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I received a lovely gift for Yuletide! I am so very grateful my writer took on the challenge of writing Deacon/Stu, yay! and it was awesome.

animating every night by tillunwish
What We Do in the Shadows (Deacon/Stu) 1.7k
Stu takes Deacon on a date to the movies. It goes about as disastrously as you might expect.

Fics I wrote for Yuletide in Call the Midwife, Sense8, Lucifer, Judex and Independence Day )
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I haven't been watching Black Mirror (anthology of stories about the dark side of technology), but my friend recced this ep to me SO HARD and she was right, it is a WONDERFUL f/f love story :-)

Yorkie/Kelly songvid (spoilery natch)

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I've enjoyed OUaT well enough over the first four seasons, but mostly kept on with it because Bunny loves it so much. But I've really loved season 5. I've finally started to appreciate Killian, and Zelina used to set my teeth on edge, but now she's had character development and back story and I am sympathetic. But mostly, I think because of all the Regina/Robin, Emma/Killian and Regina & Emma relationship stuff and I love all those dynamics so much. I adore Regina and Emma and totally ship them but in an AU WAY, as I also love their canon true love pairings.

Randomly - yay lesbians! Spoilery for their plotline and Bunny's reaction )


Much to my surprise I have become extremely invested in Emma and Regina's friendship because I am a sucker for found family.

Basically a short random picspam of Regina and Emma )

And I love that actors look like they are fun! )

Pretty Swan Queen manip and fanarts )

Very spoilery comments about the end of season 5 )
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Strange Empire is western set in 1869 up at the US/Canadian border about a group of women who settle in a mining camp after their menfolk are murdered, just trying to survive and make new lives for themselves.

I'm enjoying it for the interesting and diverse female characters, but there is also an adorable femslash pairing )
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First of all, the fic I received is a thing of joy. I could not be happier - someone wrote me a lovely Hawkeye/Winchester fic, YAYAYAYAY

Summary - Charles finds comfort in music.

I also was lucky, lucky, lucky and got a Treat - an awesome little gen future!fic. I am so happy!

Power of Three - Diana Wynne Jones
Wisdom, Sight and Courage
Summary - Set thirty years after the events of the book. Gair, Gerald and Hafny must combine their talents when they learn of a new threat to the Moor from the outside world.

Is is just me, or are the quality of the fics really high this year )
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LES MISERABLES was just stunning. The cast were fabulous, and Anne Hathaway’s performance especially just blew me away. Absolutely stunning. Disclaimer: except Russell Crowe, who has a lovely voice, but it’s just not powerful enough for the role. I may be biased, because still adore Roger Allam’s Javert, and of course Philip Quast was famous for it. OOH look, here they are performing together, how have I not seen this before. Okay, oh wow, now I've just found this "international" version Must go investigate further...I can see I'm not going to be very productive this morning...

LEWIS - I thought about trying to rec Lewis fics, but instead I’m just going to rec the entire fandom ([community profile] inspector_lewis) For such a tiny fandom, we are very active. And friendly and wank-free! I’ve never been involved in a single fandom for this long before because I run away from anything that might spoil my glee. There are 14 Yuletide fics this year, plus a Secret Santa exchange running ([community profile] lewis_challenge), plus other new fics regularly appearing on AO3. Yay us!

I haven’t been able to throw myself into Yuletide as completely as I usually do, due mainly to time constraints, but also I think due to the fact that I keep getting distracted by Lewis fic I’ve even been poking at a few gen fics *gasp* Only because even most of the gen fics focus on the Lewis&Hathaway friendship, tbh.

Just a few other Yuletide recs )
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My fave ep by far - heaps of great musical numbers, including my all time two favourites. Also, as well as all the random romancing, they managed to give a whole plotline to my two favourite characters to watch, BFFs Kurt and Mercedes.

Kurt & Mercedes, aren't they adorable )

Glee has SO MANY pairings. We're spoilt for choice. It's awesome! Even femslash! Strong female characters \o/

My favourite Glee pairing, Brittany/Santana )

Very cool fics in assorted pairings here I love AO3!!!
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In terms of my normal engagement with LJ, I have been all but GONE for the past three weeks. I will probably get around to a Real Life update but briefly, I have been finishing up at my old job and upon occasion, interacting socially with friends and family.

Fannishly, I spent three weeks writing two fics for Yuletide in a fandom so rare that possibly only my recipient will ever read them, and I am honestly totally happy with that because they were her gift and she’s really excited about them.

