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I know this show isn't anything particularly well written or original, but I find it lots of fun and very much enjoy Lucifer's exuberance and charm and his fascination with Chloe and the vulnerability he feels around her.

OMG SO hot - Toys (Lucifer/Chloe, pegging)

I also like Kevin Alejandro so I'm having possibly unreasonable hopes for the last two eps of the season... )

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I have a huge love for Mad Max Fury Road (my little squee post here)

My friend pointed me at this lovely ficlet - Layers of Life (I only look for fic on AO3 nowadays so I wouldn't have seen it otherwise)
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If you haven't already watched Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, I highly, highly recommend this lovely show. I suggest reading this a lovely, detailed pimp post someone else prepared earlier because I am lazy no point reinventing the wheel, right *cough*

The characters are adorable and the chemistry between Jack and Phryne lights up the screen.

a bit of MFMM yuletide ramble )

My absolute highlight for Yuletide (after my own gifts of course) was this fic set after the series finale -

A Series of Optical Illusions
Phryne/Jack, Case Fic, M. 20k.

This is bait, but the best bait is the truth; there is no lie in Jack's arm around her waist, in his fingers tangled through hers.
Miss Phryne Fisher sets a trap, throws a party, and reconciles her differences.
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Okay, first go through the archive, taking a breather. Have not yet even got to the two major fandoms I'm excited for however (Man from Uncle and Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries). I have a feeling I will lose days once I start. oh, plus I have just started reading The Martian (got it for xmas, not seen movie yet, will afterwards) and there are heaps of fic for both movie and book, so that to look forward to too.

I was going do my recs so far yesterday but family inexplicably wanted me to spend NYE with them, and then when I tried to stay up after midnight Bunny complained bitterly about the light from the computer screen (we're staying in the same room and she's lost her eye mask).

So, how I do Yuletide is I avoid looking at rec posts before the reveal, I like to find fics myself and the deluge of rec posts skews people's reading towards the most popular ones with a snowball effect that's unfair on everyone else. IMO. Having said that, I don't read all fics in a fandom, I look at the synopses and the tags and choose whatever appeals. I'm not consistent, either.

This year, with all the time in the world and a no-longer-nearly-dead lj, instead of just posting list I have amused myself adding stuff about why I like the fandoms. I am having FUN.

Killjoys )

Sense8 )

Lord Peter Wimsey - Dorothy L. Sayers )

Temeraire - Naomi Novik )

iZombie )

Whitechapel )

Rope )

Various Georgette Heyer omg )

Weekend Update (SNL) )

Stargate Universe )
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So I won Yuletide and got TWO awesome WWDitS fics, yay!

Nice Jerseys and Other Adventures in Knitting
Basically, Deacon loves knitting, Anton and Stu and the other werewolves could do with more jerseys that don't tear apart when transforming a little, and the Ravelry forums get another passionate member.

The Hairy-Handed Gentlemen Who Run Amuck in Wellington Screenplay/Script Format
Some additional footage was filmed as a follow-up to the original documentary. This segment focuses on how Stu is settling into life as a werewolf.

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So there's this Obscure and British Commentfest that I discovered in 2013 when I was in Germany, wrote a couple of small commentfics sitting on my bed in my room. Didn't really notice it last year, but when it popped up this year I figured I'd leave a hopeful prompt or two, and after my exams I'd come back to it and write something.

I've been asking for The Champions for Yuletide for years and years without luck, so I put my prompts up, but not with any real hope -

- OT3 or closer than family bond
- Tremaine Finds Out 'big reveal' about their powers

And I've got TWO awesome fics. Firstly this lovely Tremaine finds out commentfic which made me so, so happy to get, yay!!

And now, NOW I just got this WONDERFUL 6000 word fic Deadly Vacation which combines lots of wonderful bonding type use of their powers AND Tremayne finding out.

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Nearly every fic I've read this year has been well written, interesting, often lyrical, great plots where applicable, and many are quite lengthy. I do think Yuletide has become a thing where most people really stretch themselves and I read these and think of all those ignorant comments and articles that claim that fanfic is pathetic and I feel sorry for those people.

Lots of recs in Slash, Other, Het and Gen )
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I don't particularly mind spoilers for Downton Abbey (confession: I'd seen bits and pieces and already knew something that happens to Bates and when I got invested in the character i checked out his character wiki to find out what that was all about) so even though I'm only 1.5 seasons in I went looking for fic about Robert and Bates - I would love to read fic about their experiences together that formed such a strong bond between and Earl and his valet.

I kind of want all the BFF bonding fic in the world - during the war, back at Downton, wherever, I'm not averse to slash, but nothing that goes against canon, so I was vaguely thinking I wouldn't mind a 'comforting each other during the war' type fic, and out of only four Robert/Bates fics on AO3 (the other three of which are tiny) I found this wonderful, evocative story.

