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You're going to live on the moon. A variety of food/drink will be provided but you get to nominate your top five for a lifetime supply.


1 You can nominate generic thing like 'cheese' or 'salad' ONLY on the condition that you genuinely love ALL types of cheese, or type of salad (with veges/fruits normally found in salad). For example I love MANY types of cheese, but there's a couple I don't like much, so I can't pick it.

2 You can assume that 'all types' of a food/drink only includes good ones, for example you can choose 'white wine' as long as you like all different types of white wine, but not bad quality ones.

3. You don't need to worry about a balanced diet - that will be taken care of with the other foods provided.

Ours )
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O - Oxygen Oh, we all know this, essential to life etc.

S - Sulfer Also called brimstone! Smells like volcanos!

Se - Selenium Used in photocopiers.

Ack! My brain is getting full. Took me ages to remember the last one. Still, got it in before midday, so still officially 'my morning elements'.

In other news, I woke up at 7.30 and have spent the morning huddled under the bedclothes with my laptop and heatbags to ward off these ARCTIC conditions.* I bet it's colder down in Fairbridge at Slashcon. I have of course been updating my CV and applying for jobs like I said I was going to, not reading Top lists of stuff over at Cracked Because I don't LOVE LISTS at all. So I wasn't wasting valuable time on that, just so we're clear.

Off to the exciting world of playing scrabble with my 95 year old Grandma, just like I do ever Saturday, and will forevermore because she's been planning to die since she was 80 and at this rate she never will. She's perpetually annoyed by this. For the last couple of years she's been REALLY annoyed because she'd been counting on dying in her sleep and now she can't sleep. My Grandma is awesome value.

*Am resisting talking about climate change, just so's you know.
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I dreamed last night that my Mum got better and we went home to our old house and she wanted to know why the calendar was so out of date and I told her that she'd been away but was back now and we had lots of hugs and there was a lot of me not taking her for granted.

Then a little yellow and black spider ran across the table in front of me and I picked it up to show Mum and then little while later lots of baby spiders started erupting from a spot on the rim of my eyelid (one at a time, I had time to brush each one away) and then last of all a BIG spider came out and that was it.

I woke up missing my Mum a lot.
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So today I decided to get everything in order for the trip, plenty of time, not like it's only A WEEK AWAY, or anything.

Apparently this involves cleaning my room and getting all my clothes sorted. Which means cleaning out the ONE box that I haven't looked at in years and years because it's just got some of Mum's stuff and old school reports, etc.

Things I didn't expect to find....

1. My passport. The lost one that I had to replace. *headdesk*

2. A birthday card my Mum made for me, and a lock of my blonde baby hair she'd kept in an envelope.

3. Thirty three American dollars. How?
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My Dad's had the urge to look up old mates in the UK. He was given written instructions on how to get to a site where you enter the person's name, city, postcode and it will give you the address. Unfortunately my dad hasn't quite mastered such intricacies as drop down boxes, or the difference between a web address and a search engine. So I faffed around for a bit - he only has their names and 'probably still in Manchester', which to my surprise actually got me two hits on the fourth name I tried. "Oh. it works, then." says my Dad, in tones of great surprise.

Dad - What I want is a phone directory.
Me *pulls up BT phone book, where you enter the name etc, and it gives you the number*
Dad - No, a directory.
Me - So what you want is listings, where you can look through names, right?
Dad - Look, I'll show you! *stomps off*
Dad - YES I HAVE. *reappears brandishing phone book*
Me *headdesk*

But, not being particularly skilled at this myself, I can't find phone book type listings. Do they exist? I ask, because I automatically assume that everything in the world is on the internet if you know how to look.

Talking about knowing how to look, last night I had a look at RV hiring for BM. So I look up El Monte, the first on the list. There's a list of places that you hire from. Reno's already booked out apparently, and SF is a bit far, so I check my map of California so see what other cities would be better to hire from. Except I can't find these cities. I spend half an hour googling different maps of California, trying to get a more detailed map. Go to bed tired and discouraged. Discover this morning from a post on [ profile] perthburners that 'Oakland' (and presumably the other places) are in fact suburbs of San Franscisco.

Mourn own incompetance..
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My dog went missing yesterday.

Found him today.

My sister is visiting from America - for four days.

