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5:45 - 7:15 PM AEST -

5:40pm-6:00pm - Professor Wil Steffen, leading climate scientist
6:00pm-6:30pm - Prime Minister Julia Gillard and GetUp National Director, Simon Sheikh
6:35pm-6:50pm - Ben McNeil, renewable energy expert

Get Up: Throughout the forum, we'll be taking questions for the PM and the other panelists live from Twitter. Tweet with the hashtag #climateforum11 to ask your question and join the conversation.

We're finally getting on with the job of tackling climate change, but the coal barons and the right wing media machine are desperately trying to scare Australians and block the proposal. Getting the facts out, right now, couldn't be more important to our future.
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Watching the Copenhagen Conference, I picture a scene like from one of those post-apocalypic films where several generations later, some remnants of society picking through ruins find references in old newspapers to the disaster that destroyed civilisation.

At a time when Australia should be leading, we've been recognised as the worst country in the world for actively seeking a bad outcome. )

(from Get Up)
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Climate Change - Images of a Changing World

In other news I had scrummy Kway Teow for lunch. And splattered it all over my favourite work shirt. That's okay, I only have to look professional for another four hours.

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I know this is an old joke, and any resemblance to Kevin Rudd is purely coincidental, but I just love the other delegates reactions.

From GetUp.

May. 8th, 2008 12:45 pm
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Something very troubling is happening right now in Canberra, as our pollies put the final touches on next week's Budget. It only became clear to us while delivering your People's Budget Submission - the halls of Parliament are crawling with lobbyists from the powerful and well-resourced polluting industries, using their industrial muscle to aggressively argue against climate change action.

We urgently need an active people's movement to counter the largest and best-funded lobby in Australia. Next Thursday, the Government will meet with environment groups to discuss climate change solutions. We want tens of thousands of signatures to bring to the table, calling for emissions to begin declining by 2010, and be cut in half by 2020. Nothing less will do.

Will your signature be one of those countering the polluters' push for short-term profit?

Sign the petition

All the polluting industries have combined their resources to trump the will of the people: coal, aluminum, cement, electricity generators, mining, and many more. But our politicians work for us - they need to set targets and pass laws that reduce emissions, not reward polluters.

We are much closer to a crisis tipping point than previously thought. It's now possible that there will be no Arctic summer ice by 2013, 90 years earlier than IPCC predictions. With existing projections being viewed as the minimum changes we can expect, Australia must adopt a science-based emissions reduction target - and nurture a green economy with green jobs to get us there.

Our economic prosperity and our environment depends on it, and that depends on our politicians being willing and able to resist the powerful self-interests of the polluter lobby. Help swing the debate back in favour of the people, by signing this urgent petition today, before next week's meeting:

Sign the petition

The polluter lobby must not set the terms of the debate around climate solutions. We know that the costs of inaction are catastrophic and will affect every aspect of our economy and our lives. Kevin Rudd is making decisions this year that could help avoid that - but only if you demand it. He needs you to let him know you expect corporate greed to not trump climate need.

Thanks for being a part of the solution,
The GetUp team
PS - To read the full version of your People's Budget Submission, based on your Biscuit Budget results and People's Agenda process, click here.


GetUp is an independent, not-for-profit community campaigning group. We use new technology to empower Australians to have their say on important national issues. We receive no political party or government funding, and every campaign we run is entirely supported by voluntary donations.
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So Hot Dry Rock energy could surpass most other renewable energy options here in Australia.

It has the potential to generate electricity many times the current total annual electric power needs, apparently.

If I sound cynical, well *sigh* I really DO want it to work out.
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OF COURSE it's going to be 36 degrees for the Walk Against Warming tomorrow.
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I joined The Big Switch community. They have a convenient form letter that you can send to your electorate's candidates, asking them to fill in the site's survey to find out where they stand on climate change issues. I sent one to my Liberal and Labor candidates a few days ago. Within half an hour I had a response from the Labor guy, saying that he'd fill it in soon, and to check back at the site. The Liberal candidate has NOT replied. MARGINAL SEAT, PEOPLE.
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Who's up for a walk?

Date: Sunday 11th November
Perth Venue: Fremantle Esplanade Park
Time: 1:00pm
Travel: Free travel for passengers on the Transperth train network between 11am and 5pm on Sunday 11th November 2007.


Oct. 15th, 2007 04:02 pm
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I am so fatigued that just sitting in my chair makes my brain fuzzy. I've been finding walking around jobs to do. And ripping up paper jobs. May as well be on lj.

[ profile] mr_booboo just sent me George Bush on Global Warming parody!!
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So election day is 24th November.

Walk Against Warming is two Sundays before that so *counts back* that'd put it, let's see..

