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me before Yuletide - Sorry, can't watch Hannibal again yet, can't write when obsessed with another fandom.

me since Yuletide - Lucifer is my jam! Can't watch Hannibal! Am writing more Lucifer fic!

me today - I am so happy - 6k of sex pollen fic, one or two scenes left and I'll have a draft, yay!

the family tonight - *puts on Hannibal*

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I did a super long post yesterday about various stuff but for some reason which eludes me it's not letting me do cuts, therefore I am going to separate them into several posts that people can skip past, sorry.  I swear, I looked up the instructions in case I've forgotten how after all these years suddenly, I even went back to an old post with a successful cut and copied and pasted the coding, still no.  I have since realised that it's not letting do any coding at all, which is why my vid rec in this post is just the URL.  *kicks something*

Fandom obsession, wheee -  Anyway!  Four weeks, FIVE weekends since I came back from holiday with a new fandom obsession. God I love that feeling, like surfers catching the perfect wave, I love riding that feeling out and willingly let other non essential things slide, like personal blog updates, reading anything at all that isn't Hannibal fic, socialising that isn't convincing friends to watch Hannibal and then watching it with them...and so on.

In my defense,my euphoric fandom obsession phase doesn't usually last long, it tends to depend on the amount of canon and fandom works, and most importantly, an awesome ship. For example I loved Sense8 more than life itself for a while and am looking forward to the next season, but after I'd watched the eps a bunch of times, I read some fic but all the pairings are established canon (yay for canon lgbt pairings), and in fic I am really there for my OTPs getting together against all odds, which Hannibal delivers in spades - 11k fics at AO3 and climbing, yay!!!  Not to mention the eleventy billion gifs and fanworks, and the lovely relationship fandom has with the cast and crew, and the adorable Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelson.

Here, have an awesome REINCARNATION vid, because who doesn't love to imagine their OTPs finding each other throughout the ages.  You don't even have to have watched Hannibal!  Though of course you should watch Hannibal, because it is amazing :)

Reincarnation Vid - dreams that feel like memories, by paquim -

(see, no coding at all, not even the freakin link)
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Over the last couple of weeks I've rewatched Hannibal with my housemates. The first time through I liked the first season but didn't ship them, liked the second season but was on edge about the betrayals and attempts to kill each other...and didn't ship them, and then the third season happened and I fell hard.

The second time through I understood all the layers and motivations and appreciated all the surreal images and was like, omg this show is AMAZING. And the imagery is stunning. (Bryan Fuller described it as arty and pretentious and experimental).

Mads Mikkleson (Hannibal) says that Hannibal fell in love with Will the first time he saw him. Hannibal saw the potential for a soulmate, and cultivated Will.

With all my knowledge and intuition I could never entirely predict you. I can feed the caterpillar, I can whisper through the chrysalis, but what hatches follows its own nature and is beyond me. - Hannibal to Will 2.08

Meanwhile Will struggles to not give in to his dark side and to capture Hannibal - he is tempted and very much under Hannibal's spell.

Beautiful vid
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Ha, I've spent two months procrastinating on my Yuletide fic and finally managed a 2k fic (now with beta), and am FREE to write in my shiny new fandom instead and I've written 2k of Sense8 fic since yesterday already and have no idea where I want to even go with the story yet. Wheee.

I saw a rec for a Sense8 vid which basically said 'I finally found a good Sense8 vid and it's good, and not especially plot spoilery, i guess? in that it doesn't try to tell the overarching plot?

When it autoplayed the next one I wasn't hopeful, esp when it became apparent it utilised the technique of having the characters words audible at key points, but as it happens I loved it because it's all the Sensates helping each other through their problems/traumas and I am ALL about their soul bond. If you're still reading this and haven't seen the show but plan to watch this anyway, what you need to know is none of these people have ever met in real life.

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I should be in bed but am, unsurprisingly, watching Sense8. I did graciously allow us to watch a couple eps of Z Nation and an ep of Grimm firs, so we are all caught up on those.

