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Slash Christmas Gathering was lovely. Excellent company, excellent conversation, delicious food and media consumption.

[profile] psycho_tabby made delicious strawberry daquiris. I've never had one before and was worried it would be too sweet, but it was delicious.

Also, the free range ham was the best ham I've ever tasted. I am a Ham Convert.

Secret Santa was the type you have random picking order, and then the next person can steal your gift. Stolen and restolen amongst much hilarity was a glass cherry bowl and an adorable yellow metal watering can and plastic animal shaped water diffuser thingy. I was very happy with my Doctor Who tin.

Of course, we HAD To watch the SPN episode 'Fan Fiction' because two people in the group had somehow not yet seen it. This ep literally sums up how far fandom representation and shipping has come. It could not be more perfect.

I babbled about my current fandom obsession, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, which I am extra excited about because First Australian Fandom. I showed them a Phryne/Jack vid, but did not put an ep on since this is still, technically, a slash gathering.

Instead I pimped The Originals, aided and abetted by [personal profile] mr_booboo. We watched the pilot (which is hilariously exposition heavy and involves many characters and flashbacks). Poor [profile] zebra363 was like 'my comprehension is about 20%' but mr_booboo and I provided lots of important explanations about relationships and pairings, and I think some people plan to watch it.

(I did do a tiny pimp post here a while back but I see now that it was totally inadequate).

To the person who asked if there are lots of flashbacks, Yes, there are!

This is one of my fave scenes. Marcel has just come back from war and Elijah literally says to Marcel about Klaus - "Ï'm glad you're back, he's been beside himself while you were gone".

Also, Klaus and Elijah are VERY devoted brothers (cut because image is huge in DW) )
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Some dude just walked by my desk and said 'You are forever eating salad."* That is not ever a perception of me I thought people would have *G*.

So all my life I used to read books voraciously. And then I discovered fanzines as well and paid stupid amounts of money to have them shipped from the US.

Then the internet showed up and I never looked back. I rarely read actual books now, unless they've been physically put into my hands accompanied by a lot of nagging.

So, about six months ago [profile] zebra363 and [profile] ravenclaw_harpy madly pimped Robin Hobb's Assassin series at me, because they were all about the Fitz/Fool slash. Which I read, and really enjoyed - it had several strong female characters in supporting roles, though it was the usual trope of Boy Grows Up to Fulfil His Destiny. Then they gave me the next trilogy in the series, which is set in the same world, only with completely different characters, and THIS series I have absolutely LOVED.

Yes it has taken me six months to read six books. That's because I do most of my reading at traffic lights and while playing scrabble with my Grandma.

The Liveships Trilogy has a large and diverse cast of characters, more than half of which are female. And a great story, obviously! It's actually inspiring me to consider getting back into fantasy - it's obviously come a long way with female characters. \o/

*Sumo's Feta and Pumpkin, for the completists.
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Other people's milestones are things like getting a promotion, having a baby, jumping out of a plane etc.

My milestone today was ordering something with 'pumpkin' in the title.

I do not have a sweet tooth. I have always struggled to eat pumpkin, sweet potato, even red capsicum took getting used to. Dragonfly trained me many years ago that it's not a roast dinner without pumpkin - though it helps that she burns the pumpkin. (I'm practically sure she does it on purpose for me). The more burnt it is, the less it tastes like pumpkin, the more I like it.

This last year I've Got Healthy and replaced my old favourite takeaways like KFC with Sumo Salad.

A few months ago I summoned up the courage to get their Warm Moroccan Lamb salad (bearing in mind I'm only just starting to get used to the idea of coriander) and now it's my new favourite salad!!!!

Tender marinated lamb, red onion and coriander combined with the flavours of sweet grilled pumpkin, roasted red capsicum, mixed lettuce, chickpeas and a sensuous lemon-spiced dressing, this salad is a true moroccan delight!

Today I really didn't feel like meat so I was really, really brave and hoping against hope that the feta would offset the sweetness of the pumpkin I ordered the Pumpkin & Pinenut salad. AND IT DID. IT WAS YUMMY.

Savour the sweet joys of bbq-roasted pumpkin, crisp cucumber, fetta, roasted pinenuts and crunchy walnuts. Top it all off with fresh mixed leaf lettuce, and a light and tantalising creamy french dressing. This salad is a vegetarian fantasy come to life.

NB - I have also tried their Caeser and BBQ Prawn salads and been underwhelmed.
NB2 - I've learned that with the made to order ones that half the amount of dressing is plenty for me, though in fairness I'm not a big fan of dressing.
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You're going to live on the moon. A variety of food/drink will be provided but you get to nominate your top five for a lifetime supply.


