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I found this on tumblr the other day:


Cracktastic, right? I always wonder how people come up with hilarious stuff like that. Do you know any other funny gifs or manips? Please, share them with me! I always enjoy a throw your head back, belly hurting laugh. :D

Happy Birthday...

Jul. 21st, 2017 09:46 am
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... to [personal profile] grondfic and [personal profile] kerkevik_2014! I hope you both have an excellent day!

Fun and Games

Jul. 20th, 2017 12:21 am
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In the past week:

  • I have started getting hot flashes (and I know my friend have told me they suck, but, man, they really suck; like they're-messing-up-my-sleep-big-time suck)

  • Had my far-too-old laptop finally die on me, taking two hours at an Apple genius bar and half a day of wiping and reinstalling and restoring to get it working again (I've now ordered the new machine I meant to get six months ago, lest it die on me again)

    I've got my fingers crossed the universe doesn't have any other little surprises stored up for me.
  • Birthday wishes and useful stuff

    Jul. 19th, 2017 10:35 pm
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    First of, happy birthday, dear [personal profile] flarelunari! Look, the King is dancing just for you! How's that for a birthday present, eh? :D

    Now to the useful stuff I promised in my headline.

    # First, icons for writers and book lovers. [personal profile] flarelunari, you remember us talking about needing some writing icons? I just stumbled upon a few and wanted to let you (and everyone else, of course) know. They are here and here. It's not much but it's a start.

    # Another really handy thing I came across today is a website that helps you find the html code for a certain symbol or character. Ever wanted to place a 🎔 in your entry or comment? Or a 𝄞? What about this ⚔? There are tons of emoticons, characters and symbols. And it's easy to find and copy them. Just go to and discover a character. Here, look: ☕ Aww, that's too good. I like that site!

    I wanted to write more but it's late over here (after 11pm) and I have to get up early in the morning, so this little update has to do for the moment.
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    To start at the end, as it were, before I forget everything. The theme for this week in my old telly adventures seems to have mainly been Bad Stuff Happening to Planes.*

    Ransom, Secret Army & Department S )

    link salad

    Jul. 18th, 2017 01:01 pm
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    I'm sitting in a coffee shop in beautiful downtown Mandurah, drinking a cup of coffee, and waiting for it to be 1:30pm. Which means that briefly, I have free wifi access, to go with the coffee nearly as big as my head (I was offered options of small, medium, and large, and as I'm not sure whether there is more coffee in my future today, and there hasn't been any in my past today, large it was).

    While there are any number of things I *could* be doing, what I'm choosing to do is work my way through tabs that I have open. So:

    Your car has just been crushed by hagfish: Frequently Asked Questions

    ...and apparently everything else I have open in this window is fic. So, off to read fic for the next half hour instead :}

    Department of Dr. WHO-HOO

    Jul. 16th, 2017 01:50 pm
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    Sometimes we CAN have nice things. 

    Here, and here

    (no subject)

    Jul. 16th, 2017 06:22 pm
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    Here is my holiday with all the emotional and digestive incompetence edited out:

    I really love my nieces, and it was good to spend a whole week with them. We built a lot of sandcastles and met a lot of donkeys.

    I have 'do you want to build a snowman sandcastle' stuck in my head. I know two lines. I am dying.

    (I watched Frozen. I physically cannot believe the sexy dress transformation that is supposedly Elsa's empowering moment of not caring what other people think. Disney can go fuck itself.)

    I have a couple of days off work and a to do list of a million things. All I am actually going to do is read my book. I didn't take it on holiday because I knew I wouldn't be allowed to properly enjoy it. But now I'm home and I've missed it, and it's just so good, it's so much better than other books, I love it so much. Fitz is currently witbonding with a horse despite trying to explain that he definitely doesn't want that, and the horse is just like 'well it's no good not wanting me, we're brilliant together, I'm obviously your soulmate'. I have so many emotions. Fitz refused to let her know his name, so she's just read it from him, and is calling him Changer, which is what Nighteyes calls him, because it means Catalyst, which is what the Fool calls him, and which therefore is how he actually identifies. The Fool has bonded with a crow (<3) and keeps referring to Bee as 'our daughter' (<3333333333). Nighteyes lives in her head and calls her cub. I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH, they are the best fathers ever. (Or they would be, but one of them is dead, one of them is half dead, and one of them is Fitz.) The Fool asked him if Bee looked like him (the Fool) and Fitz immediately went 'no', and then started thinking about all the ways Bee looks exactly like the Fool and the Fool just laughed gently at him. I honestly don't understand the point of books that aren't sprawling fantasy novels about True Love. Fitz unravelled for a while and was just sending his emotions out to the whole castle, and now everybody has to politely pretend they don't know what a terrible mess he is. He let Kettricken feel how much Nighteyes had loved her and that was wonderful.

