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I seriously hate this, fwiw. Stupid mind with its avoidance issues.

Oh, hey, still not studying, have a link to a random post about the feeding habits of Komodo dragons I found through the metaquotes comm.

Now I am going to go make a cup of tea, and very shortly after that will start working on my assignment. Any minute now.


Nov. 24th, 2009 12:57 pm
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I had to make a really big flowchart and it would only fit by moving the margins, and then when I copied and pasted it into an existing document the left side of the flowchart falls off the page.

Adjusting the margins for selected text only doesn’t seem to help. *cries*

Help, please?
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Got lent a USB drive where you plug it in, hold down a key and then turn your computer on and it NUKES your hard drive.

Problem is I don't know what key to hold down and I am google FAILING.

I've tried shift, escape, that weird windows key, delete and tab.

Anyone? Bueller?
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I was falling asleep studying so I wandered out the front to collect the advertising material that had collected in the mailbox and spent a few minutes in the fresh air pulling out weeds and then I came inside and thought, hmm fresh air good, why don't I leave the front door open for a while.

Just as well I did. Five minutes later the dog showed up.

So next time you're surprised I forgot your birthday, or to email you, or that we'd made plans, bear in mind I forgot I had a dog.
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I have much hate for Word - specifically flowcharts.

My boss has given me a flowchart and I have to add stuff to the side and at the end. How can I make the freakin box widen it's margins???

Edit Well, that was embarrassingly easy. All I had to do was click outside the 'canvas'.
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Good news. I got my acceptance letter to Murdoch. So, um, yay?

I am so dead.

Today I am trying to research stuff on the net. I am failing. Amusingly though, typing 'treatment of officer accused of treason in 18th century' throws up 'Could Bush Be Prosecuted for War Crimes?'

Any history experts around? Or, you know, people who know how to use a search engine?


Jun. 3rd, 2007 12:22 am
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The lovely [ profile] mynxii scored tickets to WASO's 'Poem of Ecstasy' and as it's been over ten years since I've tried to appreciate the symphony I tagged along.

For a review of the performance from someone who got it, check out [ profile] mynxii's post. I was having a hard time staying awake by the end.

(FYI, I also fail at ballet, unless it's Baryshnikov but I love opera. So.)

The plan after was coffee at Vultures, but as I was so sleepy I decided to pike. Until I got in my car and realised it was only 10:15pm and had a minor epiphany about how I really could be more sociable. So off I went to Vultures. Only no-one else turned up. However, one of the waiters felt sorry for me and said I could come back anytime and he'd be my friend.

So tonight I failed at culture, and I failed at hanging out.
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1 I just scalded the underside of my chin with my Milo.

2. Dinner took me five minutes to prepare. I don't think that counts as real cooking.*

3. Got stuck at work an extra half an hour because of something I'd forgotton to do earlier.

4. Forgot to take my cat to the vet.

5. Am spazzing***about my lj layout. Am considering not using lj cuts for the moment til it settles, as several people have mentioned that they find it disconcerting when I do this.

* (Sara Lee's Quiche Lorraine** + some fish cakes chucked in the oven, broccoli in the microwave, hot bread, and some salad I brought home from work.)

**Really yummy btw.

***Am occasionally prone to minor OC behaviour. Minor. Really. Only about my lj. And locking doors. And checking that they're locked, a lot.
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Ever thought about an Enigma/Fatboy Slim remix?

Why not?

Clearly, it takes an idiot a level of genius that only a few can aspire to.

Either that, or some doofus attempting to record Enigma over a Fatboy Slim tape that's been sitting in the car for a couple of years.

It's weirdly compelling.
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I woke up an hour early and didn't notice.

Also, my computer died.
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So last night Dragonfly rocks up to Emma & Trille's full of joie de vivre and looking forward to hours and hours of Atlantis.

Dragonfly *strolls in* What ho!
Emma So everything work out with Bunny then?
Dragonfly What?
Emma Did you get Bunny out of the toilet all right?
Dragonfly WHAT?
Emma Sarren posted that Bunny was stuck in the toilet...
Dragonfly *stares speechlessly*
Emma Would you like to use the phone?
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So how often do I have anything to say about fandom (on lj) that isn't fic or episode related?

I left my computer for five minutes (to greet Dragonfly and complain about the toilet and the heater) and it decided to spit the dummy and this whole thing I had to say about [ profile] thecuttingboard is gone. Gone!

