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So I finally got a great beta for the 7k Lucifer sex pollen fic by asking one of the Yuletide betas. Yay! I didn't want to ask the flist to beta porn. But....

*cough* I have a 2k Hannibal fic that I've gone over eleventy billion times, but if anyone has the time and inclination to give it a SPaG, that would be awesome? It's G rated Hannigram, brief description of murdered people (it IS Hannibal fandom!)
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me before Yuletide - Sorry, can't watch Hannibal again yet, can't write when obsessed with another fandom.

me since Yuletide - Lucifer is my jam! Can't watch Hannibal! Am writing more Lucifer fic!

me today - I am so happy - 6k of sex pollen fic, one or two scenes left and I'll have a draft, yay!

the family tonight - *puts on Hannibal*

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I did a super long post yesterday about various stuff but for some reason which eludes me it's not letting me do cuts, therefore I am going to separate them into several posts that people can skip past, sorry.  I swear, I looked up the instructions in case I've forgotten how after all these years suddenly, I even went back to an old post with a successful cut and copied and pasted the coding, still no.  I have since realised that it's not letting do any coding at all, which is why my vid rec in this post is just the URL.  *kicks something*

Fandom obsession, wheee -  Anyway!  Four weeks, FIVE weekends since I came back from holiday with a new fandom obsession. God I love that feeling, like surfers catching the perfect wave, I love riding that feeling out and willingly let other non essential things slide, like personal blog updates, reading anything at all that isn't Hannibal fic, socialising that isn't convincing friends to watch Hannibal and then watching it with them...and so on.

In my defense,my euphoric fandom obsession phase doesn't usually last long, it tends to depend on the amount of canon and fandom works, and most importantly, an awesome ship. For example I loved Sense8 more than life itself for a while and am looking forward to the next season, but after I'd watched the eps a bunch of times, I read some fic but all the pairings are established canon (yay for canon lgbt pairings), and in fic I am really there for my OTPs getting together against all odds, which Hannibal delivers in spades - 11k fics at AO3 and climbing, yay!!!  Not to mention the eleventy billion gifs and fanworks, and the lovely relationship fandom has with the cast and crew, and the adorable Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelson.

Here, have an awesome REINCARNATION vid, because who doesn't love to imagine their OTPs finding each other throughout the ages.  You don't even have to have watched Hannibal!  Though of course you should watch Hannibal, because it is amazing :)

Reincarnation Vid - dreams that feel like memories, by paquim -

(see, no coding at all, not even the freakin link)
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Over the last couple of weeks I've rewatched Hannibal with my housemates. The first time through I liked the first season but didn't ship them, liked the second season but was on edge about the betrayals and attempts to kill each other...and didn't ship them, and then the third season happened and I fell hard.

The second time through I understood all the layers and motivations and appreciated all the surreal images and was like, omg this show is AMAZING. And the imagery is stunning. (Bryan Fuller described it as arty and pretentious and experimental).

Mads Mikkleson (Hannibal) says that Hannibal fell in love with Will the first time he saw him. Hannibal saw the potential for a soulmate, and cultivated Will.

With all my knowledge and intuition I could never entirely predict you. I can feed the caterpillar, I can whisper through the chrysalis, but what hatches follows its own nature and is beyond me. - Hannibal to Will 2.08

Meanwhile Will struggles to not give in to his dark side and to capture Hannibal - he is tempted and very much under Hannibal's spell.

Beautiful vid


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