Ha, and then I had a quick look at what else the author has written and found this cute little Bobby/Crowley fic about The Kiss.
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I hate spoilers, but every now and then the tension in show is too unbearable and I have to know what's going to happen.

Right now we're watching The Walking Dead and the Governor is stalking Andrea through the warehouse softly calling 'Andreeaaa... Andreaaaaa'

There were a few moments of light relief where Dragonfly and I paused the ep to do our 'Vilaa... Vilaaa...I need you, Vila... It's all right, Vila... we worked it out... Vilaaa...' impressions, but yeah, TENSE.

I've cracked and checked Wiki to find out if Andrea gets away.

In other news, I'm caught up on my high priority shows and can now start mainlining the ones I'm really behind on, TWD, White Collar, Lost Girl. Maybe one day I'll even get past season 5 Dexter. I have goals. You're supposed to have goals in life, right?


Another couple of Yuletide fics that I really liked:

We'll Always Have (Rick/Ilsa/Victor)
Rick stays in Paris. I didn't even know I wanted this fic until I read it.

Cotillion - Georgette Heyer
The Birds and the Bees (Kitty/Freddie)
Summary:In which Lord Legerwood has a conversation with his son, with predictable results, and Kitty provides Freddy with enlightenment.

I used to be a huge Heyer fan, have read most of her books multiple times, but it has been many years now since I've read any (though admittedly I read my faves so many times they're seared into my brain). Cotillion wasn't a fave, and I don't even particularly remember the characters in this story, but it is pure Heyer joy, and a surprise fave for this Yuletide.
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First of all, the fic I received is a thing of joy. I could not be happier - someone wrote me a lovely Hawkeye/Winchester fic, YAYAYAYAY

Summary - Charles finds comfort in music.

I also was lucky, lucky, lucky and got a Treat - an awesome little gen future!fic. I am so happy!

Power of Three - Diana Wynne Jones
Wisdom, Sight and Courage
Summary - Set thirty years after the events of the book. Gair, Gerald and Hafny must combine their talents when they learn of a new threat to the Moor from the outside world.

Is is just me, or are the quality of the fics really high this year )
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Okay, I've had my second pass at Yuletide and am officially done. Is it just me or are the fics of a really high standard this year? I've only included a few recs here, for ones I'll definitely want to reread, but there were also many, many others I loved, in a variety of fandoms.

A few more of my faves )
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LES MISERABLES was just stunning. The cast were fabulous, and Anne Hathaway’s performance especially just blew me away. Absolutely stunning. Disclaimer: except Russell Crowe, who has a lovely voice, but it’s just not powerful enough for the role. I may be biased, because still adore Roger Allam’s Javert, and of course Philip Quast was famous for it. OOH look, here they are performing together, how have I not seen this before. Okay, oh wow, now I've just found this "international" version Must go investigate further...I can see I'm not going to be very productive this morning...

LEWIS - I thought about trying to rec Lewis fics, but instead I’m just going to rec the entire fandom ([community profile] inspector_lewis) For such a tiny fandom, we are very active. And friendly and wank-free! I’ve never been involved in a single fandom for this long before because I run away from anything that might spoil my glee. There are 14 Yuletide fics this year, plus a Secret Santa exchange running ([community profile] lewis_challenge), plus other new fics regularly appearing on AO3. Yay us!

I haven’t been able to throw myself into Yuletide as completely as I usually do, due mainly to time constraints, but also I think due to the fact that I keep getting distracted by Lewis fic I’ve even been poking at a few gen fics *gasp* Only because even most of the gen fics focus on the Lewis&Hathaway friendship, tbh.

Just a few other Yuletide recs )
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Fun Gathering today, lots of Vividcon vids watched, yay!

I'd mentioned a few vids I'd seen and enjoyed in the last couple of days (just found them from the lj vidding comm:

Batman and Mumford and Sons combo - I Gave You All (Under The Red Hood/Jason Todd) (I'd never heard of this movie but now I really want to see it)

Captain America comics (Steve/Bucky) set to OMG Celine Dion - It's All Coming Back to Me Now

Oh, this is a fantastic Dr who vid -
Summer of 69

Stayed up stupidly late last night reading this, totally hooked, though the theme isn't normally to my taste at all (angst/memory loss). It's Tony/Steve, but it's really about Tony coping with slowly losing himself. Great plot and roadtrip, with bonus Loki - The Last Love Song of Anthony E. Stark by jibrailis

And for anyone who's into Person of Interest who doesn't know Speranza's just posted a wonderful little Reece/Finch fic -
The Silenus Club by Speranza
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Aargh, a familiar study!fail of fannish students everywhere, I suspect. Last night – falling asleep over my policy books, decide on early night, go to bed 10pm, resolve to only have half an hour computer time, next thing it’s midnight because I’ve been sucked into a long fic.

