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So, this new Tom Cruise Mummy movie has so far been very successful... in introducing a whole new generation to the classic 1999 version of the Mummy :)

Someone on Twitter was like, what to do if you are thinking of going to see the new Mummy movie:
1 Go see Wonder Woman
2 Go see Wonder Woman again
3 Watch the 1999 classic instead

Which was pretty much what we did, except we were already at the cinema to see Wonder Woman when the promo came on and Bunny was like, that looks good, I want to see that, and I was like, yeah, no, let me show you a thing, and then we went home and watched Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz being adorable and hilarious.

There appears to be a bunch of articles about how much better the original was, but I like this tumblr pimp post here

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Klaus threatening someone as usual - I WILL KILL YOU AND EVERYONE YOU LOVE.
Me - I love his growly voice.
Bunny - YES!!!

a cuople of other minor observances )
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I've enjoyed OUaT well enough over the first four seasons, but mostly kept on with it because Bunny loves it so much. But I've really loved season 5. I've finally started to appreciate Killian, and Zelina used to set my teeth on edge, but now she's had character development and back story and I am sympathetic. But mostly, I think because of all the Regina/Robin, Emma/Killian and Regina & Emma relationship stuff and I love all those dynamics so much. I adore Regina and Emma and totally ship them but in an AU WAY, as I also love their canon true love pairings.

Randomly - yay lesbians! Spoilery for their plotline and Bunny's reaction )


Much to my surprise I have become extremely invested in Emma and Regina's friendship because I am a sucker for found family.

Basically a short random picspam of Regina and Emma )

And I love that actors look like they are fun! )

Pretty Swan Queen manip and fanarts )

Very spoilery comments about the end of season 5 )
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Me - Why don't we watch an educational, improving documentary?
Bunny - Can we watch that documentary about wolves?
Me - ?
Bnnny - The one with teenagers?
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Bunny *standing knee deep in a tidal pool with a net* How can I catch a fish when they keep running away?

Me - Try standing very, very still and maybe they'll forget about you.

Bunny - Great. I'm Winnie the Pooh but with fish.

Context is a Cabin Pressure quote )
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Dragonfly and Bunny went late night shopping* tonight so we've only had time to watch one ep of something tonight. I gave Dfly the choice of:

New season eps of Downton Abbey, Sleepy Hollow or Person of Interest, or the pilot of GOTHAM

...and to her own gobsmackedness she chose Downton Abbey!!

Now we're watching it and I've shouted at Thomas to shut up twice already. GAH, I just want him to come to a sticky end and put everyone out of our misery. Every now and again they give us hints that he has redeeming qualities but it's just not enough, he's just a vicious little shite.

*For non-Australians, 'late night shopping' refers to the fact that shops shut on weekdays between 5-6pm, except on Thursdays when they stay open till *gasp* NINE PM. Periodically we have referendums to decide if we will reject our Parochial ways and embrace Globalism and start opening 24/7 and we keep knocking it back, but they are slowly finding loopholes and ways around the laws so that some types of shops now open Sundays and later in the evenings, but not the shopping centres.
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Bunny has seen a couple of episodes of Swort Art Online and is very...passionate... about my acquiring the show for her, because it's AWESOME. Apparently.

Given my general ignorance of anime I did a quick 'suitable for children' google, and it seemed okay...except there's a non-graphic rape??? Am I being too protective in not wanting my 13 year old to watch this? (esp considering I was reading adult books at that age *sigh*)

Another quick google for anime for kids suggests Sailor Moon is the bestest ever, so I'll get that.

Any other suggestions? Does anyone on my flist even watch anime?
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Because I know nothing about eBay, shipping or, in fact, graphic novels.

Bunny's never enjoyed reading, though she has always loved being read to. She's officially had reading glasses since she was about 7, but has always refused to wear them. She does like comics though and her new fave show is Buffy so I figured Buffy graphic novels might get her interested in reading? Worth a try.
Of course, they're super expensive, plus I prefer to buy secondhand for environmental reasons, so I was looking at this this batch

36 issues for $36 plus $40 postage from the US. That's still a good deal, right? Too good?
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A few weeks ago a friend asked if Bunny would be a fangirl when she grows up. I assume so, we've certainly done our best to raise her properly and some of her fave shows have been Tower Prep, Eureka and Warehouse 13, and she's loved the first three eps of Agents of SHIELD. Her fave characters in those shows have been Suki, Zoe, Claudia and now Skye. How freaking awesome is it that shows nowadays have kickass young women for Bunny to identify with!

However, her current preferred viewing choice is Foyle's War, which is set in Hastings on the coast of England during WWII. It is about a DCI, his sergeant, and his driver, as go about solving murders etc. Any of us looking at this picture immediately know which character is which, but when Bunny first saw the characters she asked 'is the girl in charge?'

