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Yesterday afternoon [profile] zebra363 emailed me to say she'd been told she she maybe should watch Heroes. I said that it's not really her thing, being an ensemble cast, but, because because I'm an evil enabler, sent her Nathan & Peter - The Best Moments of the Petrellicest.

...then late last night found myself watching a heap of Nathan/Peter vids, and then some other ensemble plotty vids, and OMG why didn't I ever finish watching that show???

Result: Zebra and I have Heroes lined up for Our Next Mutual Fandom. TBH, I don't know if it'll hold her interest, but we can always fastforward through the Sylar scenes, and the less interesting characters' scenes, if necessary.

Fic recs

Oct. 21st, 2007 06:52 am
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Awesome Dexter/Sylar fic. It actually sounds like Dexter.

Pushing Daisies/Harry Potter crossover It's like an episode from Pushing Daisies - now with added wizards.
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[ profile] mr_booboo accompanied me to the screening of Climate of Hope.

Speaker introduces the film - 'The government are looking towards using nuclear power because it's clean energy with zero greenhouse emissions!'

Me *thinks* Wow really! That's good news!

Speaker - Let me first explain that in the past I was an Anti-Nuclear protester.

Me *thinks* Wow, this must be good!

What we got was 27 minutes of how EVIL AND TERRIFYING NUCLEAR ENERGY IS and how it's totally NOT EMISSION-FREE and three minutes of these-are-the-clean-alternatives-yay!

Me *bangs head repeatedly on desk*
[ profile] mr_booboo WE ARE NOT DOOMED!!!

Of course, then I had to go tell the guy that the title of the film was misleading and really, I needed more than three minutes of hope at the end, and his explanation? He ran out of time. Then I gently explained how he could improve his speaking voice, because I'm helpful like that.

But then we had dinner and cake and coffee with [ profile] special_trille and [ profile] haunted_attics which cheered me up until an accidental lapse of attention at a crucial moment put me behind in the Token White Girl (TWG) running.*

Then [ profile] mr_booboo and I went back to her place and watched the new Heroes episode and it featured my two favourite characters a lot and it was GOOD, even if it did make me shout at the telly a lot.

*Mr Booboo and Haunted Attics haven't made up their minds who gets to replace Special Trille as their TWG friend while she's in China next month. It's between me and [ profile] dark_squire.
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We've watched 16 hours of Rome over the last few days.

I spend an awful lot of time saying 'Oh, Pullo' with various degress of fondness and exasperation and sympathy.

Where I make a specious comparison between Pullo and Veronus, and Nathan and Peter Petrelli )
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Yes, I am finally catching up on all my shows. Life on Mars. Done. Supernatural. Tick. Dr Who, The Dresden Files, HEROES....

I love you, Nathan. )

heroes omg

Apr. 16th, 2007 01:09 pm
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[ profile] black_samvara made me Mr Bennet icons. I like [ profile] black_samvara a lot.

I love this Heroes vid by [ profile] yokiem an embarrassing amount. It's just the various heroes showing off their stuff to 'Holding Out For A Hero'. Obviously, massive spoilers, but if you haven't watched up to episode 18 yet, you might need inspiration anyway!


Apr. 4th, 2007 11:29 pm
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I start my new job on the 23rd April. You know what else starts on 23rd April? HEROES.

Also, I may be the last person in SGA fandom to see this - commentfics where Atlantis folk get turned into baby animals. Don't worry, nobody has sex. Unless you count puppy!John licking his balls.

It's for the win!
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All I want is a Mr Bennet icon. WHY IS LIFE SO CRUEL.


Apr. 4th, 2007 05:50 pm
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I have a totally inappropriate crush on Mr Bennet now. *is ashamed*

spoilers for episode 18 )


Apr. 2nd, 2007 11:27 pm
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The other day I was informed that I would have an unexpected new pairing after watching episode 17 of Heroes. Well, I've watched it, and I don't understand. Who am I supposed to be shipping? Bennett and Haitian guy? Peter and Claude? Oh, hang on, Nathan and Hiro?

Also, you people who've been telling me to catch up on Heroes just weren't dedicated enough. You fail.

In conclusion, OMG HEROES!!!
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[ profile] special_trille is all about Primeval atm, so the other night [ profile] cricketk and I let her show us the pilot. It was fun. I mean, what's not great about dinosaurs?

Watched the next couple of episodes and they were okay, and then came the dodos. Dodos rock! And then the episode made me cry. The next episode was really, really cool too and now I'm hanging out for the next one.

And then last night we watched Heroes 12-14 last night, which was less interesting than Primeval.

Onset of obsession, anyone?

My first reaction to the big revelation in Heroes 14 )
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1. DEXTER. I have seen four eps and am in love with this show. It's like, this anti-hero that you can't really connect to because he can't connect himself, yet you're rooting for him because everything is so much harder for him, but he's trying. Yay Dexter! Also, it's disturbing how much more attractive the actor is in this role compared to John from Six Feet Under *g* Also, I once saw James Remar (Dexter's dad) in a tv movie where it was really hot and he ran around in khaki shorts and boots and a whole lot of sweat and I may have had a bit of a crush.

2. Torchwood. Mostly for the snogging and the pretty. I am that shallow.

3. Heroes. I really want to find out what happens to Claire the cheerleeder and Nathan Petrelli. I have not very much interest at all in Isaac or Peter, who seem to be most people's favourites, and no urge to slash them or anybody else. Also, Hiro is cute as a button.

Poor SGA. You've been supplanted. *mourns* At least you still win at the slash.
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Haven't been watching much since I got home, been busy with work, family, and of course, catching up on all the SGA fics I'd missed.**

However, last night all that changed! I was pimped to.

1. Sinchronicity. Episode 2... The scene where handsome doctor Mani drags Jase into an empty corridor and snogs him senseless won my heart!

2. Heroes. Episodes 1-2. OMG. WHY HAS NOBODY MADE ME WATCH THIS ALREADY??? Excellent beginning, can't wait to see more! And because I'm shallow, Mohinder is hothothot, and also I know Adrian Pasdar (Nathan Petrelli) from something and it's driving me nuts no I didn't watch Mysterious Ways unless I did but NO memory also he is hot in a Scott Bakula way and also, when the Petrelli brothers hug? I am holidaying in the Special Hell.

3. Blade. Random episode. Watchable. Nuff said.

4. Respectable. Episode 1. Amusing. But apparently 'Eaves, a London-based feminist charity, has set up an online petition against the show, which it labels as "a gross misrepresentation of the lives of women involved in prostitution".'

5. Psych. Episode 1. Laughed and LAUGHED. Want more. Also, if anyone knows where I can find the songvid to 'Accidently in Love' I would be grateful. And really impressed!

Am now totally in the mood to obsessively watch tv shows. Here I come, Supernatural! Friday Night Lights! Heroes! Studio 60! All the SGA eps I've missed!

But not right now, cos the internet is SHINY. And then I will go to work.

**Except for two days where a link had sent me to a page of Smallville fics I had to read obsessively.


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