1 You can nominate generic thing like 'cheese' or 'salad' ONLY on the condition that you genuinely love ALL types of cheese, or type of salad (with veges/fruits normally found in salad). For example I love MANY types of cheese, but there's a couple I don't like much, so I can't pick it.

2 You can assume that 'all types' of a food/drink only includes good ones, for example you can choose 'white wine' as long as you like all different types of white wine, but not bad quality ones.

3. You don't need to worry about a balanced diet - that will be taken care of with the other foods provided.

Ours )
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According to THIS article, watermelon has as much iron as spinach!* Plus other good stuffs.


I am totally feeling better about blowing off dinner the other night to scoff watermelon.

*Not that there's anything WRONG with spinach
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Have you ever noticed that "Big Salad" sandwiches are inevitably mostly grated carrot?
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I would have liked to have been blessed with adventurous taste buds. I *LIKE* to try new things…unfortunately I often don’t like them.

Lately I’ve been trying to not choose the meat option for my midday meals, and in the spirit of this new resolution I just bought a baguette from Miss Mauds that is: tuna, feta, avocado, sundried tomatoes and dill sauce. I'm a bit worried about that combination of ingredients. In fact, given I’m not a fan of dill I’m a bit terrified.

When I got to the counter there was a mob of old people all vying to be served – it wasn’t pretty. I waited. After they’d all left I was approached by a server with that unmistakeable expression in her eyes of the hospitality worker who’s lost all hope and possibly the will to live.

Me *conspiratorily* Wow, that was a lot of cranky old people. I was afraid to move until they left.
Server *eyes me, clearly deciding whether to trust me*
Me *smiles sympathetically*
Server *smiles* OMG they are always like that! They think we’re not trying to serve them!
Me – Because clearly you’re all standing around chatting.
Server – I know, right? *procedes to very cheerful and helpful*
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I copied and pasted this list from an email going around, have now found out it's from this source.

Cheap Nights out in Perth )
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1 My workload is CRUSHING. Srlsy!!! This makes me happy!!!!

2 I have the best hommus EVER, from a little Turkish shop at South Lakes shopping centre. Costs nearly double supermarket prices but made by the owner’s MUM. Nom nom nom.

3 [ profile] astolat has just posted a White Collar fic!!! Which I can’t read right now, but is something to look forward to tonight. This makes me happy in a subcategory of
a. White Collar threesome fic rocks like a rocking thing
b. Astolat posting new fic that isn’t American Idol RPS. YAYAYAYAYAY

4 OOOH New shiny White Collar ep is up! Can't wait!
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Use by dates obviously have to be totally conservative, so no one really sticks to the exact throw away date, right? Right?

Poll on use by dates (don't bother if you answered HELL YES to the above question) )
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If you google "perth cantina" you'll get a heap of glowing reviews about Cantina 663 in Mt Lawley.

Speaking as someone who's just been there for the third time, )
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I just got a burger from a lunch bar I haven't been to in a long time.

Me - Is that 'hot and spicy' schnitzel hot hot?
Old guy - No, not really.
Me *is sad* Oh.
Old guy - I can give you SPECIAL chilli we put in fried rice. *holds up jar with suspiciously black looking contents*
Me - Awesome.
Old guy *puts sauce on burger*

Co-worker watches with wide eyes and there is an exchange which I didn't understand but which I think I can roughly translate by tones of voices.

Co-worker - Are you fucking crazy?
Old guy - Crazy white lady thinks she's hard core. I'll show her.

Me - What are you saying?
Co-worker *looks innocent* Have plenty of drink ready.

I'm a bit scared.

ETA: Ha! I am triumphant!
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I am ljing from work. I nearly made it two months...

I'm on hold with IT at the moment, so I figure I may as well be on my lunch break. *gets out chocolate*
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Y'all be relieved to know that I won't starve to death as I have discovered Cheds and chilli olives!!! Yes okay, there was in fact heaps of healthy food options which i was ignoring. SO?

Let's see, it's Friday night, so everyone else has a social life. Even Dragonfly has a study date *sigh* I'm home. Alone. with nothing to do. except talk about Bandslash. Yes, clearly the time has come.

I used to have boundaries.  When the Harry Potter fandom came along, suddenly I was reading underage fic, but I still had BOUNDARIES.  Then SGA came along and then it was Crackfic! and then Supernatural! and the Wincest! but you know at least I didn't read (hardly any) RPS or popslash! !

