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I am sitting in [profile] zebra363's lounge room wrapped in eleventybillion rugs and watching the alpacas grazing peacefully outside. Yes, I am aware it's not *quite* Arctic conditions up here, but it's a psychological thingumummy. Last night I slept with every blanket ever, two jumpers, scarf, socks and gloves. I was comfortable.

Yesterday arvo we spent three hours (until it was too dark to see anything except the giant bonfire) dragging dead branches over to the fence, throwing them over, under or through the fence and then dragging them over to the fire. Then we sat around and stared the fire for a long time.

Then we walked up to the house in pitch dark (I felt very hardcore), had dinner and watched an episode of Lewis (ie slept through).

Things to know about working with Zebra...

- When she says 'that's just about it' - it's not true.

- An hour later when she says 'that's about it, now' - it's not true.

- Some indeterminate time later, when she's an indistinct shadow among the trees emerging periodically to throw piles of sticks and the occasional log over the fence at you, and she says, 'just two more' - it's not true.

Still, nice workout and feeling of accomplishment. Have a feeling will be recreating it next week as it'll be the last weekend for burning off before the ban.
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I just found out Malcolm Turnbull's middle name is Bligh. *glee*

Also I am wearing [ profile] cricketk's Eeyore pj's which happen to be my favourite colour and are also very comfy and remind me of going to the Pixies concert with her the other night at the Belvoir Amphitheatre which was freakin' awesome!!!

First, she fed me fabulous vegetable curry soup, then she and [ profile] juffles attempted with the power of their minds, and an online Perth Bike Map, to convince me to start riding my bike to work.

Me - It's too far.
Juffles - It's only 13 or 14kms.
Cricket - ...straight.
Me - Uh huh, and how far is it in the real world?
Cricket and Juffles *enthusiastically check*
Juffles - Only 17kms, more or less. Easy!
Cricket - I cycle 17kms to work regularly.
Me *stares at them both, aghast*
Cricket - Well, obviously you work up to it. Start parking 8km away from work to start with, like I did.
Me *humours the crazy people*

Then Cricket and I got to the concert early enough to get great seats (technically, spots on the ground) and in time for the (according to Facebook) shite support band, who turned out to be not half bad, except they need a lead singer who can sing. I have no idea what they are called, except that they are from Newtown and their first song was called Newtown and they really need to drop that song.

Then the Pixies, who continue to be awesome. Couldn't find a decent youtube vid from that concert because either Perth people suck at filming, or there was some sort of sekrit sound distorting device. Also, it was really dark. I don't think they actually turned on the lights til the third song.

Random Pixies song for the curious">.


Aug. 12th, 2008 07:26 am
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Me *cries* [ profile] angriest gave me a cartoon of Commissioner Gordon cut into pieces.
[ profile] cricketk - Why would he do that?!
Me - Because he knew how DISTRAUGHT I was over that fic I read where Gordon got cut into pieces.
Cricketk - That'll teach you to be so mean to him at all the time!!!

Disclaimer - Sure, I tease him a bit, and okay, I steal his chips, and yes, I have had one of his Dr Who dvds for like, three months, but this is the man who once threatened me with Dr Who spoilers.

There's no justice.
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Mainlined the last six episodes of first season Friday Night Lights last night. I do not have enough words for how brilliant this show is. To paraphrase [ profile] psycho_tabby, it has nothing I normally like in a show - an angsty teenage drama about American football. And yet, it is gripping. There is no way I could watch this show by myself - during one traumatic scene I ended up whimpering in [ profile] special_trille's lap.

[ profile] mr_booboo - There's only twelve more episodes. We'll have to cut down to two a week.
Me - No, four is fine. By the time we get through those there'll be several more.
Everyone else - There's a writer's strike, dummy.
Me *cries* Two isn't enough.
[ profile] psycho_tabby How about three?
Me *sulks* I suppose so.

I wander off to another room for a few minutes. Then...

[ profile] mr_booboo - Too bad. We've decided we're only going to watch two episodes of Friday Night Live a week!
Me *looks sad*
[ profile] mr_booboo - AND an episode of The Persuaders!
Me *is speechless*

Speaking of...I showed [ profile] special_trille an episode of The Persuaders! after the others went home at a sensible time. I had one left that I hadn't seen for years, and didn't remember it and I almost decided on that one, but I was worried it would be really crap and then she'd never want to watch the show again. One can't take risks like that! So I showed her a trusty favourite instead.

