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2017-08-06 01:26 pm

No Offence

I cannot recommend this show highly enough - great characters, great writing, diversity win and the lead characters and most of the ensemble cast are women. Fucking WIN.

My one warning would be plot content. TBH, had I known in advance, I might have hesitated to give it a go, although the majority female cast and diversity would probably have won me over.

Brief description of plots of first and second season )

Oh, and also, when we get this on dvd, we'll be watching it with subtitles on. My family background is English, and I still didn't catch everything they said, especially the Welsh psychologist, who talked so fast I couldn't understand a word she said.


Pretty much introducing the three main characters.

DI Deering late to her own awards ceremony (introed by her boss)
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2017-07-30 12:34 pm

a bit about the fight for healthcare in the US

I'm tired just following it from afar, I can't imagine how tired you guys are whose lives and those of your loved ones are on the line. *hugs*

For confused non-Americans like myself, best explanation of their shitshow system that I've found - A Zero B.S. Guide To American Healthcare

A couple of links re the failure of the Amendment to pass )
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2017-07-09 01:30 pm

A rare weekend with no responsibilities

The kid's away and it's school holidays so no sport or club or association meetings or other responsibilities. I am of course using the time wisely to do housework and sort out paperwork.

Hahahahaha just kidding, am watching telly. We're currently watching the Hornblower movies, Ioan Gruffodd and Jamie Bamber are such adorable pink cheeked youths.
(or possibly I got old, its been many years since I watched it, and 16 years since they made it, wow).

Am currently watching the Mutiny/Retribution plot, which also has Phil Glennister, Paul McGann, David Warner and the dude who plays Jacques in Versailles. Excellent quality show, stands up well 16 years later, no reason a period piece wouldn't, I guess. I wonder if they would still have the leisurely scenery shots if they remade it today, everything seems speeded up nowadays, or that could be just be me getting middle-aged again *G*

I adored the Hornblower books in my teens, I reread them a lot, along with Georgette Heyer's entire oeuvre and Dennis Wheatley's Roge Brook series

Oh, ha, I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed Hornblower/Pellew. So many long meaningful looks, Pellow being all awkwardly supportive when Hornblower was in tears after the doomed French village. And all the intense silences.

And just now Pellew has just said to another captain, "I will not see a man hanged out of hand that is as dear to me as... *pained and self conscious look* As dear to me as one of my own."

Random 10 mins from the episode. At the 4 minute mark Hornblower is naked and being sprayed with water in front of the entire crew for some reason. I guess they made their own entertainment on those ships :)
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2017-07-07 10:24 am

Trying to move over to DW for real, this time.

I created a dreamwidth blog way back when there was that first (?) big push to boycott LJ, but then most people on my LJ didn't really move (possibly they thought the same about me) so I've just been crossposting from DW since then. The last few months though, am determined, i think I have unfriended all the LJ people who I also have friended on DW, so now I *have* to read on DW instead.

So if I have you friended on LJ, and you also have a DW account that I haven't noticed, could you let me know so I can friend you there and delete you on LJ? I'm just sarren on DW too :)
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2017-06-16 11:16 pm

Still time to cal about Trumpcare...

Those twitter links about how to call Congress have been condensed into a handy pdf HERE
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2017-06-16 09:33 pm

Movie Night in our household..

Bunny's been singing along to Moana clips on youtube all week so obviously that was movie 1. And it was lovely, and my fave scenes were all the ones with her and her Grandma, who was adorable.

Now we are watching Dragonfly's choice, The Thinning (trailer), a watchable enough dystopian future where the 5% of the student population that get the lowest test scores are culled each year. Though I feel I should warn for the completely forced and unbelievable teen romance. I didn't realise until Dragonfly said, very firmly 'SOCK, Sarren!' that I was expressing my dismay so.. eloquently.

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2017-06-16 07:05 am

If you have a Democrat Senator....

Guys, here's a way to screw the ACHA, call them - Reconciliation

This guy points out it can be shut down, but the Dems should damn well try everything.
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2017-06-14 05:37 pm

Take that, Bembridge scholars!