I blame my flist.  While some were taking a walk on the wild side and writing Rodny/Teyla, which you know, is freakin' HOT when done right. others suddenly started BRAINWASHING us (I can't be the only one) with the My Chemical Romance picspam and media sharing.  DAMN THEM ALL.. 

So suddenly I'm an MCR fan. Of the MUSIC.  And the pretty emo boys in makeup.  Then suddenly there are links to fics.  And somewhere Along the line the fics have other pretty emo boys in them, that turn out to be from some band called Fall Out Boy, whose music I wouldn't know if I fell over it, but now I know Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz, hell I've seen Pete Wentz's cock (apparently it's hard to avoid: oh those exhibitionists)  (also; nice)  and then if that wasn't enough someone wrote an SGA CROSSOVER with the boys from FOB and MCR and starring the Panic! At the Disco crew.   Who?  Oh, don't worry, I have links.    No, I don't know their music either.  I'm over that now.

My Chemical Romance
(with emphasis on Frank Iero because he's just too pretty)  also warning - this is the picspam of DOOM.

Fall Out Boy

Panic! At The Disco

Damn, I forgot i had feta.  Too late now.
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My laptop has decided he wants me to enter a password before he will let me use him. I don't think I have a password. *cries*

This means I can't watch 'Captain Jack Harkness' obsessively.

Or my Torchwood songvids.

This is bad. This is very bad. quote [ profile] misspamela..

What do you do with a character who is canonically bisexual, time-and-space traveling and slutty?

You cross him over with every character in the known universe.


...and oh, look, Speranza's already done it.

Of course she has.

In other news, I deliberately chose to have lemon coconut slice for dinner in lieu of a healthy nutritious meal. oh, I WIN at being a grown up today.
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Your housemate makes a steak dinner, with veges and some kind of mushroom gravy. It is DELICIOUS.

The next day you find out it was kangaroo.

Your friend brings over the Stargate/Atlantis crossover episode and insists you watch it because it is that funny, even though you're not up to date on your SG1. You laugh and LAUGH at how hilarious it is.

The next day you watch it and it's only funny for the first half and then you get cranky at how unprofessional and offensive their behaviour towards McKay is.

my life

Jun. 30th, 2006 12:10 pm
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Work is sucking SO MUCH right now. SO MUCH. Also, I am out of milk.

OTOH, things that are making me happy today...

I woke up from a great dream where the guy who plays Carson Beckett was hanging out in our lounge room. (I don't like Carson, and can never remember the actor's name) But in the dream, he didn't have the dodgy accent and was a GREAT GUY and really quite snuggly. And I remembered his name. And then DAVID HEWLETT CAME TO VISIT.

I wore my new jeans (bought second hand for $8) and they are the best jeans ever. Jeans and I don't usually go well together, but these are like they were made just for me. This pleases me probably more than is reasonable.

[ profile] kageygirl is writing (and reccing) NCIS. Waking up to fic like this is just the BEST way to start the day :)

SGA songvids from this site Especially Dumb Things and One Week (keepers) and International Man of Mystery is good for a laugh.

Also, Dragonfly is cooking bacon. I'm hoping she will share :)
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Met up with a bunch of people at Gino's in Freo for dinner, to celebrate the birthdays of [ profile] maharetr and [ profile] wobowikkles.

I ordered eggplant and goat's cheese pasta in napoli sauce, and it was yummy, once I'd wrested it from Wobo's grasp.  )

Moved on to Frarri for coffee and dessert. I wanted to go to Frarri the moment I saw it (I haven't been to Freo in years) how can you NOT want to go to a place that decorates itself like a sports car??? Good coffee, good service, but the sticky date pudding wasn't fresh, and then when I went to pay they tried to overcharge me.

Seriously, first the wrong meal, then the overcharging - and this a normal dining out experience for me! I'm like, Cafe Cursed.

Later, we drive past the shiny hotel on the way to Boo's so that I can move a car out of a driveway for her - I thought I'd have to move the seat back, but for the record, for such a tiny person, [ profile] haunted_attics has like, the longest legs in the world.

Me - I wonder what the rooms are like in the Esplanade Hotel.
Boo - They are fabulous!!!
Me - Oh, have you stayed there?
Boo - No, I've been to conferences.
Me - Oh I went to a work function there years ago. Huh. I remember what I wore. Well, I remember what top I wore. *pause* I wonder what happened to that top. *pause* I have deep thoughts, don't I?
Boo - I have a pimple on the back of my head.
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I am eating spreadable FETA. pepper and herbs flavour. With gluten free tomato salsa rice crackers. My tastebuds have taken me off their friendslist.


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