This got me thinking: anytime I see a cast promo photo, or if I see an ad for a show I don't know, my default assumption is that the white dude is the main character, because that's what I grew up with, and of course, is still the case to a large degree. But times they are a'changing, especially in the sort of shows we watch in our house.

Back to Bunny and Foyle's War. I started watching this when I was off sick with my eye, and then started putting it on when Bunny was on her DS, so I assumed she wasn't paying attention. I should never assume that. Now it's her preferred choice when we have 'family night' (having dinner in front of the telly and then cuddles till bedtime).

Foyle's War is historically accurate and has amazing attention to detail. Of course, unless I explain stuff Bunny doesn't really understand what's going on. We're up to the last season, and the last ep opened with the atomic testing in New Mexico in 1945, and then skipped forward a year and the plot is one of the scientists is suspected of conspiring to give secrets to the Soviets, and so there's spies and undercurrents and one of the other scientists is mysteriously getting sick, so as we're going along I'm explaining to Bunny about the Cold War and Communism and spies and radiation poisoning. At one point I was like 'am I explaining too much?'and she just shook her head, eyes glued to the telly.

(When she saw the mushroom cloud her reaction was OH, COOL. Because of course, she hasn't grown up with the threat of nuclear war like my generation did).

Oh and the subplot was a dude who'd been a POW and is returning home after 6 years and wanting everything to be the same but his son is now 16 and used to being the man of the house and his wife doesn't want to stop working. One of the reasons this show is so brilliant is it captures the minutae of what life was like during the war. In an early ep Sam has her billet bombed and can't find anywhere to stay for a while because housing is so short. A recurring theme throughout the war is that she has a healthy appetite and struggles with the rationing and food shortages.

Bunny's only seen the latest eps. I think after Yuletide Christmas I'm going to start from the beginning again, when the war's just started. It's the most interest she's ever shown in history!
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Posting random fandom squee when procrastinating about work or study, that's understandable. But these last couple of weeks I've had all this free time to watch telly and read fic and make LJ posts... and yet every time I've had an urge to post something I end up...checking out tumblr and I don't even know what else. I have emails and comments to answer - my brain just went into AVOID! mode for a while there, I guess.

So, the other adults are off scrapbooking, and the kid's finally asleep and I've got a cuppa and the telly is OFF and omg some peace and quiet.\o/ Bunny and I watched an ep of The Saint (yes, the old Roger Moore show) before she went to bed. Technically we were playing a game of chess at the same time. One of Bunny's more endearing qualities is her optimism. There'd been a dude following Simon around with a gun, but then there was this scene where one of the bad guys sneaking up on Simon pulls put a knife and Bunny suddenly anounces - "That's how I'd kill someone. Nice and clean, with a knife. No loud gunshot." Oh. yay.
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Quick, people who've already seen the new Dr Who episode - it is okay for a nine year old who suffers from nightmares to watch?

Wait, it's written by Stephen Moffat. That pretty much answers THAT question, doesn't it?
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Dragonfly's mum is staying the weekend. Tonight we had "movie night" and Bunny got to choose the movie (but everyone had to agree) After Tinkerbell was vetoed (we only watched it last week)and High School Musical was vetoed by Nanny (who wasn't interested in that sort of film) Bunny's third choice was Mamma Mia which none of the grown ups had seen, but Bunny has seen lots of times at her Dad's, apparently.

Mama Mia is WONDERFUL, omg.

Promo on youtube

I was going to post fabulous piccies that would make you all want to RUN out to see this film but LJ won't let me upload piccies tonight, and I'll lose interest in posting once the squee wears off. I will mention a 'Colin Firth in a wet see through shirt' scene which has FORCED me to get out my Pride and Prejudice dvd and there just went my early night....

On a personal note, my entire adult life, I never got how Meryl Streep is supposed to be so beautiful - until tonight. She is GORGEOUS in this film.

Bunny LOVES this film. She does not appear to notice or care about the grown up storyline or the mostly middle-aged actors singing Abba tunes, she is all about the tunes.

Bunny's sum up of the film:

It's just like High School Musical.
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At dinner yesterday, Bunny suddenly said. 'Cows fart gas, so we should kill them all and eat them, and then just eat fish.'

*iz proud*
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I took Bunny to get her first library card the other day. She was very excited. The children’s section is quite large, and includes one shelf labelled something like Fun for Boys, with books with blue stickers, and another shelf labelled Fun for Girls, with pink stickers. I asked quite neutrally why they had that, and got some stock standard answer which didn’t really seem to say anything, so I said, quite pleasantly, that it seemed out of touch with today’s reality.

