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Person of Interest finale was brilliant and I got to watch it with a fan friend who drove 7 hours to bring it to me.

Supernatural finale was bloody epic, and rounded off a great plot arc.

Doctor Who, OMFG, one of fandom's great moments in that scene in the season finale, as I insisted on telling Neery who'd just made me lunch and brought it to me in time to witness it. I probably would have been in tears if I hadn't of being scoffing down delicious homemade lasagne at the time. As a bonus, when I went to youtube later to find that one scene (and cry) I realised that a heap of other season 7 DW episodes are all up. So I can watch the ones I missed, hooray! (whole ep here season finale)

Obscure & British Comment Fest - if I was at home I would totally be rewatching all my obscure British shows and diving headfirst into this. Huh, I've never done a commentfest, I just realised. Maybe they'll run it again next year, she says hopefully...And that led me to the discovery that there are a heap of random episodes up of old tv shows I never got around to watching (ie eyed off the dvds but didn't want to pay exorbitant amounts for old shows I might not like) so now I can actually check out Man In a Suitcase and Danger Man. Win!!! random link to ep

Harry Potter fic rec - I got into HP fandom in the early days by way of a WIP called Mirror of Maybe, where Harry got sucked into a mirror and then emerged a few minutes later having lived 15 years, so Harry was really 30 years old in a 15 year old body so Harry/Snape was fine, right? And I loved it and made everyone read it...and then it was abandoned. I didn't give up on it for ages, and always remained a little bitter about the whole thing. The other day I found a fic that had rewritten the beginning, reimagined the plot, and best of all, finished it, and it's even better than the original - No Way Back by Meri I am so grateful for this fic. I actually feel like I have closure. *g*

A SLASH PAIRING BECOMES CANON - And lastly, OMG OMG OMG - a great event in slash fandom - a slash pairing actually became canon. Sure, it's a tiny fandom, but it was REAL and ongoing for years and its Happy Ever After was celebrated by the SNL audience.

So, the pairing - Seth Meyers plays 'himself' as a news correspondent who regularly has 'Stefon', played by Bill Hader, come on the show to advise them on what are the coolest clubs to go to. I find very little SNL humour to my taste, and its def. not politically correct, but I do love the way Bill Hader cracks himself up, and the relevant to our interests part is how Stefon constantly flirts with Seth Meyers.

So, both actors are leaving SNL, Bill Hader to do movies, Seth Meyers is taking over The Late Show, so they actually, for real, wrapped up the relationship, MADE IT CANON. And for that, all the hats in the world off to them.

Gifset, - one gif from each of the sketches

The sketch where Stefon kissed Seth Meyers - St Patrick's Day on youtube

Finale gifset

HAPPY EVER AFTER - The finale on youtube
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A few not-plot-spoilery pics because I love them so )

I was all teary with happiness at the end - which I am the first to admit is extreme - but Dr Who is, as I probably say too often, the fandom of my heart. Matt Smith plays a wonderful Doctor and Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill make kickass Companions. Yay!
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Screencap of my fave scene from latest Dr Who ep under cut )

Yay for dinosaurs on a spaceship \o/ Now I NEED someone to write Riddell and Nefertiti travelling with the Doctor some more until they get the hang of space/time, and then for some reason (like Sherlock is crucial to the survival of the universe) Riddell becomes Lestrade to protect Sherlock. Lestrade's wife and kid are part of his cover story, he really goes home to Neffy, or rather, she's travelling around doing important world-saving stuff and drops in periodically to have hot sex where she is totally tops him.

Because otherwise I’m going to have to do it and I won’t have the time until after Yuletide and then what happens after Yuletide every year is my fic writing falls over because I have all that telly to catch up on again.

My life, so hard.

Lewis fic I don’t have time to write )


Aug. 28th, 2011 01:26 pm
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HA, the first scene I said to Dragonfly 'this seems like a weak beginning, but I've said that before and been proven wrong.'

I was wrong.


Not really spoilery piccie from new ep )
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New house rule this week: no Dr Who until last thing before bed. Dragonfly is not happy with me.