So, this new Tom Cruise Mummy movie has so far been very successful... in introducing a whole new generation to the classic 1999 version of the Mummy :)

Someone on Twitter was like, what to do if you are thinking of going to see the new Mummy movie:
1 Go see Wonder Woman
2 Go see Wonder Woman again
3 Watch the 1999 classic instead

Which was pretty much what we did, except we were already at the cinema to see Wonder Woman when the promo came on and Bunny was like, that looks good, I want to see that, and I was like, yeah, no, let me show you a thing, and then we went home and watched Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz being adorable and hilarious.

There appears to be a bunch of articles about how much better the original was, but I like this tumblr pimp post here

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2017-06-13 07:31 am

Trumpcare Toolkit

<a href="">This site has the Senators numbers, links to tweet to them and FB links as well. </a>
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2017-03-11 09:13 pm

Election results pretty much in!

In Australia Labor is the left wing party, and the Liberal National Party (the Liberals) is the right wing conservative party.

THANK EVERYTHING. Labor has won decisively

Eight years of Liberals nightmare over. I would have given up all hope for my state if they'd reelected that fuckwit as Premier again.

Even better, One Nation (which should really just call itself the Racist McRacist Party) looks like it's got nothing! Way to go, WA! One Nation and the Liberals screwed up doing a preferences deal - I don't think EITHER of their voting base were impressed with that *G*

So basically the Premier fucked over WA economy (which took talent cos we had a mining boom) and then planned to sell off state assets like Fremantle Port (FFS) and Western Power to reduce the debt. So there were massive protests about that, yay.

And then there was the the controversial Roe 8 project, which environmentalists have been fighting for years and finally the govt said fuck this shit and started tearing up the Beeliar Wetlands anyway, riding roughshod over regulations and not complying with their management plans. People have been chaining themselves to trees and getting arrested.
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2017-03-06 09:33 am

Code Black S2

Posted about my surprise love for a medical show when I was mostly through S1. Found out that some people had been put off by plot development, so was a bit apprehensive. A couple of characters I liked disappeared with no explanation (but characters in this show do tend to appear and disappear, so). And some new characters were introduced, including....

I WAS disappointed by the introduction of two generic heroic white guy characters, Rob Lowe's character, Ethan, and Angus's perfect brother, Mike, but in fact they both turned out to be great and fitted in well and didn't overshadow the other characters.

Angus and Mario's relationship became even more bromancey, yay, sadly they kept falling in love with women *G*

But in a surprise turn of events I found me an intriguing pairing in Ethan/Will. From butting heads to growing respect for each other and bonding, yay. They gave Will's character some character development, finally, turns out he's more than just an arrogant surgeon, so that's nice :)

S2 continues to bring the emotional highs and lows. I cried a lot, and they don't shy away from killing off their regular characters.

Season finale double episode they dealt with an actual plague and it was edge of the seat viewing, omg.
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2017-02-17 10:22 pm

random tv stuff

So, has LJ been buggy for other people for the last few weeks (maybe months) or is it just me. I randomly can't leave comments, like, I'll type it up but it refuses to post. That's been ongoing and random for ages. And tonight it won't let me access the profile page, gah.

Meanwhile I'm watching the s2 finale of Dark Matter and the crew are plotting with potential allies and half are poc and two thirds are women. God I love this show.

Also the dude who was the wolf in Lost Girl has shown up again and I went to point out to my housemate that both he and the Android were characters in LG together and then I remembered that they both played Bo's lovers. I think we accidentally stopped watching around s4, always meant to go back. I remember it being patchy, some great episodes, and some not really good ones, but the one that stood out was when they all randomly body swapped, and the actors did a really, really good job, especially the gender swapped ones.

I am hoping that either Bo and Lauren and Dyson either end up in a happy menage a trois or a threesome. Cute gif set here If I never watch the end, I'll never be disappointed, right?
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2017-02-16 09:49 pm

Any Hannibal fans who like betaing short gen fics?

So I finally got a great beta for the 7k Lucifer sex pollen fic by asking one of the Yuletide betas. Yay! I didn't want to ask the flist to beta porn. But....

*cough* I have a 2k Hannibal fic that I've gone over eleventy billion times, but if anyone has the time and inclination to give it a SPaG, that would be awesome? It's G rated Hannigram, brief description of murdered people (it IS Hannibal fandom!)
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2017-02-10 09:33 pm

Watching late season 3 TVD

Klaus threatening someone as usual - I WILL KILL YOU AND EVERYONE YOU LOVE.
Me - I love his growly voice.
Bunny - YES!!!

a cuople of other minor observances )
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2017-01-21 05:35 pm

Hetswap challenge Letter

Hello, thank you for writing for me, and I hope you have lots of fun.