    Day Eight: A song that makes you happy

    I think my numbering has fallen awrong because I missed a question vaguely. But worse things.

    All the songs I've been posting make me happy, I like songs that make me happy. I have a massive list of songs I could post for this one, but I ended up torn between Hey Baby and Hey Mickey, which are both so beautiful I could cry on them. I'm choosing Hey Baby only because I think I already covered the TRUE PURE HAPPINESS of the eighties in Green Door.

    Ugh. It's such a stunning song, which is beautiful in its own right, and also beautiful in that it reminds me of patrick swayze. I know that nobody these days resists putting in the ooh, aah bits. Each to their own and all that, but it takes away everything that is full and lazy about the music, and if you prefer the other version you're basically soulless and you mean nothing to me.

    Fic rec (WIP) -- Check Please fandom

    Jul. 16th, 2017 05:07 pm
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    I don't normally read WIP fics, let alone rec them, but on days when I'm looking for something new to read, I frequently have a look at just about anything that turns up in the Check Please! fandom, and this one is just too fabulous to wait and see if it ever gets finished.

    The story is self reflection by sinspiration, and it is currently at 12 chapters/25K words.

    slightly spoilery description

    This is an AU where Bitty isn't on the hockey team, because he hadn't had to give up figure skating. At least, not until he started transitioning -- he's a women's champion at the point the story starts (although the details about the figure skating takes a little while to show up, details that indicate his transition turn up in the first scene, almost the first paragraph). He's already friends with most of the hockey team at the point the story opens, but not with Jack. This is the meet-cute of the story, one seat left in the coffee shop, Bitty practicing for his French class, Jack horrified at his pronunciation and offering to help. Eventually they work out who their friends in common are, and the story mooches on from there.

    Story says 'no archive warnings apply', but there are canon-compliant references to past abuse, and either past or current transphobia. Bitty's parents aren't great, but his figure skating coach is a delight (and absolutely the kind of old bat that one finds in well established coaches in many many places/sports).


    Jul. 15th, 2017 09:42 pm
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    If there's one thing I'll risk signing up for, even in summer, and even verging on Yuletide, it's Remix! And someone has set up a replacement for the much-lamented RemixRedux at [community profile] remixrevival and sign ups are open at AO3 from now until the 30th. If you're also into remixing, or want to be, head over there now!

    This version also allows art/art remixes (and art/fic, fic/art remixes) if that would interest you more than writing. (I went for fic/fic; I love the whole thing of writing remixes and being remixed in writing.) It seems to allow origfic as well, and there will still be a Remix Madness collection, when anyone can throw their works into the ring without signing up, which is about as low pressure you can get in a writing exchange. :-)

    Hugo Novellas

    Jul. 15th, 2017 09:08 pm
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    In the order that I would vote for them:
    1. Penric and the Shaman (Lois McMaster Bujold) -- it probably helps that I already know the world in which this is set, and I loved it both in the previous stories, and this one. The complexity of the plot, the development of the story, the world building, the solution to the issue -- I loved everything about it. And I love the way that 'author's requirements for coincidence' is hand-waved as 'interference by the gods'.
    2. The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe (Kij Johnson) -- I went in to this one unsure. The title felt off (although it was obvious later where it had come from) and the early sections felt like the aspects of Dorothy Sayers 'Gaudy Night' that I had disliked. The idea of reading a story about how hard women have to fight not to end up further behind felt like more than I had the energy for. And then I realised where it was going. This is a transformative work, and is a fabulous reimaging of the source work (very spoilery). The understated horrors slowly collect together to be quite the horror story, without ever being gruesome.
    3. Every Heart a Doorway (Seanan McGuire) -- Beautiful creepy mix of horror and fantasy. I loved the way that the idea of going through a door into a different world was codified, that those doors lead different places. The story itself was an interesting exploration of the way that people cope with coming back from those worlds where they fit, and how it can go so wrong. There are aspects of the plot that I was spoiled for, and I'm not sure whether I think that made it easier to deal with -- had I not gone in expecting it to be horror, I might have struggled more.
    4. A Taste of Homey (Kai Ashante Wilson) -- I read this one a while ago, and failed to make notes on it that I can find. Enjoyable, but not particularly memorable, what I liked most was the male/male romance plot line, and the interesting playing with time that was done.
    5. The Ballad of Black Tom (Victor LaVelle) -- I wanted to like this one more than I did. Gritty and gruesome and gory. And plain nasty, in the way that so much Cthulu mythos is. I get that the racism was so necessary to the story, and that it was probably understated in many ways, but it was heart breaking to read. Towards the middle, I struggled a bit to keep going — I was a bit on the bored side, but in the end it was worth it.
    6. The census taker (China Mievelle) -- As a general rule, I don't like Mievelle's work, so it was no real surprise that I didn't like this one either. I had no idea what is going on here and in the end, I don’t really care. There is too much elided by literary wankery, and not real story or idea of what is going on. I’m not interesting in deducing whether the unnamed woman was murdered or ran away.
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    I've been having a couple (three? four) days of being a bit unwell, a bit busy, a bit unmotivated. And so I've completely failed to remember to write anything. However, I've managed to finish two of the things on my started by not finished list - the second pussy hat (for friend S) and the reading of the Hugo novellas. I'll do a review post on that shortly.