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I can never really get very involved with activist groups. I'm always worried that no matter how reasonable and purely motivated they appear that behind all that there are crazy people, or greedy people or just plain misguided. For example, according to [ profile] angriest the boss of Greenpeace gets paid millions of dollars a year. And also apparently Arnold Schwarzenegger is a horrible person.

So I've been reading this GetUp! group for a while now. I like what they're all about. They seem cool. However, I am quite prepared to be disillusioned, if anyone knows where the bodies are?

In the meantime, they've made this spoof of the government's Climate Clever campaign. I feel kind of awkward showing it off, because of the bit at the end about donating. I'd like to make it clear I AM TOTALLY NOT suggesting y'all should be donating here. That bit's on the end because they were raising money to show the ad in Sydney during the Grand Final tomorrow, to reach the maximum amount of people. They've actually more than doubled the amount they originally asked for and are going to be showing it in other cities, and at other times. Yays!

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[ profile] mr_booboo accompanied me to the screening of Climate of Hope.

Speaker introduces the film - 'The government are looking towards using nuclear power because it's clean energy with zero greenhouse emissions!'

Me *thinks* Wow really! That's good news!

Speaker - Let me first explain that in the past I was an Anti-Nuclear protester.

Me *thinks* Wow, this must be good!

What we got was 27 minutes of how EVIL AND TERRIFYING NUCLEAR ENERGY IS and how it's totally NOT EMISSION-FREE and three minutes of these-are-the-clean-alternatives-yay!

Me *bangs head repeatedly on desk*
[ profile] mr_booboo WE ARE NOT DOOMED!!!

Of course, then I had to go tell the guy that the title of the film was misleading and really, I needed more than three minutes of hope at the end, and his explanation? He ran out of time. Then I gently explained how he could improve his speaking voice, because I'm helpful like that.

But then we had dinner and cake and coffee with [ profile] special_trille and [ profile] haunted_attics which cheered me up until an accidental lapse of attention at a crucial moment put me behind in the Token White Girl (TWG) running.*

Then [ profile] mr_booboo and I went back to her place and watched the new Heroes episode and it featured my two favourite characters a lot and it was GOOD, even if it did make me shout at the telly a lot.

*Mr Booboo and Haunted Attics haven't made up their minds who gets to replace Special Trille as their TWG friend while she's in China next month. It's between me and [ profile] dark_squire.
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Dragonfly's got the station on 94.5. It seems like every ad break they're playing the PREDATORS ARE STALKING YOUR CHILDREN OVER THE INTERNET AND ONLY WE CAN PROTECT YOU ads.

Yep, nothing says election time like the government playing on your fear for your children to distract you from actual issues.

Speaking of which, walkagainstwarming Anyone want to walk with me? In fact, I appear to have volunteered to HELP OUT.

It's been a weird day. First with the Village of the Damned kids on [ profile] mr_booboo's bus this morning. Seriously, we were surrounded by private school boys who appeared to neither move nor speak the entire trip into town. Creeeepy. Oh, except when we were arguing loudly about whether the poster above the windows were supposed to have an apostrophe. I swear their eyes moved.

Then the part where I seem to have become an ACTIVIST. I had just taken the migraine drugs. And then I ran into [ profile] ascetic_hedony who had a sword on his back! And then I failed to hold a coherent conversation with him. I may have been a little thrown by the beard. Which did not look like any of these.
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I chose the excerpt about computers because I had been leaving both my laptop and my desktop in sleep mode most of the time, and I hardly even use the desktop anymore. Dragonfly's been reminding me to turn off the power at the wall for YEARS, but somehow in my mind computers just automatically got an exemption. So I was good last night and turned them off and then this morning I got up and it was too much effort to turn one on again to check my email and now I'm at work and clearly not working. *headdesk*

Must rethink this.

Another totally random example of stuff I didn't know -

...if your prunings and leaves go to landfill instead of composting, they will decay without oxygen, generating more greenhouse gas than was stored in the plant material as it grew.
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I read/watch scientists presenting us with facts about dying coral reefs, species going extinct, extreme weather events etc, and assuring us earnestly that if only we reduce our greenhouse emissions by x amount the planet will be able to recover and I look at them and think, not even you believe that anymore, but you have to keep on trying.

However, I totally realise that I am a pessimist. I keep having conversations with [ profile] angriest that go:

[ profile] angriest - No, people will come to their senses in time to fix it and the planet will recover.

But because we have to keep on trying, on the offchance I'm not the last person here to know all this shit already Make Your Home Climate Clever.

Excerpt -

Screensavers don't save energy: switch the monitor off or use power management settings to control it.

A laptop computer used five hours each day generates around 40 kilograms of greenhouse gas each year. Desktop computers used the same way can generate between 200 and 500 kilograms.

More than half of the energy used by computers is from using the monitor. An LCD panel monitor generates around half as much greenhouse gas as a conventional monitor. And adjusting its brightness lower can cut emissions to a quarter.


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