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Person of Interest finale was brilliant and I got to watch it with a fan friend who drove 7 hours to bring it to me.

Supernatural finale was bloody epic, and rounded off a great plot arc.

Doctor Who, OMFG, one of fandom's great moments in that scene in the season finale, as I insisted on telling Neery who'd just made me lunch and brought it to me in time to witness it. I probably would have been in tears if I hadn't of being scoffing down delicious homemade lasagne at the time. As a bonus, when I went to youtube later to find that one scene (and cry) I realised that a heap of other season 7 DW episodes are all up. So I can watch the ones I missed, hooray! (whole ep here season finale)

Obscure & British Comment Fest - if I was at home I would totally be rewatching all my obscure British shows and diving headfirst into this. Huh, I've never done a commentfest, I just realised. Maybe they'll run it again next year, she says hopefully...And that led me to the discovery that there are a heap of random episodes up of old tv shows I never got around to watching (ie eyed off the dvds but didn't want to pay exorbitant amounts for old shows I might not like) so now I can actually check out Man In a Suitcase and Danger Man. Win!!! random link to ep

Harry Potter fic rec - I got into HP fandom in the early days by way of a WIP called Mirror of Maybe, where Harry got sucked into a mirror and then emerged a few minutes later having lived 15 years, so Harry was really 30 years old in a 15 year old body so Harry/Snape was fine, right? And I loved it and made everyone read it...and then it was abandoned. I didn't give up on it for ages, and always remained a little bitter about the whole thing. The other day I found a fic that had rewritten the beginning, reimagined the plot, and best of all, finished it, and it's even better than the original - No Way Back by Meri I am so grateful for this fic. I actually feel like I have closure. *g*

A SLASH PAIRING BECOMES CANON - And lastly, OMG OMG OMG - a great event in slash fandom - a slash pairing actually became canon. Sure, it's a tiny fandom, but it was REAL and ongoing for years and its Happy Ever After was celebrated by the SNL audience.

So, the pairing - Seth Meyers plays 'himself' as a news correspondent who regularly has 'Stefon', played by Bill Hader, come on the show to advise them on what are the coolest clubs to go to. I find very little SNL humour to my taste, and its def. not politically correct, but I do love the way Bill Hader cracks himself up, and the relevant to our interests part is how Stefon constantly flirts with Seth Meyers.

So, both actors are leaving SNL, Bill Hader to do movies, Seth Meyers is taking over The Late Show, so they actually, for real, wrapped up the relationship, MADE IT CANON. And for that, all the hats in the world off to them.

Gifset, - one gif from each of the sketches

The sketch where Stefon kissed Seth Meyers - St Patrick's Day on youtube

Finale gifset

HAPPY EVER AFTER - The finale on youtube
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Finding Himself

Summary: What if Cedric didn't die? )

I am only 13 chapters into this, but I love it so far, and am mostly putting the link here for my convenience as it is going to take a while to read.

Fic recs

Oct. 21st, 2007 06:52 am
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Awesome Dexter/Sylar fic. It actually sounds like Dexter.

Pushing Daisies/Harry Potter crossover It's like an episode from Pushing Daisies - now with added wizards.
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See, Shalott wrote this fic a couple of weeks ago and it is BEYOND AWESOME and it made me GLEEFUL for days!!!

See, I wanted to rec it but I wanted to rec it to everyone! And I can't, cos it's wincest. And I rarely say this, but the slash is totally superfluous and I want to tell non-slashers that if they can bear to, please to be reading anyway, and just kinda skip over the boykissing please. There's not very much!

It's the Winchester boys get an inheritance and find out they're WIZARDS and have to go to HOGWARTS to pass their Wizarding equivalency exams!! DEAN GETS SORTED INTO HUFFLEPUFF. And if the image of the Impala (modified like the Knights Bus) full of Hufflepuff kids in leather jackets and RayBans doesn't win you, there's probably no use saying any more.

Go read Old Country. It's MAGIC.
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George And - George never really recovers.

Read the fic first )

Things Change, People Change - a muggle sends his kid off to Hogwarts.