And lj has been fucking with me for several days - lj cuts and links send me to empty pages, I can sometimes get around that by opening it using the 'leave a comment' link. But can't read comments either, obviously. I'm missing lots.
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Dragonfly and I have developed a tradition over the years. The morning after a storm she'll say some variation on 'Some storm, huh? Wake you up?' and I'll reply with 'There was a storm and I missed it? Damn!'*

It all broke down though this time, when I was able to say 'Oh My God, I woke up and rolled over to look out the window and the dog jumped into bed with me** and it was insane and then I turned off the computer*** and unplugged it from the power point and then didn't get back to sleep for half an hour watching the storm and I've woken up freakin' tired and maybe if I'd stayed up to some stupid hour reading fic instead of trying to get a good night's sleep for once I would have been tired enough to sleep through it, dammit and then would have been still tired in a good cause.

But, omg, tornadoes? Since when do we have tornadoes. We had like, a cyclone. 30 years ago.****

*I once slept through a bobcat razing our backyard.

**He's a wuss and terrified of mild rain showers.

***Which I'd left on with a long post about my trip down south that turned into a long explanation about why I refer to Dragonfly's folks as my inlaws, ready to update except I wanted Dragonfly to read it first to make sure that there was nothing in there she didn't want me to make public, so to speak.

****One of my few really clear early childhood memories. All of us huddled in the front room of the house by candlelight, just in case the bigass tree in the corner of the backyard came down on top of the bedrooms.
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I don't know what I thought I was going to do with my live journal when I started it. I knew I didn't want my immediate family to know about it, and I certainly haven't told my lawyer friend or my federal cop friend, but I did give the addy to my sister in the US and my Mundane friend over East, cos I figured I'm crap at emailing, so if they ever have an urge to know what's going on in my life all they have to do is go have a look-see.

Now, neither of them ever expressed an interest or showed any signs they even remembered about it. Until the other day I get an email from my mate saying, 'have just caught up on your life from your lj'.

And I realise that no, she hasn't at all. Because I tend to friendslock most of my personal posts. So all she would have got from it was a whole lot of fan stuff, some of it quite obsessive.


May as well have not bothered giving them the address in the first place.
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I had a good, good day today.

Brought to you by the colour pink )

I think I'll keep all the lights on for a little while longer.

Edited to add Actually, you might want to not bother reading this unless

a. You know my Grandma


b. You love shoes nearly as much as you love fannish things.
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Gah!! On the FRONT page of today's paper it tells us to vote Howard!!!!

Underneath it says Editorial pg 16. Oh, like that's not deliberately misleading, guys.

Does anyone else long for the days when our media at least made a token effort at appearing to be an impartial news source?

Had lunch with my Dad. Staunch Liberal supporter, like forever. Sometimes I diss Maggie Thatcher, just to watch him froth at the mouth. Cos it's *fun*. I blame growing up with him for my 34% Liberal score (oh the SHAME) on that stoopid political test.

We had a political discussion that didn't end up with hair pulling and eye gouging. I'm still reeling. Not even Dad wanted to try to justify Howard giving preferences to right wing religious groups. He actually said something like, "I'm not particularly for or against Howard, but...' This is HUGE. I'm sure he'll still vote misguidedly, but it gives me hope that if someone this intractible is starting to waver....

It's the night before. *cue dramatic music* I cling to the hope that the average voter has basic reasoning skills and will look past the smoke and mirrors.

Then I think of another manager in my area who was photographed for the paper with her partner and kids bitching about support benefits . Bah!Labor!Humbug! And when she rang me about something or other and said 'did you see me in the paper?' and I said, 'Yes, do you actually have the slightest clue about either party's policies on benefits?' No. She didn't. She'd done no research, asked no questions. Just allowed her family to be used. *sigh*
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So email-chatting with my sister she mentions that she ended up watching RotK five times on flights (not entirely by choice, I think) and then casually mentions how when she got off the plane ended up STANDING IN LINE NEXT TO DAVID WENHAM!!! who apparently 'is one tasty-looking man, albeit with red hair.'


More family stuff. For all the years I had short hair Grandma used to nag "You've got lovely hair, not like these women who have to keep it short Yours could actually look nice." So today my hair's freshly washed, fluffy and bouncy and looking fab (so I think) and Grandma says "Your hair's grown nice and long now, hasn't it?" *pause* It's fashionable now to be untidy, isn't it?"

That's it! Time for a haircut!

And, finally, to everyone's relief here's a rec It's NOT SLASH, in fact I should issue warnings. There is one little icky het scene involving Snape (as if!) but it's an enjoyable fic where the paintings are the main characters. Go see. Or not.
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If she hadn't recced that bloody Lanning Cook epic - a WIP dammit! - I'd have got my damn con 'report' finished while anybody still cared. It's nearly 1500k! The story, that is.

