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Over the last few days we've been catching up on the last dozen eps of Supernatural. Am now on the second last ep and my third glass of wine. As much as I love Dean and Sam Winchester, and Castiel, and Charlie and Crowwley, and I do, this show does seem vastly improved by alcohol.

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OMG Tim Robbins is in Green Lantern!!!! Ahahahahahahaha.

Yeah, couldn't find any more Marvel movies, making do with Ryan Reynolds. MInd you, RR got major cred playing Deadpool in Wolverine.
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I was wrong. This film is GOLD.

--drinks lots more wine--

Thor does have an awesome deep voice. Also one of his mates is played by Prince Charming in Once Upon aTime.
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You know how we know Loki's the bad guy? Because he has a British accent, duh.

--cough--I can see why the internets went nuts for Loki.

Loki - the people need to reassured!
Me - they'll be reassured by your hat!
Jody -facepalm- those zingers are going to keep on coming, aren't they?
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This is because I drank a lot of alcohol while watching Torchwood episode 5.

HOWEVER I still know not to spoil! in case you were wondering.

You know, I love Torchwood. But I know it's not perfect. I regularly mock John Barrowman's acting skillz and I recognise the inconsistent quality of the episodes.

But I say *dun dun* anyone who's ever rejected Torchwood should watch this series. I don't think they put a foot wrong. The plot was epic, the writing was awesome and didn't pull any punches, and it was just fucking brilliant television.

Yes I am biased. Yes I am invested. Yes I am drunk. Yes I have to keep correcting typos.

Hee! Dragonfly and Bunny came home and Dragonfly sent Bunny off to the bath so we could watch episode 5. Luckily our child is understanding about these things (sometimes)...

Episode 5 random spoilers )

Dragonfly is having to get the lasagne out of the oven because I am not compus..menti? um what's that Latin word for DRUNK OFF MY FACE.
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I have wine. I have [ profile] mynxii. I have songvids. Life is good.
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Y'all be relieved to know that I won't starve to death as I have discovered Cheds and chilli olives!!! Yes okay, there was in fact heaps of healthy food options which i was ignoring. SO?

Let's see, it's Friday night, so everyone else has a social life. Even Dragonfly has a study date *sigh* I'm home. Alone. with nothing to do. except talk about Bandslash. Yes, clearly the time has come.

I used to have boundaries.  When the Harry Potter fandom came along, suddenly I was reading underage fic, but I still had BOUNDARIES.  Then SGA came along and then it was Crackfic! and then Supernatural! and the Wincest! but you know at least I didn't read (hardly any) RPS or popslash! !

I blame my flist.  While some were taking a walk on the wild side and writing Rodny/Teyla, which you know, is freakin' HOT when done right. others suddenly started BRAINWASHING us (I can't be the only one) with the My Chemical Romance picspam and media sharing.  DAMN THEM ALL.. 

So suddenly I'm an MCR fan. Of the MUSIC.  And the pretty emo boys in makeup.  Then suddenly there are links to fics.  And somewhere Along the line the fics have other pretty emo boys in them, that turn out to be from some band called Fall Out Boy, whose music I wouldn't know if I fell over it, but now I know Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz, hell I've seen Pete Wentz's cock (apparently it's hard to avoid: oh those exhibitionists)  (also; nice)  and then if that wasn't enough someone wrote an SGA CROSSOVER with the boys from FOB and MCR and starring the Panic! At the Disco crew.   Who?  Oh, don't worry, I have links.    No, I don't know their music either.  I'm over that now.

My Chemical Romance
(with emphasis on Frank Iero because he's just too pretty)  also warning - this is the picspam of DOOM.

Fall Out Boy

Panic! At The Disco

Damn, I forgot i had feta.  Too late now.
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OMG my layout. Would a sober person have this layout? Serously who designed this shit?

Also mr_booboo DID SOMETHING to my computer and it keeps bringing up this stupid box all the time -
Cannot find the user ID in the logged in cookie? Are you logged in?

*plainitively* Help me Obi-Wan?
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Just so you know, that previous post was brought to you by DRAGONFLY. I, clearly unwisely, left the room to escape the dutch guy.

See if bring her any more alcohol. her and her boobs are ON THEIR OWN.
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HELP!!!! My brain is dribbling out my ear.
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NCIS is on tv, I can't hear mch but I think diNOzzo just turned down a promotion because of Gibbs?

Also, I may possibly have screamed like a girl when I saw Gibbs. WHAT IS WITH THAT MOUSTACHE AND WEIRD PARTING IN HIS HAIR.

I am horrified. HORRIFIED.

Also, can someone please stop this Dutch guy telling about his exotic sex life. I'm begging.
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There's a slightly drunk Dutch guy wearing a sarong, a sleeveless shirt unbuttoned to the navel, a gold necklace with a rectangular pendant, a stud in one ear and a sleeper in the other sitting our couch telling us he only has a problem with gay guys if they're effeminate and two girls together are good and he's all for an 'altogether' and he'd like to watch and oh, are we gay?
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Am I drunk, or did our esteemed Prime MInister just say that the 'cleanest greenest energy source' is nuclear power?
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I am getting drunk. It's the only way I'm going to be able to watch the rest of the episode about Lex's repressed childhood memorries.

b€eging to understand LIonel.

(Have switched to Raffles while we have dinner)
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Your housemate makes a steak dinner, with veges and some kind of mushroom gravy. It is DELICIOUS.

The next day you find out it was kangaroo.

Your friend brings over the Stargate/Atlantis crossover episode and insists you watch it because it is that funny, even though you're not up to date on your SG1. You laugh and LAUGH at how hilarious it is.

The next day you watch it and it's only funny for the first half and then you get cranky at how unprofessional and offensive their behaviour towards McKay is.
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ncis is on. I'm affected by alcohol. These are both good things.

We just watched that SGA/SG1 crossover ep. IT was GREAT. Of course, I'm half a season behind on SG1 but apparently that didn't matter. Also, being somewhat drunk helped, I'm not sure what the thing with the supergates was all about but I don't think it matters. soooooo pished. *points* That last bit? Dragonfly wrote that. She is amused by the amount of time I am spending backspacing and retyping.

Also, I may have a bit of crush on Vala. And McKay? Where did his hips go? He's like, skinnier than Vala, and that's just WRONG. Did I mention there was alcohol involved?
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Not sure what happend. CricketK came over to watch McKay episodes of Stargate. She brought wine. Also we found coolers and Merlot..

Do you have any idea how much more fabulous Stargate is when your drunk?

Also Massive McKay love and snuggling.

CricketK I have big love for Jonas' pants.

Me Jonas - a fine piece of ass

Dragonfly *toasts Jonas' ass*

Okay now I have to get up for work in five hours.
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Emma wrote me haiku!!! I love Emma.

Starsky said: 'Nice legs!'
Hutch wiggled his perfect ass.
They mad violent love.

Hutch said: 'Nice blue eyes!'
Starsky fluttered his lashes.
They fell together.


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