    Trying to work out what I've done in the meantime. I did some sewing on the 365 day quilt project (I'm now up to sewing the block for the 9th of February, and I have that through to the 13th cut out already). I'm not counting that in this, because it is a whole day project, not something I've picked up with the belief that I'll finish it in a day. However, I've been working on reconciling the team accounts for June, and it isn't going well (every time I find something I've missed, I make things worse. And I found something that may or may not mess up for June, but I *think* it is just how much someone owes, so that is okay). So that has been added to the list. And I've started cataloguing some of the set of books that have arrived, so that is another thing on the list. I'm feeling reasonably pleased that said list is still at six active items though, so I'm at least making progress on the things that I've started. At the point, I have two craft, two reading, and two paper work tasks.

    Oh, and tables. Grouchiegrrl and family have moved house, and their new place doesn't have enough space for their lovely table. This is a much nicer table than the one that we have had for a while (also inherited from someone moving house). So, our table has gone with chaosmanor, to replace a rickety table that they have (along with one of the three tablecloths that were made specially to go with that table - one is in the wash, and the other is missing), grouchiegrrl's table has come to live with us (in theory long term loan, but we'll see how that pans out), and I'm pretty happy all up. The new one shrinks down to about the space that the old one did with the extra leaf in, so it isn't taking any extra space, but it also expands to a 1300mm square, allowing for three people on a side, when there are people visiting.

    ...ariaflame, their friend M, youngest, middlest, and their friend T are watching 'Mystery Men'. I lasted about 20 minutes before the sitting still and focusing was too much, but I'm at least listening to it (it is reminding me of things that I didn't enjoy - Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog, for one). Friend S was using the new table as a sewing cutting table, but has wandered off to do something else. And I'm about to a) write the novellas reviews, then b) read the novelettes, and then c) attempt to finish up the book cataloguing. Hopefully, this isn't too optimistic a list!

    Dept. of What? WHAT??

    Jul. 13th, 2017 08:08 pm
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    Photobucket, Part Deux

    Earlier today, I checked some of my posts with pictures and such from Photobucket. The latest ones were still not-showing up (although they didn't have that odd graphic that some people's pages are afflicted with. Earlier ones, however, were still showing up. OK, I thought, perhaps this stupidity only affects recent images? 

    Just now, I checked, and all the ones that had gone missing from DW/LJ were back in place. They're still here. 

    However, since other folks' appear to still be missing their images, I am at a complete loss as to account for my "recovery." Nor do I know whether it should last. 

    Has anyone else noticed that sort of thing happening?

    Music meme day twelve

    Jul. 15th, 2017 07:09 pm
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    Day Twelve: A song from your pre-teen years.

    But all my songs so far have been from my pre-teen years! Or nearly all. I think. I'm being lazy and not checking, but it's a fair assumption. Still, taken literally this one does require something from my lifetime, so we're going for something between 1975 and the beginning of 1988. In which case I choose this:

    - and my apologies that the official upload has rubbish sound quality! Somebody's over done the bass. Adam, however, is not to be discouraged.

    That is still the best jacket in pop music.

    In other news, I have found out that this is a thing:

    Look at it, and marvel at its wonder. And there's a whole series of them! Up to and including Peter Capaldi. Of course they might be awful, but their mere existence has made me smile, so that's good.
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    OMG, you guys, if you have two minutes to spare invest them in watching this video. Seriously! Some guy with a really lovely sounding voice lets us glimpse into the mad world of YAHOO ANSWERS. He reads the most funny misspellings of the word "pregnant" he could find. I was in stitches! Some of these questions made me wonder where these people got their sex ed from.


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    So, while going through my old entries and replacing all the broken image links, I saw an entry about that horrible Harry Potter fanfic that is famous even to non-fandom people because of its irredeemable awfulness. There are unbearable Mary Sue characters, an unhealthy addiction with Gerard Way from the band My Chemical Romance. The fic also completely ignores canon, suffers from continuity errors and bastardizes almost all the character names (and personalities) we know from canon. Oh, and it has the most akward immature sex scenes ever! LOL Not to forget all the spelling mistakes and the gothification of almost everything. (You wouldn't believe how Draco behaves in this and the strange hobbies Dumbledore, Snape and Lupin developed.)

