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Bunny's been singing along to Moana clips on youtube all week so obviously that was movie 1. And it was lovely, and my fave scenes were all the ones with her and her Grandma, who was adorable.

Now we are watching Dragonfly's choice, The Thinning (trailer), a watchable enough dystopian future where the 5% of the student population that get the lowest test scores are culled each year. Though I feel I should warn for the completely forced and unbelievable teen romance. I didn't realise until Dragonfly said, very firmly 'SOCK, Sarren!' that I was expressing my dismay so.. eloquently.

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So, this new Tom Cruise Mummy movie has so far been very successful... in introducing a whole new generation to the classic 1999 version of the Mummy :)

Someone on Twitter was like, what to do if you are thinking of going to see the new Mummy movie:
1 Go see Wonder Woman
2 Go see Wonder Woman again
3 Watch the 1999 classic instead

Which was pretty much what we did, except we were already at the cinema to see Wonder Woman when the promo came on and Bunny was like, that looks good, I want to see that, and I was like, yeah, no, let me show you a thing, and then we went home and watched Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz being adorable and hilarious.

There appears to be a bunch of articles about how much better the original was, but I like this tumblr pimp post here

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I (mostly) unironically love the movie Independence Day. It used to be one of Dragonfly and my comfort flicks, though nowadays we generally only rewatch it on July 4. I'd been warned that the sequel is terrible, but since the person who said that is the same person who mocks me for liking the first one, I ignored his advice and bought Resurgence on dvd sight unseen and do not regret that decision. Yes it is cheesy, just like the original. My fave bit in ID4 is when they make contact with other countries' militaries with their way to defeat the aliens, and the posh British officer says 'It's about time! What do they plan to do?'

So not one but TWO people this year have requested Tom/Constance/David fics, which I am all for, so I am VERY VAGUELY considering writing a treat.

It will likely never happen, I am mostly too intimidated to write in American fandoms. But I am enjoying thinking about it. Which led me to thinking about how in the aftermath, they just wouldn't have the resources (for many years at least) to rebuild the destroyed cities, so they'd have to move the seat of the America government to another city, so I googled and of course fans done some research.

Official site with timeline of events leading up to the second movie. It kind of looks like, from the map siting the presidential inaugurations, that Washington DC must have been rebuilt.

Just out of interest - If the American government were to temporarily move cities until DC could be rebuilt, where would it move to, do you think?

For bonus non existent points, also ruling out other cities destroyed in the attack, here is a complete list of cities destroyed

Just because it is my fave inspirational speech, President Whitmore's ID speech )

Movie recs

Jul. 24th, 2016 11:05 pm
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So it's been three months since i posted anything at all and much longer than that since I posted RL update as opposed to fandom stuff. GAH. At first I was super obsessed with Hannibal but then it turned into a stupid avoidance thing, to the point I've been planning to post something - anything - every day for weeks. AND YET.

I rarely see movies at the cinema anymore - a regular adult ticket costs $23, although I've paid to join my local cinema's club which gives discounts. And this week I've been to TWO films, neither of which I had any expectations about and both of which been so awesome I've cried literal tears of happiness.

Firstly, of course, GHOSTBUSTERS. I'd only seen the first terrible trailer, but I was still determined to throw money at it so the smug white dudes who get to decide these things can't keep arguing that movies with women in lead roles don't make money.

And then it was everything I could have dreamed of, a fun plot, some great action scenes, consistently funny and absolutely the best, the GREATEST, thing of all was I sat there watching a story about women I could relate to, women I could be friends with, being competent and loyal and funny and brave. This was a movie about women's friendship. My fifteen year old daughter spent half the film turning to grin gleefully at me at all the awesomeness.

This review pretty much sums up my reaction

AND THEN THERE WAS STAR TREK, YAY. After the last, so terrible film I was afraid to look forward to this one even with Simon Pegg writing it, and then it was so great. I was crying by the end, not just for the bittersweet references to Ambassador Spock, but because it was really Star Trek.

Mildly spoilery fave things (not plot related) )
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Gah, don't they know giving movie really generic titles - or numbers - just makes it hard to google it.

Friend introduced me to this German film the other day - it's about a couple, Hanna and Simon, who've been together nearly 20 years, they love each other but it's an unconventional relationship, no kids, lead independent type lives.

Separately they (unknowingly) start an affair with the same dude, Adam. I had issues with the infidelity, but it didn't seem to be a thing that either of them felt angst about, so maybe due to independent lives? IDK.

Hannah and Adam's affair is pretty standard, but Simon and Adam's relationship reads like wonderful fanfiction. It starts out with a handjob at the pool when Simon is feeling vulnerable, then Simon's the one who pursues the relationship, reassesses his whole sexuality. Adam, bi guy who was just in it for the casual sex, gradually falls for Simon, there's this wonderful montage that demonstrates the way the sex and commitment ramps up as they fall in love.

And given the picture on the dvd cover, it's not really a spoiler to say they all end up together, yay!

Trailer on IMDB here

Actors at the Venice Film Festival looking swish.


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