I haven't even started looking around yet. I'm going through the links and recs provided by [ profile] caitlen and [ profile] psycho_tabby and [ profile] chaosmanor.
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Dragonfly finally finished DH and had barely looked up when I put Blood Magic in her hands and that was last we heard from her. Jody and I spent a wild Saturday night sitting on the couch playing on the laptops.

We did, however, find time to talk about Deathly Hallows )
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"Everyone who was raised in a Hogwarts House sacrificed some part of themselves to make other parts strong, Potter, even you. Intellect at the expense of emotion, loyalty at the expense of ambition, valor at the expense of canniness. Slytherin House understands this, and we reach a point when we must choose with our eyes open."

- Snape, from 'The Shadow of His Wings' by Mirabella*

Deathly Hallows )

And because I am not above wheedling, cajoling and outright bribery - anyone you missed my Hogwarts House poll you can still do it! I'm interested! Really!

*Which I've actually just given up on in chapter 9. It's all too OOC, and the characters are not engaging me enough to get past that.
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[ profile] scotsnow pointed out this site, if you need a refresher course. Now I'm more indecisive than ever.

[Poll #1027287]

I think I'd be Hufflepuff, and proud of it. There's no rule against Hufflepuffs being extroverted and being leaders and going into battle. Hell, the Sorting Hat chose a Hufflepuff Champion. Cedric rocked! And as much as I would like to have chosen Slytherin, cos they've been totally screwed, I'm not particularly cunning and ambitious. I can't remember what other traits JKR didn't like.

Edit: see, I'd talked myself out of thinking I might be Gryffindor, since I don't have the ego you seem to need in order to rate. But then remembered my unhealthy interest in extreme sports, and how many Hufflepuffs have you seen go skydiving?

Yeah, I'm a fence sitter. Wait? Is that a Slytherin trait?

Edit again: Still haven't made a commitment. Clearly I can't be Gryffindor. This could take a while.

Final Edit: Seven hours later, a comment by [ profile] zebra363 and an epiphany later...I'm a different person than I used to be. I used to be all about adventure! and fun! and then life happened and now I'm a grown up.


Jul. 24th, 2007 11:30 am
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Does everyone know that LJ took it upon themselves to delete the journal with the hilarious review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

Apparently anything is game now.

[ profile] astolat posted the link to the google cached page

Get it while it's hot!

EDIT: Apparently it's Scholastic that are the bad guys this time.
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In case anyone hasn't already seen this, it's a page by page summary of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and it's GOLD.

OMG THEY SUSPENDED IT!!! *is speechless*

Excerpt )
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I have just queued to pick up our MCR tickets. There were only two people in front of me but they took FOREVER to choose their show or seating or whatever.

Deathly Hallows )
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Stephen Colbert. Best Defence Against the Dark Arts Teacher ever!

(thanks to [ profile] victorian_tweed for the rec)
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Fabella, famous for her fabulous Supernatural vid,Freak (in my top 20), has a new vid, Come On, Angel. All you SPN fans will probably enjoy it. Me, not into the fandom so much anymore - what can I say, people stopped dragging me to their homes and forcing me to watch the show. *g*

She also did a very cool Harry Potter one, Golden Boy.

(For links to all her vids, they're in her LJ Memories)

However, the vid I currently like to have randomly play in the background will probably not be so much to people's tastes. An SGA action vid set to heavy metal music, Weapons of Mad Distortion.

hp vid

Jun. 26th, 2006 10:16 pm
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You know, I just assumed that most people acquire vids like I do, from communities and from recs, and just download heaps at a time, then get around to watching them whenever. (though this might be cos I tend to do this late at night after Dragonfly's asleep)

If I don't like it for whatever reason, bad editing or country music I don't like, I don't even watch to the end, I just trash it. If I like it enough to maybe watch it again, I file it away. If I LOVE it, I want to send feedback, so if the vidder has conveniently put their website, or email at the end, then I fb straightaway. If not I'll try and remember where I get it, or google etc. But if it's too hard, I lose interest and wander off.

Which is what happened with that HP vid 'The Distance'.* Turns out though, putting a bit of effort in sometimes works out. Who knew?

*goes off to download all the other vids on the site*


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