Then I wrote a Pinch hit fic in two nights in an only marginally less obscure fandom and have a few comments on it already, so yay! All three fics have really challenged me and have stretched me as a writer and I’ve really enjoyed the experience.

In between writing and socialising I was reading a fabulous The Devil Wears Prada novel called Truth or Measure. I have not seen the film, and have zero interest in the fashion world, but good femslash is too rare to pass up. Telanu (famous in HP fandom for the Tea Series) has been writing (and occasionally reccing) awesome Miranda/Andy fics for long enough now that I can officially say I have a femslash fandom.

And AFTER I uploaded my Yuletide fics I allowed myself to go see what all the fuss is about with Merlin. OH, MY! Cutest gayest cracktastic show ever!!! Managed to find time to read a few of the fics [ profile] cupidsbow recced on [ profile] crack_van and they are indeed awesome, and I am SO happy that this is clearly the next Megafandom.

And of course the Yuletide archive opened less than 10 hours ago. My plan of reading specific fandoms first was immediately derailed because when I started reading the facility for going straight to the fandom of your choice was down - you had to load the ‘fandoms by alphabetical order’ page - and what I've found is this is working for me - I have to flick past every story in every fandom, and so what I've found myself doing is reading fics I might not have otherwise because the summary has caught my eye, or just because I've *noticed* the fandom when I otherwise would have skipped over it – an absolutely gorgeous Guarding Tess fic, for example. It’s also been more arbitrary, because I’m eager to see *all* the shiny, I’ve left some fics or fandoms that haven’t immediately leaped out at me, but I know I’ll get back to later.

So for my first round of recs, A - I , starting with my two faves, a hilarious IT Crowd fic and a lovely Guarding Tess romance.

A - I )
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G rated
(1366 words)
Cliche fic - Aphrodisiac
Thanks to the fabulous Zebra363 for betaing.

Even By Pegasis )
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This is totally awesome happy-making Tribute to Femslash vid. I love it!
I'm Your Man

A fun and happy making NCIS ensemble vid.
The Clapping Song

OMG FUN and slashy NCISTony/McGee vid.
Office Politics

Shawn and Gus hijinks - fun Psych vid.

Really, truly slashy MUNCLE vid.
Something's Gotta Give

*creaky voice* If you're too young to remember MUNCLE, you just need to know it starred Ducky from NCIS when he was a pretty young thing.
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So I've had this femslash assignment for what, over a month now? And now I have like, eight days left. I should probably get on that, then.

This is totally like being back at school. Except if it was school, it would be the night before it was due.

Obviously now I'm all grown up and mature-like I have taken into consideration things like,

1 Research (ie watching episodes)
2 Beta-readers needing time to actually beta it
3 Other time commitments like real life

I'm screwed.

Also I am totally supposed to be at work right now, except my boss is just fucking my roster around atm. Also, it's End of Month for me today which means extra extra work and I only start at 4pm - which means trying to fit about eight hours work into five hours. So really, I have a choice of bringing work home or trying to play catch up tomorrow. *headdesk*

There was a segue there (in my head) about how instead of being at work I was staring at a blank Word document. But then someone sent me a link to those SG15 fics, which were mildly amusing but led me to all the fabulous wonderful amazing Atlantis fics and vids by that author, most of which I hadn't read even though I have her friended, simply because I haven't been obsessed by Atlantis for a while now, except today I've totally packed my bags and moved back into that headspace and have been staring at vids of John and Rodney and FEELING THE LOVE.

It is possible that my brain hates any kind of assignment commitments so much that it has deliberately sabotaged me today.

I'm not ruling that out.
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Today I had a day off. I played with Bunny a lot. Good time.

In between I watched

Half of 'Shrek 2'
90% of 'Van Helsing'
4 episodes of 'Coupling'.

Fannish highlight of my day? The lovely Jack Davenport attempting to describe the plot of 'Lesbian Spank Inferno'.

My sincere apologies to the person (Trille?) who previously attempted to describe the wonders of 'Coupling' to me, and was rudely rebuffed because I'd seen a couple of scenes here and there and with no context and not realised how funny it really, really is.

Was a captive audience the other night to friends who invited me over, fed me homemade gourmet pizza, forced me to watch a few episodes and then insisted I borrow the DVD.

And just for the hell of it, I'm reccing a Ginny/Rita Skeeter fic.


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