In this case, that Suits fic that’s being recced everywhere - 5U175 - where Harvey and Mike are both secretly (obviously) BNF slash writers.

Okay, it’s a stretch, but once you embrace the sheer ridiculousness of the premise, it works. The writer really sells it, it has great LJ posts, and chat messaging and I had a lot of fun reading it. I did have an issue with Harvey failing to suspect Mike was his new internet buddy when Mike was LJing about his work, natural paranoia would kick in, if nothing else, and TBH, I found their actual getting together somewhat lacking in…conviction. But overall, a fun read and if any character would rock a Stark Industries t-shirt it’s Harvey Specter.

Also, I am impressed with the amount of long fics this fandom is generating, although, as is to be expected, many are WIPs. And also, it seems like most are either D/S or AUs. My theory is that a whole lot of slashers embraced the show for the lovely, lovely Harvey/Mike, but aren’t actually interested in legal shows (hey, I’m one of them).
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Huh, a while back I was doing all these fandom related posts and not finishing them and now I'm watching Rizzoli and Isles instead of studying. I love this show. As usual, could care less about the crime, just in it for the relationships, in this case the wonderful friendship (I try to slash them but they keep inconviently falling in love with dudes).

The other week I randomly decided to make a list of my top ten fave fics. I could only do it with qualifications - three out of 10 were by Astolat and were followed by '...and then I have to go and read several other of her fics in that fandom'

So Astolat. Zebra describes her writing as 'wish-fulfilment' rather than realistic, which is true, but she can convince me of nearly anything, I say nearly because there was a dark, dark time when she was writing nothing but American Idol RPF which, just no, on both counts.

But now she's writing Thor/Loki. I love her writing, so I read some, even though I''m not really into either incest or gods slash, but it took a couple of epic, plotty ones to really hook me.

Stayed up way too late last night reading this one - Chaos War (34k) It was never easy to find Loki when he wanted to hide, but he wasn't doing a particularly good job of it at the moment. Probably he didn't think anyone from Asgard would be wasting their time hunting for him while the shining ones churned their way steadily through all the realm.

All her Avengers/Thor fics on AO3 - I do avoid the ones with rape warnings though, so I haven't read them all.

Random Tom Hiddleston appreciation links )
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I never want to know when celebrities I like are arseholes 'cause it affects my enjoyment of their work. OTOH, hearing stories of them being awesome just make me love them more. Here's a great Robert Downey Jr story, yay!

Assorted fandom recs )
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In case anyone at all hasn't seen this a short Coulson extra scene.

Marvel One-Shot: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor's Hammer

And yay, one of the very few writers I follow on AO3 has just posted this short gen post-movie fic (it references the scene above). MAJOR, MAJOR MOVIE SPOILERS. - Luceat (cricketk - this is the one who wrote the Gen Kill/Vorkosigan xover)

Also, one of my fave writers has a handful of Tony/Steve and Thor/Loki fics here, no movie spoilers - entangled_now's Avengers fics. Hee, the latest one is 5k of Tony flirting with Steve while attempting to freeze to death.
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I've read several Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy fics in a row where the guys pull out condoms and lube and it's jolted me right out of the action each time.

Condom use by gay men in the 1970s? Y/N?

Also, what is the likelihood of having official "lube" around?

Also, I just got to the end of a fic that I had (apart from the condom use) really quite enjoyed, to find this author's note: Seriously, I've read and re-read this so many times I'm actually, physically sick of it. If it still doesn't quite work, then I'll just have to admit defeat XD I guess your fics are a bit like your children: sometimes you love them, sometimes you can't stand them, and sometimes you wish they were never born

And it kinda put me off. I mean, if YOU don't like your fic, why should I?

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Oh, this is fantastic, just a set of three short stories about Xavier recruiting the Misfits to the cause. (you don't have to have seen season 3, this is set when Nathan was around)

This is the day that could save the world or destroy it. Charles walks through the cabin of the aircraft, making sure that everyone is there and wearing their suits. Erik: present. Raven: present. Hank, Moira, Kelly, Alisha, Simon: present. Nathan: clearly hungover (Charles hadn’t actually told them not to drink the night before, granted, but he’d rather thought it went without saying) but present. Curtis – Curtis?

“Curtis?” Charles asks. “Forgive me, but you’re not looking terribly well.”

Curtis is holding onto the side of the cabin as if it’s the only thing keeping him upright. When Charles peers into his mind, it’s too tired and jumbled to make any sense of.


“This time,” Curtis mumbles, the words blurring into each other, “we’re gonna get it right.”



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