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If you haven't already seen The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot, ! It's written by Peter Davison and is great fun and a great accompaniment to the 50th anniversary ep. The previous Doctors seem to have a lot of fun taking the piss out of themselves and it has a heap of cameos by other fan faves.

So, the Doctor has spent a quarter of his life in his twelfth body. I wonder if he spaced his time visiting the Ponds out so he'd know them as long as possible. And if he spent the years between times alone. It certainly seemed that way.

This is lovely - Doctor Who Animation - 50 Years in Time and Space

Oh, and I love how this article makes fun of Capaldi for being an obnoxious teenage fanboy, and almost all the comments are all people who are thrilled that a fanboy is playing the role and that he achieved his dream.

I only discovered these the other day, so in case any one else missed this series of shorts from last year - Pond Life

So, about the Doctors, after the 50th anniversary )
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It's weird having LJ blocked at work, but not dreamwidth. I feel like they just haven't caught on yet and my window is closing *glances around paranoidly* Just for the record, Facebook is not blocked - it's in our regs that we're allowed reasonable use of social networking sites in our breaks. I assume it's the adult content on LJ. Oops.

here, excellent links 'cause, why not.

Blogger dude explains shipping ADORABLE.

Alan Rickman kissing a dude in some obscure movie YUM!!!

Funny. Testing the theory that chicks take off glasses and become super hot

Edit: Have just realised the dude kissing Alan Rickman is my fave character in The Walking Dead. HOLY CRAP.


May. 5th, 2011 12:24 pm
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My inspiration for starting watching Supernatural again - Crowley!

I had a look through the ep guide last night and couldn't remember where we were up to, so chose one based on the amusing synopsis, Dean and Sam are working regular jobs, and don't know each other. It was great fun. I swear the writers get their plot ideas from fanfic.

Anakin's story set to Bohemian Rhapsody, complete with awesome vid - Midichlorian Rhapsody

You know, just in case like me you couldn't be arsed to ever watch the last film, now you never, ever need to.

Random cool fact of the day - in 2006-2007 Poland's offices of President and Prime Minister were held by identical twin brothers!
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I am house-sitting - or rather, cat-sitting. One is a huge ginger who's just had an op and I have to shove four pills down him twice a day. He doesn't seem to hold a grudge though, joins me in the evening for schmoozing if I'm on the couch. Though maybe the way I constantly end up covered in ginger hair is actually his revenge! The other cat I mainly see from a distance. Though she did come into the study tonight to say hello, briefly. Shortly after I heard a sound such as something heavy hitting the ground after being dislodged by a cat jumping on it. Disconcertingly, the *thud* sound was followed by a piteous *meow*, but when I went to investigate she was lounging innocently on a bed. I still don't know what happened.

I'm supposed to be studying but was distracted hours ago by someone posting a link to [ profile] fandomsecrets. *is disappointed in self*

Haaaha - this was totally me as a kid.

It's been an eye-opener! I now know... )

Must. go. to. bed. now...
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Links )

Does anyone here have a greywater system installed? It all seems too hard and like something I would manage to screw up and end up poisoning us all.


Jan. 31st, 2009 09:37 am
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I have just realised I have been at my new shiny, awesome job for a month!!!

I haven't really posted since then because I've been working flat out weekdays and then coming home and pretty much lapsing into a stupor, and on the weekends also managing two fannish obsessions concurrently - Merlin, the new shiny where people keep writing fabulous fics for me to read, and Green Wing, where there isn't any fic so I'm having to write it myself. I have three and counting finished, two slash and one scary crack het fic involving a strap-on. I'm thinking threesome next. I think this fandom broke my brain.

So, of course, random links naow:

Alan Cumming promoting his new fragrance. Rowr!

From Robot Chicken, Le Wrath di Khan, a Star Trek opera: via [ profile] klia)

Supernatural (In My Pants)

Also! Is anybody interested in going to the Pride Quiz Night on Friday 27th Feb? Yes, we always bomb miserably. There's always hangman.
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I have four children, two daughters and two sons. Naturally, I worry about their moral upbringing. As everyone knows who’s paying attention, “Just say no” doesn’t work. Instead, I made sure they were constantly exposed to the traditional folksongs and legends of Great Britain. Nothing’s more certain to give you a strong sense of the negative consequences of immoral or imprudent behavior.

Things I’ve learned from British folk ballads
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Is there anyone out there who somehow hasn't already been geekily excited this week about the discovery of ice on Mars?

Helpful links are provided on the site - Listen to this story via streaming audio, a downloadable file, or get help. *cracks up laughing* Do you think they phrased it like that deliberately?

In other news, a satellite has been launched to monitor rising sea levels and track the effects of climate change.

And who wouldn't want one of these? Well, except for all those weird people who don't like tattoos. Never lose your mobile phone again!
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When I'm separated from the internets I have all sorts of thoughts and opinions about climate change! the environment! politics! family! I have stuff to do like updating my CV and applying for jobs with the Department of Environment and Conservation that I'm not qualified for, and I read books and sometimes do assignments! and study!

And then I switch on the laptop. Today I read lists! For hours! I followed an innocent link and found this - The 6 Most Badass Stunts Ever Pulled in the Name of Science. I don't even think I got to the thing I'd been pointed to. Speaking of badass scientists, OMG those guys on the list were hardcore! I bet there were legions more in the early days pulling shit like that. I wonder how many died without ever discovering anything to make their suffering worthwhile. Not to mention the ones who died from exposure to harmful shit. I wonder if there's a list. I love lists. I used to make lists of pointless stuff when I was a teenager. I found one a while back. Anyone want to know how many left-handed actors there were in the 1980s? Because I KNOW. At the time I thought that was weird and fetishest of me, it was actually quite disappointing to find out later that it's actually very common.

Last night I watched the pilot of some new vampire show starring Anna Paquin as a mind reading waitress in Louisiana (maybe?) called Sookie Stackhouse. It is quite simply, appalling. I was going to try and describe it but I can't capture how distasteful it all was, partly because of the unpleasant supporting characters, but mostly because of the twitchy Sookie who appeared to nearly go into convulsions of maidenly shyness anytime anybody mentioned sex but was instantly fascinated and aroused by Bill, the vampire. She did manage to mention COYLY that she hadn't 'known' any men and was a LADY, thank you very much, which obviously made him instantly more interested her. I did like the way the actors pupils were massively dilated when they stared at each other, though it got kind of disturbing after a while.


At 56 minutes the file ended right at an important dramatic bit )

and it was really, truly a relief. I have no idea why I was still watching it - I suspect subliminal messaging rendered me unable to move my limbs.

Tonight, til I TORE MYSELF AWAY to make this very important post, I was watching Mind the Buzzcocks. And when I finish I will go and watch more Buzzcocks, probably til I fall asleep. Until a couple of days ago my entire knowledge of this show was the 1:10 minute clip of John Barrowman camping it up. Then [ profile] mr_booboo and [ profile] special_trille showed me an episode and it was GOOD. And they GAVE me some episodes of my very own for keeps. Here's the Barrowman one on up on youtube.

And tonight I have laughed and laughed and laughed.
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A baby name ideas generator

You can just randomly select, or enter up to six names for the generator to 'tailor names to fit your style'.I entered Riley, Sebastian, Seth, Ethan, Caleb and Alastair, because I assumed (wrongly) that you chose boys and girls names separately - unsurprisingly it generated a whole lot Biblical names.

Anyway, it's cool.
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Piccie from his stint in the navy.

You know what was a great movie? The Defiant Ones )


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