So, I have a few hours before I'm due over at my bro's house to hang with the fam. My big thing *this week* is my sis is visiting from Wisconsin for one week only, so I'm pretty much spending all the time I can get off work with her.

I was over there last night but my poor sis, not having slept for 2 days, understandably fell asleep in front of PotC about 7pm. More embarrassing is how my bro and I were practically unconscious by about 8pm, beers unfinished. Out for the count at 8pm on a Saturday night. How pathetic are we?

So I buggered off home, having revived somewhat I decided to swing by Trille's place as I remembered that her lovely housemate had organised a DS viewing night specifically, as I understand it, to introduce our newbie, [ profile] psycho_tabby, to a 2nd fandom. Cos having only one fandom is clearly unacceptable.

A good plan, that unaccountably fell apart when the evening descended into a rabid UNO war. Check out Tabby's lj for a clear concise report.

So instead of 'stopping by' I ended up not dragging myself home til about 1.30am. At which time it seemed imperative to do much washing type activities for a couple of hours.

So, bit of a lie in, for a change, followed by lazy morning of hot cross buns and Starsky and Hutch on TV1. So the last scene of the ep has Starsky take Hutch's arm and say "C'mon my big, blond boy, I'm taking you home and tucking you in.."

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Just found me a redback outside the backdoor. Now me and bugs I feel a need to kill (which isn't many of them, mainly cockroaches *shudder*) After I spend 10 minutes locating a nearly empty can of poison, while exercising my mental willpower to prevent said bug from wandering off, I spray bug. Once. Twice at the most. Unlike housemate who generally empties half a can per spider.

Except of course for redbacks with potential access to Bunny, as Bunny spends as much time Outside as she can convince us to spend supervising her. Must now contact bugspraying people.

That redback is now paste - on the grounds it might have been full of baby redbacks.

Anecodote - my nephew, a while back, age 2, wandered into house to show Mummy item squashed between finger and thumb. Yes, it was a redback.
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so, a diary, huh. Wow, don't think I've ever had one of these before. Discounting yr 10 English of course, which consisted of Rode Hank today, got bucked off again, had chicken and chips for tea.
I don't see myself reaching the level of intimacy I've seen on other ljs. Bit shy. Repressed. Whatever. Can guarantee to share anecdotely type stuff, probably of interest to no-one who doesn't know us. Example.

My Dad. Not up with the technology you might say. Asks me what I want for Christmas. "The Two Towers", I reply.

"What''s that?"

"Lord of the Rings". I'm patient.

"What's that?"

Bit of disbelief now, mixed with concern. "Dad, you read these when you were a teenager." Blank.
"I'll write it down".

Lord of the Rings. The Two Towers. Extended Version. 4 discs. $58 from Kmart.

Next day, call on my mobile "Is that video or DVD?"

Yesterday we had a family get together for Christmas at the local pool. Very misleading term nowadays, btw. Once, a simple 50m outdoor pool, with a kiddy paddle pool off to the side. Today - still the standard 50m pool for serious swimmers. And the kiddie pool. And a 1.7 m heated pool for middle size people and a beautiful grassed area with big shady tent- like alcoves. Sundry BBQ facilities. And that's just outside. 25m heated indoor pool. Kiddie pool, heated, with fountains and fake beach and swirly current area. Really, only spent most of my time in there because of Bunny. Plus, the full on gym/spa/sauna area.

Still managed to burn though. Lesson, don't rely on not-quite-3yr old to apply your sunblock. Glad I bought all these miniskirts and skimpy tops for summer, looking forward to showing off the peeling.

Anyone noticed, getting sunburnt nowadays, not the normal part of summer it used to be? Now, definitely a bit on the uncool side. Like, duh, are you a tourist? Cos don't we all know better now?

My god, and I doubted my ability to ramble on about nothing. Just as well the only people who will read this will be my Sis (who lives on the other side of the world) and a couple of friends over east. Cos you know, once I email them the addy they will feel obliged to at least skim occasionally or pretend to so I don't guilt them for the rest of their natural lives.

Just reread, what I wrote in my first real journal entry ever. Had to correct a shitload of grammar/puntuation, years of emailing has made me lazy. I think I'm embarrassed. Won't be using the spellcheck though, as I don't want to be Americanised.

btw, the anecdote about my dad, followed by description of swimming pools was supposed to be a brief mention of family so I could say that I'd related the DVD story to the rest of the family, who knowing my dad, fell about laughing. Dad looking bewildered, missing the point again, so I had to say,
"Dad, the funny is in the part with the discs."

I think the off topic rambling took any kind of funny from that punchline.


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