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Hello, thank you for writing for me, and I hope you have lots of fun.

Likes - Keep them in character and give them a happy or hopeful ending and I'm good. Any rating.

Dislikes - Rape. Betrayal. I don't mind angst, as long as there's a happy ending.

I've added a bit about what I like in each fandom after my request, if that helps :)

EDIT: You've probably been and gone, but in case you revisit, I've been reminded that some people enjoy [completely optional!!] prompts for specific sorts of fics, so I will admit I'm a sucker for all the tropes: sex pollen, bodyswap, undercover as married etc. And I do love traditional gender roles being subverted

Lucifer (Chloe/Lucifer)

Something that explores their relationship as it is currently evolving on the show, alternatively if you would like to write a canon divergent fic exploring a different first kiss/first time that's awesome. Or a Big Reveal where Lucifer finally gets around to coming clean with Chloe (if the show hasn't already done so by then)

I adore Lucifer, Chloe, Maze, Trixie, Ella and Doctor Linda. I quite like Dan, but he just keeps on making bad choices and then covering them up. Gah. Not a fan of Lucifer's mum, happy for her not to be a main focus in the fic, but if your story idea requires her, go for it. Mostly I love how bemused both Lucifer and Chloe are with each other. They're adorable.

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (Phryne/Jack)

Something that explores their relationship after their dramatic farewell scene, alternatively if you would like to write a canon divergent fic exploring a different first kiss/first time that's awesome.

I love them both and their found family. I absolutely adore how bemused Jack is by Phryne and how he doesn't try to change her or think less of her for what was for the time, her 'fast' lifestyle. Also, their UST LEAPS off the screen, so.

Forever (Henry/Jo)

The finale ended with Henry about to explain to Jo. You could write that, or you could have it interrupted to be taken up more dramatically later, or just go canon divergent if you have a different plot reveal you've been dying to write.

Re relationship - happy for Henry to attempt to woo Jo, or even a found family fic with Abe.

Obviously, Henry is lovely. Abe is lovely. Jo is awesome. I am sad that the show didn't get renewed and I figure they'd probably been intending to spin the reveal out another season or so and probably ended it with Henry about to tell Jo the truth so there'd be at least some kind of closure. Hence, I am happy with however you want to play with that ending, if you have feelings about it *G*. but also happy for you to ignore the whole reveal thing if you have another idea, absolutely.
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For the first time in too many years I had plenty of time to write and read Yuletide. I wrote 22k of gen and het fic, which I'm pretty sure more than doubles my entire output in both those things.

My fics )

I also have had much more time to read Yuletide this year as I am still on holiday instead of back at work, so when I ran out of fandoms I wanted to read I sorted by kudos and read a heap of fics that had hardrly any kudos. Admittedly I skimmed some, but I also found a few super interesting ones.


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