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Girl- Are you doing year 11 French?
Boy - I'm doing year 11 French, but I'm not doing year 11 French in the sense that I'm getting credit for it.
Girl - Then why are you doing it?
Boy - I love French. I can't just give up French.

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So I use this software called eMedia. I recently had to reinstall it on a new computer, and discovered that I could no longer make the text bold. I googled and apparently someone else had this problem. The response from the company support was:

What you describe is quite surprising. I agree that it's not normal, but you have, in 99% of problems involving eMedia, for which, eMedia is not the cause but the victim. At the moment we cannot reproduce this phenomenon. There is little probability that we find a solution which concerns your particular configuration. To date I never has heard problem similar reported by an user. I am sorry, I hope that you will find the solution .
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ALEXANDER SKARSGARD, PEOPLE (now all I want to do is stay up all night watching all the youtube vids of Alexander Skarsgard, but I have work tomorrow so I am heroically turn off my computer now. Heroically) (any minute now) (ps the lack of spacing in this and my last post are down to dreamwidth, not me)
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It's weird having LJ blocked at work, but not dreamwidth. I feel like they just haven't caught on yet and my window is closing *glances around paranoidly* Just for the record, Facebook is not blocked - it's in our regs that we're allowed reasonable use of social networking sites in our breaks. I assume it's the adult content on LJ. Oops.

here, excellent links 'cause, why not.

Blogger dude explains shipping ADORABLE.

Alan Rickman kissing a dude in some obscure movie YUM!!!

Funny. Testing the theory that chicks take off glasses and become super hot

Edit: Have just realised the dude kissing Alan Rickman is my fave character in The Walking Dead. HOLY CRAP.
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You know how we know Loki's the bad guy? Because he has a British accent, duh.

--cough--I can see why the internets went nuts for Loki.

Loki - the people need to reassured!
Me - they'll be reassured by your hat!
Jody -facepalm- those zingers are going to keep on coming, aren't they?
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Ha, I probably post MORE during semester, when I can't be obsessively reading fic and unable to tear my attention away for anything else.

This is funny!!!

And, nearly as good, The making of Movie: the Movie
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I seriously hate this, fwiw. Stupid mind with its avoidance issues.

Oh, hey, still not studying, have a link to a random post about the feeding habits of Komodo dragons I found through the metaquotes comm.

Now I am going to go make a cup of tea, and very shortly after that will start working on my assignment. Any minute now.
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7 Legendary Acts of Petty Revenge |

Being a scientist has to be tough. They spend their days staring down microscopes, knowing full well that when someone asks, "What do you do for a living?" any answer they give is going to elicit nothing but blank stares.

When it comes to dealing with people who believe in creationism, it's got to be especially tough. Typically, scientists shrug it off as a fact of life, knowing that no matter how much evidence they collect, some people will simply never accept it.

Creationists tend to be less resigned, and often try to prove the legitimacy of their theory by compiling lists of scientists who doubt evolution. All in all, hundreds of these lists are circulated. When you take a close look at the list of supposedly well-respected members of the scientific community, you notice that they often include television writers and lawyers, and that the people listed as actual scientists either weren't actual scientists, completely disagreed with that statement they supposedly agreed with, or don't actually exist.

Deciding they'd had just about enough of this bullshit, The National Center for Science Education decided to compile a list of their own -- one with very, very strict guidelines. Each scientist who signed had to agree that creationism was, in fact, silly and that it should not be taught in schools. They had to be from an area of science where their expertise was actually pertinent and, finally, because this apparently needed to be stipulated, they had to be an actual scientist. Oh, and in order to sign, you had to be named Steve or a variant thereof. As it stands, over 1000 Steves are on the list, including Stephen Hawking.

Explaining the reasoning behind the stunt, the scientific community noted that they could have easily compiled a contradicting list of tens of thousands of signatures. But focusing on scientists not named Steve would have taken too much time, and they had things to do.
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On behalf of all youngest siblings, HEY. When you struggle through life as a possibly closeted, academically average midget who doesn't have long to live, it really helps to have a sense of humor.

5 Bizarre Ways Your Siblings Made You Who You Are
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My guys have been talking about air rifles and souping up paintball guns for the last twenty minutes.


Joke - Her story/His story )


Mar. 28th, 2009 10:27 am
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Apparently even two years after escaping retail hell, customer suck stories are still addictive. Someone posted a link to this a couple of weeks ago...I'm up to page 113...

From the Not Always Right blog

Virgin Galactic, Eat Your Heart Out
Airline | Orlando, FL, USA

(I’m a flight attendant, and was doing my pre-takeoff check in the cabin. A man stops me and gestures to the small digital camera sitting in the seat next to him.)

Passenger: “Is it ok if my camera is here for the flight?”
Me: “Sure, sir. That will be fine.”
Passenger: “But shouldn’t I put it in the overhead bin?”
Me: “It should be fine there, but if you’re worried about it falling on the floor during landing you could put it in the overhead bin.”
Passenger: “But after takeoff, won’t it start floating around the cabin?”
Me: “Well, sir, just hold on to it. Once we slingshot around the moon, it will be fine.”

Hee! Also, lj tags, best things ever, how else could I reminisce fondly about the good old days.


Dec. 7th, 2008 04:40 pm
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First draft of [ profile] yuletide fic 1# is done.

See, I wrote the outline for my fic while I was studying for exams, but was angsting that the subject matter was too dark for [ profile] yuletide, so I came up with another idea instead. Except, now that I've finished that, I figure I may as well go write the first one too. What the hell.

In other news, this lolcat makes me very happy )
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I know this is an old joke, and any resemblance to Kevin Rudd is purely coincidental, but I just love the other delegates reactions.


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