies*
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So my BFF pimped this to me with the lure of the gay romance and I was intrigued, but didn't get around to it, so then she mailed me the dvd, and I put off watching it because I figured a musical about a nightclub in the 1980s probabaly wouldn't appeal to my housemates. Finally got around to it and OMG.

I Can't Fight This Feeling - Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand

Now, I am not a Tom Cruise fan, I quite liked him as Lestat, and thought he was great in War of the Worlds, but other than that, have been completely indifferent to him.


I am questioning everything I thought I knew about the world.
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Three quarters the way through John Carter, which for a film about Tim Riggins wearing a loincloth is pretty damn good, when I finally was like, oh, the Red People are actually supposed to be red. In my defence it's a pirated copy, so the picture quality's not exactly perfect.

Not that I'm biased, but my favourite part of the film so far is the five minutes of screentime James Purefoy had. Wtf, is he even doing playing such a tiny role, srlsy?
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LES MISERABLES was just stunning. The cast were fabulous, and Anne Hathaway’s performance especially just blew me away. Absolutely stunning. Disclaimer: except Russell Crowe, who has a lovely voice, but it’s just not powerful enough for the role. I may be biased, because still adore Roger Allam’s Javert, and of course Philip Quast was famous for it. OOH look, here they are performing together, how have I not seen this before. Okay, oh wow, now I've just found this "international" version Must go investigate further...I can see I'm not going to be very productive this morning...

LEWIS - I thought about trying to rec Lewis fics, but instead I’m just going to rec the entire fandom ([community profile] inspector_lewis) For such a tiny fandom, we are very active. And friendly and wank-free! I’ve never been involved in a single fandom for this long before because I run away from anything that might spoil my glee. There are 14 Yuletide fics this year, plus a Secret Santa exchange running ([community profile] lewis_challenge), plus other new fics regularly appearing on AO3. Yay us!

I haven’t been able to throw myself into Yuletide as completely as I usually do, due mainly to time constraints, but also I think due to the fact that I keep getting distracted by Lewis fic I’ve even been poking at a few gen fics *gasp* Only because even most of the gen fics focus on the Lewis&Hathaway friendship, tbh.

Just a few other Yuletide recs )
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I’m following my usual practice of watching ALL THE SHOWS during semester break, which leaves me no time (or ability) to write, which is completely the opposite of during semester when I’m trying to shove information into my brain which periodically fills up with fic ideas instead. Though I have just signed up for a Lewis challenge, so now I have a deadline to focus me, yay.

The other night I had time for one more ep of something before going to bed at the virtuous time of 11pm, randomly decided to watch Daybreakers, as I’ve felt like a bit of a failure as a vampire fan not having got around to it yet. Actually expected to get bored and wander off to bed very shortly. But I liked it! Liked the premise of humans being nearly extinct and the vampires desperately trying to synthesise an alternate synthetic blood supply while rejecting the option of a cure. I wonder if it was deliberately supposed to be an allegory for the earth’s finite resources and humanity’s desperate attempt to fix the problem with technology instead of making sustainable changes…ha, I wonder if the dude who wrote the script did it deliberately and the TPTB failed to notice.

Regretted it the next day though, I think I am officially beyond believing the trade off of staying up stupidly late on a week night is worth dragging myself through my work day the next day.
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Wasn't planning on seeing Prometheus, don't get to the movies much, hadn't heard great things about it, and had read an amusing and very spoilery joke (Funny texts between one of the aliens and a human) but a mate asked me to go see at at iMax on 3D and I was in a going with the flow mood and thought why the hell not.

It probably didn't hurt that I went in not expecting very much, especially a plot that made sense, but I really enjoyed it. If you haven't seen it and plan to, definitely DO go 3D, and I say that as someone who doesn't usually like 3D. The scenery is Amazing, and I'm not just talking about Michael Fassbinder.

Also the dude who plays Charlie is a dead ringer for Tom Hardy in this film. It was really distracting!!!

pic, not particularly spoilery, dude on left is Charlie )
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This film is AMAZING. A wonderfully acted cold war thriller.

One-sixth of the legal limit of British actors. The rest are on Downton Abbey.

Photo and caption from amusing, non-spoilery review of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, HERE The article goes on to comment on Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy's chemistry in the film "...of course they’ve worked together before. It’s a law that there can only be 30 working actors in Britain at any time, lest they take over the whole world."
(cute interview with TH and BC on a film they worked on together HERE)

Gallery and bio of the main characters: not spoilery for plot, except maybe Ricki Tarr's, HERE

A few piccies of Benedict Cumberbatch looking lovely, and my OTP in this movie, because of course I have one )
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I love Dean. And Jenson - he can't even keep a straight face when he has to say the following lines, his mouth twitches, his eyes are laughing. "I'll stay here and hook up with the posse. You know me, I'm a posse magnet. I love posse...should put that on a t-shirt."

AHAHHAHHAHAHA, Dean just quoted Blazing Saddles!!! *falsetto* Candygram for Mongo!

In other news, we saw Xmen First Class this morning. I LOVE EVERY. SINGLE. THING. ABOUT IT.

My favourite characters were Mystique and Magneto. I totally get them now. And the baby!Xmen were adorable.

*cough* I also get why everyone is all like "Michael Fassbinder! Michael Fassbinder!"
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We spent New Year's Eve with Dragonfly's family. We played boardgames and watched movies, specifically Skyline and RED. I'd been really looking forward to Skyline, ended up very disappointed. Didn't know anything about RED, except that it was an action film with Bruce Willis. I'm not a fan of serious action films. Luckily this wasn't one of them. Also, most all star cast EVER.

Do you need any more incentive than Helen Mirren with a machine gun, really?

Need more convincing? How about this? )

Fic Recs )
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The Defiant Ones was an awesome, awesome film starring Sidney Poitier and Tony Curtis as convicts who escape from a chain gang - chained together. I've recced it before, even, except now I have screencaps!!!

Piccies from the final scene. Remember, this was made in 1958! )


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