Today, I watched that final episode. OMG SUCH LOVE FOR MY GAY SHOW!

Brett is on the phone. He is sketching something as he talks. Camera pans in - it's a lovingly detailed sketch of DANNY'S FACE.

And the end of the episode has them sitting on a couch chatting. They are sitting so close that Brett's shoulder actually overlaps Danny's.

*looks vaguely embarrassed* This post really was supposed to be all about my love for Friday Night Lights.

I want to read fic now - about any of the main characters - even the Coach and his wife! Er, not any of the other parents, cos they all suck.

So, any recs for FNL up til end of season one??? Absolutely no spoilers for season two. That's not too hard is it? Any songvids I should know about?
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Got home from work and had a glass of wine or two while I rewatched Torchwood... after a couple of glasses of wine on an empty stomach I watched most of the new Primeval episode.

Is it just me or )

I have not yet seen the end of the episode. [ profile] zebra363 turned up with food and we have defaulted to The Persuaders! (After I made her watch all the 'good' bits of Torchwood).

Also I am now drinking black cherry flavoured vodka cruisers instead of wine.

HEE!!! Brett is paying more attention to the twins he's brought along on their double date than he is to Danny. [ profile] zebra363 is actually GROWLING. This is hilarious.
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I have wine. I have [ profile] mynxii. I have songvids. Life is good.


Feb. 19th, 2007 11:45 pm
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[ profile] mr_booboo told me off. *is cowed*

Right. I'm calling an intervention for you. First with the Smallville and the loving of Lana/Clark and now with the Dean/Jo het.

You are now banned from watching TV by yourself. I had thought better of dragonfly, but obviously she's not monitoring you well enough.

I feel there's a record that needs setting straight here.

Last night, after we had no more Supernatural to watch we switched back to Smallville. The episode happened to be one where the spirits of some 18th century witches possess Lana, Chloe and Lois. Unfortunately, the contrast between the quality of the two shows was obvious.* There's a scene where Dean Jensen Jason holds up the Book of Magic and threatens to set it on fire with a gas firelighter. I was embarrassed for him.

Even the scene with sweaty shirtless Clark with his arms CHAINED ABOVE HIS HEAD looking like something out of really good porn failed to redeem this episode.

And, omg, the last scene!!!

Lana *angsts*


Dragonfly - I am going to bed. Lana has DRIVEN** me away.

*This is a bad sentence, isn't it? I am too tired to make it better.
**That's a word, right? It looks weird. I am very tired.
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Helped [ profile] mr_booboo move house. Drank beer. Bought laptop.
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I had THE BEST TIME yesterday.

I love my friends. I LOVE that our friendships have grown beyond that which brought us together over the years. I love the fact that we hang out, and talk about Life Stuff, and snuggle, and cook (well, not me, obviously).

But yesterday was all about our Mutual Love.

We watched many songvids, mostly brought by me (and hasn't my last couple of days been - focussed) so I got to pimp some of my favourites. Pimping is just so much fun.

[ profile] silver_b_a then put on the pilot of Life On Mars, and the two? three? people in the room who hadn't yet been forcibly sat down and pimped to yet got to finally see it. To the accompaniment of 'That's Gene!' 'Gene rocks!' 'See how fabulous Gene is pushing people around and being a bastard?'

Sphinx brought along Big Wolf on Campus, which some of us liked, some wandered off to chat, or help organise dinner.

After dinner there was opening of presents by the birthday people. [ profile] ravenclaw_harpy got the crappy 80's tv show War of the Worlds, which only me and her like, yet we insisted people watch some, so they could at least know what Colonel Ironhorse looks like. So, SO BAD. At least people got a laugh out of it.

And [ profile] silver_b_a got Space: Above and Beyond. Which is a GOOD show. So, we watched the pilot episode, and cheered whenever McQueen came on the screen (what? I wasn't the only one!) and pimped the characters to the newbies "That's West. He's supposed to be all heroic and tortured. Forget him. He's whiny.' 'This is Hawkes. You WILL love him.' 'McQueen and Hawkes are looking at each other!!'

Fandom is good.
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How else to explain how I suddenly own Dark Angel on dvd and have INTENSE LOVE FOR ALEC.