I am very much enjoying this season Grimm. I like the idea of the Wesen Uprising, and love Adeline and Nick figuring out how to be parents together. Is it bad that I am sort of shipping them now? I always felt horribly guilty for not liking Juliet more, though in my defence she was so two dimensional in the first season I thought they were planning on killing her off, so was happy when they finally gave her some plot and loved when she became one of the Scoobies - some of my fave scenes in the show to this day are when Nick and Hank and Rosalie and Monroe and Juliet ere researching Wesen and discussing (and Wu, too, eventually, yay!)

Just now:
Dragonfly - Do you know what time it is?
Me - Yes. Why?
Dfly - 'Cause you're normally in bed by now.
Me - When was the last time I had me a fandom obsession? I am currently blogging about Sense8 and the fact that I am watching Sense8.
Dfly *smiles approvingly*

Random thoughts and opinions on Sense8 )
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YAY FANDOM LOVE - I haven’t been this excited about a fandom in ages. I’m only four episodes in and SO MUCH LOVE. The show is about eight diverse people in different parts of the world who become linked psychically and emotionally… so basically SOULBONDING!!!

I know that some people don't love the show because they thought the season finale was vague and confusing, but hey, it's been renewed, so hopefully it will work itself out. But even if it doesn't, I don't care! As always I am not here for the plot. This show tells eight different stories so you've pretty much got to just enjoy the ride.

And I am pretty confident I'm not going to be disappointed - it's one of the most requested fandoms for Yuletide this year and I've been perusing the letters, and nearly all of them are happy for all the sensates to be included, they love them all, so. YAY.


Cute vid from 1.04 – Wolfgang is karaokeing and the others are starting to tune in to each other even though they have no idea what’s going on -

Brief character descriptions of the Sensates lazily copied from Wiki, and 1 minute character vids from youtube - if you only watch one, watch Lito's (I may be biased) )

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Slash Christmas Gathering was lovely. Excellent company, excellent conversation, delicious food and media consumption.

[profile] psycho_tabby made delicious strawberry daquiris. I've never had one before and was worried it would be too sweet, but it was delicious.

Also, the free range ham was the best ham I've ever tasted. I am a Ham Convert.

Secret Santa was the type you have random picking order, and then the next person can steal your gift. Stolen and restolen amongst much hilarity was a glass cherry bowl and an adorable yellow metal watering can and plastic animal shaped water diffuser thingy. I was very happy with my Doctor Who tin.

Of course, we HAD To watch the SPN episode 'Fan Fiction' because two people in the group had somehow not yet seen it. This ep literally sums up how far fandom representation and shipping has come. It could not be more perfect.

I babbled about my current fandom obsession, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, which I am extra excited about because First Australian Fandom. I showed them a Phryne/Jack vid, but did not put an ep on since this is still, technically, a slash gathering.

Instead I pimped The Originals, aided and abetted by [personal profile] mr_booboo. We watched the pilot (which is hilariously exposition heavy and involves many characters and flashbacks). Poor [profile] zebra363 was like 'my comprehension is about 20%' but mr_booboo and I provided lots of important explanations about relationships and pairings, and I think some people plan to watch it.

(I did do a tiny pimp post here a while back but I see now that it was totally inadequate).

To the person who asked if there are lots of flashbacks, Yes, there are!

This is one of my fave scenes. Marcel has just come back from war and Elijah literally says to Marcel about Klaus - "Ï'm glad you're back, he's been beside himself while you were gone".

Also, Klaus and Elijah are VERY devoted brothers (cut because image is huge in DW) )
sarren: (Default) far as ignoring all other priorities like, oh, preparing for my super intensive uni workload that starts Monday.