That'll learn me to have an opinion.
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I'm locked out of the toilet.


The perils of living with a toddler.

So am I supposed to dismantle the door handles, or what? I see that going horribly wrong very quickly.
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...oh that would be *me* then.

In my defense, I have a bad cold and am sleep deprived. Actually that's not much of a defence, is it.

And yet I got off fairly lightly.

*not so much touches wood as clutches it to her chest*

See, every now and then I do something stupid, and then get lucky. Like when I was young and dived into a shallow pool and DIDN'T end up a quadraplegic. *thanks stars*

So today. I wander into Tandy's to get disks (on Dragonfly's instructions) so she can have hard copies of her assignments. Guy points out that I need a CD burner and I realise I have no idea if I have one. So I call Sphinx on my mobile to ask her and for no apparent reason put my phone back in my jeans pocket instead of my bag.

Get back to my car, tired and hot, unload all my Grandma's shopping into the back. And promptly leave my bag on the roof of my car, which I discover at my next pit stop about seven minutes later. Race back to shops, no sign of my bag, obviously. Hightail it to Customer Service Desk in the middle of the centre. And some nice person has handed in my bag, having gathered up the purse and various scattered cards, including my credit card.

I assume the person who nicked the cash was looking for a pin number. Luckily I'm not that stupid, though nearly so, I only signed my four month old card last week, when some shop assistant pointed out that I'd forgotton to.

So today cost me approximately $90. And the inconvenience of being without my credit card for about 10 days, as I've cancelled it as they change my account number. Just in case.

So, lucky about the cc having recently been signed, lucky I didn't lose my nice leather purse that I'm quite fond of and all my cards and a few dollars in coins actually, and lucky my expensive (shockproof) phone was in my pocket for once.

Am feeling really grateful right now. Also, like a prat.

Pride 2004

Oct. 27th, 2004 07:40 am
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I screwed up the other night. I got the Saturday night off work to go the Pride Parade, which was fabulous as always, though it lost something not having Sandy marching (what the hell is she thinking being in some exotic other part of the world during Pride???). So, here I am, in the presence of alcohol, with no work the next day and also, not the designated driver. Chance to party!! Except then I forgot to overindulge...

*mourns* Obviously I'm getting old. Also evidenced by my wussing out of partying on at the Court later, not cos I didn't want to but because I wore my fabulous new boots, totally forgetting that it's been at least five years since I wore heels like that. and just standing watching the parade made the balls of my feet hurt...


So dumb. At least my sexy outfit made me fit in as I'm told by my friends that I looked like a drag queen! *glares at [ profile] emma_in_oz and [ profile] special_trille*

In other exciting news I had Korean BBQ the other night for the first time and loved it!! Trying new foods is always a bit of a gamble for me, my taste buds are very conservative, despite my best intentions. But since old, old (non-ljing) friends were taking me out to dinner I let them choose and we sat outside at this table with hot coals in the middle and my mates cooked my food for me (I prodded it occasionally and said things like "are you sure this is cooked (it was quite dark) I don't want food poisoning" - I'm so gracious) and we had a lovely lovely time. Even when the waiter smashed a bottle of beer right at my feet, splashing my beige seude coat, I didn't sweat it.

Side note for anyone who hasn't been out somewhere with me - If I don't break/spill something myself, guaranteed someone in my immediate vicinity will with absolutely no help from me

Also. Go read this. Trust me.

Edited to add Gah! Should have specified - people willing to read HP should go read the fic...sometimes I just forget that there are people who don't.

Do Over.

Aug. 4th, 2004 11:01 pm
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I was somewhat tech-y today. And probably somewhat delusional. I set up my old pc, and went online so I could send some stuff I want to keep over to my Mac. It was a good plan. It was. But it fell apart due to the crapness of the old pc and me not really knowing what the hell I was doing.

So. If anyone sent me an email or lj comment today I've lost it. If you can be arsed, please resend...


Jul. 13th, 2004 04:37 pm
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Yesterday I was like - Meh! Nothing to read, no recs to hand, not feeling inspired. Today my friends' pages are full of recs that all have to be read right now. Kylie's got a new Jack/Daniel, Speranza's reccing DS and lots of it, there's a new Eroica fic, [ profile] psycho_tabby 's on about some Harry/Snape and [ profile] helenish has a new Ron/Draco!

Must post something right now, cos otherwise the night's a write off.

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