Likes - Keep them in character and give them a happy or hopeful ending and I'm good. Any rating.

Dislikes - Rape. Betrayal. I don't mind angst, as long as there's a happy ending.

I've added a bit about what I like in each fandom after my request, if that helps :)

EDIT: You've probably been and gone, but in case you revisit, I've been reminded that some people enjoy [completely optional!!] prompts for specific sorts of fics, so I will admit I'm a sucker for all the tropes: sex pollen, bodyswap, undercover as married etc. And I do love traditional gender roles being subverted

Lucifer (Chloe/Lucifer)

Something that explores their relationship as it is currently evolving on the show, alternatively if you would like to write a canon divergent fic exploring a different first kiss/first time that's awesome. Or a Big Reveal where Lucifer finally gets around to coming clean with Chloe (if the show hasn't already done so by then)

I adore Lucifer, Chloe, Maze, Trixie, Ella and Doctor Linda. I quite like Dan, but he just keeps on making bad choices and then covering them up. Gah. Not a fan of Lucifer's mum, happy for her not to be a main focus in the fic, but if your story idea requires her, go for it. Mostly I love how bemused both Lucifer and Chloe are with each other. They're adorable.

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (Phryne/Jack)

Something that explores their relationship after their dramatic farewell scene, alternatively if you would like to write a canon divergent fic exploring a different first kiss/first time that's awesome.

I love them both and their found family. I absolutely adore how bemused Jack is by Phryne and how he doesn't try to change her or think less of her for what was for the time, her 'fast' lifestyle. Also, their UST LEAPS off the screen, so.

Forever (Henry/Jo)

The finale ended with Henry about to explain to Jo. You could write that, or you could have it interrupted to be taken up more dramatically later, or just go canon divergent if you have a different plot reveal you've been dying to write.

Re relationship - happy for Henry to attempt to woo Jo, or even a found family fic with Abe.

Obviously, Henry is lovely. Abe is lovely. Jo is awesome. I am sad that the show didn't get renewed and I figure they'd probably been intending to spin the reveal out another season or so and probably ended it with Henry about to tell Jo the truth so there'd be at least some kind of closure. Hence, I am happy with however you want to play with that ending, if you have feelings about it *G*. but also happy for you to ignore the whole reveal thing if you have another idea, absolutely.
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2017-01-21 05:17 pm

Hetswap challenge and Lucifer

Next episode of Lucifer in 2 days and 16 hours, not that I have a tab open with a countdown or anything. Fic not back from beta yet, so given the gifs I've seen from the promo, looks like I'll be tagging it canon divergent from the get go. Never been so happy to be jossed :)

If the episode does go that way, I won't have any inspiration to write Lucifer any more, but that's cool.

So, my resolution is to sign up for every challenge/exchange that I notice (luckily my flisters talk about challenges a lot). As long as I can reasonably expect to be able to fulfil the challenge, of course.

So, starting with that, I have signed up for hetswap. Sign ups close 26th Jan, if anyone else is interested.
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2017-01-19 09:45 am

With bells on!

My BFF thinks I should watch The Fall starring Gillian Anderson. She sent me this link.

15 Moments When Stella Gibson Was A Total Badass
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2017-01-14 03:59 pm

Noooo *clings to Lucifer*

me before Yuletide - Sorry, can't watch Hannibal again yet, can't write when obsessed with another fandom.

me since Yuletide - Lucifer is my jam! Can't watch Hannibal! Am writing more Lucifer fic!

me today - I am so happy - 6k of sex pollen fic, one or two scenes left and I'll have a draft, yay!

the family tonight - *puts on Hannibal*

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2017-01-07 06:21 pm

Yuletide gift and fics

I received a lovely gift for Yuletide! I am so very grateful my writer took on the challenge of writing Deacon/Stu, yay! and it was awesome.

animating every night by tillunwish
What We Do in the Shadows (Deacon/Stu) 1.7k
Stu takes Deacon on a date to the movies. It goes about as disastrously as you might expect.

Fics I wrote for Yuletide in Call the Midwife, Sense8, Lucifer, Judex and Independence Day )