My impressions of The Rebel Flesh )
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Way to start the series off with a bang.

*solemnly* Stephen Moffat is a Great Man.

So that makes THREE of the stories Moffat's written that's in my Top Ten Favourite episodes:

1.9-1.10 The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances
3.10 Blink
6.1-6.2 The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon

Most spoilery spoil spoil screencap in the history of the world. Seriously )
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True Blood Human

Dr Who - Bow Ties and Red Hair This is described as Eleven/Amy, but I thought it was excellent even though I don't ship them and in fact failed to notice that it was supposed to BE shipping them.
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Edit: Spoilers in comments.
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The other day when I was thinking how last week's Dr Who is definitely in my Top 10 list, I realised it's been so long that my list needs updating (as you do). As I don't actually have enough time to rewatch the entire last four seasons I spent last night rewatching all my favourite scenes from all the eps. *wallows*

So, by cheating and including double eps as one when they were both awesome I turned out to have nine. And now I have just watched this week's episode and got number 10 locked in. Just for sheer Doctor awesomeness *FLAILS* God I love this season.

In the meantime, in chronological order:

1.9-1.10 The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances
2 8-2.9 The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit
3.8-3.9 Human Nature/Family of Blood
3.10 Blink
4.02 The Fires of Pompeii
4.10 Midnight
4.11 Turn Left
4.12-4.13 The Stolen Earth/Journey's End
5.10 Vincent and the Doctor
5.11 The Lodger

Random thoughts about Doctors and Companions. Tiny reference to 'Amy's Choice', not plot-related )

Now that I'm over my hangups about the Doctor as a sexual being I can confirm there are a few cute Eleven/Amy/Rory and Eleven/Amy/Vincent fics on Archive of Our Own, and also this is good - Seventeen Things That Happen to Rory Williams It's a non-spoilery AU where Rory and Amy have been off having adventures with the Doctor and Amy died, and Rory carries on. It's G-rated Eleven/Rory.
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I have many things to post about. My trip! Uni! Family! The time my dogs went racing over the edge of a wall and disappeared into shrubbery below. The wolf made it out, the puppy...needed to be rescued.

Instead, HOW AWESOME WAS THIS WEEK'S DR WHO. I wasn't looking forward to yet another guest-historical-celebrity episode at all, but turns out, one of the best episodes EVER.

IMO, obviously.
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Well, that was yet another AWESOME episode of Dr Who, wasn't it?

But this is me, so I have to complain about (spoiler) )
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Where are all the Asian people in Dr Who?

I think Sam and Dean should die stopping the Apocalypse. Seriously, I don't see how else it can end for them.
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I am house-sitting - or rather, cat-sitting. One is a huge ginger who's just had an op and I have to shove four pills down him twice a day. He doesn't seem to hold a grudge though, joins me in the evening for schmoozing if I'm on the couch. Though maybe the way I constantly end up covered in ginger hair is actually his revenge! The other cat I mainly see from a distance. Though she did come into the study tonight to say hello, briefly. Shortly after I heard a sound such as something heavy hitting the ground after being dislodged by a cat jumping on it. Disconcertingly, the *thud* sound was followed by a piteous *meow*, but when I went to investigate she was lounging innocently on a bed. I still don't know what happened.

I'm supposed to be studying but was distracted hours ago by someone posting a link to [ profile] fandomsecrets. *is disappointed in self*

Haaaha - this was totally me as a kid.

It's been an eye-opener! I now know... )

Must. go. to. bed. now...


Apr. 12th, 2010 12:56 am
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I have had a very, very TRYING week, that I may or may not get around to whining posting about when I get a spare second or two.

Right now I have approximately two more hours work in front of me to finish this damn assignment. I may get a few hours sleep before I go to work. Here's hoping!

Took a break to watch the new Dr Who ep, also written by the awesome Stephen Moffat. My conclusion:

Matt Smith is the best (new) Doctor yet!!! I HEART HIM. And Amy Pond is awesome!!!



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