So I have done something other than watch 15 episodes of The Originals today. Like, I went to Bunny's netball game this morning (she's at her Dad's this weekend), and then to buy hotdogs from her at her Cadet's fundraising sausage sizzle at Bunnings and then stopped for lattes on the way home and then I said, let's just watch one thing before I go study, hmm what's this random show we've never got around to watching cos it's a spin off from The Vampire Diaries which we never watched past the shitty pilot.

youtube promo

Things I love about this cracky show. )

and now it's 2am and episode 16 has ended at a point I can go to bed.

PS At the very least I achieved getting most of my tumblr reblogs tagged at last today.
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Last night I went to bed and... googled pictures of Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages *FACEPALM*

In my defence, he has a fucking amazing voice, I had to google during the film just to confirm he did his own singing.

Official trailer for Rock of Ages

Tom Cruise, Dead or Alive

I Wanna Know What Love Is

Deleted scene - Rock You like a Hurricane, or, Tom Cruise on a stripper pole *dies*
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Procrastinating about writing my uni report by posting to LJ. Which is a step forward because for weeks I've been procrastinating about writing my assignment by thinking about posting to LJ and then procrastinating about posting to LJ by going on tumblr etc.

And watching all the telly in the world. Those nine days I where I couldn't do much but lie on the couch with my bad eye covered I watched more telly than in the entire year previously. (disclaimer: was in Germany for five of those months), I've (mostly) caught up on shows I was behind on and now I have all these new shows.

Currently airing shows I am watching:

Sleepy Hollow
By Any Means
Agents of SHIELD
Person of Interest
The Walking Dead
Once Upon a Time
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
White Collar

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Only about 16 hours left to sign up for Yuletide".

For years I've seen people ranting on the internet about how fans are sexist and racist and are only interested in white male characters. I've always maintained that when women and POCs finally started getting cast in actual main roles in the shows fandom gets excited about, then we would fangirl the hell out of them.


My sign ups )

I know, I know, I'm babbling. BECAUSE I LOVE YULETIDE.
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Person of Interest finale was brilliant and I got to watch it with a fan friend who drove 7 hours to bring it to me.

Supernatural finale was bloody epic, and rounded off a great plot arc.

Doctor Who, OMFG, one of fandom's great moments in that scene in the season finale, as I insisted on telling Neery who'd just made me lunch and brought it to me in time to witness it. I probably would have been in tears if I hadn't of being scoffing down delicious homemade lasagne at the time. As a bonus, when I went to youtube later to find that one scene (and cry) I realised that a heap of other season 7 DW episodes are all up. So I can watch the ones I missed, hooray! (whole ep here season finale)

Obscure & British Comment Fest - if I was at home I would totally be rewatching all my obscure British shows and diving headfirst into this. Huh, I've never done a commentfest, I just realised. Maybe they'll run it again next year, she says hopefully...And that led me to the discovery that there are a heap of random episodes up of old tv shows I never got around to watching (ie eyed off the dvds but didn't want to pay exorbitant amounts for old shows I might not like) so now I can actually check out Man In a Suitcase and Danger Man. Win!!! random link to ep

Harry Potter fic rec - I got into HP fandom in the early days by way of a WIP called Mirror of Maybe, where Harry got sucked into a mirror and then emerged a few minutes later having lived 15 years, so Harry was really 30 years old in a 15 year old body so Harry/Snape was fine, right? And I loved it and made everyone read it...and then it was abandoned. I didn't give up on it for ages, and always remained a little bitter about the whole thing. The other day I found a fic that had rewritten the beginning, reimagined the plot, and best of all, finished it, and it's even better than the original - No Way Back by Meri I am so grateful for this fic. I actually feel like I have closure. *g*

A SLASH PAIRING BECOMES CANON - And lastly, OMG OMG OMG - a great event in slash fandom - a slash pairing actually became canon. Sure, it's a tiny fandom, but it was REAL and ongoing for years and its Happy Ever After was celebrated by the SNL audience.

So, the pairing - Seth Meyers plays 'himself' as a news correspondent who regularly has 'Stefon', played by Bill Hader, come on the show to advise them on what are the coolest clubs to go to. I find very little SNL humour to my taste, and its def. not politically correct, but I do love the way Bill Hader cracks himself up, and the relevant to our interests part is how Stefon constantly flirts with Seth Meyers.