    A very brave man recorded a very dramatic reading of this queen of all bad fics and it's hilarious! This fic is actually so bad, it makes you laugh your ass off. Literally! I showed it to my husband, who isn't even into fanfics, and we were both in stitches listening to every single part of this cracktastic fic.

    Curious now? Here, listen to this masterpiece:

    Edit July 13th, 2017: [personal profile] medievales found the link to the fic. For all those who want to read it. :D

    Also, I wanted to welcome all the new people I've met in the last days. *waves* Nice to meet you all! I hope we'll have a great time together. :)


    Dept. of Screwing the Customer

    Jul. 11th, 2017 01:34 pm
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    I'd Wondered When It Would Happen

    It appears that Photobucket finally got around to photobucketing me, as it has so many other people with its change in third-party image hosting. For awhile my images were still showing up, but not anymore. 

    I'm looking at Google as a new resting place for my photos, if their third party sharing is easy to deal with (or, you know, a thing at all.) I have to decouple my Google account from my iPhone, so that my biz photos don't get automatically uploaded, something I apparently managed to do sometime in the past. 

    Pulling everything from Photobucket and transferring things to Google (who I'm much more likely to want to pay for space) will be a pain, but I'm not paying $40 a month for the right to do what I signed up with Photobucket in the first place to do. And I haven't got enough photos there to make it a monumental pain. 

    It's just an annoyance, but it does mean Photobucket will be losing me as a customer. 

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    ... after posting yesterday, when I thought it was completely unlikely that I would find a new thing to start, I did indeed do so, because one of the people at the dinner requested a pussy hat. Thus, I'm *still* knitting pussy hats. Which puts me back at 6 things - three craft, and three reading.

    I've made progress on the novellas today, and I've done a bit of knitting, so at least I'm progressing some of the tasks on the list.

    I've also done some things that haven't made it to the list - swept under the washing line, dealt with washing, spent some time trying to get the house under control. I've also cut more pieces for the 365 quilt blocks, but as that is ongoing, and isn't a thing that I've started during this collection time, I'm not adding that (I'm hoping to have the motivation to sew some tomorrow. I cut pieces for 9 3.5" squares, and I've already got the pieces for one more. A couple of them are down right trivial in execution).

    However, every single on of the things I've done has wiped me out for quite some time after, so not as good a day as it might have been.
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    At this point of the day (mid-afternoon) I have in fact started nothing new (other than a load of washing, which middlest was asked to hang up), but instead have been working on finishing things. Possibly not the most urgent of urgent things, but certainly ones with tight deadlines.

    Finished is #7 - another pussy hat; in the process, I've also sewn up the last one that I had done previously, so that I have two to hand on to someone tonight to hand on to someone who is apparently taking them the Alice Springs.

    This leaves me with five dangling tasks - 3 reading (Hugo novellas, Hugo novelletes, preterm feeding article) and two craft (cat blanket, zig-zag blanket). I've been steadily powering through the 12 stories for the Hugos -- I'm reading the fourth of six of the novellas. Given that this is a longer category than the novelettes, I'm hoping to have them done by Quite Late tonight. I'm going to be socialising this evening, but after that should have time to do more reading. So, at the end of the first week, I think it has been useful to track the new 'big' tasks that I start, so that I remember that I want to get them finished. And I'm quite pleased that there are *only* five, because I absolutely thought I was going to be more scatterbrained than that.

    late night correctionWhen I got to the gathering, I got a request for another hat. So, I've started another one (I'm in to the plain section, so maybe half done?)


    Part of the reason that I haven't started anything new is that I've not had much time at home, so I've been working on That Which Was Packed In The Basket -- all of which were tools for working on tasks that I want to make progress on. The day started (after a bit of a lie in, and then a small amount of pottering in the house) with an appointment at the chiropractors, where I managed to get a bit of the pussy hat done. From there, I stopped in at the skate rink (which is approximately on the way home), and spent a bit of time on the ice. Would have been longer, but the padded whatsit that goes over the front section of my foot had shifted, and the proto-bunion was rubbing and very very sharp. Home, a little bit of pottering, collect youngest, head to the ice rink, where they are having skate camp (yes, again. This is with a different extra coach) -- I'm still there at the time of writing. I've managed to alternate reading and crafting, and now probably have five minutes, so I'm going to finish up on this, and then try and get a few more pages of 'The Ballad of Black Tom' finished.


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