That got the librarian’s attention and she explained quite enthusiastically that it’s a “Reluctant Reader” program – that while most kids will happily browse all the shelves, some boys are brought in by their mums and are reluctant to pick up books, and the ‘boys’ shelf is designed to appeal to them, full of exciting boy stuff, I expect. The only reason they have a 'girls' shelf at all is to make it 'equal'. She said the girls still read from the 'boys' shelf and that the books from both shelves are rotated into the wider reading section on a regular basis.
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Bruce has been affected by the Scarecrow's 'fear' drug.

Bruce - I'm having horrible visions...of my father.

Bruce staggers to his feet. Alfred reaches out with both hands to steady him, looking worried, but Bruce(not noticing) turns away.

Bruce *staring over the lair's ledge* He says I'm shaming the family name.

Alfred - That's rubbish! *walks up behind Bruce and puts his hand on his shoulder* I know your father would be proud of you... *Bruce turns to face him and Alfred puts his other hand on Bruce's other shoulder* ...because I'M so proud of you.

Me - Awwww.

Bunny *glances at me*

Alfred - *tugs at Bruce's arm* Now come on, it's time for some chicken soup and a good night's sleep.

They walk across the lair to the console - arms around each other.

Bruce - Alfred? *puts his hand on Alfred's shoulder* Thanks.


Bunny *earnestly* I'm proud of him too. For trying hard!


Aug. 12th, 2008 04:44 pm
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Hee! Bunny is in the bath, chatting away to herself in some Asian language. I assume at least some of it's made up since her mates all come from different ethnic backgrounds - Vietnamese, Cambodian, Indian etc.

My internets were so slow yesterday I thought I'd been shaped and was all 'omg how do people on dial-up SURVIVE??' except I wasn't and I just thought iinet were having a bad day, only today it's nearly dead. *is traumatised*

I rang IT expecting to be directed to some website where they tell me how to reset the connection, like the last time this happened but the techie person is completely certain that it's my phone line and wanted me to isolate it by unplugging everything and just plugging the modem directly into the wall, and we had several minutes of back and forth where I completely failed to understand what she wanted me to do and she completely failed to understand why I completely failed to understand what she wanted me to do, and it turned out she couldn't comprehend that I am so old fashioned that I don't even have a modem line directly into the wall. So now we can't do anything til I go to a hardware shop to by a connector, apparently.

Still, at least there is Batman. Life is good.
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I left Bunny alone with the cat for five minutes and now the cat is gone.
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So I go into Bunny's room and there's a bandanna placed over some type of container, tucked in tightly around the sides obviously forming a lid. On this occasion, to small to fit a cat, otherwise my conditioned response would have been Let her out right now!!!!

Me - What's that?
Bunny - Don't touch that. It's DANGEROUS. I caught it earlier.


Things you need to know before making a judgement.

- Bunny has a fertile imagination combined with a total disregard for the truth.

- Bunny likes to 'acquire' living things, and will happily pick up any kind of bug or anything else that's not fast enough to escape.

[Poll #1185719]
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I have spent my entire adult life avoiding gaming.

Today, Dragonfly and Bunny taught me to play Settlers.

Then we went to the Swancon bbq fundraiser, and hadn't been seated for more than ten minutes when [ profile] _bigjobbies_ descended on us with a block game (like Tetris except with actual blocks and three dimensional).

The bbq was lovely, the weather was perfect and the people were, as always, awesome. I even remembered to invite my best mate and her family along.

I've buggered up my knee again chasing small children around. I'm really going to not do exercisey type stuff that puts any kind of stress on it. So, does anybody actually, seriously, swim for exercise? I really want to know how you manage to not give up out of the boredome of it.

Most significantly - I appear to have made all sorts of rash promises about attending gaming events and inviting people over to my house to play.
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So I bought tickets for Harry Connick Jnr for me and [ profile] cricketk - and shortly after that she got hit by a car.

Today I went to Karrinyup especially to pick up the tickets - and the ticket printing machine had just broken.

*is paranoid*

The girl said her computer said I could pick up my tickets at the venue from 'gate one' only. Yeah I can just see that going well. I'd end up getting lost in King's Park and ending up sacrificed in a satanic ritual or falling off the escarpment or something.

So I went and got them from Warwick, and then escaped, only having bought $5 pink-spotted thongs and $3 green Converse knock-off sneakers for Bunny from Best & Less.

Which weren't anywhere as pretty as the $80 Sketchers I drooled over in Betts Kids in Karrinyup. Seriously, $80 for kid's sneakers??? Even if they are silver and sparkly and embroidered. *sighs enviously*


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