So, both actors are leaving SNL, Bill Hader to do movies, Seth Meyers is taking over The Late Show, so they actually, for real, wrapped up the relationship, MADE IT CANON. And for that, all the hats in the world off to them.

Gifset, - one gif from each of the sketches

The sketch where Stefon kissed Seth Meyers - St Patrick's Day on youtube

Finale gifset

HAPPY EVER AFTER - The finale on youtube
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So, what with sudden onset Teen Wolf obsession, plus getting paperwork for theoretical study exchange, got a bit behind with uni, but last night I was back on track, studying productively! Hand on heart, plan was to watch one, maybe two eps before going to bed at a reasonable time...but then Dragonfly was staying up doing scrapbooking stuff, and then it was 3.30am and we'd finished off the whole damn show. The finale was AWESOME.

Little disappointed that the first ep we watched last night had no shirtless dudes, but then they gave us this to make up for it )

Yes, my focus is Jackson, but like everyone else, loving the Derek/Stiles, here's a few cute vids -

All the guys being hot in each other's general direction. I esp like Derek dominating Jackson.

Amusing Derek/Stiles scenes

My fave Stiles moment

I like this Derek/Stiles vid (only 2mins) it's not even the most slashy, but it has lots of Derek wolfing out and being protective, which I like.

And here's the actors slashing it up and promising more Sterek if people vote for them

And then to make up for the lack of shirtlessness in that ep they gave me this. (Potentially spoilery) )

It's not that I'm obsessed with naked men, I swear, it's just that the show is doing it deliberately. The whole point of this show is SEXY WEREWOLVES. Hell, Derek is even sexier wolfed out than not. *cough*
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When ravenclaw_harpy brought Teen Wolf over the other night, she watched three eps and then had to go home, complaining that Derek hadn't taken his shirt off. The very next episode his shirt came off, and then there were shirtless sweaty chin ups (which explains cricketk's sudden love of them I suspect) and then all bets were off. I love that they're quite open about what this show is about... Season 2 opening credits Inexplicably, they failed to include a shot of Jackson shirtless there so..

Piccies of Jackson shirtless, JUST BECAUSE )

There are eleventy billion Derek/Stiles fics out there, and I am enjoying them (and by that I mean I am avoiding quite a lot of them - nobody tell me what knotting is, I like my brain unbroken).

However, I have inexplicably fixated on Jackson. Yes he is a douche. But it's because of Reasons. And he has Redeeming Qualities (gay BFF). And his storyline is definitely shaping up to be interesting. So. I'm quite enjoying the Derek/Jackson and the Stiles/Jackson that I've found. There are Jackson/Danny fics, but I rarely (if ever) find the BFF dynamic slashy.
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A few not-plot-spoilery pics because I love them so )

I was all teary with happiness at the end - which I am the first to admit is extreme - but Dr Who is, as I probably say too often, the fandom of my heart. Matt Smith plays a wonderful Doctor and Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill make kickass Companions. Yay!
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So, I don't pay attention to shows, living in Perth, but my mate who loves Paul McDermott as much as me gave me the heads up that he was coming to Perth to do a "serious" show, so I got on that, and last night saw "Paul Sings" at the Astor. First thing my mate asked when I got back was, did Tim turn up for a guest appearance, because they'd travelled to Perth together, Tim's doing a show "Carry a Big Stick". No, he didn't. Never, never go to the early show when it's Paul. I SHOULD KNOW BETTER.

So jealous, but yay for youtube - Paul McDermott AND Tim Ferguson Astor Theatre Perth - the later show.

For any non-Australians still reading this - to my generation, Paul McDermott's pretty much, er, the guy we've laughed at and lusted after our entire adult lives. We imprinted on DAAS at young ages. This was the fourth time I've seen him live. Oh, and relevant to most of our interests, he's always been slashy.