*wavy flashback lines*

[ profile] special_trille - Look at this shiny Supernatural show.
Me - Yeah it's okay but it's got that sleazy guy from Dark Angel. I stopped watching the show cos he was so annoying.
Trille *clutches chest* Leave my home this instant!

[ profile] cricketk - Watch lots more of this Supernatural show right now.
Me - Yeah okay, the character's growing on me now that he doesn't remind me very much of that too pretty sleaze bag from Dark Angel.
Cricket - Focus on the slash. Also, what do you mean, too pretty?

[ profile] haunted_attics - Come over to my house little girl, and I wll show you shiny things.
Me- I like shiny things.
Attics - And I invited the Cabal other friends too.
Me *innocently* Hello Boo!

Three episodes later.

Me Okay, he's not TOO pretty, I think it must be cos I like him in Supernatural now. Character's still a shit though.
Attics Ah, reinforcements Trille's arrived!

Another four episodes later.

Others *look smug*

Still later.

[ profile] mr_booboo *casually* Alec's hair's a bit meh now.
Me No it's not. It's fine.
Boo No it's a bit weird at the front, needs a trim.
Boo You pass the test.
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Sexy Hugh Laurie, just cos.

This photojournal is the rockingest thing. It's mostly made up of cute cats animals and birds, semi naked women, but in among all that there's an assortment of all sorts of weird and interesting stuff.

In other news, the fabulous, gorgeous, wonderful person who pimped 'Reefer Madness' to us last week has unexpectedly SENT US a copy, so I can now share the experience with interested parties...Mynxii?

I love fandom! I love my friends!
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How is it possible that I've worked 52 hours in the last week and still have another double shift tomorrow?

Also, [ profile] cricketk made me only have four hours sleep AND made me walk in the rain.

On the plus side, I did get to see the latest two eps of BSG and this week's ep of Atlantis, plus some Numb3rs and sundry songvids. Also she cooked me lunch.

::smooshes Cricket::

So I saw the Atlantis ep 'Instinct' )
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[ profile] vegetariansushi is a bad, bad girl. It is completely her fault that I'm eating a peanut butte/m&m/chocolate bar right now.

They have peanut butter m&m's over there.

*pauses to marvel*

I'm afraid the rest of the candy didn't do much for me. Luckily [ profile] zebra363 was on hand to save the day.

Me - Hmm, Butterfingers?
Zebra - Best candy, eva!
Me *bite* Revoltingly sweet. *holds out*
Zebra. *snatches and scoffs* (muffled) Clearly, you are mad!

Me - Another peanut butter candy? In a cup.
Zebra - Not quite up to the standard of Butterfingers which should be required eating.
Me *bite* Also waay too sweet. *holds out*
Zebra *consumes*

Me Peanut butter m&m's? Sensing a theme here. *bites*
Zebra *holds out hand*
Me Get away from me before I keeell you.

[ Later, only mildly nauseus ]

Me - Saw Hellboy yesterday. Must now sample Baby Ruth. *takes bite* Nope, too sweet. What a surprise. *hands on to next person*

Also to the person who promised to send me slash when they heard I was about to watch Hellboy. Thankyou, but no thankyou. Clearly, it's all about the het.
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So I organise this viewing for Friday since an incredible amount of us managed to fail to tape the pilot while we were at Swancon. Call ourselves fans? Pshaw!

So [ profile] zebra363 of course, being organised and also liking food very much says "What are we going to do about food?" to which I replied "omgI'mworkingalldayI'mnotcookingwe'llgetpizza" which is actually my pretty standard response.

However a couple of people have stepped up to the plate, as it were. (Look! A sporting reference!)

[ profile] emma_in_oz and [ profile] special_trille are bringing pies.
[ profile] zebra363 is bringing a vegetable plate prepared by her most excellent mother. Possibly homemade cookies if she has time.

Anybody else (not [ profile] ascetic_hedony), feel an urge to bring anything, feel free. It is not required, and also some people will be racing from work to get here by 6pm.

[ profile] psycho_tabby did mention something about potatoes. But it was all very confusing.
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Anyone have any ideas about how to get [ profile] vegetariansushi over here? Like, for good?

If only we were rich and influential. Instead of fast food workers. Oh, wait, that's just me.

So for the time being I reckon she should be an honourary member of the Perth Slash Gang. *frowns* We should have Colours, or armbands or something. Or at least a secret handshake.

Maybe we could prop up a picture of her at our gatherings....


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