There's a FuckYeahMcDermott tumblr OF COURSE.

Super quick intro -

1984-1994 Doug Anthony Allstars - Paul, Tim and Richard! VERY CRUDE COMEDY.

My fave funny clip - hee, if I were watching for the first time now I'd probably be like O_O - Billy Don't Be A Hero

My fave serious song - DAAS - Throw Your Arms Around Me

1996-2000, 2008-2012 - Good News Week, satirical news game show hosted by a Grown Up Paul McDermott -

Paul would end the show with a song. My fave - Mark Trevorrow & Paul McDermott : Can't Take My Eyes Off You

also great, - with Marcia Hines & Mark Trevorrow - Baby It's Cold Outside

Actual show bits - GNW - Hamish and Andy v. Tom Gleeson

and one of my fave comedians - Adam Hills on the Couch

and here Paul has a rant at the audience

OOH OOH, the entire 1.5 hours of the Good News Week - Final Farewell Tour 2012 is on youtube! I didn't realise. *zooms* (I went to a Comfest recording once - they kept going long after they'd wrapped up the taping. Towards midnight some people started creeping out and Paul and Mikey were like 'where the fuck do you think you're going???' and they were like 'we HAVE to, to catch the last trains!!' I have a crappy memory, so the only other specific thing I remember from the night was near the end Mikey standing at the front of the stage and then ostentatiously bending over and Paul coming up and simulating rogering him. Good times...

More about Paul's show last night and old clips )
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Last night I...

- Rewatched Captain America movie.
- Watched an Avengers cartoon
- Watched one episode of Stargate Universe
- Read Person of Interest fic
- Watched True Blood songvids
- Screencapped True Blood eps.

It’s probably a worry that I’ve only done five eps and I already have more than forty screencaps *facepalm* In my defence, I’d started with the latest three eps from which my Bill/Eric obsession kicked in, and then did 1.01 and 1.02 before bed last night, which are important for setting up Bill and Sookie. I’m sure I’ll get through this project more quickly once I’m able to condense their encounters to a single screencap - Then they had sex. Then they had sex again. Then they had angsty sex. Again.
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I'm currently wallowing in the joy of being passionate about several fandoms - it's that time of year when it's between semesters so I can WATCH ALL THE SHOWS.

Additionally, I am enjoying fandom currently in these ways:

- Sherlock fics that people rec, links to piccies/gifs my Sherlock fandom buddy send me.

- Anything Person of Interest but that's going to fade soon ‘cause I haven't got anyone else to show the show to, and nothing more to read. New eps in September, yay!! I have LithiumDoll’s 'Every Breath You Take' vid on a lot in the background because I love this version of the song (only watch it every now and then though, and by ‘every now and then’ I mean only a few times a day.

- Avengers – reading fic, stick to recs though now, watching the cartoons with Bunny.

- I've been relistening to Cabin Pressure at work, but am a bit afraid to read fic nowadays, it all seems so angtsy and dark. Not what I want from my fluffy fluff fluff fandom.

Lewis – Occasional new fic that turns up, rewatching my favourite three songvids a lot, thinking of fic ideas.

Stargate Universe - been watching the eps, only three to go. Second season is freakin’ awesome. Not much fic I want to read on AO3, am thinking of writing something myself depending on how the series ends.

- True Blood - VIDS! FIC! Current plan is to watch it all again from scratch (and by ‘all’ I mean all the scenes with Sookie, Eric and/or Bill so I can screencap ALL their interaction - finding the time is the challenge! Am resisting urge to take a couple of days leave to wallow. *facepalm*

Randomly, have a DUE SOUTH fic rec - I haven't read DS fic in YEARS, it makes me so happy that I can still get so much pleasure from this fandom - Real Boys , by Salieri, an AU described by the author as 'a riff on Philip K. Dick's dystopia'. Fraser/Kowalski.

Random cute piccie of my Haven threesome actors )


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